A-Modified ++


DLD gave us the A-Stretch ; RB gave us the modified "fake-arm" Stretch (A+); I was experimenting with a modified version of the modified version (A++) -> for all you code geeks :)
To really hammer your ligs, try this....
1) Sit in a chair (preferably in front of a desk or table)
2) Raise 1 leg up onto the desk/table
3) Reach 1 arm under that leg (on the same side as leg - i.e., right leg/right arm; left leg/left arm)...
4) Get into the lowest LOT angle A stretch this way - really hits ligs hard - it's sort of a combination Behind-The-Leg/A-Stretch . It offers the 6:00 (or lower!) from BTL, but the deep pull of the A-Stretch . Alternate sides, of course.
Give it a go.


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Wow!! Just gave these a try, excellent!



Shit, I'm fat too. Maybe the A++ Stretch will offer the additional benefit of incentive to lose more weight. I can get into it too, but it's not the most comfortable position in the world....
but what a stretch !

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