Sunday, December 23, 2007

What is the Truth? Is penis enlargement a real science or a pseudo-science

What is the Truth? �Is penis enlargement a real science or a�pseudo-science?

I guess being in the center a a huge movement called penis enlargement makes me bias towards the real truth of it's effectiveness. I ask this question because is needs to be asked, If penis enlargement did not work would there be millions of men practicing it? Is it possible that there is some sort of penis enlargement hysteria? Are there millions of men lying to accomplish some psychological satisfaction? What is the real deal?

After many tears contributing and participating in natural penis enlargement I have found myself at odds with many people who see what I do as quackery. As a way for me to make monetary gains on those who are desperate for penis enlargement that really works. I have been attacked on my own gains in penis enlargement where many believe my motives for stating my enlargement are less than honest. I can take this as I have taken this type of disbelief for many years. At this point I no longer need to use myself as an example in penis enlargement. Although I have been the prominent figure in this natural penis enlargement movement there are many who can report the same results and back those results up with real proof.

Aside from producing pictures and videos of my penis enlargement gains I have been subjected to the popular media. On my first experience with the pop-media I did a personal interview with GQ magazine. No one in the penis enlargement circles was willing to step up and show some sort of tangible proof but, at the time, I was. Before the interview and photo session I was in contact with the interviewer from the magazine. It kind of amazed me that this gentleman, working for GQ, was also a observer of my penis enlargement forum. I think his motives were to put together a solid story based on his personal experience in the penis enlargement community. I never knew he was on my forum. Our contact with one another was very direct. He said that he saw my pictures at 8" and wanted to see proof of my gains beyond this point in penis enlargement. Even though my gains started at 6.5 inches I never gave proof of my gains until I had already made a 2" gain in penis enlargement. To this day I regret my ignorance of evidence but I have compassion with myself as taking pictures of my penis was not a priority in my life., nor was it something I wanted to do.

The interviewer made it very clear that he not only wanted to interview me (and my girl at the time) but he wanted to see me measure my penis in front of him. THIS FREAKED ME OUT! But, I knew I had to do this this give proof to men that penis enlargement works. I was very nervous but I knew there was no way out of it....

The day the gentleman showed up at my house I was excited and scared at the same time. He was different than I expected. He was a young man who I immediately liked. There were vibes that made me comfortable from the start. We talked about penis enlargement for 3 or more hours. We talked about my involvement, why I got involved in penis enlargement and many other topics around male sexuality. As the conversation progressed the moment came when he wanted to SEE my gains. I think he was as nervous as me but I knew, just as he did that this proof was necessary to bring validity to the science of penis enlargement.

I made my way to the bathroom and after a few minutes of trying to get an erection in front of another man I knew I could not do it. Thank God Jen, my girlfriend was there, she did what was necessary to make my plumbing work. As soon as I was ready I grabbed the ruler and showed him a 10.5" measurement. His eyes bugged out while I felt much calmer that I was able to do it. He never really said much after this, he made some notes and that was it. I was

When the date came close for the interview to be published I was nervous. The entire penis enlargement community was waiting to read the results and I was having all kinds of crazy thoughts. I got a call that the article got refused by GQ and my fears became compounded. I was thinking that this must have been such a bad interview that they would not publish it. I was wrong. The article got published in SALON magazine a few moths later and it was everything I hoped. The interviewer basically endorsed penis enlargement and that it worked.

I was so hopeful that this would have a significant effect on the public but it seemed to only invite more disbelief for penis enlargement. Some people went to the extent to say that the article was a set up and I payed off the interviewer. This was so silly, at the time I was only work was in penis enlargement and it does not pay so well. I know it helped many to find penis enlargement but at the same time it caused a lot of controversy.

After the article became history and things went back to normal I got the news that the article was requested by KING magazine. I was blown away. The original article created a wave of controversy that crashed into some places I never thought possible. This penis enlargement thing was becoming big and my hope that it would gain the validity it deserved was growing. Articles were appearing all over the place, people were talking and it seemed that penis enlargement would finally have it's day.

Eventually all of this hype became quiet and things went back to business as usual. Things in penis enlargement seemed to not change at all. It was still the core men who practiced penis enlargement and the amount of new men getting involved basically stayed the same. Even though the stock in things like penis enlargement pills sky-rocked, we still remained a underground pseudo-science.

About a year later I was approached by Channel 4 in Europe (the competition to the BBC). They wanted to do interviews with the prominent people in penis enlargement. I happened to be chosen for the natural penis enlargement side and I felt privileged. My hopes, once again, grew and I thought that this would finally give the credit to natural penis enlargement that it deserved. It was an awesome interview, I think it reached a lot of men but soon after the hype, once again, penis enlargement remained underground.

I wish some of these outlets would have brought natural penis enlargement to the level it deserves, as a real, concrete science but unfortunately it, once again, remains an underground practice. Perhaps penis enlargement was never meant to be understood by the masses. Maybe, in some sense, it is an exclusive gift to the few that believe. I know that not only me, but millions of other have made gains comparable to no other method, including surgery (a science that is accepted only because a real doctor is the catalyst.) Some day things may be different but for now penis enlargement is an exclusive club of the few that have the confidence to go against the grain and learn about science through their own curiosity, not because it comes from a text-book.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007


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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Do Women Care About Penis Size? If so, to what degree?

Penis enlargement is a driving force behind many men's motives to become the Alpha Male. Every man wants a huge penis, he always has. I am not sure if this is because he really thinks his penis is small or if society has made him feel that his penis is small. It is so hard to tell, even for myself, if my motives for a larger penis lie in true betterment of self or some other, subconscious reason.

My business partner and I were talking about the guy, Ramone, at the top of our JOIN PAGE. Ramone is the star actor in the BangBrothers Monsters of Cock Series. � My partner is good friends with Ramone and he was telling me about a day where Ramone was with this woman at one of the nude beaches in Miami. �Just to make this story fun let me give a�scenario�to exemplify my point. First, the details: Ramone has a 9.5" penis and as thick as a normal wrist. �No matter if he is erect or not his size is still the same. �Ramone loves walking, naked, on the nude beaches.

�Now, lets pretend for a second. �A guy names Tom has a 7" penis, a penis that is�practically�2" beyond that of the average man. �Tom's girlfriend, Jane, has always told him that his penis was huge, that he was the biggest man she has ever seen. �He feels extremely confident, so much so that he decides to invite her to a Miami Nude Beach. �Tom believes he will be the largest on the nude beach as this is what Jane has always told him. �He thinks "what a way to show my girl I am the biggest." �They make their way to the beach and prepare an area to enjoy the sun. �They are laying on their beach�towels together,��holding hands. �Sso far every man that has walked by was smaller than Tom. �This made his ego go through the roof...he was at the top of his game. �Tom was convinced his penis was the largest out there. �He would make a comment from time to time to remind his�girlfriend�("did you see how small that guys penis was?") of the fact that his penis was�unusually�large... she patronizes him and tells him everything she thinks he wants to know. �Honest or not, she tells him what he needs to hear, what he wants to hear...she is only trying to keep the peace. On a side note. �Tom was not the biggest man she had ever been with. �She was with a guy who was biiger than him by as much as an inch but much thicker than he. �She never did this to lie to protect herself she lied to protect Tom.

It is a clear blue day and the beach seems endless, it seems to go on forever. �On the horizon Tom sees something disturbing. �As this body appraches his girl and him he sees somethin swinging between the guys legs. His girl had her eyes closed so she was seeing no of this but Tom was in a state of complete desperation. �The last thing in the world he wanted was his girl to see this man's unreal penis. �As the man comes closer and closer it is hard to ignore the sound of his long, thick penis slapping against his thighs with each footstep. �Tom is sweating now, the slap-slap sound will surely catch his girls attention. �He is desperately thinking of ways to advert this situation but it was useless. �All Tom could hope for is that his girls eyes stay closed until this half man, half penis walks by.

Right when this guy (Ramone) is about 10 yards from Tom's spot on the beach he notices that his girl is shifting her position and she lets out a huge yawn. �Her eyes are half open now and she asks Tom what the slapping noise is??? �She said it sounded like someone was slapping on a huge, raw turkey breast. �Tom swallows hard. He is now realizing there is no hiding it...his girl was going to see this gigantic monster cock.

Tom's girl sits up and peers down the beech to see where this slapping noise is coming from. �You now know she has seen something that is�unbelievable�but beyond that, she has seen a penis that makes Tom's look infantile (at least in Toms mind.) He notices a expression on Jane's face that he has never seen. �Her eyes were transfixed on this massive cock and her mouth was slightly expression that Tom has never experienced with Jane. �His insecurities went through the roof.
As Ramone walked by with his 9.5" penis swinging side to side, slapping his thighs the entire time, Jane could not stop looking. �To Tom, it seemed like a month.

WHAT ENSUED? What do you think happened to Jane and Tom's love life?Do you think Tom has lost much of his confidence? What would sex be like? �Tom used to parade around the apartment with his penis out for Jane to see, it was never an issue. �Sex was always incredible because their love was based on something beyond their physical attributed.�I think it's safe to say that Jane and Tom's relationship is FUCKED.

So, getting back to the title of this BLOG:Do Women Care About Penis Size? If so, to what degree?

I can answer this in a experiential way, one that may not be completely true, but I can hypothesize that a large penis only sparks a woman's interest. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? Interest? If we were not there, on that beach and Ramone approached your girls, completely naked, packing almost 10" of limp dick, WHAT THE FUCK WOULD SHE DO?

I have 2 questions. You, with your Big Bang Theory, what is it ultimately? Does it explain anything beyond the limited understanding of life each of us share? Big Bang is such a trivial expression and the math beyond it is ranked in the same realm of a non-axiom. We hear, the beginning of time is created by a finite atomic explosion and with this explosion, over time, we have the world we live in today.

Are you ready to accept this unjustifiable measurement of an event that that is dictated by past beliefs that you struggle so had to see. Are you tring to justify the implications of quantum mechanics? Damn, I wish I could give an equation but I can't. ( I never learned any mathematics beyond the 7th and 8th grade. I only know that modern science reaches so deeply into the realm of sub-atmoical particles and in this observation we see nothing>>>JJJ

I can laugh for hours when I see Physicists trying to understand what we have already understood, shit what every person I know has become infatuated with this is in a search to acquire and depend on fallacies of a society driven by our own self doubt.

Three words: TV, MOVIES and MEDIA (Magazines, news, etc.)

We judge ourselves by a number equated through the collective reality of a dead alliance, a reliance that become encapsulated by the number 3.

Bak to Jane and Tom:

Sex was always good, as a matter of fact sometimes it was beyond a compliment that expressed it's worth.

As you can see, the male acceptance of penis size is very tricky! We are what we are and if someone can not accept that I suggest you find a bag that will cut their breathing off completely.

Poor Tom, he will never be able to a make his relationship work, poor Jane, she has seen an image that csts a black shodow on the man the she has always wanted and now is in complete love with.

The paradox of PE.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Is the penis really as big as you think?

I often wonder how men respond to pornography. �Penis enlargement may initiate many emotions that determine the way we visually see things, but in reality, is the penis as big as you think?

I was responding to a post on my forums about a measurement of a gentlemen who as thought to be massive, but when his penis was measured on film he was a bit above average. �It seems tat we are so reactive to a picture, or series of pictures (video) that show an image of some�significance. Does the image we see really show what we are seeing? Are we really seeing what is shown to us? Or, are we seeing what we want to see, what we expect to see, an image based on the emotions and experience we have dealt with our entire life?

In penis enlargement I have not only experienced these things myself but I have reinforced their validity due to the beliefs of thousands of men. We see things that do not exist. This may sound "sci-fi" but I assure you that we have little control over the things we see and how we process them.

The man in question, on my penis enlargement forums, was a porn actor by the name of Preston. Preston is a personal friend of mine. He is a very gentle, relaxed human being. He is a pleasure to be around and he puts his all into everything he does. The popular consensus of his penis size on the penis enlargement circuit has been into the 9-10" size. Preston is closer to 7.5" but the force of popular belief has pushed him into the zone of unknown size. Even after his penis was measured on film men have made excuses for why his 7.5" penis is not what it should be. Are we really that shallow? Do we truly believe the discouragement of out past to justify the obvious images of our present? Indeed we do.

Penis enlargement puts many men in a finite category of size illusion. We view our size as being less than the exact size we see on film. We can't accept that we are equal to the men we admire as we can't accept the pains of our past. Size is so irrelevant when we consider emotional well being. Invariably, we will opt to make a man of similar equality better than ourselves just to keep ourselves bound by the past we have accepted blindly.

I really wish that penis enlargement would change these things for men. I really wish all the work I have done on reinforcing men that size is subjective would strike a chord and help men let go of the competition and accept their own reality.

What are the chances a woman will come in contact with a size greater than your own? This equation is real and for the most part an axiom. 99% of the women in the world have never experienced a penis beyond the 6" mark. They may have believed they have. They may even lie and say they have measured this size but trust me when I say they lie.

I wish I could crawl into all of your minds and release this pain from you but it will only happen when you are able to see without prejudice, self-prejudice, size is a complete illusion. Satisfaction of self comes from sexual prowless, not some imaginary size.