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    Question about skin using a enlagment pump

    Hello everyone I have a quick question, when i use my pump, i get this section of skin about 1/2 just under the head, that dont want to expand and looks like its stays atached to the shaft, the other day i maxed out my 3" pump and it looked like i had paronies desise, Anyone have a...
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    I Am using androgel testerone can this help me in penis enlagment(I am 18 years old)
  3. H

    My length and girth

    Hello everyone, I am doing penis enlagement since nearly five month now and wanted to ask how long it takes to make the gains constant. I post three pictures of my penis in errect state. The first picture was taken after one month of Penis Enlagment. The second picture was taken after...
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    Penis Enlargement Pills and Age

    Hey everyone, just the other day i found out that my son, who is 15 was looking into odering penis enlagment pills. He might be a liltle self-conscience, but i still havent talked with him about it. I dont know how big he is down there but i what to know, how old you sould be before you start...
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