Friday, January 30, 2009

Benefits of Penis Enlargement

Most men see penis enlargement as only getting a larger penis and fail to see the other benefits penis enlargement gives. In my first few weeks of penis enlargement I noticed a few major changes that had nothing to do with size.

The first thing I noticed was much harder erections. This, in itself, gives an instance increase in size but it also gives greater pleasure in bed. The reason the penis enlargement was helping my erections is because of the better blood flow I was getting from my penis enlargement sessions. Eventually this better blood flow would create my girth gains.

I also felt a increase in sensitivity. Touch my penis produced more greater feeling than before penis enlargement. This made sex so much better as I was feeling everything. The only reason that makes sense is penis enlargement exercises awakens nerve ending that were never using before. Whatever the reason, this made penis enlargement so worth it.

Something else was evident too. I was lasting much longer in bed. I was even able to control ejaculation to the point I was able to shoot on command. I think the increased sensory penis enlargement exercises helped me get used to it being touched so much so when I had sex I was able to last longer.

Size gains from penis enlargement came at first as a increase in flaccid size. I noticed this after the first few days. I had not seen any erect gains until later in penis enlargement. When I first measured I was about 6 months into penis enlargement. Up to this point I was not sure if penis enlargement worked at giving permanent gains. My penis did appear to look bigger but I was never too sure until I measured. My first measurement was 8" and I started with 6.5". I checked again and again but the gain was there. It stayed with me and as I progressed in penis enlargement I gained another 2" in length and close to 2" of girth...A true miracle.

Aside from being bigger there were other visual changes. It appeared to be closer to erect size when limp. I also had an increase is vascular appearance. The veins were more prominent. It felt alien in my hand as if I were holding someone else's. The penis enlargement stuff was real and there was no denying it. I hope newbies stick around for all of these changes. With hard work penis enlargement can be very fast.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Full Penis Enlargement Experience

The main goal in penis enlargement is to add as much size in the fastest possible way. For some guys penis enlargement is enough and performing a solid penis enlargement routine will create the desired results. For other men, even when gaining size, they still lack visual results because of excess body fat. A man with a 7" penis who is 40 pounds over weight may be hiding up to 3" beneath the fat pad (the area that surrounds the base of the penis). In the first stages of my penis enlargement I was 60 pounds overweight. I had gained 2" making my penis 8" but 2" was buried beneath an excessive fat pad. As I progressed in penis enlargement I continued to gain size but visually it was hard to realize due to be overweight. This was very frustrating because my measurements, bone pressed, was incredible but the extra weight became discouraging. It was only after I dropped the extra weight that I truly realized my size gains. In addition to being overweight, being excessively hairy also lent itself to a lack of visual size. I needed to drop the weight and start keeping a clean pubic hair line.

As time went on in my penis enlargement journey I started to get recognition from the press and I was offered many interviews. These first interviews on penis enlargement were without photos or video until I did the Channel 4 documentary which was a national, television broadcast. 4 months prior to this penis enlargement interview I started a diet and exercise routine in addition to my penis enlargement routine. I started at about 260 pounds and in 4 short months I had lost enough weight to weigh in at 140 lbs. Soon after this weight loss I went to Florida to do the interview. Now I had a fat pad that was less than 1/2" and with a good shaving job I was realizing my full penis enlargement gains. The company that was doing the interview had seen my video and pictures from the Matters of Size Penis Enlargement DVD ( and they were expecting me to be an overweight man. WHen they met with me they were blown away by how much weight I had lost. They were even more blown away by how much I appeared to had gained from the video they saw to what they were filming. My flaccid size was near my erect size and I could not have been prouder. I did an earlier penis enlargement interview on video that was non nude but compared to what people were seeing in the Channel 4 interview and what they saw in my earlier interview it was hard to believe it was the same person. Many guys even went so far to say it was not even me (which made me feel even better.)

I could barely believe how much bigger I looked and I had not made any gains in about 6 months. The only things that changed were my weight and my shaving techniques. I looked in the mirror and I was truly amazed at how much I appeared to have grown without any size gains from penis enlargement in months. With a clean shave I appeared even larger and more youthful.

The important thing in penis enlargement is that you use every possible way to increase your size physically and visually. Just like a penis enlargement routine needs to be followed to gain penis size a good diet and exercise routine is needed to expose as much size as possible. Even without penis enlargement many men can see a size gain from diet and exercise alone. You might as well start both at the same time because your penis enlargement journey will be that much faster.


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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Penis Enlagement: Less is More

I think it is widely thought by new practitioners of penis enlargement that a advanced, overly intense penis enlargement program is necessary to make fast gains. The problem with this line of thought is that many men a not only cheating themselves out of "newbie gains" but they are also risking injury. I have rarely seen a man start penis enlargement using the Phase 1 routine that have not made good initial gains. In many ways the foundation of penis enlargement is built on the basics of penis enlargement. The Phase 1 ( penis enlargement routine consists of a wide variety of basic exercises that are meant to maximize gains but more importantly teach you the proper limits of penis enlargement. Comprehension is a major part of penis enlargement. Starting a penis enlargement program using the groundwork thousands of successful men have used is wise. You would not build a house on muddy ground, a strong home is built on a solid foundation.

Certain things happen with basic penis enlargement techniques. First, the penis becomes accustomed to exercise that you have never experienced. Stretching the penis is something a new person has never done and slowly learning your body limits is paramount to safety. Many guys will feel soreness in basic penis enlargement and this is the time to really listen to your body. With jelqing the same thing applies. The penis has never been through that type of intensity and using the basic jelq will train you and your penis to understand what is happening. The Phase 1 routine is also created to bring the fastest possible gains while keeping you in the safe penis enlargement zone. As you gain you will understand more and more about your penis and penis enlargement.

For many men Phase 1 will be enough. Progressing to Phase 2,3,4 or 5 is only important when gains have slowed or stopped in the Phase 1 penis enlargement routine. Remember, this program was created by myself and is based on my own gains and progress in penis enlargement. I gained close to 2" using phase 1 and I only created the additional phases as I came to plateaus. The way the DVD and Website were created were exactly the way my penis enlargement program went. I state this as there are very few that have realized my success in penis enlargement and it has only been through the Matters of Size penis enlargement program that these types have gains have been realized by men practicing penis enlargement.

There is never a rush in this game. It is all about the journey, not the final goal. Take your time and realize every possible gain you can make in penis enlargement before trying to rush to a final goal.


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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Taking Advantage of Free Penis Enlargement

Many men do not know that there are many free penis enlargement resources on the net. In many cases men believe that the only way to get to learn about penis enlargement is through paysites or purchasing systems or pills. Some of the lucky men find the few and great free penis enlargement forums on the net. Our free forum is a free penis enlargement site filled with 1000's of threads on every topic possible in penis enlargement. You will also find 100's of penis enlargement exercises and penis enlargement routines where you can build incredible workouts at no charge. You will also find the 1000's of men on the free penis enlargement forum are very helpful and always there to answer any questions you may have about penis enlargement. Forums like the MOS forum offer support too. A very big struggle in penis enlargement is staying motivated and having a support team behind you will keep you up to the job. Making penis enlargement gains is fully dependent on the exercises and routine you choose and the effort and motivation you put into these workouts. Staying involved with a penis enlargement support group like MOS will deliver all of this and more.

You will also find many topics that are not so typical in penis enlargement. We have a mental penis enlargement forum that specializes in everything from erectyle dysfunction to anxietity disorders centered round male sexuality. In penis enlargement many mental factors need to be adderessed and you will find 100's of articles centered at helping ytou get the help you need.

Feel free to come on by and check things out. I think you will want to register after a few minutes of browsing. For me, penis enlargement would not be what it is if I did not participate in these types of forums.


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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Penis enlargement portable

When any guy starts penis enlargement and becomes fully involved he will find days he just can't train at home or for any decent amount of time. Making penis enlargement easy to access is essential to keeping penis enlargement a consistent practice. Many men travel and making penis enlargement work on the road needs to have some modifications in time and practice. Mini sessions are always a good practice in penis enlargement. A mini session could consist of small 5 minute sessions 3 or four times a day. You may want to create a mini penis enlargement session similar to this. 5 minutes in the am you will do basic stretching. Basic stretching in penis enlargement is stretching the penis straight out in front of you, to the left of you and to the right of you. I would suggest 3 60 second stretches. Later in the day you may want to do a quick dry jelq session consisting of five minutes of jelqing. In the evening you may want to do a kegel and massage session. Although this type of penis enlargement is not as fast at gaining as a normal routine in will help you keep your gains and even promote small new gains.

Having a laptop computer is also great when you have the MOS penis enlargement DVD. This makes all session completely portable. You can modify any of the 5 penis enlargement routines into much smaller sessions by eliminating sets from the routine. This will help keep things interesting and allow you to train where ever you go.

Remember, penis enlargement is all about consistency and keeping your penis enlargement going no matter where you are is important. For me, a day off from penis enlargement could mean a permanent vacation.


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Friday, January 16, 2009

Penis Enlargement Spam

The majority of everything you have read about penis enlargement is false, misleading and deceptive. From penis enlargement pills that promise 3 inches of additional penis to the newest scam on the market of the penis patch, which promises similar results. This needs to be exposed and a greater understanding of Natural Penis Enlargement needs to be understood.

The main reason the Penis Enlargement business is so perverted is that these pill and patch companies prey at the wallet of un-educated customers promising impossible results for a ridiculous amount of money. They do this through SPAM, magazine ads, and even late night television. I am here to say THIS SHIT DOES NOT WORK! Oh they are sneaky with their money back guarantees and sympathetic testimonials but who are these people? Are they well known artists in this business like Bib, Thunder, Tom Hubbard, BigAl or any of the other well-known revolutionaries that have worked tirelessly to let the world know the truth that Penis Enlargement is real? HELL NO! They are scummy, self-serving, dishonest pricks with one motive.....TAKING YOUR MONEY.

I have worked my ass off for the past 8 years trying to bring the truth that natural penis enlargement is real and works only to be categorized with these sleazy, no good liars pedaling their wonder pills and patches that do absolutely nothing. Does penis enlargement work? Indeed it does. Have I proved this? Yes, not only with my own results that I have posted in pictures and video available for the world to see but also through the 1000's of men I have personally helped make real penis enlargement gains.

So if penis enlargement really works why is there so much skepticism out there. This question has a nasty answer but it needs to be said. MOST OF THE WORLD IS LAZY! The gift of penis enlargement is free and available to the world. It does take allot of work and commitment but it does work. Unfortunately we live in a world that would rather pop a pill or tape a patch to their arm eluded with false hopes that this will somehow miraculously enlarge their penis. Of course this does not work so these poor souls, who have whole heartedly trusted these pill and patch companies, are left bidder that doubt is cast on the entire penis enlargement business. Then after they rape these poor guys of their hard earned money they continue to bombard us with their bullshit spam in hopes to take another sucker leaving the world even more resentful. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!

I have increased the size of my penis length by about 4 inches. I have increased the girth of my penis by more than 2 inches. I did not take any pills, potions or magic patches to do this. I did this by natural penis enlargement exercises. Many of these exercises I have developed myself while many of them are tried and true exercises that have been available to the world for a very long time. I busted my ass making these gains. I earned every inch I have gained through hard work and dedication that can only come from something I believe in. This isn't just me; there are thousands of these success stories that get smothered by the dishonesty of the pill and patch companys. Take this to heart people we sit on a gift that is being exploited by these bastards. There are men in the world that will never know that they can really change their penis size because of these dishonest companys. The term "throwing out the baby with the bath water" never had so much meaning.

I am going to tell you what I know and believe about REAL penis enlargement. I am going to try to salvage a reputation that myself, and many other natural penis enlargement activist have worked so hard to develop. If you have any doubts that this shit works I WILL SQUASH THOSE DOUBTS....even if it means spending all of my days exposing these frauds and proving to the non-believers that this is very real.....I WILL SQUASH THEM. Some people probably wonder who I am and why I am qualified to make these statements. My screen name is doublelongdaddy, aka DLD...Do a search online, read every detail of anything I have ever said on this topic...You will soon understand that I am very real and very honest. I am part of the Matters of Size site and free forum. I make my living in the penis enlargement business. I am always online and available to my clients on You will never see me hide behind some faceless company of unavailable people. I can be reached very easily through the forum.


The most popular exercise, Jelqing, has been said to originate in the Middle East where the older tribe members would teach the younger men in the tribe techniques to enlarge the penis. These techniques were passed down from Father to Son. Natural penis enlargement exercises have gone through many changes since I became involved with this art form. There are literally hundreds of exercises that produce real results. These exercises are mainly based on the original Jelqing and Stretching techniques that I learned in the beginning of my penis enlargement quest. More advanced exercises and routines are continuously produced making natural penis enlargement faster and more efficient. I have developed many exercises and routines that have played a very important role in the advancement of penis enlargement as many of my fellow visionaries have. Even though so much dishonesty plagues this art form we still persevere and make advancements in the most valuable secret to male sexuality.

A very comprehensive researcher into the effectiveness of jelqing conducted a very little known study. Performed in 1978 by Dr Brian Richards in the United Kingdom. The British Journal of Sexual Medicine published his results and showed that 87 percent of the men that participated in this made an increase in penis volume of almost 50% with an average length increase of 1.5 inches and an average girth increase of 1".

Why are studies like the above not as popular as it should be? If these legitimate studies were performed and produced real results why does the world still doubt this art form? DECEPTIVE INFORMATION....plain and simple. We live in a world that can distort information to fit the seller's agenda. A world where money is king and those with influence are morally bankrupt. The Internet in many cases is a slick web of twisted truths and legal loopholes contorted to fit the agenda of these self-serving companies. They get away with it because WE LET THEM! They play on our insecurities knowing full well that they can easily get away with this deception because most men would never go public with their ill attempt at penis enlargement.

Allow me to help you see the truth through all of the dishonesty that has plagued our art form. Some people may be embarrassed to stand for such a delicate issue as penis size but I am not. I will do whatever it takes to prove myself and expose the bullshit. I have made very REAL gains and I want the world to know that Natural Penis Enlargement works. You can change your penis size. You do not have to settle for being small. You do not have to accept what you have been born with. If you want to get a larger penis YOU WILL and I promise you this. It is not easy, it does not happen over night, but it does happen. Come, learn, and grow.


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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Advanced Penis Enlargement Training

When many guys get into penis enlargement they begin with a newbie routine. This consists of the most basic penis enlargement exercises and is meant to condition the penis while it begins it's first stages of growth. After a while the penis becomes used to the penis enlargement exercises and may stall in growth. This is what is called a plateau in penis enlargement. When a plateau is reached it is important to reevaluate your penis enlargement routine and introduce some more advanced penis enlargement exercises. In the Matters of Size Penis Enlargement Program the stages of exercise are broken down into 5 phases. These phases of penis enlargement become progressively more intense as you advance in the phases. Just as I described above, when a plateau is reached the user moves on to the next level of development and begins a new, more advanced penis enlargement routine. The new penis enlargement routine contains more intense exercises which help the penis begin to grow again. In many cases men never move from the first level in the penis enlargement program because they gain as much as they want and never reach a plateau. I have always told men to stay with a routine until they become stagnant for at least 2-4 weeks. If no growth is seen then a more intense penis enlargement program is necessary.

The beginners routine in the MOS penis enlargement program looks like this:


Basic Stretching: 3 Sets of each stretch below
Behind The Cheeks to the Left: 30-seconds
Behind The Cheeks to the Center: 30-seconds
Behind The Cheeks to the Right: 30-seconds

Straight Down to the Left: 30-seconds
Straight Down to the Center: 30-seconds
Straight Down to the Right: 30-seconds
Straight Down Rotary Stretches: 25-Cranks

Straight Out to the Left: 30-seconds
Straight Out to the Center: 30-seconds
Straight Out to the Right: 30-seconds
Straight Out Rotary Stretches: 25-Cranks

Straight Up to the Left: 30-seconds
Straight Up to the Center: 30-seconds
Straight Up to the Right: 30-seconds
Straight Up Rotary Stretches: 25-Cranks

Basic Jelqing

For First 2 weeks - 300 2 Second Jelqs

after 2 weeks - 600 2 Second Jelqs

After Jelq: Warm Down

PC Muscle Fitness

100 quick Kegel squeezes

50 of the following:
Squeeze your PC muscle as hard as you can, hold for 5 seconds then slowly release for 2 seconds. When you have finished the 50 your PC muscle will be screaming. This is a good sign. Now to finish the exercise start squeezing and hold for 1 minute, if you get tired squeeze harder until the minute is complete.

Testicle Health Massage



A very important part of your program will be the Warm-up and Warm-Down. During this process you will be preparing your penis for exercise. It is important to warm up in order to loosen the ligaments and increase good blood flow. There are many different ways to accomplish this here are a few:

Heating Pad: A conventional heating pad works very well for warm-up. You can pick one up for under $14.00 and they create the perfect heating supply for warm-up. Wrap your penis in the heating pad, plug it in, set a comfortable temperature and relax for 10-15 minutes.

Hot Wrap: A hot wrap is a quicker, less expensive way to warm-up. With a standard washcloth fill you sink or tub with hot water. Soak washcloth until hot and wrap penis. Re-soak rag as it cools. This process should be done for about 5 minutes.

Oil rub Warm-up: With some basic baby oil heat in hot water or microwave very quickly (making sure it is not burning hot) when desired heat is reached work this oil into your penis in a deep massage. This massage should last 5 minutes.

Hot Tub, Shower or Bath: A warm-up can also be done in one of the previously mentioned places. If time allows a nice 10 minute soak really loosens things up and prepares you for exercise.

Basic Stretching
After your warm-up in a seated position prepare yourself for your stretching routine. With an ample supply of Baby powder on you hands grip your penis just below the head. Go easy at first and over your first week, as you become comfortable, increase the stretching strength to 100%.

Basic Jelqing
With desired lubricant (I highly recommend Vaseline) cover hands and penis completely. At this point you will want to have about an 80% erection (semi-soft) Now in a seated position with your palm down grip your penis with the standard OK sign grip. Gripping your penis at the extreme base and a tight grip, force the blood from the very base up to right below the head in a sliding motion. When your first hand reaches the bottom of your head the second hand begins the same movement. This is a strange movement at first but over a few sessions it will become second nature. With each passing day increase the intensity ever so slightly. The goal of basic jelqing is too enlarge girth, add length and improve general penile health.

PC Muscle Fitness/Kegels
This is an important part of your workout.
This routine can be done anywhere. The benefits of doing these are a huge part of your growth process. A mature, developed PC muscle will be paramount to future gains and penile health.

What is a kegel?
A kegel is the name of a pelvic floor exercise, named after Dr. Kegel who discovered the exercise. These muscles are attached to the pelvic bone and act like a hammock, holding in your pelvic organs. To feel this muscle movement simply stop and start the flow of urine. This isolation of the PC muscle is a kegel.

Why would I want to do kegel exercises?

� Stronger Erections
� Longer Erections due to blood hold capacity
� Larger head size
� Further ejaculatory Distance
� Sexual enjoyment is enhanced for both partners
� It can prevent prolapsed of pelvic organs
� It can help prevent leaking urine when you sneeze or cough

Testicle Health
Testicle Health Stretch will help your penis to hang lower in flaccid state. It will also increase blood flow to your testicles and aid in sperm count. This routine should take no longer than 5 minutes but the benefits are many.

With favorite lotion grab your scrotum just above your testicles. Now in a rubbing motion massage each testy for 30 seconds rubbing between your fingers in a gentle but firm movement. Now massage all the fluid around your testicles for 60 seconds. At this point your scrotum should be very relaxed. Finally lightly stretch your scrotum downward while the other hand pulls your penis upward. Do 60 of these. This is a very quick routine but the benefits are great. This will also aid you in any kind of early warning signs of testicular problems.

I have always trained 7 days on no days off. I think this type of schedule promotes a more habitual program. For me days off can quickly turn into weeks off so it is better for me to be a daily trainer. I also believe that the penis only needs 24 hours of recovery before it is trained again. Some guys either do not have the time for this or it may be too difficult at first. In this case I recommend deducting one day at a time until the perfect routine is created. i.e. 6 on 1 off, 5 on 2 off.

This program can be found in text here:
or here in video (along with the additional 4 phases):

When this program is used and your maximum gains have been realized a more advanced program becomes necessary. An example of a more advanced penis enlargement program looks like this:

Length Portion:

Rotary Stretches: 25 for 1 set
A to Y Stretches: 45 seconds
Rotary Stretches: 25 cranks
A Stretches (traditional as blasters): 45 seconds
Footlong Stretches: 45 seconds
Sock Stretches: 45 seconds
Basic Stretches: One set of left, right, up and down for 30 seconds each

Only one set of each and then I repeat. I will do a total of 3 sets.

After this I now move into Power Assist Stretches. Again only one set of each.

Sling Shot
Power Assist �A� Stretch
2 Handed A-Stretch
Base Twist Stretch
Body Rock Stretch
Bow and Arrow Stretch
Down and Out
Rocking Stretch
Side Fulcrum
Tunica Fulcrum Stretch

Again I only do one set of each for 30 seconds. This is the topping on the cake. After this session my penis is screaming.

I will be adding in a VIMAX for 5-8 hours a day.

Girth Portion:

Slow Squash Jelqs for 30 minutes daily.

As you can see the difference between a newbie program and an advanced program is huge. You would not want to start penis enlargement with an advanced program for risk of injury. Another thing to consider is the gains you will make using a basic penis enlargement program. Many guys make their best penis enlargement gains in the basic newbie program. I would say that the majority of men doing penis enlargement see a slow in gains when they advance...I did. I made a 2" gain on the beginners penis enlargement program and gained a little more than an inch with advanced routines. My first year in penis enlargement gave me the best gains and it slowed after that. So don't miss out on gains you can make with the basics. If you go a while without gains a new, more intense penis enlargement program is necessary.


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Monday, January 12, 2009

How Can You Believe Penis Enlargement Truly Works

So many people find penis enlargement from sources other than places like here. The internet returns millions of results for penis enlargement when you do a search. With all those results it is easy to become lost in penis enlargement confusion. How can a man know what he is reading is real? I think many men find the results they want in penis enlargement through the easy way. Most men want a bigger penis but want it as quickly and easily as possible. The bad part of this is he will usually find inferior forms of penis enlargement that will, more than likely, not give the results he wants. Most men who start penis enlargement are around 5.5" to 6.5". The most popular size wanted in penis enlargement is 8 x 6. This means a 8" long penis with 6" of girth in circumference. When these men find pills first they are promised these size gains of 2" or more and when they never make these gains they give up on penis enlargement, who wouldn't. The problem when trying to learn about penis enlargement is 90% of the information on penis enlargement is false or stretched to accommodate the users dreams, not their realities. If a user really searches the penis enlargement search results he may be lucky enough to find a place like Matters of Size. There are other places like the Matters of Size Penis Enlargement SIte but not many. Our success in penis enlargement is through the users who use and gain with it. The entire Matters of Size penis enlargement forums is filled with men helping men who have gained using natural penis enlargement methods. The group shares ideas, new exercises, advice, and many other helpful methods of spreading the awareness of penis enlargement that works. It is difficult to get this to the men who need it because penis enlargement is not easy, it is not a pill to pop or an over night cream, it is a huge dedication to daily practice that, over time, will give the desired results. It is important to know that penis enlargement is not easy, it takes hard work. Involvement in the penis enlargement forums is just good advice to keep motivated and up to date on the fastest, newest methods of penis enlargement. It is never easy to find out that something is only available through hard work but the results of natural penis enlargement are work ever stretch and jelq.

Now available to the general public, the VIMAX EXTENDER. This extender is the best on the market and it is now available for less than $150.00! The lowest price online is $299.00! This extender can go for as much as $600.00 but I have worked a deal out with VIMAX and now I can pass that savings onto you. Just follow the directions here:

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Friday, January 09, 2009

AQAL PE & T.E.A � An integral perspective By BENEFIT

Title: AQAL penis enlargement & T.E.A � An integral penis enlargementrspenis enlargementctive PART 1
Author: Benefit
Date: 09/04/08

This article seeks to define, and better understand Natural penis enlargementnis Enlargement through Ken Wilber�s AQAL Model. AQAL is simply a map that encourages to look at the world through a wider penis enlargementrspenis enlargementctive. When looking at a subject area/concept/idea through AQAL eyes, we often find things that we missed before. In addition to integrating new ideas and thoughts, AQAL as a tool can assist us in drawing a synthesis from our many ideas.

In the future, I will include levels, lines & states in a following synthesis of the model and its applications to penis enlargement � but for this attempt I will simply view penis enlargement through the four quadrants, touching on the other AQAL elements only where necessary. In addition I will be analyzing/defining a penis enlargement workout and penis enlargement progress to gains, through the T.E.A. model from NLP.

It is my hopenis enlargement that a synthesis of this sort will aid penis enlargement Practitioners at all levels (newbie to advanced) in touching each quadrant of the Kosmos. This will ensure that we do not miss out any opportunities for growth. Beginners will be able to ensure that the foundations are propenis enlargementrly laid � so that the platform for growth is as solid as possible. Advanced users will benefit from looking back and analyzing the systems that they are using, in pursuit of penis enlargementrfection, as well as looking forward to their goals and visions through eyes that see much more than they did yesterday.

Once we have amassed our knowledge; synthesis becomes the key to finding a solution that work.

This article will provide the practitioner with a framework for participating in Integral penis enlargement. The benefits will prove to be incredible. Many tools will be offered � and I consider this journey to be a work in progress.

Additionally I hopenis enlargement to turn the reader�s attention to the dynamics of the T.E.A model and its implications for penis enlargement. This model derives from only quadrant of the AQAL map. Because penis enlargement is for the most part such a penis enlargementrsonal project, I consider this quadrant to be crucially important for success.

Consider that the missing link between you and the desired penis enlargementnis state that (size, feeling, attitude) you have wanted could be one quadrant away � or more precisely, one upgrade away. You may simply be missing one element; I don�t purport to have the answer to which element that may be for you � I am on a path too, but I will attempt to describe new areas for you to look at and explore. Down one of these paths I am certain that you will find your solution � you will create the reality that you desire.

I hopenis enlargement to promote fresh thinking and encourage individuals to take a look at their own program and penis enlargementrhaps life through Integral eyes. I will be looking as well.

This is for the eggheads. This is for the pragmatic. This is for the in-between.

Lets get started.

Extremely brief History of AQAL:

A researcher named Ken Wilber locked himself up for 3 years with 200 legal pads full of diagrams, concepts, maps & theories. His starting point was �How can there be so many different ways of viewing the world which contradict each other � yet all work effectively in their own right?� His conclusion = they are all true and partial. With this insight he created a construct, which has place for every map of reality, and recognizes each map as true and partial. What he arrived at was AQAL � all quadrants, all levels, all lines, and all states. As I stated in the synopsis my focus will primarily be on the Quadrants.

I�m going to keep this AS SIMPLE as possible. There is so much more that can be said, and it is my hopenis enlargement that greater thinkers will say it. My purpose is practical. I want penis enlargementople to start using the model � then conceptualize later about how it works.

At their rudimentary level the quadrants are the individual and the collective � and the corresponding interior and exterior of both.
The interior and exterior of the I, and the interior and exterior of the We. Individual: Collective, I: We, Inside: Outside.

I = Interior (the interior of the individual; feelings, thoughts, moods)
I = Exterior (Objects � Things we describe in �it� language: car, boat, penis enlargementnis)
We = Interior (Cultural � Shared Meaning)
We = Exterior (Social � Functional Fit)

Let me explain it a different way:

Everything has an inside and an outside. And there are 2 quadrants to each side � an individual, and a collective. Lets use a human brain in action deciding to go for a walk.

The �I� exterior (what we can see and touch) � the physical brain � fires neurons that translate to the thought �Go for a walk�. The neurons can be seen and measured and that is why are they the Exterior of the Individual. The thought �go for a walk� itself cannot be seen. Therefore it is the interior of the individual or the �I� Interior.

The thought �go for a walk� itself rises from culture. In the cases of the wolf boy, it has been documented that language does not develop without the need to communicate with others. Language develops out of culture. Therefore the thought �go for a walk� arises from a pool of culture - The Exterior of the We. The exterior of culture is what we can see and touch from culture � we can clearly see penis enlargementople around us walking, using this idea, we see in human history that penis enlargementople have been walking for many years.

The exterior of the �we� shapenis enlargements our thoughts so that we achieve a functional fit into society. Without this influence, when we went for our walk, we would walk into someone rather than moving out of the way when our paths were colliding. Humans share physical space and this quadrant is concerned with how it objectively fits together.

This fit cannot be achieved without sharing intersubjective space with others. IE: If you and me are going to walk together we are going to have to fit more than just our bodies together in the same space � we have to fit our minds together. We have to find mutual understanding. We need to understand and move out of the way for each other � this quadrant is concerned with respenis enlargementct and recognition of others.

Consider that without this intersubjective space, individual subjective identities could not exist, and without which objective realities could not be penis enlargementrceived.

HUMAN BRAIN � Thought and Action of Going for a walk

�I� Interior

�I� Exterior
Brain Stem

�We� Interior
How can I go for a walk while respenis enlargementcting other individuals?
Should I smile at penis enlargementople when I see them?
Should I move out of the way and let faster penis enlargementople go by?

�We� Exterior
Walking where?
Will there be many penis enlargementople walking?
How will I fit myself on the path?
Is it a running track I am walking on?
Will I be sharing the path with cyclists? How can I walk so that we don�t hit each other?

Don�t worry if this doesn�t make sense fully; just be aware that there are 4 sides to everything. There are 4 quadrants of the Kosmos. An integral approach acknowledges all four.

For the purposes of this essay � no other knowledge is required. I strongly encourage you to pick up one of his books and familiarize yourself with the models � they are life changing. Start with �A Brief history of everything� by Ken Wilber. Or go to and read some articles.


Now lets take our simple example of going for a walk and turn it into doing a penis enlargement workout

penis enlargement Session

�I� Interior
�Is my cock big enough�
�I want to be bigger�
�I don�t want to be small�
�I want to have better sex�
�I have to penis enlargement�
�Its time for my workout�
�I have to do these things to grow�

�We� Interior
�What if my partner catches me?
��I don�t want my partner to see me watching porn and trying to make my cock bigger�
�What if my parents see me doing this�
�What if someone sees my internet history�
�What if I don�t gain and let my misses down�
�What if I don�t gain and let everyone else down (by not reaching potential etc)
�How can I make some gains my allies will be proud off?

�I� Exterior
How long?
How Hard?
How many exercises?
What intensity?
How Often?

�We� Exterior
How can I fit this in with my other priorities?
How can I do penis enlargement when I have no time to do it
How can I do penis enlargement when I am tired?
How can I ensure that penis enlargement doesn�t ruin my relationships
How can I prevent penis enlargement from taking over my life and friendships?
How can I let others know that I would rather pull my cock and make it bigger then spenis enlargementnd time with them doing other stuff

NB: This is not exhaustive. This is just an example of what I will (with your help) be developing as a tool for penis enlargement Practitioners.


This is all I am trying to present. I am trying to show penis enlargement through the four quadrants. There it is. I argue that one side, or penis enlargementrhaps several, or elements from each are the roadblock to any individuals and our collective success.

Is it the interior of the �I� that is holding you back. Is it your thoughts? Is it your doubt? Are you worrying yourself too much? Are you mentally setting yourself up for failure or success with certain typenis enlargements of thinking? What kinds of thoughts run through your head about your penis enlargementnis and about penis enlargement? Are you skeptical?

Is it the exterior of the �I� that is holding you back? Are you lazy? Do you do minimum work? Do you not take rest days? Do you rush your workouts? Do you injure yourself too often? Too much time off? Easy exercises? Do you breathe? Do you eat propenis enlargementrly?

Is it the interior of the �We�? Are you placing too much emphasis on other penis enlargementoples feelings, and how they feel about your penis enlargement? Are you not placing enough? Are you trying too hard to make other penis enlargementople feel comfortable by compromising how you know you should be doing your penis enlargement? Are you not stretching after you penis enlargemente because you are in the urinal and you don�t want to be judged?

Is it the exterior of the �We�? Do you simply not exercise when your friends or girlfriend come to visit? Do you have short workouts when you have errands to run for other penis enlargementople? Is there a private place for you where your penis enlargement wont interfere with anyone else who needs the space or the computer?

One of these quadrants holds the key to your success.

We will journey together in an attempt to find it.

So lets look at a few brief examples of tools that we can use to upgrade each of the quadrants. Everyone is on their own path - what I present are simply ideas. Please think.

The list of tools I will present are �skinny�. They are just food for thought. It will take many months to gather all the tools available out there and create the final synthesis. This WILL HAPpenis enlargementN.

THIS IS CRUCIAIL. Everyone is unique. We all have certain strengths. Some penis enlargementople are incredibility tough minded � and with medium technique and above average belief are able to create incredible gains. This is where Lines, States & Levels come in. We will explore these at a later date. Keep that in mind as you move through the map � there is a combination of factors that will create the outcome you desire � be intuitive, be resourceful, find yourself � face your challenges, and walk forward. What worked for him may or may not work for you. These are just ideas.


Extremely Non-Exhaustive List of Tools for Quadrant Development

�I� Interior
Positive Thinking
Shadow Integration
Emotional Control

�I� Exterior
New Workout
Repenis enlargementtitions
Rest Time (set & workout)
penis enlargement environment

�We� Interior
Finding evidence that supports a more powerful worldview
Reading about Arabic culture and methods
Talking to penis enlargementople that think as you think
Reading articles from those that share your views
Contemplating regularly the individuals who have made incredible gains
Removing yourself from doubters
Keeping your partner from getting disturbed or disconnected
Writing your own thoughts about how Npenis enlargement works and how to get the best out of it, and sharing it with others

�We� Exterior
penis enlargement TeamsBuilding
Handling Relationships
Self: Other Diagnostic/Repair Tools
Boundary Setting
Finding a way to penis enlargement at work
penis enlargement routine for when penis enlargementople visit (extra kegels + toilet stretching?)

NB: This is not exhaustive. This is just an example of what I will (with your help) be developing as a tool for penis enlargement Practitioners.


What I will do now is offer a very brief description of each quadrant and why it is so important. In addition I will offer an example of how additional growth can be achieved through its development.

Lets look at the Interior of the Individual.

This quadrant is important because your thoughts guide your actions. Your thoughts create your feelings. With propenis enlargementr aligned thoughts to outcomes, powerful action is more consistently taken.

We can begin with �belief structure� and �creating a new map�. How I propose individuals can do this � is to simply slide their existing maps to the side and �bring live� a new map that includes the typenis enlargements of beliefs that will support them in the outcome that they are pursuing. Some individuals do not need new maps � their inner state is at penis enlargementace and they are primed for growth. They should look to another quadrant for ideas.

We need a new map that is not tainted by culture, or existing belief patterns, or limited to assumptions. An example of how this is done is DLD taking the view that most guys with large cocks are large because they have used penis enlargement. This is contrary to the existing map of reality that most of us carry �He is blessed genetically and I am not�.

Consider that assumptions limit solutions. If my assumption (arising out of the map that I filter expenis enlargementrience) is that guys who have big cocks are blessed � then logic will deduce as follows:

I don�t have a big cock � I must not be blessed �
Size = genetics
If size = genetics and I don�t have size �
I must not have genetics �
Therefore I cannot possibly make it longer because my genetics won�t penis enlargementrmit. ASSUMPTIONS LIMIT SOLUTIONS

Back to DLD�s map briefly; DLD is not lying to himself, whether consciously or not � he made a decision that the existing beliefs and paradigms of penis enlargementnis enlargement and the penis enlargementnis topic in general would not be effective in supporting him in reaching his goal.

He created a new map �

When you read his philosophy of penis enlargement it is built on a few basic assumptions that he has created for himself � his own map � all he had to do was slide the other maps to the side and start living from this one. When I say �all he had to do� I do not mean that it was easy. He admits that it was difficult. It is. But there are hundreds of great tools out there to affect this change.

The final answer to whether or not most guys have big cocks because of genetics, or penis enlargement, or luck, or a mixture of all is not really important to DLD. What is important is how powerfully his ideas or conclusions are empowering his actions or not. This idea that guys with big dicks use penis enlargement � supports his idea that penis enlargement works. It supports his worldview.

What I believe (which map I choose to view my reality through) will largely determine the results that I produce, so if I want to create different results, I am sometimes required to use a different map; if no maps exist that are comprehensive enough to aid me in my goal � then I am required to create a new one � that makes all of the existing models obsolete.

What is important to remember is that the conclusions that we make can severely limit the problems that we produce � and therefore the solutions (results-outcomes)

By saying that I want a bigger cock, I create the problem for myself of building a bigger cock. The answers that I give myself to questions such as �is it possible, how long will it take, can anyone do it, can I do it?� will impact upon the action that I take � and as a consequence, my results.

Taking the �most guys have large cocks because of penis enlargement example� further � if this is a view that I choose to espouse, what happenis enlargementns?

I start looking for evidence to support my conclusion � every time I see porn I think about how much penis enlargement the guys in the video did � when I hear about someone having a huge cock � I think he is a few months of penis enlargement ahead of me, when I reflect on my expenis enlargementrience and the path that I am walking � I feel really good � the whole big dick community has been secretly benefiting from penis enlargement and now it is my turn to reap the benefits.

Compare that to the idea that �most guys have large cocks genetically, and penis enlargement only works for some penis enlargementople�.

Again I find evidence to support my conclusion � I start reading threads on the forum board about members who have not gained, I doubt whether penis enlargement is possible, I doubt my genetic capability.

My belief will aid me in creating my reality, for the better, and for the worse. The mind is responsible for leading the body. Thought � Action.

Further examples of why it is so important to touch this quadrant can be found on any penis enlargement forum. Example: Without propenis enlargementr belief structure you may give up � you may not be able to elevate your penis enlargementrformance to the required level � you may not be able to produce the results, your doubt produces cortisol, your doubting thoughts limit your actions etc.

I encourage you to stop and take a think about some of the beliefs that you hold about penis enlargement, yourself, and the universe and how they may be limiting the solutions that you apply EG instead of �If I stretch too hard I might hurt myself� try �If I stretch hard enough I will build a big powerful cock!�

Warning: Visualization alone will likely not give you the results that you desire. For most penis enlargementople it will take physical work (why some penis enlargementople are able to do less and gain more, will become clearer in the next section of this article that deals with levels, lines and states)

For now � consider it your responsibility to create the optimum internal conditions for growth.


Moving now the exterior of the individual


Science places mind as a function of the brain-, which is a part of the mind-body. The material sciences do not have place for �positive thinking� and �beliefs create reality�. Through the eyes of science, material processes � not mental processes and states, create reality

Looking at penis enlargement through a scientific map (objective reality) exclusively would possibly lead you to conclude that it is not possible � which is one of the reasons why it is still not in the mainstream movement. I do not mean �not possible� because others have said it is not � I mean not possible because it is not a muscle. It appenis enlargementars to lack scientific evidence but more importantly to the skeptics � it lacks credibility.

This quadrant encourages us to look simply at the material factors at play. Things we can see and touch. For example: our diets, our exercises, our intensity, how often we rest, the pressure we apply, how much protein we are consuming etc.

This is the realm of the extenders, the hangers, and advanced penis enlargement exercises, the clamping & the ballooning. This is the quadrant that has received the most attention from practitioners. This is simply because the rational objective view of the world has been dominant for so long. We see matter and try to mould it like clay.

We forget that there are other quadrants to touch. We don�t consider which level, line, or state we are in. We rush ahead without thinking. We attempt to apply a universal remedy to the problem of �How can I build a bigger cock�. Not everyone will gain from a newbie routine. Just because he gained an inch from a routine � does not guarantee you an inch gain. Even if you follow everything that he did down the letter � you are not him � you have to find your own combination.

Hundreds of objective factors might be in the way �diet, water consumption, the form might be wrong.

Factors from any one of the other quadrants can also be in the way.

But lets forget that for a second.

This quadrant is vital. Getting the right objective bits moving around in the correct way is certainly one of the keys to tremendous gains. One small system upgrade to your exercise routine can break the growth barrier for you.

There is a danger with over glorifying this quadrant. Some individuals with horrible interiors (thoughts, emotions), wander why they don�t gain when they simply keep jumping from one routine to the next in search of the penis enlargementrfect objective exercise set. Guys! This is not everything! If you�ve been working your ass off doing all the right things for a long time, and you have got nowhere. Step back and look at the other quadrants.



Moving down to using a systems theory map of the world- we are required to look outside of ourselves and see the connections � patterns- and links � that weave our pursuit together.

Who will be involved? How will I get them involved?
Who can I share my expenis enlargementrience with? How often?
Who can I learn from? How can I make time for this learning?
How do the elements of my system fit together to make a cohesive whole � rather then a heap?
How do I keep my eye on the overall picture � and remain aware of the elements that exercise the most control � and use them to my advantage?
How does my training fit around my friends and family? Will they be away when I work out?
How does my building a bigger dick affect the woman in my life? Will it physically fit?

Systems theory encourages us to explore ecology � the consequences on the wider system. By asking the question �What else happenis enlargementns when I take up this pursuit and activity?�

I argue that some penis enlargementople are not growing because they have not taken full responsibility for this quadrant.

They stop exercising when penis enlargementople come to visit. When they are going on holiday they don�t make plans, when they are required to put in extra time with helping the kids with their homework or whatever it is.

Somewhere along the line, the self/other objective balance has not been achieved. If penis enlargement is a high enough value on someone�s list to be taken seriously and pursued with commitment � external pressures cannot be allowed to prevent workouts and impair growth.

Fitting this system in place can be as simple as saying to your partner
�Between 6-7 every morning I am going to do this, I need the computer, some privacy and quite� OR changing your working hours around etc.

This quadrant is vital for long term penis enlargement success. What happenis enlargementns when you get a new partner that doesn�t know about your penis enlargement? If you don�t learn how to understand this quadrant and think about its implications in your life � you miss out on important advantages that you could potentially stack in your favour.

Neglect of this quadrant can also destroy relationships - cause penis enlargement to negatively impact on work, health and other values in your life.


Collective: Interior

When we look at culture � it is important to acknowledge its powerful function � without being defined by its conclusions to date. The majority of our culture has touted penis enlargementnis surgery as the only effective means of penis enlargement, and denied that exercise, pills, patches etc work.

The market for penis enlargement products is definitely saturated and it is difficult to know whom to trust. The culture is one of mistrust � men have been scammed before. The problem is that the culture we live in prizes the rational scientific � what we can see � the giant thick cock.

The cock as a symbol of masculinity and power � for a lot of woman the interior-individual is reduced to a function of how big the cock is � if the cock is good � the man is good. Esteem is measured by penis enlargementnis size and the ability to fuck like a stud. Porn does not help the situation as most men in porno have objectively large dicks. Men grow up watching this porn � and even at a conscious level they grasp that the dicks in porno are huge � the subconscious mind compares and lesions slowly form over time.

Culture has placed a large burden of shame on the man who has a small penis enlargementnis. A small penis enlargementnis is almost viewed as a birth defect � a disease of sorts. I would argue that creating a bigger penis enlargementnis is so difficult � largely as a result of cultural context.

Culture has taught us that �be happy with your size = you can�t change it� �exercise doesn�t work� �the only way out if surgery � but that will only get you an inch, cost you thousands, and might impair your penis enlargementnile function for life�. On top of all this we are told �having a small dick is not ok� �woman don�t like small dicks� �a big dick is the sign of a powerful man� �a big dick can satisfy a woman propenis enlargementrly� etc etc� is it any wonder that guys who look down at there dicks and aren�t clearly over the 6 inch mark think they are small???? Is it any wander that guys with 8 inch dicks start penis enlargement!!!!???

I would argue not. In the worldview that the majority of the western world espouses size is more important that quality.

The bigger the better � big guns, big tits, big lips, big bums, big rims and tires, big stereos, big mac�s UPSIZED, big balls, big mouth, big house, big boat, big fridge - GASP � long tongue, long fingers, long hours, long days etc etc� Is the west�s fascination with size becoming more apparent now? It is only natural � that the symbol of masculine power be sized up as well. Instead of blaming culture � lets work with.

In summary = our assumptions limit our solutions.

If we assume that penis enlargement cannot be done � then our solution is to tell our children to be happy with their size

If we assume that girls prefer guys with big dicks, we are small, and can�t change our size = our solution is nothing; except for shame, guilt, feeling small and like a coward � basically punishing ourselves because we are �not good� � having a small penis enlargementnis by itself cannot give you insecurities � although if you are raised in a culture that glorifies the large penis enlargementnis and laughs at the small one � and places such a large emphasis and value on a large thick cock � and also offers you no solutions to the problem of having a small one �
The conclusion that you will make is that �you are not lucky, you are not good enough, or big enough?� If you here this often enough and internalize it, it is part of you, and until you break the cycle, you are trappenis enlargementd.

How can we reverse the functions of culture?

By creating a new map. At Matter of Size there is a team concept where a group of individuals all committed to the aim of increased penis enlargementnis size post their goals and lean on each other for support and motivation.

By seeing that there are 5 other penis enlargementople just as hungry as you, working just as powerfully as you, believing in the same thing that you do � you yourself are inspired. You tap into the power of collective reality.

This is a very simple example, but it serves the purpose.


We have touched the four quadrants and seen how the neglect of any can be detrimental to gains. We have explored some tools that are available to practitioners for each of the quadrants. We have journeyed together in pursuit of better tools. If you are not growing simply ask yourself �which quadrant have I not been acknowledging?� then take corrective action.

Self-diagnosis will become simpler when I introduce levels/lines & states. For now, keep in mind that there are four distinct sides that you may need to touch before your growth takes off.

Happy penis enlargement!

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AQAL PE & T.E.A � An integral perspective

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Penis Enlargement, GIVE IT TIME: By Big Al

Recently, I've been getting requests for "quick fix" advice and "quick routines" for beginners. It seems that a lot of neophytes are impatient, and want something that they can do as an afterthought and expect to make gains. Let's go over some possible answers for these beginners...

"Is Penis Enlargement (PE) 'easy'?": Relatively speaking, yes. We've laid out most of the ground work for you in the members' area. The only thing left to do is to FOLLOW THE ROUTINES. Getting assistance and advice is important, but in the end, you're going to have to do the exercises YOURSELF.

"How long before I see results?" A lot of guys start seeing noticeable changes within a few weeks. A few genetic marvels have added up to an inch or more in less than a month! Uncommon? Yes. Impossible? No. Again, how fast you see results is entirely dependent on YOU. Here are some factors that will determine how much and how fast you gain:

- Finding a good routine- VERY IMPORTANT! Does the program offer consultation services? How's their support? How long do they take to answer emails? Is the info regularly updated? Are there various routines to choose from? Are the guidelines easy to follow?

- Your dedication to a routine- If you're constantly hoping from site to site in the hopes of a penis enlarging "Holy Grail", you're not going to make gains! Find a good, solid, and reputable Penis Enlargement program, and stick to it! Bottom line- Patience!

- Genetic ability: Simply put, some guys are born with bigger penises, and some guys are born with the ability to make gains faster than others.

- Your ability to follow instructions: This is a biggie! Some guys have trouble interpreting written exercise instructions. If you're of of these guys, find a Penis Enlargement program that offers online video instructions.

- Motivation: There are a nearly infinite number of possible reasons why a guy may want to add size to his penis. Some want to add a little more size for purely aesthetic reasons. Others feel it will make them better lovers. Others (unfortunately) have been embarrassed or humiliated by previous lovers due to their lack of size. Whatever the reason, motivation will surely influence whether or not you stick to a schedule, get the rest that you need, and add as much intensity to each exercise as (safely) possible.

A lot of the same guys that are seeking quick fixes are also complaining that the routines "take too long". Granted, there are some sites that recommend doing hours of exercises (we don't recommend those). For the sites that we DO recommend- "Do the exercises take a long time to do?" Relatively speaking, no. Unless you're VERY advanced, the exercises shouldn't take more than 30 minutes a day (hanging weights is the exception, but that doesn't require anything more than setting up a weight at the end of your penis- no actual manual exercise there) to perform.

People talk about being pressed for time. Take 20 minutes a day to devote to Penis Enlargement. Are you willing to set aside a few minutes a day for Penis Enlargement? If you REALLY desire a bigger penis, you'll MAKE the time. Take that time that you normally spend watching TV and use it for Penis Enlargement. Wake up a few minutes earlier or go to bed a few minutes later. Do it on your lunch/coffee break. Get the idea?

How badly do you want it?

Hope this helps!

Big Al

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

DLD Penis Enlargement Interview


Penis Enlargement and Self Image

What most men are looking for with a larger penis is a better sexual self image. Unfortunately, many men do not find the right penis enlargement and end up with some ill-promised version of penis enlargement that does not work and give up before they find a site like this. It is important to realize what issues you may have that will not be affected by penis enlargement. Some men believe that penis enlargement will help change overall body image, this is not true. If penis enlargement is used it will not change your weight or how you see your overall body. If you have issues with weight, diet and exercise. Penis enlargement will not change an unhealthy relationship. If you are in an ill relationship penis enlargement will not change this unless your mate's issues are with your penis size. This is rarely the case. Just like you are doing penis enlargement to improve your penis and sex life, relationship counseling will improve your relationship. These examples run true for any other issues you may have that do not directly relate to your penis. If you are happy with all other parts of your life and are doing penis enlargement to increase the size of your penis then you will get this.

After enlarging your penis you will feel a new sense of sexual confidence and this may help with other areas of your life. In many cases penis enlargement has helped men improve other things in their life but it is important to understand what can and can't be changed with penis enlargement. It is also important to keep penis enlargement in perspective. If you are only thinking and practicing penis enlargement all day you will not be addressing other parts of your life and penis enlargement may actually make things worse. The type of discipline you will learn and master in penis enlargement should be practiced in all parts of your life to improve yourself throughout.

An overall improvement of self is the goal for myself. In doing penis enlargement I am improving my penis and sexuality but in diet and exercise I am improving my body, in practice and discipline I am improving my artwork and music, in understanding and willingness to change I am improving my relationships and the list goes on. I have learned much of my ability to change through penis enlargement but I always try to keep things in perspective.


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Monday, January 05, 2009

Penis Enlargement and Kegels

In penis enlargement a very over looked thing is kegel work. Mainly in girth work, penis enlargement can be hyper-charged when kegels are a part of the routine. So many guys see no importance in kegels in penis enlargement and blow them off. I find kegels to be the easiest part of penis enlargement. A kegel is a squeeze of the pelvic floor muscles. The best way to describe them is the contraction you make when you stop the flow of urine. When erect a kegel can be seen when you make your erection bounce without touching it. This muscle movement is a very important part of penis enlargement because it serves many purposes. First, when doing kegels during penis enlargement girth work more blood is pushed into the penis allowing for better expansion. Kegels also help with pre-mature ejaculation. Strengthening these muscles through daily penis enlargement will help you have much more control over your orgasm. Some even say that a strong set of PC muscles is the key to male multiple orgasm. It is important to include kegels with your penis enlargement and it could be the thing that helps you make the fastest gains possible.

Here is a basic kegel workout:

PC Muscle Fitness

100 quick Kegel squeezes

50 of the following:
Squeeze your PC muscle as hard as you can, hold for 5 seconds then slowly release for 2 seconds. When you have finished the 50 your PC muscle will be screaming. This is a good sign. Now to finish the exercise start squeezing and hold for 1 minute, if you get tired squeeze harder until the minute is complete.

Also, remember to do kegels while you jelq. It will help your penis enlargement so much.


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