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    Put a face to the name(Post what you look like here!)

    I saw the thread was bumped and haven't been here in 6 months so I thought I'd post an update. I've been makin good progress bodybuilding. I'm 6'3 217-220 now.<img src="" alt="Image hosted by">
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    Back after 6 months

    Haha exactly
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    Back after 6 months

    Took about a year and a half for the length and 6 months for the girth. I didn't really focus on girth too much at the beginning.
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    Back after 6 months

    Hey guys I took a 6 month break and thoguht about gettin back into the swing of things. I havent done any Penis Enlargement since mid May i think. In the 6 months I retained all my length and lost only 1/8 inch of girth. I just thought I'd share with everyone. Wow theres been a lot of posts...
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    Exploding Toads...weird

    Mystery of German exploding toads The toads of Altona are dying in their thousands Toads in an area of northern Germany are being killed off by a mysterious disease - they are exploding. Thousands of the amphibians have died in recent days in a pond in Hamburg's Altona district, with...
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    Embarrasing gym moments

    The first time i did calf raises on a smith machine i set the blocks too high. Being 6'3, when i did the first rep i smashed my head on the top of the machine. I didn't drop the weight thankfully but the whole machien was shakin when i stepped off the block and everyone stopped to look at me...
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    Give her Multiple Orgasms -- Whats the secret

    if im on top then i just look at her face and her eyes get real wide then she has a huge smile after gettin one. If she's on top, she slows down a lot and kinda collapses on me for about 15 seconds lol. her body shakes when she gets one too.
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    gf now prefers uncut

    Haha I was waiting for you to chime in.
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    gf now prefers uncut

    She brought up the topic about how its easier to give head and it feels better.
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    gf now prefers uncut

    Shes never been with an uncut guy before me and now she likes it so much better. I'm d shes k k: it easy to give u head tho d: hehehe k: well it is d: so u like it? k : hell yea k : :P d: its easier? k: yea k : way! d: how so k : cause before after like 15min i would get dry...
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    Question regarding ABS

    bicycle crunches have given me the best results as far as the exercise portion goes.
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    PMS Survivors

    hahaha been there before. I'm lucky my gf doesn't get pissed off during pms but she does get real emotional over things that she shouldn't. She calls it "head week" so I'm all set.
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    Mature women

    I've had a couple flings with 2 women in their 40's. One of em I hung out with other than just screwing but never desired to get into a relationship because I'd like to stay in my own age group. I found a girl now thats 21 and we have the mind conenction you r talkin about so I think thigns are...
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    PATRIOTS!!! Superbowl Champs!!!
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    If I quit posting, it's cuz I've been shot to death

    she was buggin me around new years wanting to start over. She knows I have a gf now and I think I'm finally getting closure on this although she has been talkin to my ex now ugh.
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