100% proof of Evolution!!

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That pic sucks and is lame bobbdobbs.

Here's a better one......


These next two are actual "Moments of Stupidity", curtousy of the Leader of the Free World.



"Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?"
—George W. Bush.
To be fair, those are field goggles. My dad was in the military and has used them before. It's just a little screen that prevents dirt from getting on the glass in the binoculars.

There was a pic of Clinton a while back looking through them the same way and the pubs had a hayday with it.

The other pictures are hilarious though!


Dude if you want a fuck load of Bush/Nazi pics, I've seen em all. I'll post the best later.

The nerve that somebody would associate Dean with a nazi, is so out of touch it makes the pic stupid.

Bush got rich off nazi's.
Arnold's dad was a nazi.
The Right are Nazi's.
guys better watch out the NSA doesnt track you for that anti-bush stuff....
rofl rofl

Here's one Bush quote that I found particularily disturbing:

''The world is more peaceful and more free under MY leadership'' -G. Dubya

Since when did he become president of the world, anyway??
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My favorite are the pics on the top and the two on the bottom.


Here's proof that these primate tendencies, still flow through our blood.

Or is it more complicated than that? Could it be yet another right-wing conspiracy?

George W. Bush, man or chimpanzee?
that's one of the funniest things I've ever seen on this forum. great post, lol.

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