Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Penis Enlargement, How can I speed my gains?

Whenever a man becomes involved with penis enlargement he is most concerned about how fast the penis enlargement gains will come. It is difficult to give any real estimation because of obvious factors but there are ways to speed up the penis enlargement gains you make. Most importantly, the form and intensity of your penis enlargement workout is vital and should be mastered to increase natural penis enlargement enlargement. As many of you know we sell DVD's and Memberships to our video site for those who want to learn these techniques visually. For others, be sure to read the descriptions carefully and ask questions on the forum. Understanding what you are doing in penis enlargement is important. Joining the free forum and reading up will help you understand penis enlargement with greater comprehension.

Creating progressive routines is a good move to ensure you are hitting every area while doing penis enlargement. My site has 5 levels of penis enlargement routines. Each routine is more intense to help the user continually gain. It is important to keep intensity at high levels. The penis can become used to a routine and gains will slow or stop. It is important to keep track of your penis enlargement work and notice when your routine should be changed. There are many penis enlargement exercises to choose from and putting together progressive routines will keep you gaining.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Penis Enlargement Surgery versus Natural Penis Enlargement

About 1/3 to 1/2 of the penis is inside the body, and is firmly connected to the underside of the pubic bone. Penis length surgery involves the cutting of the suspensory ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone (ligamentolysis). The suspensory ligament holds the penis firmly to the pubic bone. Cutting of the ligament allows the penis to hang lower and longer, giving a larger appearance. Once these ligaments have been snipped, the internal penis is said to allow the penis to hang longer with said results of up to a 2" gain in length. Strangely enough, after the surgery, postoperative treatment includes stretching the penis using a device identical to the one in my signature. This stretching device sells for about $1000.00 through a phalioplasty surgeon. According to Nim Christopher, a doctory of urology at St. Peter's Andrology Center and author of "Penile Suspensory Ligament Division for Penile Augmentation: Indications and Results" the dissatisfaction rate among men who have had penis enlargement surgery was in excess of 70%.

Penis enlargement surgery is not routine nor is it a safe procedure because of high risk of erectile dysfunction and deformation of the appearance of the penis. As a result penis enlargement surgery is strongly discouraged patients with a fully functional penis. However, there is a place for penis enlargement surgery among men who suffer with chronic erectile dysfunction, micro penis and other fully dysfunctional penile failures. Above these cases natural penis enlargement is the only permanent solution to a larger penis.

Natural penis enlargement is where the penis is stretched through exercise. Penis enlargement exercises for length have become wide and varied over the last 10 years. Fast and effective exercises have produced gains in excess of 3" in length. I have made gains approaching 4" in length through natural penis enlargement. Although I have started penis enlargement again, I went 2 years with no penis enlargement at all and have kept all my gains proving the permanence of penis enlargement. In addition to exercises there are a few mechanical forms of natural penis enlargement. As I stated, you will see the VIMAX stretching device in my signature. This is the identical device sold through plastic surgeons for around $1000. we sell this device for $149.00, I guess those plastic surgeons are making quite a profit. The device is worn all day, under the clothes, allowing for a stretch that can not be done by hand. You may also want to check out the Power Assist Manual Stretcher found at: https://www.mattersofsize.com/join-now.html. This is a device that increases the intensity of your manual penis enlargement. There is also hanging, where weights are hung from the penis. You can check that out at bibhangers.com.

In all my time in penis enlargement I have never heard of an injury that caused any permanent damage. The first thing men report after starting natural penis enlargement is harder erections, which give immediate size increases.


Now available to the general public, the VIMAX EXTENDER. This extender is the best on the market and it is now available for less than $150.00! The lowest price online is $299.00! This extender can go for as much as $600.00 but I have worked a deal out with VIMAX and now I can pass that savings onto you. Just follow the directions here:

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Why is it so hard for men to believe in penis enlargement?

Why is it so hard for people to realize penis enlargement works?

This topic really blows my mind and gets me a little pissed. I think the hypocrisy of the medical profession is so visible that a 4th grader could see it. The medical profession will stand behind their claims that penis enlargement does not work, unless of course, they are profiting. I am not talking about every doctor but the majority. Then their are those who go and spend $5000+ for phalloplasty (penis enlargement surgery) risking so many complications to come off gaining a half inch tops and being told hanging will give them the remainder of the gains they desire???? Fuck! This is believable...WHY? Because the medical profession backs it. But the simplicity and effectiveness of MOS, or any other reputable site for that matter, is so hard to understand.

What are we talking about really? Stretching our penis? Is it so fucking hard to understand that this is easily possible? Do you realize that it is a common occurrence in the surgical field, particularly plastic surgery, to place balloons under the skin to create new skin for other areas of the body? I mean it seems very ironic that the medical profession treat any other part of the body that is made up of soft tissue and skin as an enlargeable site, of course, with the exception of the penis.

For centuries people have been stretching their ears, lips, even necks and the general public never questions the validity of this...Why? Because it is not the penis? Right on my paysite I have a picture of Monte Pierce, a man who has been stretching his earlobes since childhood. he actually stretched them to 5"???

This picture I saw early in my program and when I saw it penis enlargement was a no brainer. In my mind if he could stretch his earlobes then I could stretch my penis....PERIOD.

Penis Enlargement is not that complicated to understand but it seems that most people want to believe that it is impossible. I even think that their are people involved in PE that do not gain because in the back of their heads they don't truly believe it works.

This penis enlargement shit works! Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words; for me this picture was worth my 4+ inch gains.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

DLD Interview On Natural Penis Enlargement in CORE Magazine

Size Matters: CORE magazine interview with DLD

Size Matters:
An interview with Penis Enlargement Guru Double Long Daddy (DLD)

Many males enter bodybuilding to increase their sexual prowess and confidence. A muscular body is a sign of virility to some if not many women. Another sign of virility is obviously the male sex organ. Like large muscles, a large penis is seen as a potent sign of a mans sexuality. Size is important, no matter what you hear. How important depends on who you ask. To men, in general the larger the better. To most women however, size is important only when a penis is too small to feel or so large it hurts. Evolution has seen to it that the average penis, around 5 to 6 inches long and 4 to 5 inches in girth, functions well. However in modernity many men desire larger members.

As a special request from the staff at CORE Magazine, I contacted one of the founders of Penis Enlargement, DLD, to discuss the topic. DLD himself went from 6.5 inches in length to over 10 inches, and now over 7 inches in girth. He had been on high doses of certain medications that slowly made getting a good erection difficult. About 3 years ago he decided he wanted to do something about this. He researched PE and started out on a program. About a year ago he created his own website with an open forum for users to discuss issues related to PE.

CORE: So I've been doing some background reading, plus I have a bit of reading in a wide array of areas, evolutionary psychology, sociobiology, male-female sexual dynamics etc....

DLD: Sounds good.

CORE: You can gain a lot of insight studying gay populations....example...how lesbians are - rather monogamous, tend toward stability over looks etc...(butch) Seems the sexes often lob their own perceptions onto the other sex hence the penis size issue....

DLD: I see.

CORE: Not that size is NOT important.

DLD: Not as important as some would think.

CORE: again, in my opinion - it seems more of a male issue...otherwise evolution would have weeded it out of human populations.....We are after all, crafted by unseen forces guiding us towards well, some unseen future, . So, tell me what you think!

DLD: Definitely, men have had this obsession with their penis at a very young age, I know I did.

CORE: "everything is Bigger in Texas!� .

DLD: Kind of, and the penis being the most unholy of body parts men search for a spiritual balance between good and bad.

CORE: That being said, as a male - seems you did quite a job as a leader in this issue with your own self work great point!

DLD: I stumbled on it really

CORE: Glad to see you have a spiritual consciousness, society today is so lacking this in general but I digress for the sake of our readers

DLD: It is the only way to find physical implications of Meta physical dreams. For me a bigger penis represented something I never dreamed possible.

CORE: Jeez, you and I could go off on a whole other tangent brother!!

DLD: No doubt.

CORE: But the magazine....I must stick to the format! .

DLD: But the mental connection to the penis is incredible.

CORE: Well, let�s go there.....fuck it...let me say...

DLD: Let�s do it, Just ask away and I will answer .

CORE: Top three relationships for a man: next to a mans relationship to himself (#1), and in front of any woman (#3)- is his relationship to his penis (#2)!

CORE: Its second in the three! , self, dick, woman. . We are after all sexual beings first and foremost...genes make sure of that...

DLD: Men totally become separate from their penis during sex. I think this is why they want it to be bigger.

CORE: interesting, go on please. To many men sex is mainly "my penis"

DLD: Most men believe that a bigger penis will create a more successful magnetism to the opposite sex. Once they realize Penis Enlargement is real they become able to change something they never believed possible. When they actually gain in penis enlargement it sometimes causes some obsessive behavior. They actually become more insecure with a bigger penis. This is why I spend so much time working with men on a more cognitive level.

DLD: With the larger penis most men will need a larger mind.

CORE: it�s kind of like what can happen with bodybuilders �body dysmorphia � we get jacked up and suddenly we're looked at differently, and it fucks with our heads. Most don�t move past it, so I see the same thing here with the penis.

DLD: Well, men can easily walk around on their hands thinking with the dicks blindly, without a shock back to reality this over-powerful thing called penis enlargement can do more bad than good. It is a delicate balance. Penis enlargement works, and once a man realizes he can make this power-symbol bigger it definitely fucks with their heads. And over focus on something we were always told was dirty can cause some mental problems.

CORE: I see.

DLD: Men need to keep a balance once they realize the miracle. With this balance a bigger penis may help a man to get a promotion, a new girl, more respect, more confidence, etc. I worked with a guy from Japan who was very small. He was very desperate at less than 4" ERECT he was suicidal, his wife and he were always in fights, he was generally depressed but after I worked with him for some time and he gained close to 2" his entire life changed.

CORE: Thats great....

DLD: He has a much improved his relationship, he is confident and happy but mostly well adjusted as it never went to his head. Not many men even find out about this type of penis enlargement.

CORE: Well, it did go to his head, but in a positive way! It seems to have changed his psychology.

DLD: Indeed. It gives us a sense of anything is possible.

CORE: Tell me,....if you had a son, and he had an extra hour a day to improve himself....say, on any area or dimension....

DLD: I do have a son

CORE: What would you recommend? And he does know about penis enlargement?

DLD: At this point in his life, no (he is 12)

CORE: But I am asking...metaphorically speaking as we are all children inside. Some looking to improve ourselves, and some obsessively.

DLD: I would not push him into this, if he wanted to learn about it I would teach him. I believe self improvement is our duty as a children of a more important creator. We need to make our bodies, minds, spirits and even sexuality the best we can or I feel we are not living up to our duties as a living being. Obsessive ness is sometimes our way of making change, perhaps an even unique quality among the men and women who push the limits of the body and mind.

CORE: I see...and the bell curve for penis size would say most men are ok to make their respective partners happy...and as I know you know, a good lover is not reduced to penis size

DLD: Penis size was never an issue for me before learning penis enlargement nor is it now I am bigger.

CORE: Good point...you accomplished so much during a period of obsessive ness?

DLD: The self realization is there but beyond that I am the same guy. Oh I suffer from extreme OCD.

CORE: I see.

DLD: My obsessive ness plays a part in everything I do in Penis Enlargement it helped me create over 200 exercises.

CORE: I'm sure it makes you successful too. That, yin/yang of life.

DLD: And it prevents it

CORE: Ah there u go, reading my mind

DLD: I think my over obsessive ness sometimes prevents me from expressing all of my ideas as I strive for a unattainable perfection at times...this becomes the yang to the ying. Some things never get out.

CORE: I know what you mean.

DLD: My weight loss secrets are what people want now. And I have not felt the work complete yet so I have not put it out.

CORE: Yeah, I see you lost some weight!

DLD: Yeah, around 120.

CORE: Good for you!

DLD: Thanks! It's all body and mind stuff.

CORE: So with penis size....too bad women weren�t as obsessed with vagina size...a lot more kegels would mean less men wondering if their big enough?? . So men are left getting "shafted" on this one! . You know after a woman has a kid...the doctors give her an extra stitch in the vagina - it�s called "The husband Stitch! " .

DLD: I think most women would be turned off from a male who approached her, literally, cock sure. I just think men see the penis as something much more important. We have been obsessed with it for thousands of years. Ancient art always has phallic symbols, our Washington Monument, the list is endless. Men see a power in a big cock. They believe that if they are massive it makes them a bigger man. Big cars, big money, big houses, big cock.

CORE: Yeah, I'm reminded of the George Carlin skit....missiles and cock size etc.

DLD: It is the ultimate sign of manhood a woman has a hole.

CORE: And we have a BUSH and a DICK in the white house!! haha.

DLD: Not much to accept.

CORE: we had a Colin too but he got SHAFTED!

DLD: I used to own a gym too.

CORE: Hey, powerful symbols you mention there, the hole versus the phallus.

DLD: The hole is easy, the penis sticks out, it gets hard and it is something mystical and every man wants his to be massive.

CORE: The hole reminds us of our own emptiness, that nothingness from where we come from, literally...and figuratively.

DLD: Very true, it is all lines and holes. 1's and 0's.

CORE: This is powerful primordial stuff were discussing, deep under the veneer of the human psyche.

DLD: That connection is as natural as is negative and positive charges. I live there. Woman are tired of men judging them for their 0's they want us to see their 1's, their lines and they want to see our 0's. Men see their penis as a "dirty" thing and this is what causes deep rooted dysfunction, the same dysfunction that fuels sexual based crimes.

CORE: You've said that a few times...isn't that an old Judeo-Christian issue? I mean...do all men still hold that guilt and dirty perception?

DLD: This is why I teach men to make their penis larger and their minds more open. It is a stigma in the clients I get.

CORE: I see, so perhaps its a special characteristic of that subset?

DLD: Definitely, mental penis enlargement is something I force on my clients.

CORE: Can this help all men kind of like: �Love themselves� better or healthier?

DLD: I feel a mental program of becoming a more confident along with a lesson in penis enlargement can do all men some good.

CORE: Last question: Ever heard of the "arms race" phenomenon in nature?

DLD: Not sure.

CORE: Matt Ridley coined the term in one of his books. It speaks to the fact that evolution...or God, whichever.

DLD: I have very definite beliefs on the subject

CORE: Sets in motion evolutionary forces where by each successive improvement in one side, or group forces the other side to up the ante....like a faster cheetah, produces faster Gazelle. Bigger US bombs make Russia make bigger bombs, and so on...the ARMS RACE. The arms race was very real for the US and Russia a few decades ago.

DLD: Man will always screw up his own evolution.

CORE: Well, so do 99% of all species that ever lived....are now Extinct. Anyhow...does PE set up all men for the arms race? .

CORE: Now we all feel MORE pressured to compete?or to feel inadequate?

DLD: Maybe not just through the penis but the learned behavior of mind/body application would lend to a difference in man, a difference that may create a super man which may overshadow the lesser man.

CORE: Well, it already exists for sure.....

DLD: I believe we are upon an evolutionary change now. I think the change you speak of is not evolutionary. Maybe cultural...or spiritual genes mutate at a very predictable rate, way too slow for modern man.

DLD: I think we, as men, depend way too much on the luxuries we have realized in the last 100 years that now, if there was a total loss of these "comforts" many would parish.

CORE: Ha,ha.....right on...."Civilization is 7 meals away from ANARCHY!" .

DLD: Just like everything I have ever done, I will adjust and create new, and more innovative ways of life. I'm driven by change!

DLD: [if CORE readers want to read more] Everything is on the sites www.mattersofsize.com and www.mattersofsize.com/forum

LINK SOURCE: http://readthecore.com/200604/size.htm

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Penis Enlargement Surgery...Think, Think and Think Again

Penis enlargement surgery or phalioplasty is a series of different operations that elongate and thicken the penis. In penis enlargement surgery for length the suspensory ligaments are cut at the pubic bone allowing the penis to hang longer in flaccid state with nominal gains in erect size. On average a man will gain 1/2" in length. There are a few different penis enlargement surgeries for girth. Most deal with fat and silicone injections but some are now exploring dermis grafting. In all cases the penis gains girth but for the most part these techniques leave the penis in a somewhat deformed state. For the many hundreds of pictures of post-op patients I have seen the deformation would be too much for me to go through with it. In some case penis enlargement surgery is the only option due to poor genetics or micro-penis.

It is best to see penis enlargement surgery as a last option if all others sources of penis enlargement have failed you. The only way I know how to increase the size of my penis is through natural penis enlargement. In natural penis enlargement as the penis gets larger it dose not take on any deformations. The penis dose become more vascular and muscular looking but these changes are a major desire in penis enlargement. Using penis enlargement exercises is not only the fastest way to make the gains in penis size you desire but also very inexpensive to learn. The average penis enlargement surgery goes for $5000. A website membership or DVD from Matters of Size costs a mere $50???!!! You are guaranteed to make gains using the penis enlargement exercises found on the site and disc. A penis enlargement surgeon would never give that kind of guaranteed.

Using penis enlargement exercises are far safer than penis enlargement surgery. I have heard of injuries in natural penis enlargement but they were extremely minor compared to penis enlargement surgery. The most prominent injury in natural penis enlargement is bruising once in a while or minor capillary issues. Both of these problems resolve themselves with a couple days. In penis enlargement surgery the risks spam from infection and deformation to complete erectile dysfunction. Take the budget into mind you can see that natural penis enlargement is the only wise choice.


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Monday, December 08, 2008

Penis Enlargement than and now

It is thought that penis enlargement has been around for many thousands of years. Originating somewhere in certain tribes in the middle east penis enlargement was thought to be taught to young men at the age of puberty. They would learn an penis enlargement exercise called the jelq. They would practice this exercise until they reached lengths well over 8-9". This exercise was held as a secret and it was only taught within certain circles.

Until the internet penis enlargement has been a closely guarded secret. Most men only saw penis enlargement pumping in the back of adult magazines but exercises that enlarged the penis were not easily found. I assume that penis enlargement leaked from these original tribes and found it's way into family exclusivity. I am sure there were fathers teaching their son's these secrets and told never to tell anyone of this penis enlargement secret. Through the years it was kept within the lucky few and never truly showed it's light until the start of the world wide web.

The penis enlargement jelq is still the cornerstone of the penis enlargement world. Any beginners penis enlargement program will include this milking exercise called the penis enlargement jelq. It can be found anywhere on the net but this description will help; Jelqing is a method intended to enlarge the penis by increasing the blood pressure in the penis, with the goal of permanently increasing the maximum erect size of the penis. This technique, also called "milking", involves wrapping the thumb and index finger around the penis while semi-erect and repeatedly drawing them away from one's body to force blood into the glans, thus encouraging more vascularity in the corpus cavernosa and associated tissues. This is the same exercise used in the tribes from thousands of years ago. Since that time much has changed.

Basically, penis enlargement falls into a few different categories and the categories keep being added as time progresses and new penis enlargement innovations are realized. Today the choices are as follows:

Natural Penis Enlargement: This method is the use of penis enlargement exercises that are manually performed. Mainly penis enlargement stretching and jelqing. These methods quickly increase the size of the penis.

Penis Enlargement Surgery: There are new methods being created as I type this but penis enlargement surgery is most likely the most known of the penis enlargement categories. It is risky and dangerous and the gains made are nominal.

Penis Enlargement Clamping: This is a new method of penis enlargement where a clamp is affixed to the base of an erection to retain an erection for an extended period of time. The penis is then manipulated with manual exercises to increase the girth.

Penis Enlargement ADS's (All say stretchers.): These devices have been around a few years. If you look at my signature you can find where to purchase one very inexpensively. These are stretching devices that are worn under the clothes where the penis can be stretched all day long. Ingenious device.

Penis Enlargement Pumping: This is a pressurized tube where the penis is put into and a pumping mechanism pumps the penis. It has been used since the mid-sixties. These penis enlargement devices largely give temporary gains but much research is going into using them in conjunction with natural penis enlargement.

Power Assist Stretching: This device is a manual supplemental device. It is used to increase the amount of intensity while stretching. It is able to apply at least twice the intensity to manual penis enlargement exercises.

Penis Enlargement Hanging: This is a very effective length device where the penis is clamped into a mechanism and weight is hung off of it. After long periods of training the penis increases in length.

Penis Enlargement Supplements: Although very controversial this is the largest business in penis enlargement. Penis enlargement pills, creams and patches run ramped through the www. For the most part these supplements are only beneficial if a manual penis enlargement program in followed. They aid in erection strength which helps in girth work.

The past two years alone penis enlargement exercises has collected over 150 new exercises. I came up with 80 myself over the past few years making Matters of Size the most vast penis enlargement company in the world. We now boast more than 200 exercises in our 7 short years. With each innovation penis enlargement gets better and better with quicker and quicker results. My suggestion is to start on the Matters of Size Program. This is the cheapest and most effective way to gain size.


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Saturday, December 06, 2008

What to Expect from Manual Penis Enlargement

When most men become involved with penis enlargement they wonder how quickly they will gain size. This is a very difficult question to answer as most men learn penis enlargement from text files which do not give enough comprehension on intensity and form. The 2 most important parts of manual penis enlargement is form and intensity. Whenever I write a text file describing a certain exercise these 2 components are difficult to translate. Watching video and hearing the model speak as he does penis enlargement is the best way, aside from one on one, to teach the proper methods.

I made phenomenal gains in my first year of penis enlargement. I went from 6,5 to 8.5 in length and 4.75 to 5.25 in girth. These gains, at the time, were the fastest on record. The difference between other men and myself was the intensity I used and the exercises that were part of my penis enlargement routine. I used standard exercises for the first few months of my penis enlargement but then I went on to create new exercises that were more intense and seemed more physically effective.

Once I was able to create the Matters of Size Members SIte and the MOS DVD many of these gaps in comprehension were eliminated for those who purchased one of these options. Getting videos, sound files, illustration, etc. into a new penis enlargement practicer, or even veterans who wanted to make faster gains, changed things forever in penis enlargement. Men now were able to see and hear what was happening in penis enlargement. My program (DVD or Site) boasts more than 100 original exercises that are much more intense than the standard set of penis enlargement exercises. I also organized all of these exercises into 5, easy to follow phases. Each phase has a girth and length portion and the 5 phases are set up to increase intensity as you gain. This program has been more successful at giving gains like my own to the average penis enlargement trainer than any other method available.

If you are training correctly with proper intensity there is no reason you can't make gains in penis enlargement like my own or better. The average man, using my penis enlargement program, gains 1.5" in length and .5" of girth in the first 24 weeks! The average man using alternative methods to penis enlargement may see half or less than this. This is because of how my program gives the smartest exercises, proper intensity and progressive increase in training as time goes by. If you are training on the first phase of my penis enlargement program , gain an inch and see no gains for a few weeks, you simply move to Phase 2 and your gains will start up again. The penis becomes used to a certain effort after a while and penis enlargement can go stagnant until more intensity and more advanced exercises are applied.

I understand that it is less expensive to train from internet text files but the expense of hurting yourself or wasting time doing exercises that don't work or are not intense enough can far outweigh this. My DVD and Members Site: https://www.mattersofsize.com are under $50 and you will learn everything you could possibly need to know to make your penis enlargement as fast, safe and smooth as possible.


Now available to the general public, the VIMAX EXTENDER. This extender is the best on the market and it is now available for less than $150.00! The lowest price online is $299.00! This extender can go for as much as $600.00 but I have worked a deal out with VIMAX and now I can pass that savings onto you. Just follow the directions here:

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Friday, December 05, 2008

Experimenting in Modern, Natural Penis Enlargement

Experimenting in Modern, Natural Penis Enlargement

Since I am starting my new penis enlargement routine I wanted to explore other methods of penis enlargement I have not tried yet. I am interested in penis enlargement pumping, not as a method to girth increase directly, but a sort of supplement to the penis enlargement I am doing manually. In penis enlargement pumping much of the gain is from water retention. This type of penis enlargement is temporary, usually lasts from 2-4 hours until the penis returns to it's normal girth. What I like about this is the 2-4 hour pump that penis enlargement pumping gives. I plan on doing my girth work followed by pumping. I think that this will help me keep my pump from natural penis enlargement, taking advantage of how the pump's normal process. I also think that if my penis is already pumped with tons of blood from my normal penis enlargement session then the pumping from a penis enlargement pump will help increase this blood retention leaving very little room for water retention.

Keeping a pump after penis enlargement girth work is important to creating new, permanent gains. I think, to elongate the pumped state, I will use a cock ring. So I will do my normal penis enlargement workout followed by a pumping session and finish off with a cock ring to keep the pump as long as possible. I may even consider breaking my penis enlargement routine into 2 sessions daily. One in the morning and one in the evening. I believe that if I am able to keep myself in a expanded state throughout the day and night the gains will be two fold. Flaccid state will become more trained to stay in an expanded state while erect girth will gain tremendously.

My routines in penis enlargement have always been on the experimental side. It is through my ever curious quest in penis enlargement that keeps me trying new exercise. It is usually a combination of the known exercises in penis enlargement that create combination exercises that expedite the process of gaining.

I am now searching for the best penis enlargement pump I can get at the best price. I am relying on guys from my FREE PENIS ENLARGEMENT FORUM to guide me through this process. I think it is well to know that penis enlargement pumping can become obsessive. Just as I have guided you in the past, penis enlargement is best kept to the session you are training. After you are done with your penis enlargement routine it is time to move on and not think of it again until the next session. Become obsessed with penis enlargement can be a sad proposition. Keep things in perspective and keep growing.


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Penis

How important is my beliefs in penis enlargement to my actual gains? I mean my thoughts positive or negative really should not make a difference in penis enlargement as long as I exercise, right? WRONG! Take a couple of minutes and let this sink in, it may be the most important part of your penis enlargement program. I will just tell my story and you should be able to see the theory in this mental application.

I started penis enlargement with something different than a bigger penis on my mind. I was becoming increasingly concerned with my soft erections. I was not getting the rock hard erections I got in my teens or twenties. I was 32 years old very frustrated. I was always told I had a large penis (I was 6.5 inches then) but now I was having problems with week erections. I decided to do a search on-line for some solutions to this. During my search I found myself submerged in the PENIS ENLARGEMENT WORLD. I sifted through 100's of sites looking for information to obtaining harder erections. I finally found the back-door to some penis enlargement site that had a routine for harder erections. The exercise was called kegels and jelqing. I downloaded the entire workout and decided to give the whole penis enlargement thing a try. I did not believe I would get a larger penis from penis enlargement but I did believe I could get harder erections. I decided to do the entire penis enlargement program. I did it religiously for 1 month. After this month I was getting harder erections but something else was happening. My penis was getting bigger. It was actually longer and I was totally confused, did penis enlargement work? decided to go back and read the rest of the literature on this penis enlargement site I found. The author was making some pretty bold promises. He was preaching how within a year most will see up to 4" of length gains, a thicker, multiple orgasms, last longer during sex, and a multitude of other claims. I already fell witness to some of these penis enlargement claims as being a reality so I started to trust the rest of his promises.

This is where this story becomes important to the message I am trying to get across. Going by my new found trust in this mans penis enlargement promises I was sure I would make the gains he promised. Why not? Everything else was coming true. I was bound and determined to realize that 4" penis enlargement gain he promised. I was into the program for about 8 months. I was now almost 9" (8.5 to be exact) Now up to this point I never read anything else about penis enlargement but what this site said. I was feeling discouraged because I had only made a 2" gain in eight months :rolleyes: I mean he said I would gain 4" on this penis enlargement program, right? So I was 3 quarters into my first year with only 2" to show (boo-hoo). Then and only then is when I started to look for penis enlargement forums on these techniques. I found a on-line penis enlargement forum and I joined and in complete desperation I made my first post begging for help with my measly 2" penis enlargement gains...needless to say I got LAND BLASTED. I was called everything from full of shit to a liar. No one believed me. My thread there quickly became 2 then 3 then 4 pages of people saying how the gains I made were impossible in penis enlargement. Good gains in 8 months time was considered 1/2"...an inch tops. This is where my thought process changed. I started to think that my gains were freakish and a fluke. My new line of thought was exactly what I was told. 1/2" was great 4" was impossible.

I quickly stopped making the penis enlargement gains I was making. I fell into my first penis enlargement plateau. Was this a coincidence or mearly my brain changing it's thought prcess? The thought of 4" in one year was now a distant dream and I reserved myself to making much slower gains.

I stayed in this penis enlargement slump for some time. During this sluggish period I started to get a sort of pissed off feeling. I was not willing to wait that long for penis enlargement gains. I wanted what my original mentor spoke of...I wanted the 4". This is when I went in the penis enlargement lab (bathroom) and started developing new penis enlargement exercises. The first being the DLD Blasters and "A-Stretches" Within about a month of doing these new exercises I gained another inch! No fooling around...I was now 9.5" What changed during this gaining period? My belief's in fast penis enlargement gains were renewed. I knew at this point in my penis enlargement career that I was limited only by my beliefs. I learned to EXPECT more from penis enlargement than what others thought. I learned to stop wishing for gains and expect them to materialize. I drew my inspiration from the men that went before me making incredible penis enlargement gains and I completely put the rhetoric of slow gains out of my mind.

I was helping allot of men by this point. I was writing penis enlargement programs and continuing to develop penis enlargement exercises....most of all continuing to gain. When I would work with someone one on one aside from the exercises and commitment I preached I also told them to expect gains. To see their penis enlargement goal, put on there blinders and get there. This is what inspired me to do the Mental Penis Enlargement Study I did. This is what helped me achieve my current size. Clich� yes but non-the-less Believe it and it will happen.

MOS penis enlargement is very real.


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Monday, December 01, 2008

Penis Enlargement: Increasing and Achieving Multiple Orgasm and Harder Erections

Penis Enlargement: Increasing and Achieving Multiple Orgasm and Harder Erections

If penis enlargement is the biggest goal of the average penis enlargement guy then Harder erections and lasting power are a close second and third. The first thing I noticed in penis enlargement was harder erections. I also took note of how I was now in control of my orgasm. I can go as long as I like and I decide when to release. It is a wonderful benefit of penis enlargement. Most guys who do penis enlargement will stand by it's effectiveness in these areas. Harder erection, which means you are using your size at full potential, is a great part of penis enlargement. Using all of these components of penis enlargement together, with the increase in size your will find multiple orgasm as a new benefit of penis enlargement. I created a thread a while back that gives full instruction to reaching this pinnacle of penis enlargement. Here is the thread

Well I was sitting around this evening with some time on my hands and, of course, I spent it on porn Being single FOR SO LONG has made me a masturbation professional.

I made an exercise years ago called "Ace Strapped, Jim's Joint" it was an exercise where you took your flaccid penis, pulled it out to it's max and wrap it (with an ACE bandage) in that state. It was a great way to increase the size of my flaccid penis, the strapping trained it to stay in a long state even when not wrapped.

Tonight I was unbelievably erect and the thought crossed my mind to wrap it while it was erect so I grabbed my ACE Bandage and wrapped it. I proceeded to watch my porn and stroke my cock but something felt odd (in a good way). I felt my orgasm coming on but with the wrap I was, somehow, able to stop it. I went on like this for at least an hour.

When I finally decided to have an orgasm it was almost difficult to achieve. But when I finally started to cum I could tell it was not only going to be my most intense, but my longest orgasm ever. I literally had an orgasm that lasted 2-3 minutes. Not that I was cuming all that time, but the orgasm itself lasted that long. It was the most awesome masturbation session I have ever had.

The cool thing about this is there is a lot of merit to using this exercise for premature ejaculation and perhaps even length and girth enlargement. I imagine it must feel similar to clamping but encompassing the entire shaft. Another thing that may be important is glans (or head) enlargement. If wrapped in the proper order, blood could be delivered in a huge amount to the head and the "wrap" could keep it there for a prolonged time. For that matter, any part of the shaft could be isolated for girth work.

I am considering a few things with this technique spanning from pleasure to enlargement. I feel it has potential.

Give it a go and throw in your dime.


This really helped me use all of my penis enlargement gains as one. After practicing this incredible exercise to a pro level I am now able to have sex with my girlfriend and perform some new skills. First and foremost I have the size increase, my erections are rock hard, my orgasm is released when I choose and, if I am lucking, I can achieve multiple orgasms and the ability to stay hard after orgasm. This exercise is a part of the masturbation session making it a very fun exercise.