Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some advice of Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis Enlargement Surgery is becoming an option many men are leaning towards. It should first be known that there are many other options to consider in penis enlargement. There are also costs and risks that should be researched before approaching a decision to have penis enlargement surgery.

The average cost of penis enlargement length surgery is about $5,000.00 Other procedures like girth enlargement or glans enlargement will cost from $2000.00 and up depending on the surgeon. Penis enlargement length surgery gives about 1/2-1" in flaccid size increase. Erect size is usually less than 1/2 inch.

When the surgery is completed, in most cases, the surgeon will send you home with an extender like the one we sell on this blog. Funny but our price is $149.00 and I have seen some of the surgeons charging in access of $800.00 for the identical product. So if you have the surgery be sure to purchase your extender elsewhere. The reason an extender is suggested to the patient is to further lengthen the penis. In the surgery the suspensory ligaments are cut and this allows the penis to hang longer. The extender is suggested to increase the erect size.

The dangers vary and I thorough research is important. There are many sites online that will tell you the risks of penis enlargement surgery. You can also find it within this BLOG. The gains, as I stated, are minimal. I think most men only consider penis enlargement surgery because they have no idea there are other options.

The other options to consider are natural penis enlargement, penis pumping, extenders, hanging and some supplements like penis enlargement pills, penis enlargement creams, etc. Again, I suggest you research these methods also. Matters of Size is a natural penis enlargement site. The forum, site and this BLOG direct men towards penis enlargement exercise. There is some very good information on the 2 other Matters of Size site (www.mattersofsize.com and www.mattersofsize.com/forum) You will also find information and opinions on the other forms of penis enlargement.

The Matters of Size penis enlargement forum contains the following sub-forums:

Penis Enlargement Forum
Penis Enlargement Discussion.

The German MoS Penis Enlargement Forums.

Newbie Forum
This is For The Newbies of PE

Hanging Around
This forum is for the discussion of hanging.

Foreskin Restoration
For the discussion of foreskin restoration methods and experience.

Pumpers Forum
This is the Place to Discuss Penis Pumping.

Mental Penis Enlargement
Psychological P.E. � Self-View � Confidence � Emotional Support � Hypnosis

Your Routines and Progress
Post your current routine and progress reports

Body Building, Health, Fitness, Diet & Supplements
Discuss Diet, Health, Supplements and Exercise.

Mental Health and Wellness

Clamping Forum
Clamping information & help

Alternative and Experimental PE Methods
This is the Forum for Experimental and Alternate PE Devices and Methods inspired by Supra.

Penile Products, Reviews, Links & Problems
Penis Related Information, News & Links

Getting Better with Age
The older gentleman's club

Boo Boo's and Band-Aids
Issues on PE Injuries and Remedies, Peyronies/Bent Penis, Premature Ejaculation & Impotence

Picture Proof
Pictures from the members.

MOS Rules & PE Glossary
Please Read Before Posting.

Chuck's Chill Out Spot...Porn + Sex
The World'$ Best Skin and Wetness and it is all FREE

The Official Matters of Size Adult Toy Store. Penis Pumps, Cock Rings, DVDs, Toys, Books, Etc.

Dysfunctional Caf�
The Buzz from the WorldWackyWeb

Deep Thoughts
A place to discuss non-pe issues

The Dating & Seduction Center
Tips on dating, seduction and using your new penis.

This is the place to discuss sexual issues. � Sex Tips � Sexual Help

Pixxxture Forum
This is the place to post sexy pictures.

Erotic & Sexy Stories
Post your favorite erotic stories here.

Members Video Forum
The Spot for Video

Article Submission
This forum is only for the submission of articles relating to penis enlargement.

So there are many resources on the forum to study and discuss. There are a ton of members also who will give you advice and help you with your considerations concerning penis enlargement surgery as well as every other form of penis enlargement.

Another good site is www.altpenis.com. They are one of the oldest and most trustes penis enlargement informational sites. You can find a lot of very good info on all male sexual issues.


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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Music Can be a Penis Enlargement Motivator!

Some guys find it hard to get up the gumption to do their penis enlargement in a solid schedule. The thing is penis enlargement can be a dreaded task or an inspirational session. Aside from normal motivational methods, as found in this BLOG, things like self affirmation, penis enlargement hypnotism, cognitive practices, etc., I have found that music is my saving grace in a, potentially, boring session.

Music gets in your head and awakens your inner rhythm. Music, for myself, has allowed me to cry, laugh, celebrate, inspire, focus, and even get angry. It is very powerful. Using music in penis enlargement will help you find the mode of rhythm that will give you exactly the motivation you need. There are so many sources for music and with MP3 players it can be totally private.

A good thing to do if you want to incorporate music into your penis enlargement is to get a MP3 player and set up playlists that will help you get to where you need to be to accomplish a awesome session. I sometimes feel depressed, confused, angry and many other moods of negativity. I find it difficult to let these things go so I carry them with me everywhere I go. In some magical way music will change my mood into the mood I want. Set up playlists with fast heavy music, slow sad music, funk music, hip hop, everything. Find the songs that give you certain feeling and organize them. Not just for penis enlargement but for life in general.

Young or old music speaks to the soul. It fills us with sound, energy and light. When used properly music can change many things in your life. You want to get a better job, listen to that playlist that gets you amped. Think about what you want to accomplish, believe it and go and get it. If you want a girl, put on the playlist that makes you feel like the man. Picture her as yours, make her yours.

There are no excuses when our focus is correct and our attitude is filled with hope, inspiration and belief. Music has these powers. I love to see myself as an electrical being being made of countless atoms. The same atoms that make me up (and electrical) are the same for anything in this world. Music allows us to make a electrical connection to the things we want. No matter how far these accomplishments may be, your electrical connection makes them yours.

Magnetism is incredible. It allows us to pull the things we want to us. Music helps facilitate this. With the right music you can accomplish many things. Keep motivates, keep positive and keep getting the things you want.


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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Penis Trauma and Erectile Dysfunction/The Penis Enlargement Link

So many men, or women who read this blog, may wonder what Penis Enlargement has to do with erectile dysfunction. My experience in the Penis Enlargement field has allowed me to discuss erectile dysfunction with a vast group of men. As I stated in the last thread, most of these men did not have any physical impotence, their lack of erections (or quality of) was more of a psychological issue.

Negative thoughts plague us from all directions. We fall victim to these negative thoughts and they prevent us from accomplishing many goals or hopes as we allow the power of the negative mind stop us from the good things in life, things we all deserve. Many men feel as though they don't deserve these good things and that is what prevents them from acquiring them. As cliche as this may sound, it is very true, if you believe you can have something you can. Whether it is a car, a house, a job, a relationship, and yes, a large penis that can become erect. These are all within the reach of those who desire them but their lack of belief keeps them inches away from our grasp.

In Penis Enlargement the mental piece is vital to making gains. The physical work is completely necessary but, in a sense, it is a result of the motivational factors of a positive outlook and a belief in the goal and ourselves. Dreaming of something is the first step but by itself things rarely manifest themselves. I have seen many men in Penis Enlargement fail because they believed this would happen even before they begin. I have also seen men come into Penis Enlargement and make insane gains because they believed they could, they believed they deserved them and they were motivated to do the work needed to make this happen.

I have often said "There is money all over the ground, all you need to do is pick it up." This has very little to do with monetary factors but more about taking what is rightfully yours. Everywhere in life there are opportunities, choices, different paths and infinite possibilities. We choose one when we make a choice. When we make a decision our choice becomes they reality we believe in. This is as scientific as it is philosophical. Read the poem I have quoted by Robert Frost, understand it and see it's application to this thread. It has helped me understand choices I have made and will make. It is a sort of anthem for those who need to believe in themselves and the choices they make.

"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
and sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveller, long I stood
and looked down one as far as I could
to where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
and having perhaps the better claim
because it was grassy and wanted wear;
though as for that, the passing there
had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
in leaves no feet had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I --
I took the one less travelled by,
and that has made all the difference"

When we take a road less traveled, perhaps a change of attitude, we open up many wonderful revelations about ourselves. Just as in gaining in Penis Enlargement requires a positive outlook so does curing yourself from impotence. Erectile dysfunction, for many, is a choice. A decision that has created the necessary mental changes to make erections difficult. Changing this attitude is no small feat, it requires a strong, cognitive battle. A daily battle until we have become what we we want, what we deserve. The thoughts many men have about ED start pre-sex and manifest as sex progresses. A self defeatist dialogue may look like this:

I am feeling so sexual, I want to have sex with my girl.
But what if I can't get an erection?
Man, I hope I can get an erection and stay erect.
If I can't she will think I am such a loser.
Oh my goodness it is time for sex.
Come on, please work!
WHy is it not working *the hot flashes begin
What the fuck? Why is this happening?
*frustration sets in
This really sucks
This always happens.
She must think I am a loser.
I bet her old boyfriend never had this problem.
Fuck this, I will just stop having sex.
I never really deserved to have sex anyway
I have always been a loser
I hate myself.
etc., etc., etc.

Sound familiar? To many who have this psychological conversation may sound just like you. First we need to recognize the origin of this thought pattern to see where it began. It may have been an off night where you were not all there. Sex did not work and perhaps an argument ensued between your mate and you. Perhaps it was an injury you sustained that convinced you that your penis was "broke" somehow. Maybe it is a psychological trauma from a girl who may have belittled you as a man in some way. The reasons are numerous but it is important to find the origin of this thought pattern. Next thing I gather from the self conversation is a extreme tendency of irrationality. There are many definitive and judgmental term used. Things like "I can't", "This always happens" or "I hate myself". These terms leave no room for options. They are self accepted agreements that you wholeheartedly believe in.

There is also a tendency to make assumptions about the thoughts of your partner as stated in the dialogue as "She must think I am a loser." or "I bet her old boyfriend never had this problem." Assumptions are an agreement you make with yourself internally. Once an assumption is made we think and act on it as if we knew it were really true. Most of us have no idea how to read minds but we still become psychic when sex is involved. Many times, assumptions also lead to outward arguments with our partner. We may think "She must think I am a loser" and while in our frustrated state blurt out a remark to the affect of that assumption. In many ways we do this to affirm the negative thoughts about ourselves, it is almost as if we are looking for confirmation from our partner. When the argument ensues it usually leads to things being said that were not meant and trust being broken. I can understand this as the dialogue predicted it.

We can also get a picture of the human psyche, a picture that displays an addition to suffering. We, as humans, can become addicted to suffering just like any other habitual problems. It is much easier for us to fail than it is to succeed. We have been taught all our lives that we are not deserving of better things, we subscribe to the negative people around us, we validate our negative outlooks by the environment around us.

There is a strange phenomenon that is present in abusive relationships. Lets say a woman is being physically abused and leaves her man. In many cases she will repeatedly return to the relationship. Even though she is beat and abused she still returns. This has a lot to do with this discussion as she too is addicted. She has made an agreement with herself that this is what she deserves therefore she makes it a reality. This type of behavior is also present in any other form of self loathing where we allow the same thing to happen over and over even though it destroys us. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and hoping for different results. Of course they never happen but we think somehow they will.

We may hope that impotence does not happen but we still follow the same line of negative thinking hoping, somehow, it will change, get better or resolve itself. The same holds true in penis enlargement when men want to make gains so desperately but have already set themselves up to be the undeserving loser they believe they are. As sad as it is, it is true. When I first started penis enlargement I never allowed my thoughts to remain negative. I was constantly working on cognitive change and positive self affirmation. Penis enlargement for me was a snap. I believed in it, I believed I could gain doing it, I was motivated with a positive outlook, I was willing to work my ass off to get it and I got it. I left no room for failure, in my mind I had already accomplished my penis enlargement goals before I even started. The mental picture was clear and I only needed to become it...I did.

In erectile dysfunction the same approach need to be applied. As fake as it may seem we need to change the self dialogue and practice this mantra, of sorts, constantly until it sticks.

Lets look at the dialogue again with a complete positive outlook:

I am feeling so sexual, I want to have sex with my girl.
I can't wait, it is going to be so good?
Man, I can see myself thrusting with such power, such stamina, such virility.
She will be so impressed.
AWESOME! It is time for sex.
Let me start with some passionate foreplay and make my girl hot!
These hot flashes are so sexy, I love sweaty sex.
This is the best sex ever!
*eroticism continues
This is really incredible.
I am such a master of sex.
I know she thinks I am the man!
She's never had sex this good.
Fuck, I love having sex.
I deserve this so much!
I am such a winner!
I love myself.
etc., etc., etc.

This is the initial ticket to your way back to erections of fury. Physically you can add penis enlargement as one of the incredible side effects is much stronger erections and staying power. There is so much for you to discover as a positive person...there is so much money to pick up.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Penis Trauma and Erectile Dysfunction/The Penis Enlargement Link

Being so involved with the penis enlargement industry it would be easy to assume that I only deal with a clientele that is only interested in penis enlargement. For a short while this may have been true (in my early days in penis enlargement) but my involvement with men soon took on all aspects of male sexuality, mental and physical. Over the years many of my clients have sought out advice on issues having nothing to do with penis enlargement. The largest area of inquiry is erectile dysfunction. I think the connection of erectile dysfunction to penis enlargement is a size issue. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction may see their penis size as being smaller than that of their youthful past.

The most common reason men have erectile dysfunction is some sort of trauma to the penis. Either physically (or mentally) some kind of trauma was experienced and it caused some sort of erectile dysfunction. If you have ever injured your penis you can relate to an immediate reaction that you may think your penis will never work again. I have injured myself and I , in different intensities, caused myself some kind of erectile dysfunction. The injuries I have experienced during my life have never caused any kind of "physical" dysfunction but my mind has created a dysfunction that is, non the less, dtysfunctioning.

Mentally you may have experienced some kind of penile trauma. Perhaps you had a sexual experience where your mate said something that belittled your penis, maybe you got made fun on in the locker rooms in high school, but whatever your trauma was mentally it still may result in penis, erectile dysfunction.

I reckon Viagra has a clientele where less than 1% really need the drug. Erectile dysfunction, in my experience with penis enlargement men, has been completely a psychological issue. In my 6 years in penis enlargement, I have never met a man who has not been able to cure erectile dysfunction trough penis enlargement (mental and physical). This may seem trivial to some but with a membership base of more than 110,000 people, I feel as though penis enlargement has given me the right to explore and advise on these issues.

Injuring the penis in some sort of permanent way is very difficult. Being made up of soft tissue with now bones, damage to the penis, is near impossible. Erections have little to do with the penis. The penis is only an awaiting bag, waiting to be filled with blood so it is able to become erect. The penis is only a recipient of this erection inducing blood, the true ability to getting an erection is found in the brain. We se, mell, hear or touch something sexy and our mind manifests this fantasy and the information is sent to the penis which fills with blood. Without some sort of sexual signal, the penis would not become erect. If the brain is responsible for an erection, 100% of the time, how likely would erectile dysfunction and penile trauma be?

I am not saying that physical erectile dysfunction does not exist but I am saying that physical erectile dysfunction is near impossible to happen. The penis, as stated above, is NOT independently wired to create it's own erection. The brain/penis signal is necessary to facilitate an erection. If the mind is not sexually aroused the penis will not become erect.

The human thought process is very quick. We can be thinking about one thing and in a slit second be thinking about something completely different. WHen we have a sexual thought(s) we deliver a electrical impulse to the penis and the penis response by become rigid. Now, if you think about the penis/mind connection as a highway and a car needs to get from point a (the brain) to point B (the penis) we can imagine a direct route between the 2. If there is a traffic jam on this highway it will take the car, traveling from point A to B, a greater deal of time. The jam may present the car from ever getting to it's destination. The same line of thought relates to the bodies ability to achieve an erection. A sexual thought needs a clear path to the penis for the penis to accept this data and create an erection. This brings us to psychological dysfunction.

All of the men, who have penis dysfunction, I have met through penis enlargement have told me that when they are having ED they are not thinking about sex but they are thinking about something else (much of the time ED) Even those who say they are felling extremely sexual say that a non-sexual thought come up which replaces the sexual one. This interfering thought is the traffic jam. When we are trying to get an erection and we allow negative thoughts manifest themselves, we are causing ED.

To be continued...

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Cellular Impact of Penis Enlargement

Does Mechanical force start the production of cellular division? What determines the final size of the penis? Obviously compression eliminates the division of cells so how does expansion effect the cell? At one point, in any mans life, he will reach his maximum size (growth and development, not including volume i.e. weight gain). An interesting question is what accounts for the differences in similar organisms final size differences? Why does puberty stop and start at different times for each human?

Although , as men, our bio-chemistry is complex, the ability of morphogens to duplicate internal tissue and start cell growth is evidently an aftermath of the response they effect in cells and their ability to transport and apply properties. Are morphogens the determining factor in a tissues final size or are mechanical stresses applicable in continuing the growth process beyond the predetermined final size? Who, and what tells our tissue to stop growing?

Our cells contain information via D.N.A. and this information is definite, the cell has instructions and the R.N.A. (the facilitating portion of cell growth) follow out these instructions. When the completion of these instructions are implemented cellular growth, effectively, stops. How confusing is penis enlargement when a definite, predetermined cellular size is established and finalized?

Compression (a tissues normal or compressed state) acts as a kind of blockage to cellular growth. When expansion is present cells divide at accelerated levels in comparison to compressed cells/or tissue. Escalation in volume, particularly blood in PE, increases the total needs of the cell's and this increases the need for a greater membrane area. Just like a cell you can look at your penis as being a cellular being with internal structures held together by a membrane called the tunica and the skin. Once maximum capacity is met, and held for a period, the penis has little choice but to increase in size (or divide) This is pretty easy if cells act as any normal membrane and expand to accommodate increased volume. Hypothetically, expansion of the penis almost has to be initiated by reawakened morphogens and their contribution to tissue deformation.

If cells do not divide to accommodate increased size in PE they must act as an elastic solid of sorts. (see my thread on elastic theory) If a cell does not part from it's nucleus to increase membrane size it would need to stretch to accomplish this. Stretching a solid almost always leads to a total and permanent deformation of area. There is really no other option.

Bruce Edgar, a biologist from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle comments on the similarity of the pair �Growth suppression by compression is a plausible and attractive idea, Although the underlying molecular mechanism hasn�t been identified, there are some candidates. When a disk cell encounters the morphogen, a protein called ?-catenin enters the cell�s nucleus to initiate the expression of proteins that forestall apoptosis and promote growth. Intriguingly, ?-catenin has another role. The cytoskeletons of neighboring cells link to each other though membrane-spanning proteins called cadherins. The molecule that mediates the link is ?-catenin. Edgar points out another line of suggestive evidence. The genes Lethal giant disks, Disks large, and Scribble form a complex involved in cell adhesion. �If you knock them out,� he says, �the epithelium becomes a blob that never stops growing.�

This is a very encouraging statement for the men who PE

Predetermined cell growth is, most likely, unchangeable through further cell division after it reaches maturity. Meaning, once the tissue has reached it's precogitated size it stops growing. If this is the case the only "real" method of penis enlargement is through the stretching of the mature cellular tissue with the contribution of morphogens. This brings the final question, Does a continued cycle of cellular expansion and accommodation give an infinite detail to the rather finite division of cells?

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Monday, January 07, 2008


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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Penis Enlargement, Self Improvement, Individuality

"It only takes one white crow to prove that not all crows are black"

It seems so easy for penis enlargement to become buried within the realms of an acceptance of self with no room for improvement. We see people everyday going to the gym to make their bodies as perfect as they can. We see people go to church to make their relationship with God be the best it can. People are constantly trying to improve their financial position and accumulate items that remind them of their success. Beyond the natural, we see people who will pay to have their appearance altered by surgery.

This is all acceptable as far as I am concerned. We are given a canvas at birth and it is expected of us to create the best person we can from the cards we were dealt. Unfortunately, and independent from any other body part, the penis somehow falls short of this self improvement quest. I think many men, due to social inflicted guilt, view penis enlargement as being unworthy of improvement. This saddens me as the penis is no different than the elbow. The stigma of improvement is due to the way society has categorized the penis as being dirty and wrong in some way.

The untold amount of men who have used penis enlargement to improve their lives is staggering. But even with the extreme enthusiasm evident in penis enlargement it is still easy to debunk this inspiration by buying into a manufactured, false reality that penis enlargement is fake. So many allow their gains in life to be dictated by a hypnotized society of people who buy into the "system" of what is real and what is fake based on some accepted mass opinion that the impossible is never possible. I choose to be an individual and test my own reality and what I am capable of.

I am DLD, I have been in this game a long time. I pose 2 questions, "Is penis enlargement a mass hysteria of delusional men in hopes of improving themselves in some impossible manner?" or "Are the men who know this secret really gaining penis size while others miss out due to thier lack of belief?" Being involved with penis enlargement for many years I know that it works. If you don't believe in penis enlargement, believe that I do and give yourself a chance at individual accomplishments.

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