A Penis Bedtime Story

Once upon a time, there was a little baby named Kong. Kong was born in a small village far away from the bustling city, to a couple who were good and simple and in love, and wanted him very much. It was a good time and a good place and mother and father and Kong were happy.

But an evil physician had spied them, and he was hungry for money. He was greedy and a trickster, and he came to Kong's mother and said, "You should let me cut away a peice of his penis. It will only cost you one gold rupee and it will be ever so much prettier and healthier! You simply must do it! It is in the best interest of your child. It is just a tiny, little cut and won't cause any harm at all. Why, he won't even feel a thing!"

Kong's mother, of course, agreed, and the deed was done. Knives were sharpened and restraints jerked cruelly tight on a baby's limbs. In secret, a perfect thing was needlessly cut away. The foul act was committed behind a locked door far from the mother so that she wouldn't hear the cries. She had done a good thing, she believed, and it had cost but a single gold rupee. She and her husband took their child home to raise, and the bad man took their child's penis and sold it in an alley for 100 more rupees, laughing all the while at the gullible couple. "What fools!" he crooned. "To let me skin their child alive! Moreover, they paid me to do it, and I am a richer man now! Hahaha!"

Kong grew up big and strong and had children of his own. He even allowed his son's penises to be cut, because he did not know how wrong it was! But as he grew older and more mature, he began to feel like something was missing.

My penis is too small, he decided. That is why loving my wife doesn't feel as good as it used to. So he began to search for ways to make it larger. He believed that if it was larger, making love to his wife would feel better, like it did in his younger days. He learned the magic techniques and mastered them, worked hard and was rewarded. His penis was much, much larger, and Kong and his wife were both happy and enjoyed many long hours of play with it!

Still, strangely, Kong felt something was missing, and again he searched for the answer. The answer, he discovered, was much more worrisome than length or width. Kong discovered that his penis had, in fact, been cut in half long ago. He wondered why it had been done, and mourned for the part of him that was stolen away. All this time, he cried, I thought it was too short, but instead there is half of it missing!

There was a solution, of course. There is always a solution for good people who have been wronged. Kong discovered that he could grow the missing part back to a degree, so that is what he did.

He worked long and hard at it. Those he shared his knowlege with did not understand for the most part, and some laughed at him, but he did not care. I want to be whole, he said to himself. I want to be as I should have been, before greed robbed me of my birthright.

Kong's wife was good and suffered his brief madness. As he made himself whole, she realized that their lovemaking was made sweeter and more enjoyable, so she encouraged him when he needed it. Both, they found, could enjoy the fruits of his labor, for as it grew more and more whole, it also grew literally as well.

Time passed and sweat and magic was wrought in equal measures, but at long last it was finished. This is what should have been! Kong declared, admiring his handiwork. Years have I toiled, but now it is as good as I can make it. It is as near to whole as I can fashion! It was not a perfect ending, but it was a good ending, and sometimes that's all we can hope for in an imperfect world.

Oh...Whatever happened to the greedy physician, you ask...?

Well, he got cancer and died in horrible, horrible pain and went to hell.

The End


kong1971 said:
That is why loving my wife doesn't feel as good as it used to. So he began to search for ways to make it larger. He believed that if it was larger, making love to his wife would feel better, like it did in his younger days.
That's illogical! he was cut when he was a little boy so he had no sex before his "operation"....



its just a goddamn penis story!!!! lol Supra should've been put in there as the man who advised kong to grow back his chopped wang....
OK playa, I think what Kong is saying in his story is that early in his marriage (i.e. before kids) it was tighter, even with what Kong perceived as a samller than desired phallus, and that after years of marriage (and a couple of kids) it was less tight, and therefore felt less pleasurable to him and the mrs., because of his size (which was restricted from reaching its potential due to circumcision).

Kong, if I'm wrong please correct me.

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