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  1. DLD

    SiliStretcher really is Super

    I consider those jeans you are wearing as tight. How much tighter, like biker shorts? 😂 Rock and Roll spandex😭 give more details on what you consider tight. 👍🏽
  2. DLD

    What Age Should You Start Your Son On PE And How Should You Go About It?

    The Brotherhood continues to grow, I hope more people reply to your thread.
  3. DLD

    NEW - SiliStretcher All Day Stealth Penis Vacuum Stretcher and Hanger

    You’re welcome my brother! Please go and post this in the store under reviews in the SiliStretcher section. People who are not on the forum need to see these reviews. I’m so happy for you! Post reviews here😇...
  4. DLD

    SiliStretcher Product Pictures

    No. I will receive mine when they are ready and I will do a review. I can’t wait! I am hoping to see upwards of 50 pounds if possible. I already have two routines in my mind ready to go I just need the sleeve.
  5. DLD

    SizeDoctor - GameChanger | Vacuum Hanger, Traction Stretcher and ADS (MOS Exclusive!)

    Hoping every brother that does a review goes to the store and post the review there so other people can see it who do not frequent forums.
  6. DLD

    SRT Passive to Active: The fastest possible way to make length gains SRT approved 🔥🔥🔥

    You can go all day if you want. I’ve always told brothers there’s no limit on how much you can stretch the penis, there’s really nothing bad can happen when stretching as long as you’re taking all the precautions necessary. So do this all day long if you want and you’ll gain length like a...
  7. DLD

    DLD's First Routine (I gained 2 inches with this routine) Full Tutorial

    Very simple exercise, you twist your penis one or two times while it’s flaccid. Once you’ve twisted it stretch it in any direction you want. I do it in every direction straight up, straight out, straight down, between the cheeks, to the left into the right, I leave no angle outouched.What will...
  8. DLD

    SiliStretcher penis enlargement gains

    Awesome routine and when I replied to you before I thought you were going to sleep through the night with you SiliStretcher on, I did not realize it was four hours, that should be just fine. That’s the place that I got two and another brother. The four hour mark was the max but I think I’ve come...
  9. DLD

    Help! intense routine needed...

    What pump do you have and what hanger do you have? Your goals are big but very doable. It’s going to take commitment and a pretty hard-core routine but if you want to get there I will write the routine for you. Let me know which pump and hanger you have.
  10. DLD

    OMG! I just snapped my length master

    We never stop learning and the second we stop listening to other people and learning new things is when we become ignorant. Sometimes the student teachers for teacher and that humility is so important to discovering and learning new things in life.
  11. DLD

    When to stop?

    This thread is becoming a book LOL keep the conversations going my brothers
  12. DLD

    Silli Sleeve Keeps Breaking

    @Lightning will help you out. He should chime in soon.
  13. DLD

    Fluid f*ing retention :@

    With the SlowSquashJelqs start at 100% erect and then as you start doing the exercise your penis will subside to 80-90% and you’ll be able to get great expansion on the squash. It takes a couple moments for the penis to relax enough to get to 80 to 90% election. Be patient because is the best...
  14. DLD

    Best New Face and Body Trimmer! Score!!

    I was just looking for a new shaver because mines not really working too well. I’ll check this out right now and see if I can grab one. The one I have now has three heads and it just takes forever to shave it when it’s done there still hair left behind. Thanks for the post just in time
  15. DLD

    bathmate xtreme hand ball pump

    I agree with Ark give it a good cleaning and see what happens. Here’s a direct link to the video showing how to do so. After you’ve cleaned it and you’re reseating the valve be sure to have it on a flat surface and with all your might push down the gator from the top of the bathmate ensuring...
  16. DLD

    Frenulum Tying!

    Be extremely careful using every precaution learned in this thread if you were going to tie your frenulum. As above, you do not want to put your penis in jeopardy.
  17. DLD

    Welcome to MOS, GoldenShield

    Congratulations on those amazing games and I’m so happy that you found your way to the brotherhood. You’re going to truly appreciate this family as you grow with us, anything you want is in your reach. I think you should start a progress thread right away to get some of the details down about...
  18. DLD

    Welcome to MOS, Mr.LetsGain

    Hooray! You have just joined the best brotherhood online! You’re about to embark on a journey to make all of your dreams come true. It’s so simple, come on out and introduce yourself and will help you get to where you want to go.
  19. DLD

    Welcome to MOS, gn3v1yzx

    Welcome to the brotherhood my friend! Come on out and introduce yourself so we can tell you exactly what to do to get to where you want to be! We’re wonderful family brother is here looking after one another helping each other in every way we can
  20. DLD

    Welcome to MOS, jct8274

    What a wonderful time to join the brotherhood with so many new exercises, routines and new tools, you will have so much fun in this journey. Come out and introduce yourself and let us help you put a routine together and get you growing

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