A new routine I'm trying

Oct 11, 2003
"A new routine I'm trying"
I've recently discovered what a great exercise the TOW stretch is. After some messing around, I've invented the "Shaz-TOW" :p . It's probably exactly the same as some other exercise that I don't know about, so sorry about that, but I'm liking it so I thought I'd post it in case any of you want to try it.

The Shaz-TOW mini routine

- Be 100% flaccid, natch.
- With one hand, grab your penis just below the glans.
- With the other hand, grab your penis just below your first hand.
- With the first hand, pull away from your body, and with the other, pull into your body. Hold for 5 seconds (or whatever).
- This is the TOW
- Then do exactly the same thing but bend your penis to the floor with your first hand. So your glans are pointing down but the rest of your penis is horizontal. You should feel a stretch along the top of your penis near the glans, instead of feeling a stretch inside like before.
- Do the same but have your penis pointing to the ceiling. You should feel a stretch underneath.
- Then pointing to the left, which will stretch the right
- Then the right, which will stretch the left.
- After this, do the same routine again in the middle of your penis. Or, if you're huge, you may want to split your penis into segments and work your way down.
- Do this routine all the way to the base.

That's it. I like doing this because I walk away feeling confident afterwards. The reason being that I know I'm hitting every ligament inside my penis, so there's no way it can't grow. All you have to worry about now is hitting those ligs just inside your body. (The tunicas are they? I forget)
I use V-blasters for that.
Still, you might want to try this if you're having trouble with perfecting the A-stretch , like me :s .

Good luck with your gains people :)
Jun 5, 2003
"A new routine I'm trying"
Shaz, the stretch sounds good...actually it is good, as I've been doing this very stretch for the past month or so; however, you're knowledge of anatomy could use some improvement. Perhaps someone could post a link to a diagram that could allow you to achieve a better understanding of what you're working with each particular exercise.


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Jun 3, 2003
"A new routine I'm trying"
The TOW is very nice....my invention also ;) [Being big head] glad its getting attention it deserves as a Torsion exercise.

It actually targets the Tunicae - internal chambers and not the ligs, that was what Papercut pulled ya up on - nuthin personnal just a note.....good luck tell us how this variation goes for you, I will have to try it myself.
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