1. J

    Suhagra, Kamagra Gold, Caverta, Penegra or Silagra?

    I am looking to place an order with ADC and I wanted to know which brand gave you the best results Thanks in advance
  2. H

    Doing some clamping and seeing if I can pics to upload.

    Here is a pic of me clamping I have only been in the clamp two or so minutes. I'm also trying to figure out this pic uploading thing. Hopefully it worked
  3. S

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    VIAGRA VIAGRA VIAGRA Wholesale Prices for Brand Viagra (Sildenafil) 50 and 100mg as low as 1.55$ per pill + 4 Bonus. FREE Shipping Worldwide. Discreet packaging. Guaranteed Satisfaction. VIAGRA is an oral medication for erectile dysfunction (ED). It helps most men with ED improve their...
  4. DLD

    Viagra and Cialis...$1.74 per pill

    $1.74 per pill sounds pretty good as I pay 10 times that for the same thing from my pharmacist, especially when you can get two 50mg doses out of 1 pill. I signed up to this site so MoS could get these, check them out...Generic Viagra and Cialis They Say: No prescription required Free...
  5. S

    Good Generic Viagra Site...really this time...

    Generic Viagra
  6. bigtim

    Viagra and tagament question

    Should you take tagament the same time you take viagra or should you take it like 30 minutes before. I took it the same time I took the viagra and I didn't notice any difference..
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