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  1. bigogeek

    Hypocaloric diet + PE gains?

    As I was thinking then, like the stretches for a split progression LOL Thanks @stillwantmore
  2. bigogeek

    Glans sensitivity during stretching exercises

    Perfect, thank you guys! @arkailija @Jackxxx @DLD I also have extra skin Jack, not for the PE exercise of course but I thought the same yesterday when I was doing the stretches. Yeah, that's my case, now I have clear about the grip, thanks again DLD!
  3. bigogeek

    Glans sensitivity during stretching exercises

    Lately, I've been watching some videos to see the correct technique of different stretches and I have realized that a lot of guys from those videos actually grip under the glans but also in the middle of them. Does not hurt you/them? Or it's only that I have more sensitivity for being a total...
  4. bigogeek

    NEW - MOS Gripping Powder takes manual stretching to the next level!

    Awesome, you guys are incredible. As soon as I get inside the PE process and I see a lot of new things! Any idea when will it be available?
  5. bigogeek

    Hypocaloric diet + PE gains?

    Does a hypocaloric diet slow down your penis gains? So, the question itself it's not that difficult, as a nice bigorexic I am I love getting muscle gains, but as a newbie I am in the PE territory I don't surely know if the same happens with the penis. I know that the process it's different...
  6. bigogeek

    Welcome to MOS, bigogeek

    Hi guys! @DLD @arkailija Thx for the welcome :) I'm ready to rock and start growing Will do all that as soon as possible Thanks again