80% Erect for Phase 1 Jelqs

DLD and the crew...

I'm getting back into Penis Enlargement again after a several month (way too long) layoff and have a quick question about the erection level for jelqs...I know its an individual thing and we all need to get to the point where we figure out and do what works speciafically for us but I have a question about 80% erect.

When DLD talks about being 80% erect for jelqs how erect is that??? Does it mean you are basically very hard but when you squeeze your PC you can pump it up a bit (more like a lower level erection that you could have sex with) or is it more like you are mostly soft but have plenty of blood in your unit and are moving that blood around (not as hard as you'd want to be to get it on with a foxy momma and slide in)???

I'm having a bit of trouble at figuring out what an ideal jelqing erection level should be like so I'd appreciate feedback from some vets...

thanks in advance
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Er...80% don't you know how to estimate? I think it might work differently for each person, I myself jelq with about a 60 to 70% erection..
Dont worry about that precision, you don't have to be that accurate!

Yeah man.......I can estimate...I was just wondering whether 100% means like a fucking lead pipe erection so that 80% would still be pretty hard...or if were talking about more of a softer erection at 80%.....

I was wondering what vets have found is most helpful for them....

Diamond cutter is 100 percent.

I prefer backing down from that for workouts. Eighty percent is definitely within the intercourse range, meaning you could easily fuck with it, but it remains pliable, the operative state for girth especially.

The difference for me is between firm rubber (75 percent) and hardwood (100 percent).
It an instinct almost that should come with practice. You will obviously know when you are waaay too hard, at the 100% stage, and then you just turn it down a notch.

Wish there was an easier way to explain it, but I dont think there is any substitute for a bit of trial and error, tho if concerned always let it relax some.

I do/did jelq sometimes at above 80% but MoS does not promote or endorse that in any way, nor do i. Its my own choice.
most of mine are done between 80% and 100%...as long as you are pushing blood up into the head and you can see it expand...you should be fine


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This is actually funny to me because when I was making the site JAZ asked me the same question. He was like, "how the fuck do you know if your dick is 80% erect?" We went on to make fun of it by saying 82.7% or 91.8%:D We were laughing our asses off.

80% is what I consider almost erect but the penis is still pliable. I guess I should make a legend for erection levels:D I'll work on it:)
An erection level chart! I can almost see it.

You could probably cull from the Picture Proof forum, a semi here and a full hard there...

Thanks for the feedback guys....I'm back aboard the Penis Enlargement ship baby....I've worked out everyday this week and am getting focused again....its funny how easy it is to just completely stop Penis Enlargement from one day to the next and how hard it is to get back into it and get that momentum back....just need to stick with it....