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Hey guys, do you think there's a definite limit to how much you can gain over time with Penis Enlargement techniques? I mean, when it comes to body modification there seems to be almost no limits. People stretch their lips pretty damn far and their earlobes too. The penis is different, I know... but if you kept at it wouldn't you just keep adding on and adding on?

If you don't count time, couldn't you perpetually gain from Penis Enlargement?

I'm finally starting to gain some girth, and it's so weird. I couldn't even imagine being over 6" in girth coming from a sub-5" measurement. It'll fuck with your head.

For all you guys who started at a sub-5" girth and "made it" to be 6" or over, what was it like? In my opinion, it's girth that makes the cock. Girth is what classifies a dick as "big" in my book. It's definitely weird for me to see my cock blow up to over 5" around after being under 5" for most of my life. If I keep at it, is this shit really gonna happen?
I think that gains are not limited , they may slow down dramaticly after a certain point but I think you coult still make gains.
And also I agree to a certain point ,that girth does make a big penis , but still I would rather be 9x6 than 5.5x7 but , I would take 5.5x7 over 9x4.

Congrats on your great girth gain....



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When I went from 5" to 5.5 was amazing, i thought I had a whole new life!? ANd then from 5.5-6.0 I never thought possible. Now I am between 6.2-6.5 on any day. And It rulz, you are right girth does make the penis. Length is just for show! And to show off!!
I think after a while your gains slow down and thats when you should step up the intensity of your workout so the gains are good again.
Yep, girth is where it's at!
I'm 5.3'' - 5.4'' nowadays (up from 5.1'' a year ago), but I'm hoping that I'll one day get to 6.5'', no matter how overly ambitious it may sound.
Lengthwise I don't really care, as long as I eventually get to 7.5'' NBPenis EnlargementL, which is just over an inch away. I'll settle for that.


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I started at 4.5"x5.5", which is weird, I know. The fat pad stole some length off of me and I didn't have much to spare to begin with. I little weight loss and dedicated basic stretching put me at around 5.5"-5.75" long now. I would like to eventually get 6.5"-7" in girth, though I'm more concerned with length for now. The show is the entire motivation for my Penis Enlargement. It pains me to look at my cock and think "it's too small" and that is what drives me.
Length isnt all for show. You need a decent length to get in some of those wacko positions lol


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Oh yeah, the original question. I think we'll eventually hit a point when gains are slowed to the point they're hardly noticeable and probably many of us will deem it not worth our time to try and do anything other than keep everything we have.


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Bigd5903 said:
Length isnt all for show.
True. Bare in mind that I started out at a small 4.5", which is small by the standards of most anyone. While most feel that girth is more important, it's safe to say I could have used additional length for sexual pleasure, let alone self-confidence.


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Gains are limited only in each persons biology, the internal Tunicae.
Most have 12 inches or more of it inside of them, its very thin and anchors the penis to the pubic bone ... no I aint gettin confused with intestines either so dont dare insult.
Also the ligs, they seem to grow forever from what DLD has been through.
You also have the external tunicae which can be encouraged to grow alot.

All in all from those 3 areas theres MORE than PLENTY size gains ready and available for most males.


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I also think that gains are greatly limited or expanded by the individuals beliefs about how much he thinks he can gain. I have met people that have plateaued at 7" x 5.25" because their minds limit them to this size. After some good DLD psychology:D they are able to go beyond this.

I was a very fast gainer in the very beginning of my program. After only 6 months I was 8.25" long! (started at 6.5"). I actually felt discouraged about my gains because the program I read said I would gain 4" in the first year. Right around this time I made my first post at peforums.net. My first thread was something to the effect of how depressed I was about my gains being so minimal. The people in the forum got really mad with me. Men were saying how they did Penis Enlargement for over 2-3 years and only gained .5" or .75" or 1". I was thrown for a big ass loop. Anyway, after reading through the forum about other peoples progress I started to think I was just lucky and the "NORM" is to make small gains. Needless to say my gains came to a screathing halt. It was not until I met BIB and heard of his gains that I was able to start gaining again.

Penis Enlargement is 90% mental and 10% hard work, at least for me.


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Amazing thoughts and stories from RED and DLD. I really haven't read through your thoughts on the mental aspects of Penis Enlargement, but I suppose I should. The mind is quite powerful.

Anyhow, I have to believe that most anyone has the potential to achieve significantly above average size, barring some abnormality.


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The mental aspect of Penis Enlargement, a positive one at least, has always been tricky for me. I never really expected it to work. I have a hard time with faith. I have to see it work first in order to believe.
Now it's 2 years and only a little more than a half inch later and I'm still doubting it. Damn, I wish I coulda gained 2 inches in the first 3 months. That woulda been rad, man.
I don't even know if gains like that are a possibility for me, no matter how hard I worked. If I pulled or squeezed any harder, I'd injure myself. I feel like I'm on the right track these days... I've found an effective program, but those gains are very very slow for me.
No matter how huge my shit'll look after a solid workout, it'll always go back to what it was.

Maybe I'm gonna have to do Penis Enlargement all damn day for hours and hours to get what I want from it. An hour and a half a day doesn't seem to be doing it.
godsize take 3 months off and really get yourself to believe that you can gain that much in a short amount of time then come back to Penis Enlargement'ing. Just a thought...


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Nah... taking off isn't the answer for me. I gotta keep working.

With things being as they are, it looks like it'll take me a long time to get what I want from Penis Enlargement. Sometimes I feel like it's working, and other times I feel it's hopeless.

The only thing to do is keep doing it. I'm definitely bigger than when I started... I only wish that that fact alone was enough to keep me motivated. It's been 2 years...I shoulda reached my initial goals by now and I haven't.


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"You said you were going to contact me about working one to one, what happened?"

Yeah, I PM'd you a while ago but never heard back. I know you're a busy dude, but I'll hit you up again. Thanks DLD.

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