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    Can sleeves be used as "All Day Stretcher" or to prevent turtling and maintain size after jelqing?

    I'm wondering if a simple sleeve can be used to maintain longer size, prevent turtling and remain size after jelqing sessions. Looking for something that is easy to wear in sleeve form for night or daily. But will it be of any use? Can sleeve actually extend penis or maintain gains better? Or...
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    I've been wearing an anti-turtling device for about six months, been hanging for about three weeks, take 8 grams of arginine, and just started (yesterday) wearing the silistretcher as a ADS. Despite all of this, I still turtle quite often. There are times I hang very well, but not when I need...
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    SiliSleevs Silcone Penis Sleeves by MOS - NEW!

    After fifteen years of research testing hundreds of sleeves with the top practitioners and pioneers of penis enlargement, MOS is proud to announce the SiliSleev and SiliCap. The importance of staying in an extended state after exercise is something people often miss. Many people work out...
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