9/11 Commission: Iran loves al Qaeda


Jun 3, 2003
9/11 Commission: Iran loves al Qaeda
Time |
"The [9/11 Commission] has uncovered evidence suggesting that between eight and ten of the 14 'muscle' hijackers - that is, those involved in gaining control of the four 9/11 aircraft and subduing the crew and passengers - passed through Iran in the period from October 2000 to February 2001. Sources also tell TIME that Commission investigators found that Iran had a history of allowing al-Qaeda members to enter and exit Iran across the Afghan border. This practice dated back to October 2000, with Iranian officials issuing specific instructions to their border guards - in some cases not to put stamps in the passports of al-Qaeda personnel - and otherwise not harass them and to facilitate their travel across the frontier... Iranian officials approached the al-Qaeda leadership after the bombing of the USS Cole and proposed a collaborative relationship in future attacks on the U.S., but the offer was turned down by bin Laden because he did not want to alienate his supporters in Saudi Arabia... [The U.S. has been negotiating with Iran over] scores of al-Qaeda that Iran has acknowleded are in the country, including an unspecified number of senior leaders, whom one senior U.S. official called al-Qaeda's 'management council.'"

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