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Psychic penis enlargement: Building your inner sanctuary

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Psychic penis enlargement: Building your inner sanctuary


This is my first release of my new methods that I've been useing for awhile now and didnt copy or get them from anywhere else, these have been my own creations and do
WORK 100% when followed and practiced.

#1 Is building your inner sanctuary: This isnt just for penis enlargement but could be a base aswell for your psychic travels later on such as astral traveling and doing other psychic things but for this exercise its for penis enlargement and as such has that theme around it.

Firstly you need to be somewhere very peaceful, alone with darkness.
Have a candle lit with some scent going, to get you relaxed and sit on the floor or lie on something comfortable.

Now Sit and free your mind of everything and just let everything go in your head.

Once everything in your mind is dark with your eyes closed I want you to start building your sanctuary of penile fitness.


This sanctuary is going to be placed high above the mountains and it has to have large grounds outside, be strong in its construction, have at least 2 levels to it, and also you must have at least one entity in the vicinity and by entity I mean that, can be anything you want from a talking owl to a dragon or better still your dream women have as many entities as you like but REMEMBER them all in every detail and name them.

The above is
COMPULSORY but the rest of your design is down to you.

High above the mountains, large grounds outside built strong and with at least one entity present plus 2 levels to it at least.


Now I want you to
picture in your head how you want your sanctuary to look. Imagine its structure, what its made from, the colour of the structure, the smell around it, the feeling around it, the energy EVERYTHING .... picture and build whatever you want to be your sanctuary, the sky is the limit so long you do the things I said were compulsory.

Remember everything how it looks on the outside, as your looking at it now from the outside .. walking around the large free space you can place things in that area if you wish ... have cars if you wish ... do whatever you want with the land but REMEMBER EVERYTHING like its your own physical home as you will visit here for hopefully many years to come.


Now we have the outside done, its time to enter the building. Remember how the door looks, the smell and the feeling as you enter.
Now inside you will design your rooms. Have as many as you like and decorate them as you like but remember to take note of everything in the rooms so when you return its all still in your head.

Do this with both floors and maybe you want more floors? its your choice.


Now once you have all this done, which will take somewhere around 15-20 mins I would imagine, its getting time to choose a place for your penis enlargement sessions that will be done here via the psychic world whenever you want and will imprint in your mind the vibrational energy that you wish for with regards to your penile fitness.

Once this room is chosen I want you to
note everything in it and pay attention to ALL the details, the sounds, the smells and the way it makes you feel ... it needs to make you feel good so bring things into it to make you feel good and if you want for example strippers inside than have them inside ... your choice, its your own private inner sanctuary for pe.

With this done I want you to have also
remembered in detail all the entities you have created, the colour of their eyes, hair, skin, clothes, names etc etc etc as you will meet these everytime you come here and wll get to know them like family.


We are getting close to the creation but before we do I want you to now be in that private room where penis enlargement shall commence and start doing a quick jelq session.
See your penis infront of you but as your goal, the size you wish it to be oneday and dont be negative here, just be positive and see it as you WANT IT TO BE as you jelq and feel the power, feel the energy and everything else ... feel good about the session and that eachtime you do this your penis is going to become bigger and stronger and better.

If you have strippers or whatever you can even have a sexual encounter
its your choice entirely but as you do your session it is important to keep the image of the penis not as yours is now in the physical world but as you want it to be and tell yourself its this size and is a seed now sprouting into growth.

When finished with all that do whatever you do after a session such as warm down or whatever else like a shower etc.


I than want you to walk out of this room and over to a window ....
this window has the best view you can imagine outside of the entire area and you look out and enjoy this view ... take it all in for a moment.


Now make your way to the lounge or your chillout zone and hang around it for awhile .... just explore and get to know better your inner sanctuary now.

When you are confident you know the inside and outside very well and the names and descriptions for your entities than its time to enter back into physical world.


Leave the house and ask your entity to take you home, this can be via whatever method you like such as plane, car, bird, dragon
whatever you want you can do in this realm .... imagine doing that now and looking around as it happens, notice it all and lookback at your new inner home .... you'll be back sooner than you think.

You look ahead and it starts to get very dark and than its black ... you can now open your eyes.


The next part is
critical, I want you to write down everything that just went on in as much detail as you can. The entire structure of the building, what it looks like, the number of floors, the number of rooms, what the rooms look like, the entities, the names, the looks of them, the grounds, whats in the grounds, the weather, did you speak much etc etc etc EVERYTHING than write it all down on paper.

Circle the partwhere you did your psychic pe session.


I want you to now think of a
suitable name for the inner sanctuary that you will refer to it as and hopefully will talk about it on here with the rest of the group.

Tell me all about it, because it needs to be engraved in your head so its like your own familier home now ... when you return here in the future it wont need be such an intensive affair but to merely do your pe sessions and enjoy the entites aswell perhaps
you can do whatever you like, but in the future it will be quicker talking about your experiences but do keep going over the details until you know them well.

You have now created your inner sanctuary for penis enlargement which will help with your gains and progress. In future lessons we will learn more about such things it can be used for incl psychic cleansing to rid negative energy from your aura.

If anyone does this exercise than please do post the info I have reqested so we can discuss it further and I can see if your doing okay with it as this really does work in helping your gains and sort out problems your having in the physical world with penis enlargement or indeed anything, but for this thread its a penis enlargement sanctuary ... the future it can be used for anything else.

I have done a whole sexual session in this place with my ex. I imagined her in my inner sanctuary and did everything to her I wanted to do and was worried at the time about premature ejaculation so went through the whole sex session with her in my IS going upto and past ejaculation. I imagined great sex with no problems at all, everything I wanted and when I did this in the physical world I was in her words ''A stud who fucked like a sowing machine''.

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