Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Personal Diary: June 29th, 1:11pm>>>Adam and Eve the Electrons

goinfor11x7;306362: I've watched you grow and transform yourself. You let it all hang out. Why not? It's only the fear-filled and the shame-based who don't allow themselves to do this. You are my inspiration, as always, good one.

Your art work is remarkably creative, as are you.

I surely understand how it's about pulling it all together. Our thinking is remarkably similar in this regard.

I understand the anger. I understand the self-destructive impulses. I understand the deep depression. I understand the relief when it is lifted. Most people I have known with your kinds of talents have these swings--it comes with the territory. So as deep as the valleys are, the creative heights can be equally dazzling.

Thank you, brother, for all you have given and will continue to give to us.

My Response

We have discussed these things in great detail and we have always been on the same page. I spend every day with my Son and half the kids from his school:) (well feels like half) but I am surrounded with children every day. On the weekends I like to have them come stay with me at the ALPHA+BLADE STUDIO. The studio inspires many facets of education as it is filled with a great library, a inspiring art studio, a music recording studio a wonderful theatre and a place to conduct experiments and do projects. It is kind of like being at Xavier's School For Gifted children. We discuss many subjects and every weekend we explore something new and in the spirit of curiosity we have a lot of fun.

Last night we watched Wall-E and Eve, the new Disney film. The film is loosely based on the first few books of Genesis so when we made it home to the Studio we discussed everyones view on the film. I highly recommend seeing it, Pixar does an incredible job with the animation and the messages are very well delivered to any age.

WHile sitting around the theatre area, watching Deja Vu, starring Denzel Washington and Paula Patton, one of my sons friends asked to read the Bible. We discussed the story of Adam and Eve and what the Bible was trying to say. His question was more about knowledge and why it was the very thing that dispelled the couple from the garden. He also asked if ALPHA+BLADE was like eating from the tree of knowledge because of how easy it is for us to transform ourselves or gain what ever we desire through creative, deliberate creation. This question was one I struggled with when I was starting ALPHA+BLADE, it seemed as though I could pretend anything into existence and quite frankly, the knowledge scared me. I wondered why other people did not use this knowledge and I started to think maybe I shouldn't. Just like most of the modern world, I perverted the message to the point of self-denial and an acceptance of a miserable, unaware existence.

So he asked me what did the message mean to me. I view Adam and Eve with the highest regard and it is a very important lesson in the ALPHA+BLADE program. When the Garden of Eden was first created and Adam and Eve were given domain over the entire place they were told that they had already known everything, they did not need to learn more because they already knew. The tree of Life was available to them and the tree would give them eternal life but God also put the tree of Good and Evil (the Tree of Knowledge) in the Garden too. This tree symbolized God's mind and refraining from eating from it was a way of Adam and Eve to show a commitment to the trust they had in God and his words that they needed nothing more than the perfect knowledge they already possessed.

Like most humans today, Adam and Eve became ignorant through their own education and essentially forgot that they already knew everything they needed to know, well at least everything they needed to know to live in eternal bliss. In the forgetting of this self-realization of perfection they chose to eat the fruit of the tree of KNOWLEDGE. Their hope was to find out what God was hiding from them, what knowledge God had that they did not. They fell victim to the serpent, the snake representing evil, and his promises that there was more beyond their knowledge failing to see that God was only protecting them from the bad of the world. When they tried to peek into the mind of God their world collapsed into a place surrounded by human error...the magic dispersed.

If you understand Quantum Mechanics you will understand the miracle of the electron. An electron is an elementary particle, a very tiny or quantum sized particle. It is independent and it is essentially one. It is kind of like a marble, a single bit of energy...kind of like a human. A single electron, can become 2 electrons and go from being a particle to becoming a wave. "How" it is done is the mystery of Quantum Physics and when a scientist tries to "peek" the electron realizes it is being watched and goes back to acting like a particle.

The magnitude and association of the book of Adam and EVe and Quantum Mechanics is identical on a metaphorical level (in my opinion on every level) . Just like Eve and Adam trying to peek on the mind of God and the scientist peeking on the electron result in a collapse of the magic and a reality is established. Prior to viewing either God's mind, or the electron for this matter, all possibilities are in super position, meaning anything is possible. We decide the outcome and that is a magic we have always possessed...we only forgot. Trying to find out "how" it is done is where we fail...this is trying to eat from a tree of knowledge we already posses. Quite the paradox.

I like to see my past, negative experience (crime, ,hate, violence, shit like that) as the very basis for my ability to effectively speak on how to change these things. I could not have become the positive person I am if I did not have my negative experience to contrast it. How the hell can a psychiatrist tell me I am Bi-Polar if he is not himself? He can't. I can't have the appreciation for my positive change unless I once lived it's opposite. Who can know red without knowing blue? Everything I have gained is in sharp contrast to what I did not have. The way I got it is through the magic of the universe and my realization of myself and the power that resides in me.


PS: This gallery is based purely on the Garden of Eden Video. My newest gallery on the Reunification of Adam and Eve and their need to have children, which I will get up today on video (if you are local it is on display in Starbucks in Northampton, MA) until the end of June.)

Thanks again for the support

Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Personal Diary: Where I am and what I am doing

My Personal Diary: Where I am and what I am doing PLEASE READ OFTEN

Over the last 3 years I have been working on the Alpha+Blade project. This project coincides with when a very important relationship ended in my life. May 4th, 2004 is when Jennifer left me because of so many issues in her, my and our lives. When earlier, in 2005-06, I was going to release Alpha+Blade I thought I was ready but was wrong. I had so much more to learn before I could make the website, book and film public.

The Alpha+Blade series of media sources are based solely on the things I learned during the last 3 years and how they apply to my past and future. On May 4th, 2004 my girl left me. She is the love of my life and losing her was one of largest travesties I have endured. Her departure not only destroyed me on a romantic level but it infected every other part of my life. Most of my time, at that point, was spent on MOS and I let every other part of myself wane and wither. The things Jennifer, my son Armando and every other person who loved me, that made up Michael Salvini as the happy, magical person I was became distorted and disreguarded. Every aspect of those qualities became hidious and I was quite blind to their dimisee. I could not see what had happened to me, I was convinced the rest of the world was wrong and they were against me. I truly could not see the errors of my way and because of this I was left alone to myself, losing everything that was ever important to me.

The story progresses from there, as many may already know, and I essentially deliberately, created my life back into existence. I was left in a apartment that I had ripped every wall from. The place Jennifer and I lived was reduced to a 2 floor warehouse. No bathroom, kitchen, rooms, closets, nothing...four walls just staring at a nigga I credit that line to the Ghetto Boyz but it is soooo true. It was me, myself and I in the middle of a framed out room.

I could not bare the thoughts of staying in the apartment (which later becomes the Alpha+Blade Studios) so I jumped on a plane to Southern, Florida. This is where my business partner and best friend, Jaz, resides. I spent the next 4 months living with Jaz for 3 months and approximately 4 weeks on my own. I only brought my clothes, books and some notebooks and pens. On the flight I made a list of the things I needed to change in my world. The list was longer than my cock Anyway, over this time I educated myself on many subject and essentially started a system of self education that led me to creating the book and it's other outlets. When I returned to my home in Massachusetts (the one with no walls) well, the house now was worse...there were no longer utilities.

I could not stay there so I moved in with my Ex-Wife and Son. I spent about 6 months there until I was asked to leave, due mainly to my extreme depression and obsession with making some huge changes. During my stay Armand and I worked a lot on the Alpha+Blade project. We filled note books with the changes I was making and how I was doing it. He was able to help me focus and study the many books I wanted to know. We did series of experiments and worked tirelessly on the book and solving the laundry list of problems in my life.

When I left his home I had close to 10 college notebooks filled. I am not sure why I chose to write it down instead of typing it on my computer. I guess the freedom of the pen and paper made a greater companion than the heaviness of a impersonal computer. This also allowed me to quickly scribble drawings and equations on ideas that came to mind. When in Florida, the biggest problem was the massive collection of note and school books that were accumulating with great speed and weight. I spent a couple weeks living in the wilderness when in Florida. Since I was living outdoors the books became cumbersome. I also needed to worry about them becoming weathered, as I was outside during Hurricane Katrina. Funny enough, after Katrina hit many of the great, palm trees were uprooted leaving massive caves of shelter under tham. I spent about 2 weeks living in one tree by a lake As much as it seems like it would have sucked, it did not. I learned a lot there

Anyway upon moving back into my Massachusetts empty warehouse I went into a deep depression. I did not work for a few months and basically paced the bare, bleached white, floors only occasionally stopping long enough to scribble a picture, words or some other thing on the floor. It was a few months before I decided to start work again but when I did....I REALLY DID!

I started to campaign fund raisers for the apartment to become Alpha+Blade Studios and raised enough money to complete it (plus feed me and my family.) I thank you people who supported this project as if it were not for you non of this would have manifested itself. A very special thanks to the major contributors who helped raise more than $40,000 at a time that I had no income. That money served a great purpose and it was a large part of fertilizer of the great seed that has grown into the Alpha+Blade systems.

While I built the Alpha+Blade Studio I did a majority of my work in Starbucks across the East Coast. This is the reason I entitled the book "THE BALL, Conversations at Starbucks the Alpha+Blade Project" The Ball was a name my Son came up with as he felt when we exchanged ideas and answers we were passing a great ball of energy. Since most of my conversations took place in the local Starbucks Coffee Houses I decided to credit the people. I also needed to include the root of the Alpha+Blade people, you guys and the things you taught me. The title is long but I am all about making things bigger, longer and greater.

Essentially the Alpha+Blade book and film are a set of steps that will show people how to get exactly what they want in life. The methods are a seamless entanglement of every subject from science, math and religion to physics, motivation and philosophy. I wrote the book in the spirit of a tragic comedy but I am sure there will be something for everyone in there. The steps are very basic and proved hardest in finishing this project is to present these methods in the simplest way.... essentially ABC/123.

Some of what I have accomplished are:

Alpha+Blade Studios

An offer to write a thesis for Princeton University based on one of my notebooks on mathematics and physics. (I have an 8th grade education.)

Losing 140 pounds in 4 months, with maximum body mass to muscle.

Completing 4 books on Physics, Mathematics, a Autobiography and a perpetual graphic novel.

Completed two full art galleries and received national exposure.

Made MOS the largest Men's Sexual Health Site in the World.

Acquired 2 original Pablo Picasso's for almost no money with full provence and COA.

Collected 2 of my favorite automobiles (again using no money)

Made thousands of friends and connections.

I received property in Washington DC, South Beach and The Virgin Islands (again using no money, I actually received money when I did it)

1000's of other things but mainly my relationship with Armando, my Son and Jennifer, my fianc� is again, reunited but at a level that is beyond any I could every dream.

Recently I have been very busy assembling a team to create the production of the Alpha+Blade Systems. I have been doing interviews and organizing the last parts of the project. Again, I will have the site and forums up for free and they will feature everything in the film and book. I already know the book and film will be a huge financial success so giving away the information is a joy.

I thank all of you for all of your continuing support and I will update this thread here and in the Alpha+Blade BLOG over the next few dates. I was going to launch the websites on the 4th of July but I may start the BLOG early.

I hope everyone can forgive my absence in MOS but I feel as though everything you could ever know about your sexuality already exists in you as it exists here. Every answer you need exists within this site but I still love answering the questions over and over....It makes me feel needed I will try to post daily and catch up on all the inquiries I have missed.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Penis Enlargement and Supplements...Penis Enlargement Pills

In penis enlargement many men first become aware of it through penis enlargement pills. This is normal as 90% of the penis enlargement market is penis enlargement pills. In many ways this deters men from starting penis enlargement and others who do start penis enlargement end up quitting due to the lack of results. It is important for men to be aware that penis enlargement pills will not increase the size of the penis independently. The hopes that men do have when purchasing these products is usually based on false advertisements where the advertisers will promote outlandish claims like "4 inches in 4 weeks" or "gain an inch in a week" which are complete nonsense.

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There other supplements that are promoted online for penis enlargement or general penis health are herbs like L-Arginine, HCL, Horny Goat Weed, Maca, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Siberian Ginseng, Tribulus Terrestrius, Yohimbe Extract and others. All of the above ingredients are in the TITAL penis supplemental pills. Purchasing these items separately would cost far more than using the TITAN formula, or any other penis enlargement pills for that matter.

So, in the future, if you do want to supplement, NOT REPLACE, your penis enlargement exercise routine with a pill that combines all herbs used in penis enlargement in one supplement go for the TITAN pills. BUT, without exercise there will be very little, if any gains happening. Nothing will ever replace the good old fashion penis enlargement exercises but for the few who have money after gas, well they are a nice supplement.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pacification Techniques

In so many situations men will subconsciously keep themselves from good things in life. Particularly in and around sexual situations. In my own life I have very similar patterns where I will will want something but I feel as though I do not deserve that thing and I will subconsciously keep myself from receiving the good thing I want. I do this because of past experience and negative self views based on that past event(s). Pacification is a, at first glance, a negative way to deal with blocking out negative thoughts because it seems as though we are stuffing our emotions instead of dealing with them. This simply is not true. Pacification is a way of helping ourselves through an insecure situation and in a sort of "pretending" way we are able to receive a good thing simply by avoiding the negative thought.

Pacification is something we associate with an infant and in it's simplicity and our complex reasoning we forget that a pacifier gets an infant to, through and into a happy state by simply avoiding the negative one. When a thought of inadequacy, paranoia, fear, or any other debilitation emotion enters our mind we are faced with a choice. Actually, we are faced with infinite choices. The road we decide to travel is a simple choice. We can wallow in the negative thought and that very thought will eventually create substance bringing validity to the actual fear. In essence you will have created your own fear to a physical reality. By the same methods you could choose to change, or pacify the thought with another positive, reassuring thought. However fake it may feel at first, the positive thought you create will too manifest itself into a physical reality. The beauty of this pacification IS the possibilities of the thought(s) you choose to submerge in. If you purposely change your thought, this will change your emotions and if you are able to pacify yourself long enough the actual pacification, that you are using as a comfort method to ease into or through a fear, will become a true, real, weighable, reality of your happiness.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Biggest Announcement Ever ALPHA BLADE the BALL

For the past three years I have been working on the world's greatest motivational system ever, ALPHA BLADE the BALL. It has been three years in the making and every moment of the past three years has been spent perfecting my work. I am currently working on a official press release which I will make ALPHA BLADE the BALL public within the next few days.

The ALPHA BLADE the BALL system will revolutionize the way anyone looks at life, themselves, what they want in life and how to get it. I have made very important, joyous, miraculous things happen in my life and the past three years I have perfected these methods I use so I can share them with you. Many have seen the some of the miracles of my methods through penis enlargement and how I gained 4" of length and 2" of girth, through weight loss and how I dropped 140 pounds in 4 months, through business and how my Men's Sexual Health site Matters of Size has grown to be the biggest in the word, through almost everything I do now.

I have waited three years to release this because there was one thing I had to wait for before making this announcement pubic. 3 years ago the love of my life, Jennifer Gallant, left me. When she left there was no way she was ever coming back. EVeryone who knew us, her, me knew that this breakup was a permanent one. The week she left I started to develop Alpha Blade. I needed her to be back with me, I love her more than life and life without her would be the saddest thing so this is when I stated looking at me and at what I needed to do to het Jennifer back. I made a list of all the parts of myself I hated, all of my failures, all of my shortcomings, every detail of negativity and I was brutally honest. I looked at this list long and hard and thought to myself, "If I can change all of these things about myself and get Jennifer back then I could do anything." That list was filled with horrors, hate, just the most awful stuff I could ever think about myself. I had goals of grander and some of the changes seemed physically impossible.

I systematically accomplished every one of those goals and changes over the past three years but 1 and that one was Jen. Prior to that goal were a pile of goals so high and seemingly impossible I never thought I would get there, but I did. I am happy to say Jennifer came home this month (3 years to the day she lest) and we are now engaged to be married. We are happier than we ever have been and the love we share is without boundaries. It is a true miracle. This reunification did not happen out of phone calls as we only spoke 2 times over the past three years and neither conversation held any real substance. The calls were short and blunt. I only saw her one time 2.5 years ago where she told me she hated me and wished me to die. Beyond this was no conversation and I had no idea where she lived.

The only methods I used to make this (and every other goal on my list) happen is through the ALPHA BLADE the BALL Methods. Jen called me on May 7 and asked me to come get her and I did. We are now living in complete happiness. This may sound strange to those who do not know these methods but I promise you that you will soon. Today I set goal after goal and accomplish them with ease. Please stay tuned for the Press Release and I will post daily on more of this story. She is home and as I promised myself (and you) ALPHA BLADE the BALL is beginning to bounce.