A little rap I wrote for my baby tell me what ya'll think


Aug 6, 2003
Hey Baby
I got you on my mind all the time
Cause you were quite a find and I made you mine
I truly cherish the time we spend together
You burn away my storm clouds and bring me sunny weather
Your like a feather, oh so fragile
I love to walk behind ya watch your tail waggle
And when I’m feelin low baby you always take me higher
I know we’ve had some struggles baby but were survivors
I don’t think you’re a liar baby
Just sometimes you leave things out
But I’ll always be here to hear you out, without a doubt
Ain’t no reason to cry and pout when your feeling sad
I know you be stressin at times off your mom and dad saying how they treat you bad
But be glad baby girl cause I’ll always be there for you
To hold you tight and just listen to what you’re going through
It hurts me deep inside when I can’t be with you girl
I love you more than anything in this whole wide world
My visions swirled with memories the days we spent with each other
And I know deep in my heart we were made for one another
My love for you will never change, never sway
It only grows more and more every single day
Baby I want you to know the way I truly feel
I’m like a fish on a hook and you’re at the reel
Reeling me in
I can’t pretend
You not only my lover but my best friend
Oct 11, 2003
She should apriciate that!


Aug 6, 2003
I don't know. I havn't spit it at her yet. First time ever rhyming about anything sentimental. But I think she'll dig it.

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