7 day routine?

hey everybody, ive heard of a few ppl like dld and mowinman training 7 days a week. At first i thought these guys are freakin nutts, but when i actually thought about it it makes good sense. Afterall it only takes your dick 24 hours to recover so why take days off? I am just curious as to how many of you guys use this constant routine w/o days off. I have been exercising 3 days then taking 1 off. But i think ill be ok skipping the day off or at least only stretching during it. Also one more quest that i hope some of you guys might know the answer to, after a good girth workout my dick hangs a little lower but def a bit fatter for like 5 hours or so and feels a little different. Is this a good or bad thing? I figured it should get smaller since it needs to repair itself, right? Well anyways any response would be great, thanks


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I have been told by so many people that training with no days off is a bad idea and will hinder healing and so forth. My opinion was different from the beginning of my program. The only thing I knew about Penis Enlargement when I started was a very basic program but the author stressed NO DAYS OFF. I followed this to the letter and found out quickly his reasoning. First of all I made very fast initial gains. I also built up a very good tolerance to the daily exercise which allowed me to increase the intensity more and more. Lastly it provided a daily template for habit. For myself a day off can quickly turn into a week off then into a month and so on. I need the daily routine to keep me motivated and in touch with my exercise.



I am somewhat the same as you DLD a day off from my routine can easily turn to a week or even a month. I have some motivational issues, with practically anything I do. This is why I only usually take off Saturday night and Sunday mornings sessions, as this is when I spend alot of 'quality' time with my woman. This day off definately has many benifits in the form of healing, which I think is crucial to not not only gains but penile health.

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