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Penis Enlargement and Theory of How and Why it Works!

by: dickfordays

The penis and it's attachments are made up of several different types of tissue: ligaments, tunica, skin, some muscle, etc. Each type of tissue has a certain amount of short term elasticity. In other words, when I pull, each tissue has a certain amount of give to it before it reaches is maximum short term elasticity. To illustrate, imagine attaching a rubber band to a small weight. If you set the weight on the ground and lift up on the rubber band, the weight will remain on the ground while the rubber band elongates and stretches, until eventually the rubber band reaches is maximum short term elasticity and the weight is finally lifted off the ground (this is assuming the maximum short term elasticity strength is great enough to lift the weight).

A similar situation seems likely to occur when we stretch. Given the various types of tissues that make up the penis and it's attachments, and their individual maximum short term elasticities, an order of stretch must take place. For example, if you tie together several different rubber bands of variable thickness and strength and tie one end to a wall while pulling the other, the most elastic ones are the ones that will stretch and elongate first. The thickest ones may not even stretch at all. In reality, the amount of stretch that each will undergo will be directly related to it's elasticity. In order for the strongest/least elastic band to stretch at all, the tension on the smaller bands will have to be great enough to elongate the stronger bands.

When doing this, the more elastic bands stretch to the point where they become maxed out and rigid before they allow the stretch to be transferred to the stronger bands. In the penis, I assume that the maximum short term elasticity (MSTE) of each component is strong enough to reach it's limit and transfer to the next strongest component (otherwise you would tear something). Also, some components never reach their MSTE because other components come in to play and prevent it long before they could. Skin, for example, is probably capable of stretching a lot more than it gets the opportunity to when stretching because you are stopped by the other tissues. These components, therefore, don't come into play.

All that said, how does this relate to PE? When I have a really good stretching session, I feel the stretch in my ligs for the first few minutes, and then I feel the tension being transferred to my PC area, behind my balls. It seems like the ligs reach their MSTE and become rigid, then the pull transfers to my PC area. I know I have been really maxing out my stretches because my BPFSL and even BPEL have been increasing over the last couple weeks. I theorize that the more you make your ligs (or other components) reach their MSTE and become rigid, the quicker your gains will be. When I feel the stretching burn transfer to my PC area, it seems like an indicator that I have pushed my ligs to their MSTE. At this point in my routine, the burn continues to stay in my PC area regardless of the angle I stretch, even when stretching BTC.

BIB touches on this with his philosophy of hanging. He says that when you hang, the weaker/tighter tissues take the stress first, until they are overcome and break, and then the pull is transferred to the next weakest/tightest tissue, and so on. That's why you may have to periodically reduce the weight you use, because the new limiting tissues cannot handle as much weight at the tissues that were previously the limiting factor (correct me if I'm wrong on this, BIB).

I want to add something to this, in case this applies to anyone here. Regarding short, intense stretching. This makes things more complicated, but I'm afraid it applies.

All materials have properties of viscoelasticity. The viscoelasticity of a material is determined by looking at it's viscous (fluid) properties versus it's elastic properties. VE determines how an elastic material behaves under strain. When a material is stretched and held in a stretched position (under strain) usually one of two things happens: relaxation- the material slackens further making the strain less (like in muscles), or creep- the strain on the material increases (like in connective tissues such as ligaments and tendons). For example, silly putty is considered highly viscoelastic. If you pull it slowly, it will stretch extremely long before breaking (a very fluid property), but if you pull it very quickly, it will break in half almost immediately (a very solid property) because it reaches is elastic limit so quickly when the strain is exerted in such a short period of time. If the rate of stress is much slower, the silly putty stretches out much longer before reaching it's elastic limit (a very elastic property). Therefore, the rate at which the stress is applied will greatly affect the elastic response of a tissue with a high VE.

Ligaments, muscles, tendons, etc. are all also very viscoelastic. This is why short, intense strain to the body results in muscle pulls and ligament/tendon ruptures. The tissues reach their elastic limit when the stress is applied quickly and respond by tearing or rupturing if the force is great enough. However, if you apply the same stress over a longer period of time, such as when stretching your hamstrings, the tissue elongates and stretches. This is one reason why you should never stretch (any kind of stretch) in a quick, jerky manner, but instead ease into a stretch. This brings me to my other point that applies to PE stetching: the Spinal Stretch Reflex.

The Spinal Stretch Reflex can be seen when the doc taps below your knee and your leg jerks. The reason this happens is as follow: All over and within the tissues of the body are proprioceptors. Proprioceptors communicate with the nervous system and act as message relays. They "tell" your body where it is in space and how it is oriented. If you close your eyes and raise your arm up, your body "knows" where your arm is located because of proprioceptors. They also initiate involuntary reflexive actions, such as when your leg jerks. When the doc taps below your knee, he is tapping your patellar tendon that attaches below the knee, and above the knee into your quadriceps. That short tap on the tendon pulls on your quads with a relatively great amount of force, but the force is only applied for a fraction of a second, and is therefore harmless. However, your proprioceptors have already sent the message of the force to your nervous system which has initiated the SSR as a defense mechanism, and the quad contracts to counteract the pull. The SSR is so quick that it does not have time to register the fact that the force is only going to be applied for a fraction of a second, so your quad involuntarily responds.

The SSR is initiated when other tissues of the body are stressed as well. If you apply a short, intense stretch to the penis, the SSR will kick in and the tissues will "pull back" and you will not achieve any stretch. In fact, if you pull hard enough, a tear is possible because of the viscoelastic properties of the tissue. The same amount of force may be harmless if you gradually work up to it and allow the body over-ride the SSR. Any force, no matter how small, initiates the SSR to some degree when initially applied. The reason the tissue lengthens and loosens is because the SSR is over-ridden when the force is not "percieved" as dangerous, by incrementally working up to greater intensities.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pr0n study hamstrung by lack of men who haven't seen smut

by George Atkinson

A study by a University of Montreal researcher into the effects of pornography on men has found that the effects of exposure to smut appear to be negligible. However, the study lacked a control group; that is, men who had never seen pr0n. "We started our research seeking men in their twenties who had never consumed pornography. We couldn't find any," complained researcher Simon Louis Lajeunesse.

Article continued HERE

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How Long Does Penis Enlargement Take?

This is a question that is asked by every newbie and the answer is usually not what they want to hear. So many guys get into penis enlargement and think that it is some kind of quick fix, they want gains immediately and don't want to put the work in. I wanted to clear this up and let men know exactly what they are in for. Remember, if penis enlargement was that easy every guy would be running around with a 10" penis.

The timeline looks something like this for the average guy practicing proper penis enlargement. The first week changes will be noticed in erection quality. Most guys will notice harder erections after the first few sessions. Many experience morning erections too, something that also happens in the beginning of penis enlargement. First measurable gains will happen in the first month. Many guys will see up to an inch in the first 4-6 weeks but this should be realized as newbie gains. A 2" gain, for most looking for that, happens in the first year so it is a journey.

Is it worth the time invested? If you consider that penis enlargement surgery yields an average of about .5" and the risk of dysfunction is massive. Penis enlargement surgery costs an average of $5000.00 and in most cases leave the penis looking deformed. Another scary reality is complete impotence, one of the other high risks of penis enlargement surgery. With natural penis enlargement there is virtually no risk and the gains that are made are massive in comparison to penis enlargement surgery. After you make your gains with penis enlargement your penis will look healthy, vascular and in shape. You will have lasting power. You will have a larger ejaculation. You will be longer and thicker...but most important you will be fully functional.

Penis enlargement does take time but anything good does and the investment will be life long.



Friday, December 18, 2009

Length Master in Full Production

This is James (SPANKYDOG), the head of the production team that creates the Length Master. This is the shop that it is made and I thought you guys would be interested in seeing the whole set up. I have a video and some other pictures I will post later but here are a few now.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Using The FastSize Extender to increase length bigtime

Many guys will opt for either manual exercise or the FastSize Extender to make the length gains they desire. The thing is, when stretching the penis, that you want as much stress as long as you can. Manual stretching is great for intense, short stretches, stretches that are much more intense than any other method of stretching. This type of stretching is critical in breaking down the penile tissue allowing for greater cellular breakdown. Once this type of stretching is done it also becomes important to keep the penis in a prolonged, extended state. Many do this through frequent bathroom breaks or using another method of keeping the penis extended. A much easier method is using the FastSize Extender.

The FastSize Extender allows for HOURS of extending with little attention. It is easily concealed under clothing so it is invisible to anyone but the stretch is amazing. Many guys go for extending as their only means of gaining length and do make good gains. Those who combine the 2 types of stretching, manual and extending, make the best gains.

The FastSize Extender is very affordable and should be a part of every guys penis enlargement toolbox. Remember, you can purchase a FastSize Extender through the link below at half price. For only $150 you will be getting a $300 product.

If you can not afford a FastSize Extender you can use other methods to do this, chec out my free penis enlargement forum MATTERS OF SIZE FORUMS.

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