“HUGE” not enough? (Q & A)

Big Al

Jun 12, 2003
SUMMARY- This particular client went from 7.5″L x 5.5″G to a recorded high of 8″L x 6.5″G, but still felt inadequacies about his [huge] size.

Q. Thank you so much Al

Its been an intense stretch of time , but I did it , I know have my tools.

There is another thing that have been bothering me a bit and that is I seem to be al to focused on penis all the time.

I know its a mental game

I thing i tend to do that about things I fear i lack something in a hurtful area.


When I look at a man and have woman respond to men I know everything there is to know about woman and sex.

Im a passionate man when it comes to sex, I love sex and when you find out that 5,5 inch girth is not really the 100% best penis size for the woman you love more then anything you have ever known , it made me realize that other men had bigger penises and she is into that size I had when we first
meet (7.5,5.5).

I dont know if I am going around circles here


Have do I find an away to let the whole my penis and everyone else’s penis go a way ?

All the best

Big Al: I really do feel for you. I don’t usually get the opportunity to go into the depths of coaching that I’ve gone through with you (and I truly do appreciate having this opportunity with you) , but it’s dialog like the following that really allows me to express what the true goal of this coaching is about. The following words are my opinions. I’m not a doctor so none of this should be construed as “medical” advice nor is it a substitution for such. I do hope they help you with your situation though.

You do seem to be torturing yourself needlessly. To put things into visual perspective for you, compare your largest posted size to the average (5.5″L x 5″G) at this website: http://mraverage.com/sizer.php – you’ll see that you average OVER 140% MORE than the average man in penile volume!

A good analogy in your case would be a MULTImillionaire complaining because he’s not a billionaire. While that may seem silly, I believe it’s exactly the same mindset that doesn’t allow one to be happy with having more (in your case much more) of an abundance than the average. I think that that kind of mentality is “viral” in nature and explains exactly why the world is in the state that it’s in today.

You’re not to blame for your feelings because it’s ingrained in the mainstream culture being shoved down people’s throats- one in which you either acquiesce to fear and do nothing of value (fear-based apathy) or you misdirect your motivation and decide that you must be the “biggest/baddest/best” to be happy (fear-based ambition). I want to clarify something- the emotion of fear can actually be a useful tool IN THE RIGHT SITUATION- it can alert us to danger and actually give us strength (in the form of adrenaline) to either fight or run. When fear is allowed to go UNCONTROLLED it becomes a PARALYZING force that controls you- instead of you controlling it. GIVING IN to fear doesn’t allow you to do things rationally, and it feeds on itself causing a loop in which what you fear becomes an all-consuming compulsion.

This compulsion creates a situation where even being “VERY well above average” isn’t enough anymore (despite the fact that you may already be too large for a lot of women’s tastes)- you won’t be satisfied until you’re the “biggest”. You have to ask yourself if that’s what you really want to strive for, and at what cost. Are you increasing your penis size for your OWN satisfaction or to feed this compulsion?

Here’s an outrageous thought exercise that may help- what if you ran into a woman that had sex with someone of very extreme size or that used toys well in excess of any human male dimensions (these women do exist)? Would you be unhappy because SHE wanted more than you could provide (despite your being in the upper 99.9+ percentile of penile size)? Would you abandon yourself in a pursuit to satisfy someone like that?

Here’s an interesting positive phenomenon that I’ve observed in a lot of successful trainees- once they achieved and even surpassed their goals, the vestige of “needing” to do Penis Enlargement disappeared. They realized that what they were worried about this whole time (an artificial need to be a certain size to be “whole”) was a construct of their own creation. It’s at that point that training becomes a pleasure and not a chore.

This change occurs because the mindset and INTENT has changed. This process is something that allows you to overcome a negative state of mind, to be THANKFUL for your position/gains, and to also develop compassion for those that may be stuck in a compulsive mindset. The profoundness of this shouldn’t be underestimated- it can effectively creates a whole new outlook for you :)

You can visit popular forums where you’ll find guys displaying this spirit of benevolence by helping others achieve gains (in Penis Enlargement and other areas of life) and by comforting those that have fallen into the fear trap.

While these words may help motivate you (and I hope that they do), only YOU can wrest yourself from this compulsion that’s preventing you from fully enjoying what you should be thankful for. It’s a process that takes time, but it’s well worth the effort to do your best to free yourself. Please consider what I’ve written above and let me know what you think. Looking forward to your feedback.

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