A newbie's first PE impressions and thoughts


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Nov 7, 2003
After a couple days of research on the subject of penis enlargement exorcises I finally took the plunge tonight. I'll get to that in a bit though. First some mind numbing exciting background information.

I have to admit I was rather skeptical about this whole Penis Enlargement thing at first. Not to be crude or understate the actual diversity of Penis Enlargement but the idea of yanking on my Johnson to make it bigger seemed just a little far fetched.

Although the allure of gaining a longer and fuller penis without letting a doctor hack at my midsection with a scalpel and other lovely devices kept my hope alive. After awhile of poking around and sifting through endless bullshit and porno pop ups I some how managed to find DLD's site. This is of course where things got rather interesting quickly.

After lots of reading and research and figuring out terms like Jelq 'ing and such meant I started to ask myself... Can all these people be bullshitting about their dicks?

It automatically dawned on me that no one in their right mind bullshits for months on end about imaginary growing jimmys. It just doesn't make sense. So I had no choice but to put a little faith into what I was reading.

Now if I where to describe myself... well, I'd say I'm your all American average guy. I'm not tall. I'm 5'10... I'm not fat... I'm like 180... so I'm by no means skinny. I have an average build a lil' bit of a gut, and have almost toned legs. I have average looks... and my penis is about 6 inches BPenis EnlargementL. I'm going to be 24 before the end of the year and I have dark blonde hair and blue eyes. You don't get much more average then that I don't think.

So obviously having an edge some where would be nice. I can't change my height to make myself more attractive to the opposite sex... I can't really make myself look like Brad Pitt or some other dime a dozen Hollywood heart throb the women tend to find wildly attractive. But there is one thing that even the most reserved and prude women knows she wants... and will even tell you if you get her drunk enough. A good long fucking with a nice big cock.

So having the edge of knowing that regardless of everything about me that's average... having a big surprise waiting in the shadow would just be thrilling. ;)

Not that I couldn't go through life with a 6 inch cock and be happy. It's just about getting something you want and maybe having an edge against the other apes in the mating game. Otherwise I'll just have to fall back on my glittering gold personality! Har har.

Now on to the details about my first Penis Enlargement session.

I followed all the standard newbie guide lines. Starting with a nice hot wrap , which at first kinda scared me I have to admit. The water was hot as hell and I was just a little bit afraid to WRAP the area in something that like looks like it should be used for baking a potato. But regardless after about ten or so seconds of slight discomfort it was like heaven and cause me to become every so slightly erect.

After about 10-15 minutes of the wrap which I had to renew a few times with extra hot water ... I moved onto my Jelqs . I was aware of the possibility that maybe my penis would get the little red spots and such that people warn about as normal. To my surprise this actually never happened. I had to of been doing Jelqs for about 20 minutes before I stopped. Then moved back to the warm down phase. Which actually felt even better then before and rivaled the last BJ I got.

My little man was red and looked a little angry but I was happy with how the whole experience went. It felt pretty nice... in fact at points while doing the Jelqs I had to stop because I was getting to hard and remembered that everything I read told me to do them while only semi-erect. At the time I was hanging as low and big as ever. In time I can see this working wonders. I can only hope that I see it through for some real results.

At this moment and being about 2 1/2 hours since my first session my wang is just a little sore. Which I figure is good. Since I'm always pleased if my other muscles are sore after a good work out and assume that means some progress has been made. I even tried some more advanced things like kegaling blood into my penis then doing the jelq .

I do have a slight hang to the left which is caused by my shaft while erect and is one of the main things I'd like to correct. Incidentally that's how I really stumbled into the whole Penis Enlargement thing was looking for information about how to correct a curved penis!

I'm interested in hearing peoples stories about if they've had any success with getting their mr. happys straight as an arrow.

So in the end of all this I'm very happy with how my first session has gone... I'm quite excited to see what the future holds for me and my new found work out. ;)
Jun 4, 2003
Welcome ryox.

Nice first post. Don't worry about not getting red spots, your doing it correctly by starting gently. Like any other kind of training, your dick needs conditioning before pushing it's limits.

Sounds like you may be doing the wrap a little too hot. You want the water to be hot enough to put your hand in without too much discomfort.

Everyone starts out skeptical and even after your first gains you'll probably think that you've measured wrong. But this does work if you keep at at. Make sure you take accurate measurements now so that you don't have to doubt any gains. Do the BP measurement and really push that ruler as far as it will go so that the next time you measure you'll know that you didn't push hard enough last time. Also take a midshaft girth measurement.

I also have a slight curve, but for the moment I'm just concentrating on making my dick bigger. Most men have some sort of curve so it's not really something I'm that bothered about.

Good luck and let us know your current measurements.



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Nov 7, 2003
Thank you! =) I'll keep that in mind for tomorrow about the hot wrap . I just managed to find the proper tools for to get my measurements! So here we go...

Current BPenis EnlargementL - 5.75"
Current EG (mid-shaft) 5"

I think if I hit anything close to 7.5 inches long and 6 or so inches of girth I'd stop there. :p

Oh I'm also going to start taking a stack of GABA/L-Arginine/L-Ornithine. Just as a side note... I know it'll do little for my actual Penis Enlargement but I'm really interested in how it'll help my mental state, erection firmness, and ejaculatory volume.

Just a quick question while I'm still awake, how often would you say its a good idea to take measurements? I'd imagine doing it too often might be discouraging as this isn't the fastest process in the world. ;)
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Jun 29, 2003
Welco too ryox, you introduced yourself quite well. You also seem well informed. There is a wealth of information here. I wish you luck in your Penis Enlargement adventure.


Oct 3, 2003
Awesome first post dude. Welcome aboard!

You're starting size is just about what I was. I was about 5.6 or so, and now at about 6.125 last time I measured. It's a slow process, but very rewarding I must say!


Oct 28, 2003
Welcome aboard, Ryox! :)
From reading your post you come off as an intelligent, mature person who most definitely has the patience and dedication it takes to succeed in the field of Penis Enlargementing!

Your goals match mine (7.5'' and 6''). I've done Penis Enlargementing for a while now, no gains as of yet, but once I get one inch in both areas I'll be where I wanna be. ;)

Good luck with the gains!