“Puncturing the penis with a needle is not for the squeamish”



Jun 3, 2003
Penile injection has become an accepted and approved form of therapy for many men with erectile dysfunction._ Penile injection with Caverjectäworks because the injected chemical-alprostadil -once in the spongy cylinders (corpora cavernosae) of the penis encourages a rapid inflow of blood causing the penis to swell and become rigid simulating a spontaneouserection.._ The erection caused by penile injection differs from the erection that occurs after men use Viagra in several ways.

1.__ The erection created by the Caverject™ occurs within minutes after injection and does not require any sexual stimulation whereas men who take Viagra need some sexual stimulation- manual, oral, or fantasy to develop an erection.

2.__ The process of injecting Caverject™ is surprisingly not that uncomfortable but men often experience a burning sensation as the penis is transformed from limp to erect, something that does not happen when men have an erection after using Viagra.

3.__ A new device called MUSE™ (medicated urethral suppository) allows men to instill alprostadil into their penis without giving themselves an injection._ The erection-activating medicine-alprostadil- is embedded in a pellet_ which is released after being inserted directly into a man’s urethra (the tube through which he urinates)._ Once released there it has the same effect as the injected alprostadil in causing a spontaneous erection._ Men who use this device do get a satisfactory erection but report the same sort of burning pain experienced by men who use Caverject™.

4.__ MUSE™and__ Caverject™ often succeed when Viagra does not, particularly in men whose ED is the result of some nerve damage.


I dont think I'd use either! I do not enjoy any sort of burning sensation in my urethra! I hate those rare occasions when I get too much citric acid in my system....I dont like being afraid to urinate! LOL, I've used intramuscular injected steroids (self injected) in the past...and, I had little issue over sticking myself in the shoulder or in a thigh...but, in my penis??? Hell NO!
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