1. Super

    Mind Blowing Pump, Veins were throbbing BAM BAM

    OK, I was doing my Supra Slammers and right in the beggining my veins started to pulse with my heart in my peins, there were like pounding. I have been shooting my IGF-1LR3 in my calves lately cause my calves are my show muscles, they are huge, so that is were the most blood flow is that I have...
  2. DLD

    Plyometrics Blasters, my quest for the ultimate length routine...A Study by DLD

    Plyometric Blasters Overview This is a new theory I have been working on and wanted to share some of the research I have done and introduce a new exercise that I have been experimenting with using this data. The exercise is Plyometrics Blasters and my main goal in this exercise is to employ...
  3. S

    ELIMINATE premature-ejaculation quickly and forever!

    Here is what I believe a sure-fire way of ending premature ejaculation forever. I promise you, this will change the way you look at premature ejaculation forever....with what I like to call the "STUD-MAKER-DRILL"..... BASICS...PSYCHOLOGY OF ACCIDENTAL BEHAVIOR Ok, before we get off on...
  4. ctmwm

    On My Knees, (the stag party)

    On My Knees, (the stag party) I've always been lucky in having a big circle of interesting friends and acquaintences, with many sub-groups with whom I spent afternoons and evenings playing around. One such sub-group was, for all intents and purposes, a bunch of guys. I was about 19 at...
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