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Dating tip: selflessness makes you sexy

17 October 2008
Dating tip: selflessness makes you sexy
by George Atkinson

Women place great importance on altruistic traits like selflessness, say psychologists at The University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom. In studies involving more than 1,000 people, Dr Tim Phillips discovered that women place significantly greater importance on altruistic traits than anything else. His findings have just been published in the British Journal of Psychology.

"Evolutionary theory predicts competition between individuals and yet we see many examples in nature of individuals disadvantaging themselves to help others. In humans, particularly, we see individuals prepared to put themselves at considerable risk to help individuals they do not know for no obvious reward," explained Dr Phillips.

Participants in the studies were questioned about a range of qualities they look for in a mate, including examples of altruistic behavior such as 'donates blood regularly' and 'volunteered to help out in a local hospital'. Women placed significantly greater importance on altruistic traits in all three studies.

"For many years the standard explanation for altruistic behavior towards non-relatives has been based on reciprocity and reputation - a version of 'you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours'. I believe we need to look elsewhere to understand the roots of human altruism. The expansion of the human brain would have greatly increased the cost of raising children so it would have been important for our ancestors to choose mates both willing and able to be good, long-term parents. Displays of altruism could well have provided accurate clues to this and genes linked to altruism would have been favored as a result," hypothesized Dr Phillips.

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Penile Ligament Burns [Burners]

Author: RedZulu2003
Date: 27/03/05
Subject: Penile Ligament Burns [Burners]


These are very common and are signs that your stretching good.
Also its Very easy to trigger these off.
Just stretch the ligs and apply a reverse kegel [flexes the PC reverse and exposes the ligs fully] this will get you that burn feeling.
The sensation comes from the base/ligament area of the penis and lasts for as long as you allow the stretch to be held while its engaged, meaning if you release the stretch the burn will go away soon.
You will get these sumtime by doing DLD 'A' stretches.
The feeling can be very intense indeed and make you yell abit for a second, sounds worse than it is but it can be very intense.

Why does it burn?

The reason the ligs are 'Burning' is because you are stretching them to their maximum.
A Chemical hormone named prostaglandin E1 is a contributer to this.
This very hormone helps open the cells inside the penis more efficiant for a better harder erection.
It also relaxes the ligaments and enables them to be stretched even further than normal before a Burn is fealt.
So the reason you feel the burn is because the penis ligaments are being pulled at their max and the prostaglandin E1 hormone can't help relax them anymore, so the burn sets in.
Hope this makes sense.
I will break it down more - If the ligs are maximum expanded to the furthest point they can safely go, than the burn sets in as the prostaglandin E1 can not keep it held back anymore and as a result the chemical reaction kicks in and creates the burning feeling.
A theory I have is Some men like with the pops may be more prone to this type of phenomonom.
If you have more prostaglandin E1 than it'll be harder to get these and if one has lower levels than itll be easyer.
Maybe these lower levels have something in common with how strong the ligaments actually are? come to think of it that makes sense as low levels of prostaglandin E1 would give a burn easier at any stretch lig-wise, so not as much force needed so the ligs cant be as strong? < Just a theory so dont take it as gospel fact.

Are they good or bad?

It is a very good sign when you get burns.
It shows your ligaments are getting the best stretch possible.
You will also know after say just 30 minutes of doing intense streches that after the burners you will know you've had a good workout, as you will feel it afterwards.
However if you continue to pull to hard while the burning sensation sets in than you risk the chance of snapping/tearing a ligament, which is serious and painful indeed and would require surgery and grafting to get it normal again.
When you feel that burn, hold the stretch for the desired time and dont go any more otherwise like I said, you risk over-stretch and a bad injury
Hopefully you will know your limits and can push abit further, but be careful.
You will also be quite sore in the base area where the ligaments are after having alot of burners.
This is normal, good and nothing to worry about.
The sensation normally lasts awhile and can last afew days.
So long as theres no serious pain, than your alright.


They are caused from a intense stretch, which has caused the ligs to expand to their maximum stretch and the prostaglandin E1 hormone can no longer relax the lig, so to remove this feeling during a stretch.
If you dont get them, it means that you aint got your ligs to their maximum stretch.
Will you still gain?
If you stick to a nice good workout than their's no reason why you shouldn't gain well from penis enlargement without these feelings, but I belive they are very important for big gainers.
DLD himself gets this feeling alot when he works out hard, and he now has a monster long erect penis.
Also the burners feel similer to those that we get when we goto the gym and do bicep work, near the end that burn feeling running through the arm like that, but more sharp.
I always used to get these deliberetly on the border-line of pain.
One would be nearly in agony when doing these.
I know my line if you do than try it also, if not dont go their as if you feel the slightest bit of tearing pain than stop as if you continue than the lig will be damaged, can get torn or the tendons damaged.
But its hard to really damage the ligs/tendons from this, they are very strong.
Also dont feel you must get burning sensations in your base region where the ligament are eachtime you stretch, hang etc etc in order to gain.
Guys gain without getting many burning sensations in the ligaments, so dont be worried about that.

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Women and Penis Size (Article by BigAl)

"It's not how big it is, it's what you do with it..."
"It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean..."

We've all heard those comments about male endowment but what do women really have to say about penis size? Read on and see how a bunch of feisty females responded to the perennial question:
"What's the perfect penis size?"

W said:
I don't know where you got those responses that penis size isn't important but the reality of it is size does matter to both the man and woman. A man with a large penis has the confidence that he can satisfy any woman and after all making love for the man is all about confidence. More and more research is showing that a larger penis does give more pleasure to a woman especially the girth of the penis. I have never seen a six inch or less dildo. Dildos are all designed large. Women brag about their mens size and I think that just making love with a man with a large penis makes them feel like more of a woman. Women seem to think something terrible will happen if they suddenly come clean that larger is better. I was just on a website from a university study showing that young college girls like larger penises. Maybe the next generation will be more honest.

Sweet Sarah said:
Each woman is different physically, so there's not really a "universal" perfect size. Me? I'm little, so my perfect size is probably 4-5 inches. But one of my friends is a little larger and she likes 5-7 inches. That being said... in my experience, size hasn't been the factor that ultimately made sex good or bad.

A Player said:
I like 'em the size of a nice big juicy cucumber.

A Good Time Girl said:
To me, size absolutely does NOT matter. I'm 4'11" and very petite, so I don't need a whole lot of penis to fill me up. There was one guy who was so small that I wasn't sure if we'd had sex after we were done. (He was probably a couple of inches long and skinny as a pencil.) But anything bigger than that is generally ok. It's true that there's some "size queens" out there (women who just love really big penises), but that seems to be more of a mental thing than a physical need.

A Sporty Girl said:
Girth is probably more important to me than length. Having said that, the perfect size for me is about 6 inches.

A Thinker said:
I've had more problems with too large than too small. Perfect? 4-6 inches, with medium girth. Here's the pros and cons on small. The cons? There's trouble keeping it inside me during intercourse - and constantly having to "re-set" the table breaks the rhythm of things. The pros? Having a smaller penis means fuller insertion, and thus, more friction on the clitoris. Plus, smaller penises are easier to give head to. So my preference is on the smaller size. Here's the cons of too big (girth especially). It can be physically uncomfortable, and it makes me feel inadequate - like I can't take on more of him. Plus, having to build up slowly to full insertion breaks the rhythm of a sexual encounter. I haven�t had a ton of experience with too big, but in general I found more problems with them than pleasure or fulfillment. Could have been my partner, though, not his organ...

A Good Time Girl said:
8" long, 6" around is good for me... but if you know how to use what you've got, it goes a LOOOOOOOOOONG way!

A Player said:
You really want to rock our world? Follow this simple advice: start us off with oral sex. And if you make a few groans of pleasure while you're down there so we think you're enjoying it, this will dramatically enhance our excitement and pleasure. When your woman is ready for sex, ask her which sexual position she prefers. Trust me, all women have their favorite position. Mine is being on top and having my boyfriend use his hands to stimulate me; this is one of the best ways for women to climax during actual intercourse. It gives us control and feels great -- and with this position, it doesn't really matter what size he is. Also, if you're handy with a vibrator, try that out. Talk about fun!

A Thinker said:
The guy I've been seeing is 35 and he's great in bed - but since he didn't know the particular fact I'm about to share with you, I'd assume that most other guys don't know it, either. Here goes: There are verrrrry few nerves up inside the vagina. The best way I can describe it is like a novacained lip - we can feel pressure (from your cock moving around inside us, or just from the way it expands that space) but there's not much surface feeling. The sensitive nerves you want to pay attention to are around the the vast pink area between the lips. That whole entire area is just crazy with feeling. You might wonder, then: how do women have orgasms thru sex? Well, I asked a friend who's a sex therapist and she confirmed that very few women can have orgasms directly thru intercourse. Many are faking it - they think they're the only women who can't, and they want to please their guy. Want to be amazing in bed? Trust me: learn how to make a woman come with your hand or your mouth - and be eager to do it often. She'll be putty in your hands forever. If you're eager to make a woman come, your value in her mind goes up like 20 billion points. Seriously. It's because most guys don't bother, or they're just clueless. This isn't to say that sex doesn't feel great. It does. We love it. But a guy who knows to make us come orally FIRST, and then has sex with us - that's a guy who really knows what he's doing. Just by knowing that, you'll beat out 75% of the guys out there. And then the women will follow you around.

GK said:
As a woman, I am going to be honest with any and every male. The answer to if size counts: NO!!! It's all about how you work it that counts. You can be hung as a horse and still can't satisfy a woman. You can be as small as an inch worm, but if you know the right spots to hit it, then it shouldn't be a problem. When having sex with a woman, there should be communication. Once you both can understand each other's likes and dislikes, then the sexual experience can be truly rewarding with each other. Size does not count, however I would prefer a well endowed male who can take care of business.

CC said:
Okay, guys. Here's some general information. 1. Four to eight inches is considered the normal range of penis size for adult males. 2. Five and a half inches is the average length of the adult penis. 3. There is no correlation between penis size and height; size of the foot, hand, nose or any other body part because there is no 'bone' in the penis, contrary to the popular euphamism. 4. There is very little correlation between penis size and ethnicity. Black guys are slightly larger than white guys, and Asian guys are very slightly smaller than white guys - there's not a big difference. 5. Width IS more important that length as far as making women happy, BUT copulation isn't what most women care about anyway. We like touching and caressing and being treated like we matter and not like a body on a slab. 6. Most importantly, penis size has nothing to do with who you are as a person and what you can accomplish with your life. You are important, not because of your penis size, but because of what you do with the gifts God gave you. Be a man. Be unselfish. Do good and make people's lives better. 7. Treat people with respect. Stop dehumanizing each other and stop thinking of people as objects for your pleasure.

JG said:
Each and everyone of you is a product of natural selection. Guys, that means that your daddies, and their daddies, and their daddies... were PICKED (ie selected) by the women of their time. If they didn't like what they saw or felt in dick size, presumably they would have left and found someone else. Another way of putting it is, you are the product of past desirables, which would include your dick. So if the "average" range of dick sizes is between say 5 and 7 inches, then that indicates that females have been selecting that size on average for thousands of years. If the ONLY thing that mattered was a big dick, then all males would currently be very large (10 inches or more?) since past females would have selected only the biggest size. Strangely, but as a matter of fact, you have (past) females to thank for whatever size you are now. I know that most of this will be waisted on most of you. Statistically for every "large" male there is a similarly sized female. Big penis genes can also produce big vaginal canals.

LL said:
All this talk about "am I big enough? Am I too big? Am I normal." I've got news for you, everone is different. Take it from me there are women out their who like small dicks. Just like there are women who like big ones. If you take the time to get to know the woman a little instead of trying to jump in her panties from the moment you meet her, maybe your size won't matter so much. As long as you're willing to put the time in to please her in other ways. There are women who will say "I need it to be really big" but that's only her preference. There are some who think 5 to 6 inches is just right. Women are just as different as men and if one makes you feel bad because you don't have what she wants then she probably wasn't worth the time anyway. What matters is, "does your size please you?" "Does it make you feel good about yourself?" If what you have doesn't please you, then it won't please anyone else because you'll be so worried about your size that your technique will suffer. And technique is a BIG part of what goes into pleasing a woman. So please get over it and move on. Learn how to use what you've got and you'll be successful with the women.

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Recommended Penis Enlargement Reading

Here are some books that we highly recommend checking out:

- At the top of our list, we recommend Aaron Kemmer's Exercising the Penis (also available in ebook format). Even with my experience in PE related matters, I was able to learn quite a few things from Kemmer�s book. Check out our review here.

- How to Live with a Huge Penis: Advice, Meditations, and Wisdom for Men Who Have Too Much - This book is now one of the most popular books on Amazon right now, but it may have more to do with its weird connection to Amazon's most popular apparel item Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt, Available in Various Sizes

- Gary Griffin's Penis Enlargement Methods: Fact and Phallusy- This book is a classic! It makes one of the earliest modern references to PE exercises.

- Penis Enhancement Surgery - A Self Help Guide for Men (Second Edition)- This is an informative read for any men considering penis enlargement surgery.

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Key to Higher Mind

Key to Higher Mind
Los Angeles, CA 6-14-08

Bashar opens the door to your imagination and explores your power to use your imagination to attract into your life your most exciting dreams and desires. Join Bashar on this exploration of how to key your imagination to bring your desires into manifestation.

Q&A: Using of digital multimedia art through the application of imagination? Dealing with an overwhelming amount of imagination. Expanding her imagination-based contact with her hybrid daughter being raised in an ET civilization? What is her life like with this hybrid civilization? Since everything that is observed changes when observed, does a persons experience in life change when observed by someone else? Changing negative perceptions of other people? How can the questioner opening the potential in her relationship with a Spinner dolphin in Hawaii and with music. Reducing the turmoil in emotional decision making. Is Bashars civilization at the point of instant manifestation, or is there a delay in manifestation like on Earth? Expanding your efforts to help other people. Understanding her spirit guides.How does a crippling knee injury reflect his fear of taking his next step?Are all imagined realities just as physical to the inhabitants of those realities as our reality is to us?

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Average Penis Size

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The Pimpin' Penis

The Pimpin' Penis
Originally uploaded by cimorenegal

Key To Higher Mind - June 14, 2008


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Men's bodies-The Survey

Men's bodies--the survey
Presents a survey from the November/December 1993 issue of 'Psychology Today' in which readers were asked to help identify how contemporary men and women perceive and value male appearance. Number of respondents; Percentage of women; Average age of male and female respondents; Respondents' educational background and sexual preference; Respondents' value of height and male muscle mass; How women feel about penis length and width.

In the November/December 1993 issue, we asked readers to help identify how contemporary men and women perceive and value male appearance. Over 1,500 responded with completed questionnaires and comments. Sixty-four percent were women. The average age for men was 37; for women, 34. The overwhelming majority were white. Occupations varied from businessmen and women to nurses, students, salespeople, secretaries, and homemakers. Most respondents were college educated and 87 percent were exclusively heterosexual. Nearly half had never been married.

Although far from a random sample, our respondents' answers suggested some intriguing trends. Men assumed that male appearance had a greater impact on heterosexual relations than women acknowledged. Yet although most women played down male appearance, there was an identifiable sub-group of women who placed high value on male physical features and sexual attributes. These women were on average slightly older, more financially independent, and rated themselves more physically attractive. But even when women indicated definite preferences for particular physical characteristics, they often seemed to adapt these preferences to the realities of their partner.

One of our main concerns was the extent to which women considered male appearance in choosing partners. Women were asked to rank eight factors in selecting a man for a romantic relationship: four personality variables and four physical variables. We asked men to estimate how women would rank these same factors.

Personality won hands down. Both men and women rated intelligence and sense of humor as most important, sexual performance and physical strength as least important. This suggests that despite escalating cultural emphasis on male looks, both sexes still believe that women choose men more by character than appearance.

Men nonetheless overestimated the importance women place on certain male physical characteristics. They thought an attractive face was more important to women than empathy and the ability to talk about feelings. They also assumed that body build had greater significance than women indicated.

One surprising finding was the importance of cleanliness. We didn't think to formally inquire about such basics as soap, shampoo, and toothpaste. But the most frequent written comments -- all from women -- related to male hygiene. A 44-year-old stated, "While I am not as concerned with the physical appearance of a male partner, cleanliness ranks as number one on my list." Another wrote, "What is the biggest turnoff? Poor grooming. A man who needs a shower, has dirty hands, wears soiled clothes, or needs to brush his teeth is a complete turnoff." Dental hygiene was a particular concern.

Both sexes assumed that a trimmer, taller male would be judged more attractive. Women definitely favored taller males, the majority endorsing the statement that being with a tall man made them feel more feminine. Most women indicated they wouldn't date a shorter man. Almost a third insisted the man be taller than the woman and another third would date a man of their own height but no shorter.

Two groups particularly valued height, taller women and women rating themselves more attractive. But height preference often gave way to practicality: taller women were much more likely to accept a date from a shorter male. As one 5'10" women confessed, "My husband is six inches shorter than I. Initially, I refused to even consider him for this reason. In reality, I was able to train myself to accept something else."

Weight worked much the same way. Overweight men were clearly less desirable to women. Thirty percent of female respondents found men more than 10 pounds overweight unacceptable as dates; 70 percent found more than 20 pounds overweight unacceptable; and at 40 pounds or more overweight, men were unacceptable to 90 percent of respondents.

Male participants were moderately concerned about their weight. About 63 percent would like to lose some weight; approximately half of them would be pleased with a 6-to-15 pound loss. Weight gain was an issue for another 19 percent, who wanted additional muscle mass.

Women, however, tended to be less critical of their partner's weight. Only 44 percent wanted their partner to lose weight, and half of these women would be happy with a modest 6-to-15 pound reduction. Thinner women tended to express more desire for their partners to trim down.

When respondents judged their own attractiveness, there was a major difference in how men and women viewed extra weight. Twenty-five percent of the men who rated themselves "very attractive" were overweight. But even modestly overweight women excluded themselves from this category: only 6 percent of very attractive women said they were too heavy.

Men and women also parted company in the domain of male muscle mass. Men value muscle mass, while women are less interested in oversized biceps and pecs. In ranking male body types, women gave first place to "medium with moderate muscle mass," while "medium with competition muscle mass" came in a lowly fourth. When men estimated women's preferences, however, competition body build narrowly missed second place.

We asked women directly, "how important it is for you that [a man] have noticeable muscles," and we asked men how important muscles were to them. The differences were striking: twice as many women as men said that male muscles did not matter at all.

Male fascination with muscles may have more to do with other men than with women. Men were aware that massive muscles were no major attraction to women. Only 27 percent agreed with the statement, "Men pictured in body-building magazines are attractive to most women." In fact, just 20 percent of women acknowledged finding body builders attractive.

Hair loss was a real concern for male respondents. Men with full heads of hair were a narrow majority (53 percent). Ironically, they were the most worried about hair loss: 38 percent indicated they would be "very upset" if they discovered they were rapidly losing hair. But anticipation may be worse than reality, since only 23 percent of men with thinning hair answered "very upset" on the same item. Older men also expressed less concern.

Apparently balding is easier to watch than experience, as women were relatively unconcerned about male hair loss. Of those whose partner had a full head of hair, only 13 percent would be "very upset" and 24 percent "somewhat upset" at the prospect of his hair thinning. A mere 18 percent of women whose partners had already lost some hair acknowledged being very or somewhat upset. Again, women may be adjusting their preferences to the realities of their mate.

Fifty-two percent of men thought women would endorse the statement, "I generally find bald men unattractive." Only 40 percent of women agreed, and they tended to be younger and more attractive. On the other hand, some women found bald men cute -- especially if their partner lacked an intact scalp. A 24-year-old stated, "In the past I never thought bald men were attractive. Only recently my opinion changed. My recent boyfriend keeps his head shaved and he is just adorable."

Most men agreed that the best way to cope with encroaching baldness was to "do nothing." Hair transplants came in a distant second, with head shaving the third-favorite choice. Buying a hairpiece was dead last. Only eight male participants admitted to wearing a toupee.

Graying hair was another matter. Over a third of the men approved of using hair color to treat premature gray, and more were positive about coloring for older men. Women's attitudes were similar to men's for coloring premature gray but were more negative about coloring for the aging male. As one woman wrote, "Gray hair on men is very sexy."

Our results reflected the current cultural preference for clean-shaven faces. Sixty percent of male respondents were cleanshaven, 21 percent had a mustache only, 19 percent had a beard and mustache. Less than 1 percent had a beard without a mustache.

Men guessed correctly that women would prefer clean-shaven men. Yet while only 14 percent of women overall named "beard with mustache" as their first choice, 55 percent of women whose partner had a beard ranked it first. Once again, women may have brought their judgment in line with their partner.

Most of the comments about facial hair were about beards, and the positive ones were about neatly trimmed beards. Women tended to associate poorly groomed or neglected beards with generalized slovenliness. The goatee was singled out for derision.

Locker room lore suggests that male chest hair is sexy. But moderate hair on arms, legs, and chest was the choice favored by a plurality of women. There were no written comments on body hair, suggesting few strong feelings.

Next to hygiene, male genitals elicited the most comments. Both sexes thought men placed too much emphasis on organ size. Over 71 percent of women agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, "Men seem too concerned with the size and shape of their genitals." Only 9 percent disagreed. Many comments made it clear that sexual skill and sensitivity overshadow the importance of size. As one woman wrote, "It's not what a man has that matters so much as how he uses it."

Seventy-eight percent of male respondents reported being circumcised. Preferences reflected these percentages; 42 percent of women reported a strong preference for circumcised men, while only 7 percent preferred uncircumcised men. However, better than half the women with uncircumcised partners expressed some degree of preference for an uncircumcised penis.

In general, women cared more about penis width, while men thought length would matter more. Men underestimated by half the percentage of women who did not care about length. Men also assumed that women's size preference was a matter of appearance. In fact, the number one reason women preferred a thicker penis was that it was "more satisfying during intercourse." A wider penis can deliver extra stimulation to the clitoris, while a longer penis reaches a part of the vagina that is poorly innervated.

A few women stated that "ideal" size depended on the sexual activity involved. Several pointed out that fellatio and anal sex were more pleasurable with a smaller penis.

Women who rated themselves as more attractive were particularly concerned with larger size. Of women describing themselves as "much more attractive than average," 64 percent cared strongly or moderately about penis width, and 54 percent cared about penis length. Women who rated their own looks as average were about 20 percentage points lower.

Women who disliked a large penis offered two arguments: too large a penis can be painful, and well-endowed men can be unimaginative lovers. A British woman wrote, "Men with big penises are all too prone to think they've got all it takes, and therefore don't show much variety/ingenuity/empathy. Ordinary or even small-sized men have provided me with more orgasms."

But many women who extolled exceptional dimensions maintained that women saying otherwise were deluding themselves. One exuberant 44-year-old stated, "If women say the size of a man's penis doesn't matter they haven't been with a man with a big one!! Fabulous!" A 32-year-old commented, "Penis size matters much less in terms of appearance than in tactile terms. When women say size doesn't matter, they're usually lying."



Intelligence 2.5

Sense of humor 3.0

Ability to talk about feelings 3.6

Ability to empathize 4.0

Facial appearance 4.4

Overall body build 5.4

Sexual performance 5.7

Physical strength 7.3



Sense of humor 3.3

Intelligence 3.5

Facial appearance 3.7

Ability to talk about feelings 4.0

Overall body build 4.2

Ability to empathize 4.3

Sexual performance 5.7

Physical strength 7.2



Extremely 10% 4%

Moderately 38% 24%

Slightly 38% 43%

Not at all 14% 30%



Care a great deal 8% 13%

Care moderately 34% 38%

Care a little 31% 28%

Care not at all 27% 21%

By Michael Pertschuk, M.D., Alice Trisdorfer, Ph.D. and Paul D. Allison, Ph.D.


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Average Penis Size

Latest Video from my Youtube Channel


Monday, May 18, 2009

I learned to be multi-orgasmic today! (Penis Enlargement Tips)

This is a post from my MOS Penis Enlargement Forums

I've been trying for about a year now, experimenting with my pelvic muscles and seeking new sources of info.

I found this today, and it gives the most concise explanation I've seen on how to have multiple orgasms:

I will try to summarize my method of multi-orgasm into an even shorter, more concise explaination, so that others might multi-orgasm as well.

First thing is BREATHING. Deep belly breaths are needed. As you approach the Point of No Return, keep breathing deep. It's okay to breath faster, as long as it is deep. If you notice yourself holding your breath, start breathing again. Pushing all the air out when you exhale may be most important part.

If you feel like your sexual energy is rising too fast (approaching PONR too fast) try LAUGHING! I figured out that this reduces my need to cum while I was watching this hilarious Japanese nontuple creampie gangbang vid.

Anyway, here's the tricky part...

When you do crest over your PONR, do it slowly. When you do hit the PONR, relax your PC muscle as much as you can. For those of you who can Reverse Kegal, I suppose this would be the time to do it. RELAX and KEEP BREATHING. At this point it will feel like a pool of pleasure is sitting in your taint. You will feel the oncoming urge for your prostate gland to involuntarily contract and ejaculate. BEFORE this happens SQEEZE your PC like crazy. In essence we are replacing an involuntary contraction with a voluntary one.

When I started doing this I think I was not contracting my final squeeze long enough. So make that squeeze loooooong. Even if your PC does give out in the middle of your Herculean squeeze, just get right back on that and immediately squeeze again. After a certain point, you will be able to relax, and let the prostate go on with it's involuntary contractions. This may be accompanied by a serious sensory orgasm. It will feel just like an orgasm but with no ejaculation.

To Review:

1) Slowly reach PONR
2) RELAX the PC, keep breathing
3) Squeeze PC long and hard before the involuntary prostate contraction
4) Allow prostate to contract, enjoy sensory orgasm

Sometimes some semen will come out, but if you did it close to right you will notice less semen than usual. Your dick will also stay fairly hard and you will stay fairly horny.

This is a process of refinement, and you will have a lot of half-successes along the way. You will probably even have flat out failures, where you just cum all over the place and not learn anything about what works with your body. Every time you attempt a non-ejaculatory orgasm, note what you did and seek to learn from it. In the end it is up to you to get a 'feel' for how your body works, when to relax this, when to contract that.

It can take weeks or months to learn to do this. It took me a year. The real key is you've got to really want it.

A note on the emotional aspect of this: Even though this is the supposedly enjoyable activity of masturbation, I often found myself depressed, angry or frustrated at myself after a failed session of attempting multi-orgasm. It is okay to feel this way, just sit and observe the feeling. Let it propel you to do better next time.


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Friday, May 15, 2009

Penile 'ribs'

Title: Penile 'ribs' - The Trebeculae:Explanation of the 'Cages of girth'
Author: RedZulu2003
Date: 25/03/05

Firstly.... Alright, to get you onto the right path as to what I'm talking about here than see the following link .
Look above the female's finger for the 'line' going across the penis, underneath the skin. Thats what is often refered to as 'ribs' and Shane, the guy in that link is a great example.

What are these 'ribs'? They are called Trabeculae but 'ribs' is the slang if you will for them.
They are made-up of white fibrous tissue, elastic fibres and plain musculer fibres. Numourous arteries and nerves are contained in them. They are in essence what supports and encloses arteries entering the cavernous structure.

On entering the cavernous structure the arteries divide into branches, which are supported and enclosed by the trabeculae

Not alot of guys have these really visible like shane does, and thats why I used him as the example in the pictures.

I've found, that now I'm starting to see these Trabeculae becoming more and more visible.
I have had them like this for awhile now, but they have become more prominent especially during a session if I'm doing downward erect constricted bends.
The Trabeculae bulge out the sides just like shanes.
Deep girth work like that of constriction methods, SSJ, Horse Squeezes etc etc will make these Trabeculae structures more prominent, because they enclose arteries which carry blood into the Cavernous spaces so in essence they must be being enlarged through penis enlargement by doing deep internal girth work like that I have mentioned above.
I've never noticed these Trabeculae with other pe methods I used such as normal jelqing or stretching etc.
They musn't have hit the deep internal penis to actually get the Trabeculae to become prominent.
I think I'm also pretty confident that Shane has done penis enlargement, because these Trabeculae would need penis enlargement for sure to become so prominent.
I just wanted to share this information because it has always been on my mind as what these 'ribs' were - Trabeculae .
Now I know, and you and I can make them more prominent with deep girth work.
Also to recap, when I say deep girth work I mean such as anything that builds-up internally alot of pressure to work the girth, such as constriction, horse squeezes, SSJ etc etc.

The trabeculae isn't just a penile-thing.
Its linked mainly with......

* The Heart
* Spleen
* Bone
* Embryo
* Penis [as discussed]

It also exists in other anatomical properties, but those above are the main ones.

Here's also the summary of trebeculae from a medical dictionary.

a general term in anatomical nomenclature for a supporting or anchoring strand of connective tissue, such as one extending from a capsule into the substance of the enclosed organ
^ In the penis'es case, what supports and encloses arteries entering the cavernous structure.

This is the specific termonology of the trebeculae with regards to the penis

trabe'culae cor'porum cavernoso'rum pe'nis
trabe'culae cor'poris spongio'si pe'nis
Just wanted to clear this, incase any confusion came about in the future.
Trebeculae isn't just a penile termonlogy.


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What you should know about your penis ligaments and tendons (By Redzulu)


This is a brief thread regarding mostly ligaments but also tendons and is covering the whole range and not one area specific, so this can be used to boost our knowledge of the penile structures and how better to target it.

Firstly lets talk about ligaments.

The ligaments help to stabilize and reinforce your joints by connecting bone to bone. Your ligaments can take an enormous amount of force for a very brief time and if the force is not removed, the ligament will tear or rupture.

If a ligament is damaged it usually takes between eight to twelve weeks for it to regain its strength. During that time your joint must be protected and supported by either taping it or using a brace [Doesnt apply to PE].

When your ligaments are put under stress by incorrect stretching, they will gradually elongate. As the ligament elongates it becomes weaker and is unable to properly bind the bones of the joint that it is suppose to support.

If the ligament is continually put under stress by repetitive stretching beyond the ligaments tensile strength, it can become permanently elongated and can lead to chronic inflammation which may lead to arthritis.

Ligament healing times

Ligament injuries anywhere in the body are much more serious than muscle injuries. Muscles have a tremendous blood supply and heal very quickly. Even if the muscle injury does not completely heal, the only symptom that you would notice would be weakness in the muscle. With some exercise, even that symptom would resolve.

This is not the case with ligaments.

Ligament injuries are different because most of them do not totally heal Even if the pain resolves, the ligament will not be as strong as it was prior to the injury. Since ligaments stabilize the joints, by definition ligament injury produces a loose joint. If the ligament never heals, chronic joint looseness or instability results.

Injured ligaments do not entirely regenerate. Rather, they repair with scar tissue. Repair and regeneration begin at 48 hours to 72 hours post-injury, and continue maximally for six weeks.

Minor damage will heal within 7 to 10 days. More severe damage can take three weeks, and up to six weeks to be fully strong and completely back to normal.

What does this mean for us?

What this means is that with regards to the penis we're in a very good position to take advantage of the ligaments healing and growth potential.
They elongate from intense stretching, which to us is more growth.

Ligament healing and growth would commence 48 hours from the damage to the ligaments, I say damage but dont take as literal because the damage is good damage for us, a stress or stimulus could be used instead.

From those 48 hours it could take anywhere upto 3-6 weeks for the 'damage' to be healed and new growth to have occured fully.

What this tells me is that those who say you must stretch your penis everyday like 5 days on 2 off or 7 on and none off are actually missing the boat with this one as they ligs wont grow any quicker from all that work placed upon them, with the minimum healing cycle starting at 48 hours post workout.

It would make sense to have a full day off from an intense length workout before starting it again. I usually take 2 days off after an intense length session and than get back into it again and I'm noticing good progress already from doing this in longer flaccid and erection length.

Ligament soreness is still present in my penile region from 2 days ago now, as I type this ... so that is telling you something about recovery, healing and than the growth phase. Doing too much is bad and you will yield NOTHING in gains as the body can only cope with so much before it says ''Enough is enough'' and it works against you.

Knowing this information on our ligaments, which isnt my opinion but fact and well known in the sports world can help us much more on our path to longer dicks.

Guys who do or did stretching everyday and gained well, how could one explain them for that? They had above average recovery and healing abilities or the stress imposed on the area to the ligaments wasnt as intense to warrant the longer recovery phase otherwise they would not be able to do 7 on for years on end without a negative cycle kicking in at some point.

So think about it >
Minor damage will heal within 7 to 10 days. More severe damage can take three weeks, and up to six weeks to be fully strong and completely back to normal.
Very intense stretching of the penile ligaments would not need to be done eachday as you can see, ligaments take awhile to recover back to normal so those who seem to think that you must rush and be quick to prevent the ligaments from becoming strong and harder to work, is wrong as it takes 3-6 weeks for them to fully recover! and you can have days off, it would benefit you to take days off and rest but dont think those days off are bad and that the ligaments will suddenly heal up and become stronger than before that quickly, because they wont. Its like a 3-6 week window of opportunity to make the most of, this is what I think anyway.

Lastly tendons

I will briefly touch upon tendons because they are often misunderstood in the world of pe.

Tendons are the most inelastic connective tissue in your body, and they attach your muscles to your bones.

All muscles have a tendon of origin, which is attached to the more stable bone and a tendon of insertion which is attached to the more moveable bone.

Tendons are stronger than both the muscle and the bone covering that it attaches to. Tendons can be torn or ruptured if loaded beyond their strength but since they are very strong, what usually happens is the muscle tissue or the bone covering tears before the tendon.

What all this really means is that tendons can not be stretched.

Hope this thread has helped you guys


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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Enlargement FAQ

Article courtesy of AltPenis

12 March 2007

Enlargement FAQ

So you want a bigger dick, eh? Well bub, you're not alone. If every man on Earth was granted one wish there would be 3 billion pornstar-sized dicks flopping about out there and we still wouldn't have world peace. But is a bigger dick even possible?

Article continued HERE

Thursday, May 07, 2009

What you should know about your ligaments and tendons (By Redzulu)


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