1. W

    First time Mandingo stretch - INSANE !

    Hello people yesterday I tried that Mandingo stretch, I am still newbie and my routine is that made by DLD, I dont use bundled stretch because I cant maintain good grip it hurts my glans, Mandingo stretch suits me fine and all I can saw is WOW, cant tell if Im doing it correctly but it works so...
  2. A

    Guide to Big Dick Porn Stars (info, height, and penis size) Because of the size limitations, this Guide is in 3 sections: Guide to Big Dick Porn Stars (A to I) (J to M) and (N to Z). Be sure to check out all 3. When you get to the bottom, click on "Older...
  3. ithiel

    more shit on mandingo

    Ya know it aint ever gonna get old :);) Check this out. You can tell he did Penis Enlargement. Check out (1st pic) the hair on the shaft. Def a sign of stretching. And watch the BJ video, what the fuck is that lump on the top of his dick?
  4. L

    Mandingo's secret

    I know how to do the exercise but i was wondeirng is the lifted lung necessary? Also is it lift right leg, use right hand for stretch (same for left) or is it left leg lung and right arm stretch? I was injured so i couldn;'t do Penis Enlargement (finger sprains) so i kinda forgot this =/