4th grade teacher accused of axe murder


Jun 3, 2003
4th grade teacher accused of axe murder
Detroit Free Press |
"Nancy and Robert Seaman were celebrating at home in Farmington Hills with their older son when they began to argue. The yelling grew so intense, the son left for his Downriver home. Within 10 minutes, Nancy Seaman was at the Commerce Township Home Depot purchasing an ax, said Farmington Hills police... Police say Seaman then returned to the rambling Tudor in the Ramblewood subdivision. She walked into the kitchen and slammed the ax into her husband's head. Then she dragged her husband's body a short distance into the attached garage and began stabbing him with a knife and smashing him with a sledgehammer, police said. The next day, Seaman taught her fourth-grade class, and then stopped at Home Depot a second time for cleaning materials to wipe up the mess, police said."

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