2 months of hanging already see results


May 20, 2013
I've been hanging for 2 months. Right now I'm at 8 sets of 15 minutes with 30lbs. Inbetween sets I do 5 erect stretches to establish blood flow and to help cement gains from the hanging .

I do SD hanging and I also do hanging where I'm sitting at my desk and the bungee stretches over the desk with the wieghts hanging . This allows for a straight out and also an upward tug depending on how I'm sitting. This also allows for multi-tasking as I can sit and dick around on the computer, do work etc.

The SD hanging you feel 100% of the 30lbs whereas over the desk hanging some of the weight is being held by the desk.

I haven't measured but there is defintely new growth at the base in a pulled out fashion. I'm estimating a good 1/4 inch gain but will wait 3 more months to measure.

Previously, I pumped (packed the tube for length ) several hours per day and did 50 manual stretches per day ... I did that for a year straight with zero results. So for me, it seems like heavy hanging is the way to go.

Anyone interested in hanging /supplements /PE in general I suggest you read Kingsnakes thread ... I read all 100+ pages. Great info. I use the Kingsnake Hanger that he describes.


Jan 21, 2015
Nice to hear that bro, congrats to visual gains you are on to something. Keep your CONSISTENCY intact and do not measure and you WILL gain.
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