Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Penis Enlargement for the Busy Man

Penis Enlargement for the Busy Man

For a lot of men penis enlargement just does not fit into their day. I can understand being busy and setting aside an hour everyday to do penis enlargement, well it's difficult. This was a problem for me at one time. I worked a job that was full time in an office. I tried to do my penis enlargement in the AM and it became troublesome, not because of the penis enlargement but because of how long it took. I am hoping this BLOG will help men fit penis enlargement into their busy schedules.

For a lot of men, not having time is just not true. I like to call these penis enlargement seekers LAZY. The type of man I am speaking of is one that could easily find the time to schedule penis enlargement into his day but he would rather watch tv, play video games, etc. These guys need to stop being lazy and put penis enlargement in their daily schedule. If men do penis enlargement half ass their gains will suffer and eventually they will probably quit. This is a sad because penis enlargement gains would have come to them but for lack of desire they lost out. Now, these are not the men I am addressing this BLOG to, it is those who truly have no time to fit penis enlargement in without screwing up their entire schedule.

There was a post in one of the penis enlargement forums called "Stealth Penis Enlargement" It basically was a way to fit penis enlargement into a day that really has no time or very little privacy. In the standard way of doing penis enlargement a man dedicates about an hour everyday to his exercise. For me, when I was active, I eventually broke my penis enlargement up between AM and PM. I would do my length portion of penis enlargement in the morning, before work, and I would do my girth portion of penis enlargement in the evening. This enabled me to have more time to do my daily work without hurting my schedule too much. For me it worked but I did do another form of the same penis enlargement training later on.

I started doing many small penis enlargement sessions throughout the day. I was still doing the AM/PM penis enlargement but I also did what I will call "Many Sessions Workout." Lets say you have no time accept the bathroom breaks and other private moments throughout the day and evening. During each one of these moments you can put in a mini-penis enlargement session. I will right out a sample routine. I would suggest taking as many bathroom breaks that you can, tell your boss your bladder shrunk:) Works every time:)

OK, getting to the penis enlargement again. Here is a sample of Many Session Workout. Lets pretend this guys name is Tom. Tom is a real estate salesman. Tom's day is filled with appointments and he spends much of his day driving from appointment to appointment. Lets say that he has an average of 9 appointments a day. Tom wakes up at 6:00AM and he works until 5:00PM at which time he usually has a business dinner which goes on till 7:30PM. Tom drives home and usually is home by 8:00PM. Tom has 5 kids and he needs to do homework with them which takes another hour on average. At around 10:00 Tom takes his 10 minute shower getting cleaned up for sex. It is now 10:00PM and Tom also has a very horny wife and she demands an hour of sex every night (sounds nice:)) Tom's workweek is usually 7 days a week with very few weekends off....I hope Tom makes some good money...He deserves it! But Tom also deserves a big penis and he can have it.

With this schedule I can understand why Tom finds it impossible to fit penis enlargement into his lifestyle. I am sure many of you guys who are reading this see a similar pattern in your day and I hope you can apply this workout into your schedule.

Wake at 6:00: Before getting out from under the covers do 3 thirty second stretches. One stretch straight up towards your chin. Use full intensity and hold for 30 seconds. Do one stretch straight down repeating the method. Do one more upper stretch holding for 30 seconds.

On the half hour drive to work Tom does a LAZY ASS STRETCH. Click the link for an explanation in full but basically you stretch your penis back, through your legs as far as possible and do what Fonzy say's "Sit on it...AAAAAA" This small multi task takes no time away from TOm but Tom gets a full 30 minutes of stretching without doing anything more than drive to work.

Once at work Tom uses the restroom before his first appointment. Tom can does PISS PULLS. Piss Pulls are a simple straight out stretch. I suggest doing 3 thirty second stretches. One straight out, one straight out to the left and one straight out to the right.

Tom now drives to his first appointment 10 minutes away. During this time Tom does his PC Workout. A PC workout is a way of strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Strong PC muscles mean larger, stronger erections with more staying power. This routine is down as a multi-task so no hands are necessary. Here are the instructions to performing this 5-10 minute routine.

PC Muscle Fitness

100 quick Kegel squeezes (a kegel is a muscle flex. It is easy to isolate this muscle group. The muscle movement is the same one you use to stop the flow of urine midstream or when you bounce your erection without touching it. Of course you do not need to be hard when doing a kegel.)

50 of the following:
Kegel or Squeeze your PC muscle as hard as you can, hold for 5 seconds then slowly release for 2 seconds. When you have finished the 50 your PC muscle will be screaming. This is a good sign. Now to finish the exercise start squeezing and hold for 1 minute, if you get tired squeeze harder until the minute is complete.

Tom can take the rest of the afternoon off. If he wants to fit in additional Lazy Ass Stretches on his drives between appointments he should do so, if he wants to do more kegel work he could do the same.

When Tom returns home he can relax until he takes his shower. If you can have total privacy and maybe an additional 5 minutes in the bathroom Tom can do his entire girth workout then. The beauty of doing girth at this time is that when Tom is done his girth will be huge and his wife will appreciate that during sex:)

Basically what Tom does is an exercise called SLOW SQUASH JELQS The link provides instructions and illustrations on how to perform the exercise. You will do a mini-version. It can be done in the shower or on the toilet. After studying the exercise I suggest a 5-10 minute session.

Well, there ya go. Tom now not only fit penis enlargement into his schedule, he also did it without giving up barely any of his time. This is a sample but I am sure you can apply it to your schedule. If you want to post your workout along these lines please do so in this BLOG.


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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Allowing Penis Size Insecurities Hinder Sex Life

Allowing Penis Size Insecurities Hinder Sex Life

This is a topic recently posted at my other penis enlargement forum�. �It is something many guys think about and it is not the first time I have heard this on my�penis enlargement site. In the penis enlargement business I have met 100's of guys who have not had sex because of their penis size Many guys who have met a woman who made them feel small and lost all confidence in sex. I remember years before I got into penis enlargement I met a girl. Out of all of the women I have been with this girl was the only to tell me I was smaller than her x. She did say I had a big cock (6.5" at the time) but the comment stuck with me. In many ways it fueled my work in penis enlargement.

Today I know better. Words from another in the context of promoting male penis shame have very little to do with you and much more to do with them. A woman who tells a man that his penis is small has twisted motives. Mean-spirited words, on the surface, have very little to do with there intended victim. In most cases these type of words are just like a mirror. People who feel insecurities about themselves mirror these insecurities through trying to bring another down. You may be sitting there saying "yeah, but I have a small penis" and even if this be the case her or his mean words still are a mirror.

The value of a man is not based on his penis, no, it is based on his mind. As I have said many times before, believe in yourself, realize that you can accomplish anything, you only need to believe in yourself. The penis is important to men because they allow it to do so. In penis enlargement so many come into it with strong thought that the penis is everything. In addition to teaching penis enlargement I also coach these men through their insecurities and self-image problems. Once these men start to believe in themselves their penis becomes just another part of their whole being.

For those who experienced mean words about your penis understand that words can do nothing to you if you let them go. Having a small penis, or what you view as such, can be changed. You are here reading this BLOG therefore you want help in penis enlargement but also realize that I will teach you how to completely love yourself....ALL PARTS. Just to remind those men who have now clue about average penis size, length is 5.5", girth is .75" and 96% of the men in fall into this category give a half inch or so. Those who are just realizing that you do not have a small penis, congratulations. Those who fall below the above stats, I congratulate and salute you for you have embarked on the penis enlargement journey of body and mind!

For those who have not had sex for fear of a small penis I hope the above paragraph has helped in a profound way. I say go and have sex, enjoy sex, poke fun at yourself, laugh when you hear mean words, never take them to heart. Sex is a beautiful thing, especially when it with someone you love. If a woman loves you she will love all of you. I remember before I had my soul mate I had certain things that turned me on but I also had certain things I disliked in a girl. My girl came to me with parts I thought I disliked but today they are the parts I love the most. I know many can relate to this, it is called unconditional love, a love you should also have for yourself.