Monday, January 25, 2010

I am blown away by the Bathmate. I know many have been waiting for my review and all I have to say is good stuff about the Bathmate. On my first session I got excellent expansion, about a quarter inch but I was taking it easy. I just finished a incredible girth routine using the Bathmate and I wanted to share with any other users or future users.

What is in the box?
I received the Bathmate after about a week (there was a shipping mix up.) It shipped to me in a plain brown box with no signs of what is inside. After opening the box there is a second box that is the packaging box. Very clean and professional. Inside the box was an instruction manual (multi-language), a ruler and the Bathmate.

The quality was great. The Bathmate is made from a very solid plastic. I dropped it a couple times and it showed no signs of damage. It has an incredible suction method made from a six level rubber fitting. There is a quick release valve at the top allowing for immediate release. The design overall is very simple and effective. Overall with the quality of the product being so high the price is great at $119.00. They could easily charge more and still sell these pumps.

First Time
My first run I used the pump with only being wet to test. The suction was immediate after a couple pumps. I went for about 10 minutes and I noticed immediate expansion of about 1/4". I couldn't help notice how it pulls forward to the point that I can see length gains coming from the Bathmate. The 1/4" was temporary and lasted a good two hours. I was not trying to really do much more than test it and I was very impressed.

First Real Session:
I decided to give the Bathmate another run but this time with intensity and super-setting the pump with DLD Slow Squash Jeqs. I first got myself relaxed and loose before starting to pump. Once in a good form I attached the Bathmate and pumped till all air was gone. I watched some porn to keep up for the routine. After about 15 minutes of pumping I released the pressure and did 5 minutes of Slow Squash Jelqs. I then went back to pumping for another 10 minutes followed by another 5 minutes of SSQ's. I repeated this one more time doing the Bathmate for 5 minutes and SSJ's for another 5 minutes. After the session I measured and I was close to .75" in girth up! Mind blowing. My best expansion after a girth workout is around .5" or less so I was ecstatic to see such huge expansion.

My Thoughts:
This pump will become a best mate to any girth workout. The workout above is very intense but I think with some modification anyone can do it. I think newbies and vets alike will love the

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