1. J


    As I have mentioned before, I made this thread on 2015 at one of the other shitty boards around. Here is my first original post on that thread. After a few days I improved the formula which I will post here as well as any relevant information from that same thread. Original Post: "A few weeks...
  2. Avglen61

    Holding the ejaculation

    Sometimes when I'm about to ejaculate, I hold my penis tightly so that I won't get any semen out. Is it wrong to do so? Am I damaging my penis?
  3. Avglen61

    Volume of Ejaculation

    HOW TO INCREASE VOLUME OF EJACULATION? WHAT ARE THE FACTORS ASSOCIATED WITH VOLUME OF EJACULATION? DOES VOLUME REALLY DEPENDS UPON GENETICS? ARE THERE ANY EXERCISES FOR THIS? I have seen male �naked person� releasing huge load of cum and I wonder if I could achieve that? My volume is just average...
  4. J

    DELAYED EJACULATION - Waiting for the day this is finally addressed.

    I have suffered with this for so many years. I dont know why it developed or how. One thing I know, just like I naturally thought about PE without anybody telling me about it or without seeing it somewhere, I started edging naturally since a very early age. Eventually I made myself multi...
  5. T

    Does Anal Masturbation / Prostate Stimulation affect Penis Enlargement?

    This is my first post! I've been lurking and reading for few months... I would like to use this opportunity to say Thank you all for teaching me such great exercises and introducing me to a whole another world. The journey has been great so far... Okay so I have always had this...
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