Sunday, July 27, 2008

What is the point of measuring something you want when you have no real belief in acquiring the reality of the very thing you are measuring?

I posed this question on my penis enlargement forums. What is the point of measuring something you want when you have no real belief in acquiring the reality of the very thing you are measuring? Here are some of the answers I got and I will give my response at the closing.

Question: What is the point of measuring something you want when you have no real belief in acquiring the reality of the very thing you are measuring?

1. Answer: BlackMjolnir025
Perhaps it's something that is wanted bad enough to inspire a sort of desperate and blind hope?

If you have no hope AND no belief...chances are you won't measure at all.

If you don't believe PE (I assume that's what you're referring to) will work, I'm willing to bet that there's plenty of people who will do it, doubt it (and themselves) and will still measure. A small part of them clinging to the hope that the ruler might measure just a little bit higher than last time.

The point of measuring? You might just be lucky enough to get some results without being "in it" mentally and seeing that 1/16 of an inch gain that just might be the little push needed to set you in the right direction.

That blind hope is the main fuel behind PE is it not? You don't have to believe in something for it to work (try not believing in gravity ) I'm sure there's plenty of people here with a lot of doubts but with those doubts is also Hope, which seems to have led them here to improve upon themselves.

That's just my take on it.

What's everybody else's ideas on the subject?

2. Answer:�homelesswombat�

I measure before and after every PE session. It's not the neurotic kind of measuring I used to do, but I'm keeping a very close watch on my body's biorhythms. Understanding which exercises will affect fluid buildup vs. tunica expansion, 'cold' girth vs post-clamp girth, and flaccid stretch length vs true erect length are all things I look at to make sure I'm not lying to myself. By doing this I have discovered a lot about my penis. It is amazing how much it's size fluctuates depending on what I do to it.

3. Answer: anth
Interesting question.

I suppose whether you believe or not the measurement itself would be the proof if it worked or not.

Hope would be the driving factor in doing the exercises anyhow. If you bothered to do the exercises, even if you're an Eeyore, you still have some hope that it could possibly be true.

Faith in the program may cause you greater success because you would be more enthusiastic in your workouts, but faith is not required for gains because it's physical thing not a metaphysical thing.

4. Answer: Rude_God
If you don't really believe but try it and measure anyway, a little gain might cause a change in your belief and then spur you on.

5 Answer: tef1
If you don't believe you won't put forth the effort necessary to make gains.

6. Answer: Threak-X
I know for myself I knew what I wanted from P.E. visually and mentality without knowing the measure of time, money or knowledge involved in accomplishing my goal. By eliminating my own doubt/non-belief I could actually do it I somehow attracted/found Matters of Size (DLD) and achieved most of my P.E. goal thus far.

7. Answer: Chaco
The point for me is to play the game. In this case it's the PE game. I don't know what will come of PE in the end for me. I know I'll find out though. That's what the game is about. I'm not a big fan of belief really. For me it's about making known the unknown. I'm constantly trying to let go of beliefs. IMO beliefs are limiting.

8. Answer: Big Man PE
All i know is, im keeping a good mental about this whole PE thing. When i first tried it out i had serious doubts always thought i was doing something wrong so i never even stuck with it and got lazy and never made any gains. Now Im treating my penis like my body, when i workout i visualize the re building of my body especially like weight training and when I PE now, i visualize me stretching my penis to be rebuilt and when i measure and i see where im at right now.. i see myself the next time me measuring my dick that it will be taller and higher up on that stick since the last time. My only problem is that i dont get enough sleep. So im working on that though. But good question DLD I like how you word things.

My Response:

In penis enlargement to many important associations are rarely made. When we get into penis enlargement we have hopes and dreams of creating an ideal penis size. The picture many hold in their heads is foggy, unclear, without any real definition. They have seen penis's that fit the profile of their desire but they still find it difficult to see a picture of their own ideal penis. '

Association, in general life, if seen everywhere. Successful people have a very good sense of association and therefore when they see something they want and get it they use that success as an association mechanism for every other accomplishment in their lives. If they land a dream job or a new car they make the same success association with their goals in progress. In penis enlargement the same rules apply. Whether they are aware of it or not I would wager that most men who succeed in penis enlargement have used some association from other accomplishments in their life.

In penis enlargement, if a man does the exercise properly, he will make at least a minimum gain. The best way to see this gain is to measure your penis in flaccid state stretching it to the tip of the ruler. This measurement will show you your immediate gains and the reason seeing these gains are so you can make an association with future gains. Association within a goal is essentially taking a ride on the wave of success. Even if you make very small, incremental gains in penis enlargement it is important to use each success as the fuel that drive the wave function.

Another measurement you will want to create is a picture of the penis you want. This picture can be created through film, photograph, painting, drawing or any other way of seeing your ideal penis in a real physical way. The picture should be measurable and as accurate as possible.

The last measurement you should make is the one when you have finished creating the penis you pictured in the beginning. I understand there may be other measurements during the process of getting from now to the penis you want but these measurements should be classified differently than the 3 measurements I mentioned above. The measurements we are discussing here are ones of deliberate creation.

My favorite way of creating a picture of my desire is through art. In this case I would create a model, but a model of progressive change. Start with a piece of workable clay. Create the penis you have now and be as accurate as you can. Detail it right down to the veins, head, scars, etc. Make it's size as close to the size you are now as possible. When you have a accurate representation keep it in a closed cool box (like a shoe box, unless your me then you could use a larger box:)) You will want the clay to stay workable as you will make this sculpture part of your penis enlargement routine. Each day you can oopen the box after your routine and add a bit more clay. This ever changing, ever growing model will resemble the clearest picture of your goal that you could have. As you grow, it will grow or is it the other way around? WHo knows, I am dyslexic and a poor speller:) The point is you will have a perpetual, 3 dimensional picture of your goal.

Now that you have these first 2 measurements done you can start to understand the reasons for my initial question: What is the point of measuring something you want when you have no real belief in acquiring the reality of the very thing you are measuring? BELIEF. The most important part to believing you can have something is to be able to pretend you already do. Now, this may sound silly but read on. Being to actually hold the item of your desire makes it VERY REAL.

When people ask for something they desire they immediately create blocks that prevent them from seeing their goal clearly. They create measurements like time, money, self-view, what others might think, etc. but each one of these blocks are essentially measurements. Numbers that stand in the way of a clear picture of your dream. Here is a chart I use on the Alpha Blade Site. I hope it helps get my views across.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Increase Stretching Power Using Your Feet!

I was thinking of a solution for those guys whose arms get tired while stretching their penis. Doing penis enlargement can be hard on the arms and in many cases men have problems getting enough intensity while stretching their penis. Penis enlargement offers some solutions using items like the Power Assist or even the new DLD Sock Stretches but I was thinking of a way that would require nothing more than the body.

Laying in my bed the other night I was doing some downward stretches just to keep in shape when I decided to use the heal of my foot as a fulcrum. It not only added, what seemed like an endless amount of strength, but it took the pressure off my arms and allowed me to hold the stretch for an extended amount of time. The another thing I noticed is that doing the exercise while erect allowed me to enhance another theory I have in penis enlargement, The 100%+ Theory. This theory is mainly focused at girth but I realized that the same applies to length. When the penis is 100% hard and you are able to bring your girth beyond this point it allows for beyond maximum expansion, essentially creating new girth growth faster than if you were training below the 100% erect mark. When training length at 100% any expansion beyond that maximum length will manifest faster, new length. The problem in penis enlargement up until now is getting enough power to stretch the penis in an erect state but using the heal of the foot allows for the needed force to stretch beyond the 100% mark allowing for faster growth.

I will create a step by step exercise with illustration in the Am and post it here on the penis enlargement BLOG board.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Flaccid Jelq: Penis Enlargement Observations and Growth

Lately, although I have not actively done penis enlargement in the past 18 months, I have been trying a new idea (maybe old in penis enlargement but I just started messing with it.) In theory, the Flaccid Jelq seems to incorporate some basic physics that may help along gains. I will try to explain my theory and why it will benit length in penis enlargement.

In a completely flaccid state, preferably after ejaculation and a hot shower, apply hydrocortisone to the penis. Hydrocortisone is available with or without a prescription. Low-strength preparations (0.5% or 1%) are used without a prescription for the temporary relief of minor skin irritations, itching, and rashes (among other alilments) The reason I like it is because of it's extended, non-oily, healing properties. It stays lubricated during the penis enlargement exercises and any type of irritation is healed due to it's healing properties.

I prefer doing this after ejaculation and a hot shower because it puts the penis in a very relaxed state making it very accepting to a stretched state. I will apply about a 1/2 teaspoon of the cream to my penis and be sure it is completely saturated before I begin. I always thought that stretching for penis enlargement was better performed with a dry, grip-able penis but it seems as though this exercise really works with little grip at all.

Once my penis is relaxed and covered with the cream I will grab the base of my penis with my fore finger and thumb and with the other hand, using the forefinger and thumb, I will do a sliding stretch from the base to the tip. I may even do a full OK grip, type, stretch. I think that staying flaccid allows for greater stretching and length potential. I imagine that if I were stretching something like taffy I would want it to be soft, warm and pliable and it seems as though the penis, in the state it is, things stretch more efficiently.

I will get more into the science of it later today because it is complex and I have a few things to take care of but in the mean time try to envision this exercise. I will also create a sketch to better understand it's form.


Hydrocortisone may be prescribed by your doctor to relieve the itching, redness, dryness, crusting, scaling, inflammation, and discomfort of various skin conditions; the inflammation of ulcerative colitis or proctitis; or the swelling and discomfort of hemorrhoids and other rectal problems.

This medication is sometimes prescribed for other uses; ask your doctor or pharmacist for more information.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My Personal Diary: July 2, 12:00pm>>>Remembering to Remember


Shit I really need something like this at my current point in life.

The point is you never needed it as you have always had it. I am not trying to give you something new, or something that I created....I am only trying to help you remember that you knew it all along, you only forgot.

the Source has always been readily available to you. Somewhere along the line we have separated ourselves and awareness from it. DLD is going to help you get reconnected to it... once you make the reconnection it's going to be awesome.

My Response

That separation can be seen in larger ways and when we become aware of these detachments we become aware of our own life-force. When you consider science and religion, with a un-bias, rational mind, it is plain to see that both branches of knowledge are saying the exact thing but the distance between the 2 is so broad and clouded with mis-education that the simplicity of it's original meaning is lost. The law of conservation of energy states that: the total amount of energy in any isolated system remains constant but cannot be recreated, although it may change forms, e.g. friction turns kinetic energy into thermal energy. In thermodynamics, the first law of thermodynamics is a statement of the conservation of energy for thermodynamic systems, and is the more encompassing version of the conservation of energy. In short, the law of conservation of energy states that energy can not be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another. If you ask a theologian who or what God is you will be likely to get an answer very similar to the law of conservation of energy. In short God can not be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another. God has always been and always will be, the same thing Science is saying.

These divisions are also prevalent in the separation of countries, language, color, relationships, gender, essentially any system that has a positive and negative magnetic force will show a division (great or small) I realized a great separation in myself some years ago and the separation was one of self-realization. I always knew everything I needed to know in order to get anything I wanted but somewhere along the way I forgot. A good story I use to show this example is a cute one. It is appropriate too as much of what I am teaching in my new book is based on age regression and reeducation in the spirit of a child. Read on:)

There was a young couple who had a 4 year old son. The young boys name was Will. The couple got pregnant and Will became scared and jealous that things would change if the new baby came along. His worry was evident to the couple as he was very vocal. They knew in time he would become used to the idea but it did sadden them. After some months they gave birth to beautiful girl named Eva. Since Eva had her own room the couple worried about her sleeping so they purchased baby monitors so they could hear what was happening in her room while she slept. One evening, while they were watching tv, they heard footsteps crossing. They were listening to Will as he crept into Eva's room. Their first instinct was to run upstairs to make sure no bad came about but they did not, they sat and listened. As they heard him creep up to the crib they could tell Will was lowering the crib gate. Soon they heard a whisper. Will said "pssss, Eva, wake up. I want to ask you something." The couple turned up their monitor to hear better then they heard Will ask Eva a question, "Eva, please tell me about God, I'm starting to forget."

The story is meant to invoke a realization that Will was still aware of his power of being a child, a power that allowed him to do so much magic. A magic of imagination that allowed the child to have and do all he wanted. You see Will was forgetting this knowledge because of the ill-education of the world around him and he knew that Eva still knew as Eva was so much closer to God's knowledge because she had yet to forget.

The Alpha+Blade system will teach you how to remember all the things you have forgot. Once you can remember and apply the magic that has been with you for all time you will see and do things you never dreamed possible.

Think about being a child for a minute. I can remember when I was young getting a large cardboard box. Some friends and I cut holes in the box and colored to box with crayons and markers. We created a bright green jeep from the cardboard box. We all got inside and we drove all over the universe. We saw the great pyramids, we drove through the Caspian Sea, we explored the planets and stars, we explored so many places and we brought back so many souvenirs. Rocks from Mars, stardust from Alpha-Centuri, sand from Egypt and water from the great sea. Within hours we had created this incredible journey to the ends of the universe and we never left that cardboard box....GET THE POINT?:)

I promise you that the Alpha-Blade System will show you how to take a cardboard box and make anything you want.

Little fella:�

DLD you have a very powerful mindset the way that you can turn your life around has really given me motivation as I am trying to change something in my life at this current time. I like the way that you have done it as well I am going to follow this and I can not wait for the alpha blade to be released.

My Response:

July 4th, as promised, I will have the BLOG site up and running. Thanks for your support.