a ring not swollen?

Hmm, Now that i'm swollen i've noticed the whole dick is swollen _EXCEPT_ a ring before the glans were there's no swolleness, What is this? Will my dick start looking like that if i keep training girth? I mean a ring before the glans that is slim and the rest is thick? anyone had this?
Well I don't have a camera but lemme try to explain. You know some people have said that they get a donut effect below the glans a bit and it goes all the way around like a donut. Well mine is like this but the opposite, it's like i get swollen everywhere but before the shaft there's a "reversed donut effect" and it's no swollen there, What i'm worried about is that my girth will progress uneven and I will develope this "reversed donut" and keep it forever.
here's a picture I drew, hope this clarifies anything, the unswollen part is right before the glans and it's unswollen and smaller than the swollen party of the dick (ofcourse). So this is my concern!
here's the pic.


okay, i'll try that, thanks! :)
can't really seem to understand why that area is not swollen? I'm jelqing so that area should be the most swollen part? no?
I can't be the only one with this problem? Anyone?

On this pic the view is from the side, You see the blue part and it kinda goes down a bit before the glands and it's not swollen. This should be the area that is most swollen when you jelq because you put alot of pressure there when jelqing, right?

Should I still keep jelqing and working girth even if that part doesn't swell up like the rest? Maybe it grows without getting swollen, That part of my dick doesn't seem to have that many bloodvessels and veins either, That blue colored place(blue on the pic ;)) just before the glands and circumsision lines. But on the other hand, I wouldn't want an uneven dick? Could it have something to do with the circumsision lines? What should I do?

And sorry for my drawing skills :p


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