1. C

    Starting again and being uncut

    Hey guys, I have this problem and you certainly answered to this question but it doesn't work and i'm lost. I don't know what to do. My penis in flaccid lenght is 2.7 inch(7cm), which is so small but in erection is 4.90inch (12.5cm). The problem is i'm uncunt and i can't get to use the...
  2. 1

    I`m looking out for a extender for me, but I need help ...

    I recently realized that I might require a extender to gain real lenght again ... So I went on and began to look out for a good one. At first I took the recommendation from here and looked up the SizeGenetic, and I have to say it`s too expensive for me. Hence why I searched further and...
  3. G

    Should I go for the SG?

    Hey guys, i'm planning to get A size genetics device for my length training. I'm already using the Bathmate which is pretty fun and gave me girth gains. Now I want to at some length gains to my routine and I think this size genetics extender is the one I want to go with. However while...
  4. GhostRider

    GhostRider's first progress thread.

    Hi guys. I've been doing PE for some time now, but never had a progress thread. So I'm starting this one now, hoping to get some feedback from you guys, to help me correct some mistakes that I probably will be making. Recently I lost some size again, but I'm getting on a new routine as soon as...
  5. M

    Bathmate + Extender = ?

    Hello I started using bathmate x40 xtrem before 50 days, my size is (EL:6,EG:6) I am using it 5 days in the week (15 minutes) when I started I was in mark 150, now I am at mark 165 and girth I am full of pump I wish to gain length more than girth, so before a week I started using my old...
  6. M

    Bathmate + Extender = ?

    Hello I started using my x40 xtrem from 50 days my size (EL:6 , EG:6) I wish to gain Length more than girth before a week I started using my old Extender (Andropenis) for 2 or 3 hours before using bathmate Does that help to Gain Length and make gain faster or it is waste of time Thanks
  7. V

    My Sg progress, first 9 months of use :)

    Hi Guys This is my progress after 10 months wit SG. I start with 12cm/4,6inch flaccid, hit at 16cm/6,29 flaccid, erect, 8 months before 17,5cm / 6,9 inch now - 21,5cm / 8,46inch!! I use it for 10 months for 12-13 hours every day. Day off maybe 1-2 days in mounth. I use VLC tugger cause is...

    Average and Below Average

    How many of the bros here started whit a 5.5 inches in lenght and 4.75 in girth or even less, and have you guys gained an inch or more, how big are you guys now,how long did it take before you guys noticed important gains what exercises gave you the best results.:) Thanks
  9. W


    So When I joined earlier this year I told myself I would Grow to 8 inches by the end of next year however things soon changed and I lost motivation and track of time Many months later I've found that I've lost some of the gains that I had aquired, got all the way uo to 6.7 inches (17 cm) bpel...
  10. Q

    Actual micropenis... Help

    I searched the forum and all the micropenis threads are saying they are 1 inch flaccid and 5 inch erect. I have a true micropenis I'm 1 inch flaccid and about 2 inches erect I don't know how much growth is possible for me I'd be happy to be average but any growth is good I just don't know...
  11. O

    New to forum, hoping for some feedback.

    Hello everyone, commented on the Introduce yourself thread but I have a lot of question and wanted to introduce myself more. I'm 18, tried a few different things but never stayed to consistent due to pushing myself to fast and not conditioning myself first. I need a cloth tape measure to figure...
  12. L

    is it vital not to let it turtle?

    im a little confused guys, do you have to wear an extender to keep you from turtling after a workout to see gains? or can you make gains from just manual exercises like stretching and jelqing? I have an andropenis extender and it is so uncomfortable and I have to take it off after 10 mins cause...
  13. R

    first experience with Hydromax x30.

    First off if you have problems if the English bit I'm sorry I do my best. I'm new here in the forum, almost a month in PE. I guess there are people here, just as I was a few days or weeks who want to know if the HYDROMAX really works or not. Well then. I've been almost a month using ANDRO...
  14. E

    Question about my routine

    Hello all Long time reader, first time poster My dick is really small comparing with the average statistics 11cm. I have recently decided to start with a pe program and purchased a few accessories to help with the process 5 days a week 15 mins Bathmate use and a few minutes of jelqing...
  15. I

    Andropenis mini

    Any one tried the Andro penis mini or have any reviews regrading that product? Would appreciate if you guys share your thoughts and views on it. :)
  16. A

    Andromedical penis extender for sale

    Hello I have an andropenis medical extender for sale. inbox me for details
  17. C

    VLC tugger + Sizegenetics + strapping problem

    Hey guys, I really need your help, absolutly need you...First of all, let me introduce myself. I'm 27 years old and since two years I'm trying to put a penis extender. I started with the andropenis, which I stopped after few weeks because it wasn't comfortable. My hope of growing a big dick...
  18. M

    Need comment

    I am doing in the morning 4 hours of wearing an extender(andropenis) and in the evening Bathmate 20 min is this good Penis Enlargement workout ???
  19. E

    Mix and Match Size Genetics and Andropenis

    Will a size genetics upper plastic support fit on and andropenis device (i.e. the base and rods are andropenis, but the plastic device that straps in is size genetics)?
  20. H

    How much can I stretch each day

    Hi guys! I have used the Bathmate for about 2 months now and the Bathmate stretches for about 1 monts, giving me great results in girth. I just started doing this manual stretching exercises too. My question is how much time can I spend each day doing this strethes? I have been doing for...
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