Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Latest Penis Enlargement News!

There has been a lot of confusion on the status of Matters of Size's next move in the penis enlargement game. People want to know what is coming and I have decided to bring some light to the subject. I can't get too specific but I will try to enlighten you as best I can.

The Power Assist (the penis enlargement wrench available at has gone through 4 transformations since it's introduction 4 years ago. Originally the Power Assist was made from wood. The wood made the PA's very beautiful to sight, it was a one piece, solid ash was truly beautiful. As any carpenter can tell you, wood pricing has gone through the roof. The Power Assist originally sold for $50.00 but as wood went up in price I knew we could not follow that trend, we had to make a different design. This decision proved to be very expensive so we stuck with the ash model Power Assist and took a loss on virtually every order. The Power Assist was, and is, in demand and we had to deliver a product. We stuck with the wood model until we could find an alternative. We finally found a company who could make the Power Assist from a special, tempered PVC plastic. This was the best thing that could ever happen to the PA. Although the wood model was beautiful to look at and it produced penis enlargement gains at a genius level, there was a problem with it's design....the wood had no flexibility which contributed to a lack of potential. Yes, the Power Assist was powerful, so much more than manual stretching but things could be made better. The new tempered plastic gave us just the advantage we wanted, strength and flexibility. The new model was a complete success and we were able to keep it under budget. The next change in the Power Assist came from the help of an MOS member. The opening to the penis enlargement wrench made stretching great for circumcised guys but uncircumcised guys struggled with an awkwardness that required a larger opening to the PA. We made that change and today the Power Assist is in it's best phase yet. The Power Assist has gone as far as it can in it's current design. We can make no improvements that would benefit penis enlargement more than the design we have now.

Over the last few years I have been planning the release of the Power Assist 2, a completely different model that offers not only stretching intensity but many other benefits. In the penis enlargement world there are a few devices that help facilitate gains. The hanger, the ads (models like the VIMAX) and manual stretching. Collecting all of these items to make penis enlargement as effective as it can be can become EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE. But, what if you could get all of these benefits from one device? What if all of these items were joined together to create a super penis enlargement tool? Well, this is what the Power Assist 2 will do. It will give the user the ability to stretch, manually, hang weight and be a ADS (all day stretcher, like the VIMAX) This is quite the accomplishment and it has taken me much time to make this possible but in the next few months it will be a reality. A very exiting piece of penis enlargement news.

Tomorrow I will get into other projects that will be extremely beneficial to the penis enlargement enthusiast. Please keep an ear and eye out for this information.


If you have an interest in getting one of the, much in demand, Power Assists, check out this link:

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Penis Enlargement for Advanced Users

I have written on beginners penis enlargement and the steps to take to start a good program and start making gains. Many men may have been doing penis enlargement for some time now and may be looking to step up their routine. Advanced penis enlargement is only for those who have already been training and have a comprehensive understanding of the basics of penis enlargement. This article is not for newbies! There is no reason to start penis enlargement at an advanced level. Skipping the basics of the FIRST PHASE ROUTINE will not give you faster gains, it, more than likely, will slow your gains. There are FIVE PHASESto my penis enlargement system and each Phase contains it's own exercises and routines which coincide with the intensity necessary to facilitate gains on the fastest possible level.

When moving up to a more intense penis enlargement routine you should have exhausted all of the possible gains from the penis enlargement routine you are currently using. The Matters of Size Penis Enlargement Program is set up to utilize every possible asspect of enlargement. The Phases are set up in a progressive, increasingly intense format. Since there are more than 200 exercises on my site creating custom routines are also an option. The basis 5 Phases are the best way to go. This is the system I used and my gains have been the best on record.

So when do you move up to the next level? I think that beyond making the total amount of penis enlargement gains it is important to master the exercises in form and intensity. This is just as important as exhausting gains because if the wrong techniques are used you may have missed out on other possible gains. Be patient and allow yourself the time to do these things. If understanding the exercises is difficult for you in text form you should join the members site, if not for anything else but the videos. This will help you with every aspect of penis enlargement.

Monday, October 22, 2007

What is Average for Penis Size?

One of the biggest questions I get asked in the penis enlargement forums is "What is Average?" This is a question many men have thought about since the beginnings of puberty. It seems that early in puberty boys start to become confused about penis size. When in a situation, like the locker room, this obsession not only becomes inflamed but I think this is when delusions of what average size is and how they compare to the other boys they see.

There has been so many men that have come to me with experiences of their youth where they saw a friends penis and thought it was huge. I am not saying that this is never "really" the case but in many of these situations boys will see a penis that is, most likely, the same size as theirs and think that it is so much bigger than theirs. There was a situation when my son came to me saying that he saw his friends penis and it looked so gigantic. This was right about the time he entered puberty. Since our relationship is completely open we had a discussion about self-view and how it relates to obsessions around the penis. He knows that much of my work is on the psychological side of sexuality and this is a blessing of my job. Anyway, after having a long discussion about puberty, how the penis develops, what things happen during puberty, what to expect with body changes, pretty much the entire gamut of male sexuality. We also discussed, in depth, Penis Dysmorphic Disorder (P.D.D.) and how this issue affects many men in later life. [P.D.D. is a disorder I named some years back to describe the mental condition where men see their penis completely different than it is]. The talk we had was a good one and my son left the discussion armed with new knowledge that will help him through the rest of his life.

Funny thing is about a month after we had this discussion he was out playing with the same boy and couple of other friends. One of the kids "pantsed" the boy (Pantsed is a game where someone pulls the other kids pants down without them knowing) Ironically it was the girl of the group who pulled the boys pants down. This time around he saw the boys penis and told me that it looked tiny. The discussion we had made it possible for him to see other boys as they "really" are opposed to seeing things skewed.

Men have always struggled with how their penis looks on their body.. Some men I have dealt with are naturally huge but they come to me in a deep depression because they just can't see it. When they see themselves naked they see what they "think" they should see, not what it really is. What I mean by "think" is they base their sight on negative issues of their past. Their vision has become psychologically impaired.

I remember growing up. I always felt as though my penis was larger than normal and I based this on my first experience seeing another boy naked. He was much younger than me, not even in puberty, while I was about a year into puberty. Off course I looked bigger, he had not even started to grow yet. Even though this was the case it still boasted my self-view and I went through much of my life feeling large. It was not until I saw a John Holmes film that my vision of myself became skewed. I could not understand why his was so big compared to mine. It never effected me in a terrible way, it only showed me that I was not as big as I thought. This did not bother me too much because at the time I thought I could do nothing about it so I just accepted it and moved on.

It was not until I found out that penis enlargement was for real that I became obsessed with my size and started to see things skewed. Today this issue no longer exists in me. I was able to defeat it through the studies I did for the men on my sites. I wrote about my fears, insecurities and dysfunction's and through this writing I was able to not only help thousands of men but I was able to help myself. Sharing awareness is one thing but sharing the pain of the road that got me to that awareness is where my healing began.

I will list a few very good articles I have written on this subject and I hope you will go through and read them. They have helped me immensely.

I have created a chart on average penis size based on very real, honest, data that is free of any possible error. The data collected to make this chart is based on a Lifestyles Condom survey done in the 90's. The survey was based on 3500 men who were ALL measured by staff so that no cheating could happen. I have also based this chart on user information I have gathered at my site This chart is the only reliable source of average penis size. The 2nd most popular survey was the Kinsey study. The Kinsey study is based on user self measurements. Whenever a average penis size study is based on self measurement the results of the survey jump to about 1" over the results of this survey. This difference in results is consistent with every penis survey I have studied. This chart is the real deal. Please base your self-view on these results!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Women, Men and Intimacy

What a mystery the sexes are. Men believe they know what women want while women think men should know what they want. Men and women are very different in the realm of sexuality. Women are usually more interested in intimacy than in sex itself. Most women would say that the time before the act of intercourse is the time they find pleasure in most. This time, better known as foreplay, is usually seen as unimportant to a man.

I had the opportunity to interview a couple about their sex life. I have changed their names for anonymity. "If men only knew" Karen said as she described how her relationships have always been unsatisfying. She went on to tell me how resentful she became towards her current boyfriend, Randy, because he always rushes directly into intercourse. I had the opportunity to speak with Randy and he told me that he believed their sex life was great. He stated, "She always has an orgasm and I know she loves that" I then asked him what their foreplay consisted of and he quickly told me that he would kiss her and play with her breasts for a couple of minutes and then start intercourse. To me, this hardly seemed to be foreplay but it is what most men consider it to be.

There is an obvious gap in understanding between the couple above. Communication is the single biggest reason that relationships fail. This article is directed towards sexuality but the lesson runs much deeper and will touch on all parts of the relationship. As seen with Karen and Randy, a lack of communication is a very big problem, potential fatal to their relationship. If two people expect to live a life together they need to know what the other person feels and thinks. When assumptions are made people tend to be completely wrong and make poor decisions based on their 'mind reading skills.'

Imagine if Randy and Karen sat down and had a discussion about their sex life. If they were open and honest about their bedroom life they would change their relationship, for the better, 10 times over. Karen is making the assumption that Randy should know what she wants in bed and Randy assumes that Karen is completely satisfied. This lack in communication puts a complete imbalance between the male and female roll. Randy is happy, Karen is miserable. Both could be happy and satisfied if they only knew what the other wanted.

A feeling of intimacy takes time to develop in a relationship and then in bed. Women take their time with a relationship. Women enjoy the progression of getting to know the man. Becoming friends, touching, kissing, hugging and showing affection is all part of a women's needs. Women like to feel love before making love.

Men, often feel the pressure to show a woman how well he performs in the bed. To the man, the actual act of intercourse is sex. He sees touching, kissing, hugging as being a waste of time. These things are considered weak because most male discussions about sex focus on the act of intercourse. You will rarely hear a man say to another man "Wow, sex was great last night, my wife and I kissed and hugged for hours" This will just not happen. Plus, as I said above, men are flying blindly as their companions usually never let them know what they want. Again, a huge lack of communication.

SItting down and having a deep, possibly insecure, conversation about sex is very important. Most people will avoid this out of insecurity about what they "may" hear from their mate. I guaranty you that if you have a heart to heart with your mate you will educate yourself to the things that are important to your mate. For most men, the love they feel for their mate is intense. They never want to imagine life without their mate and this is the biggest reason openness and honesty in communication in imperative.

Armed with an education of out mates turn ons allows us to not only fulfill their desires but fulfill our own desires to be the best lover we can. Nothing is better then making a women cum based on a total understanding of her needs. Intercourse lasts for such a brief amount of time but when we include foreplay, on a level that women desire most, we realize that sex can be so much more than we ever knew.

Another incredible side effect of engaging in foreplay is a way of men to last longer in the sack. A woman sees foreplay as sex therefore the time you spend on foreplay adds up to the total lasting power that all men want. Even if you only last 2 minutes during intercourse, it is the 20 minutes you give to foreplay that women will remember. Give is a shot and I guarantee your relationship will become so much more satisfying.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Penis Enlargement Spans from Safe to Dangerous...READ!

In all my time in penis enlargement I have pretty much seen it all. Even though my specialty is natural penis enlargement I still have become educated on every other, possible form of penis enlargement. Opinions on penis enlargement are very unreliable. First of all, penis enlargement surgery has a bunch of doctors saying what they can do for a man's penis but none of them have any personal experience. How can this be trusted as a safe method of penis enlargement? I have never put out a exercise , product or advice that was not generated from personal experience. How can someone preach on penis enlargement when they have never done it. Can you imagine me selling a penis enlargement DVD that had me sitting there "trying" to show how to make your dick bigger but I have never done any of the things I am showing? This would be pathetic. I would love to see a doctor pull down his pants and show me the penis enlargement gains he has made through his techniques.

Next we can dig even deeper into the disturbing methods of penis enlargement, things that have the potential (as surgery) to destroy your penis completely. Penis pumping is a very valid form of temporary girth increase but there is a sub-culture that practices extreme pumping penis enlargement. These guys will pump their penis to levels that are not only visually sickening but physically unusable. I guess moderation is important in anything in life.

There is a form of penis enlargement called HANGING. This is a lengthening technique that uses weights to elongate the penis. Basically a man connects an apparatus to his penis and hangs anywhere from 1 pound to 70 pounds (maybe even more) from his penis. Again, with moderation and proper technique, this method can be safe an effective but the injury risk is massive. Tearing a ligament or causing tissue damage is very possible if proper technique is not followed or someone becomes overzealous in their hanging methods. I hung for a while and I found it to be a viable source of penile elongation but I found the pinching and I was experiencing to be too much for me to risk.

Then there are the methods of penis enlargement that pose not threat but at the same time pose no growth. There are patches, pills and every other method of supplemental penis enlargement that are advertised that many men indulge in. These supplements do give a boost to a man's erection level similar to Viagra (only weaker). The independent value of these penis enlargement supplements are very questionable but the use of supplements in penis enlargement, just like body building, do help with a manual effort.

A very popular form of penis enlargement is CLAMPING. This is a group of exercises that utilize a clamp at the base of the penis in erect or semi erect state. The penis is clamped to the point of total blood retention and exercises are performed to manipulate erectile tissue. I have seen some men make very good girth gains using this method but I have seen an equal injury level. Blood flow restriction is always a bad idea and those who successfully clamp without injury are lucky and or experienced.

Getting the biggest bad rep among all penis enlargement methods in natural penis enlargement. This is the method I endorse and practice. This is the method you will find on my sites and DVD. The dangers of natural penis enlargement have been distorted and conveniently manipulated by the parties that lose money at the prospect of a form of penis enlargement that is virtually free and EXTREMELY effective. I am the only man on record that has proven to make a 4" increase in penis length and a 2" increase in penis girth...PERIOD! Out of every form of penis enlargement, natural penis enlargement is the only technique that offers this type of gain. Is natural penis enlargement dangerous? For me it posed no dangers. In my 7 years doing penis enlargement I have suffered very minor injuries due to penis enlargement. The most severe injury I have had was a small tear in my frenulum (similar to a chapped lip). This injury lasted a few weeks and I never experienced another after it. For most men natural penis enlargement is not only completely safe but completely effective. The average gain in natural penis enlargement is 1" in length and 1" in girth. The max gain is my own of 4" x 2". There are very few men who practice natural penis enlargement who don't make gains and the ones who don't usually don't stay consistent.

Penis enlargement is not easy. You can't take a pill and get a huge cock. You can't expect to spend $5000.00 to a doctor and make a massive gain. The average gain from penis enlargement surgery is 1/2 inch in flaccid state, no gain in erect and depending on the girth method up to 2". Yes, the girth sounds attractive but a look at the technique and risks of this will usually send a man to the toilet to puke. There is no quick way to make your penis larger. Hanging a car off your penis will probably make it longer but it will most likely destroy it's function. With natural penis enlargement you are in charge. You feel the exercise, you feel the limits and you judge the results. You can expect to pay from $0 to $50 to learn the ways of natural penis enlargement. Will you gain? If you are like me, and the thousands of men who follow my type of penis enlargement, YES!

Check my site for free or for $50.00...Your choice

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Finding the Time for Penis Enlargement

When getting into manual penis enlargement many guys see how much time is involved and it scares them. Many guys quit before they start because they feel as though a bigger penis is not worth the time that is needed to do so. I can somewhat understand this because when I first started penis enlargement the routine I was following looked very long. I thought, "why does this take so much time?" but I had enough trust to believe it "may" work so I followed the routine perfectly. I also thought, "if this shit really works, I will give 10 hours a day to it" AFter 5-6 months I gained 2 inches and the work I did payed off...(and I did not have to invest more than 1-1.5 hours a day.) I would have given all day to penis enlargement gains I had made but it I made the gains in my "spare" time.

Get up earlier, go to bed later, do what you need to do to make your penis huge. If losing an hour of sleep deters your desire to get a larger penis than Penis enlargement is not for you. If I was in a dorm, where there were 5 guys in the same room, I would do my stretching at thet time we all retired to bed...a great way to get your stretching in, even when there are people around (roommates, or any other situation where a man shares a room with another man (men). If you are in bed with the covers over you stretching can be done in complete secrecy. You can hold a conversation while stretching, as stretching requires little concentration. You can even watch TV or a movie and still get your stretching in "under-cover" or under the covers in this case :) A stretch takes a long enough time that the adjustment in stretch position would look like a normal body movement to everyone who is in the room. STRETCH UNDER THE COVERS! This gives you 1/2 the answer to your time problem. You may even get a good 30 minutes of stretching by way of "piss pulls". If you are in an office setting, or something similar, you can, covertly, stretch with each visit to the men's room and your absence will cause no suspicion from your fellow workers. You can make the time to stretch even when you think you have no time. Be creative, look at your day and see where you can find an hour of time (solid or broken up) that will allow you to train for length gains.

Now, the other side of penis enlargement is girth exercises. These exercises require a much different frame of mind and, in most cases, girth work require a solid 1/2 hour to 45 minutes of uninterrupted work. I used to take my lunch break (when I worked a "normal" job) and I did my girth in a bathroom in the building that no one used. I was able to dedicate my entire luch breat, which was an hour, to my girth work. It was awesome! I had a collection of pictures that aroused me and I would pin them to the wall so I could keep a good erection. This kept me up for the girth work and my session were never rushed. The funny thing is the job I had, at the time I was working for my families business and the girth training I did in that bathroom may have been close to 300 times. The other day I went to the business and sent up to the bathroom I used to use. The walls around the toilet I jelqed on were covered, and I mean COVERED, with pin holes. I laughed to myself and decided to remember a bit more. I went into the cupboard, under the sink, and found numerous empty vaseline and baby powder containers. That bathroom gave me allot of my gains.

If you are someone who thinks they have no time for penis enlargement, you are wrong. Time is available to you, you only need to organize your life to create this hour of PE. If you are a college student, I bet you can find a bathroom that no one uses and you should use this bathroom to do your girth work at your lunch break or the time between classes. If you have a schedule that you believe is filled to the point of no extra time then you need to lose an hour of sleep. Lose it in the morning or at night and penis enlargement will be possible for you. Losing an hour of sleep is worth getting a bigger penis.

When I had a girlfriend, who knew I did penis enlargement, I would do my girth work right before sex. My penis was at its optimum thickness and I know it gave her more pleasure.

Time is something that can be adjusted to meet any goal. When I hear some one tell me that they have no time for PE I ask them if they could find an extra hour for a massive raise and the answer is invariably yes.

DLD (Mike)

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Mind and Self

So connected, like Yin and Yang, the mind and body is a place in time. That place is this moment. We only exist in the moment, our past and future have no life, the only breath is now. A strange revelation but, non the less, true. We own what we do and who we are by way of our confidence. Confidence is funny, it has such contradictions. If I believe I am a millionaire, then I should be a millionaire...why does this not happen? This is very simple, we doubt ourselves. We don't completely believe we are able to be a millionaire so it never happens. This goes for anything in life: without belief there is little success.

We are everything. We are nothing. We are both. We can't trust our minds and our minds can't trust us. We mentally grow based on the thoughts we have and how we react to them. Taking charge of our thoughts and allowing ourselves to have the things we deserve and believing it may be the tallest order a human can ask for. I truly believe that I can have anything I want if I believe I can. This is a progressive understanding and it does not happen by wishing. It is a daily cognitive practice of mind, body and soul.

First and foremost, we, as humans, have a very hard time believing we deserve better things in life. We, by most standards, are addicted to suffering. Somewhere along the line something happened that hindered our ability to love ourselves completely and our confidence was blemished. As time progressed we fell victim to a cycle of failure, loss of confidence and suffering. Many of us have gone through life accumulating and storing each failure as if it were a prized collection. We allowed these shortcoming to become part of who we are and the weight of their amassment only further hurt our confidence.

I know, at one time, I was addicted to suffering. I had a bag of disappointments I carried with me everywhere. Whenever something good would come my way I would mess it up. Whenever I was successful there was always a mental hitch, I would say to myself something like, "you were just lucky" or "you know you don't deserve this." My past failures became part of my present life and with every opportunity to better myself I would somehow mess it up. I would make myself suffer over and over for a mistakes that may have happened 10 years ago. I had a subconscious need to punish myself whenever anything good would happen in my was sick.

Today, I still occasionally fall back into the suffering roll but I am quick to identify it and bring myself back to a rational place. I look around me and I see people suffering everywhere. I see people who work jobs they hate, engage in relationships that are unhealthy, deny themselves of good things because they do not feel worthy of those things and a multitude of other self-loathing chastisements.

Many people live their lives totally in the past. They dwell over things that happened long ago as if they are happening now. They give so much of themselves to their past that they are not here in the present. I also see people who are fortune tellers, they believe they know what is going to happen. They see failure before it happens. They set themselves up for future self bankruptcy. They are so worried about what might happen that they too are not in the present. Some people can do both, this was me. I lived in my past failures and my future shortcomings. I too, was not in the present. We give so much energy to our past and future that there is none left for the present. How can we succeed when we are not present?

Look around sometime, we are surrounded by zombie-like life forms. People who walk around blind of their existence trying to feel their way through a life that is as dark as their self doubt. Yes, their hearts are beating, they are talking, they are walking, they are animate but their present mind is inanimate. I doubt even a tiny faction of those afflicted by these demons will ever read this but I hope the few that do take something from it and spread the awareness around.

The first step to becoming a deserving, happy, life living human is to learn to stay in the moment. This sounds so easy but it is truly difficult. It takes practice to be present. I attain this through meditation. I sit down in a comfortable position. I close my eyes and take long deep breaths. I clear my mind of any thought but one. I say the mantra "here and now" over and over until I am only able to feel the here and now. At this point I am totally relaxed and I start the meditational exercise. I outstretch my arms as if to give someone a big hug. My left arm represents the past, my right arm represents the future, my center point is my mind. I flex my arm muscles and with mental resistance I pull my past and future to my center. As I pull my arm towards my center I envision all the energy I have given to the past and future coming back to my center, my now, my present. I do this 10 times and with each time I envision my energy becoming more and more powerful. I am regaining the energy I lost and it is filling me with self enlightenment. This is a very powerful exercise. Truly believing you are regaining your energies of your old self is liberating, it give one the sense of being able to accomplish anything. We can do anything we want, we only need to be present and believe in ourselves.

Letting go of this bag of failures takes away so much mental weight. Some may have heard the saying "Let go and let God" and whether you believe in God or not you need to have a higher power that you are able to release these past sufferings to. This is another good exercise that will help you become more in the moment is this; close your eyes and imagine all of the your past sufferings, disappointments, failures and anxieties are in a heavy bag, a bag you have been carrying for a long time, the bag is so heavy, it makes it difficult to move, it makes it hard to think of anything but the crushing heaviness. Picture yourself in a peaceful happy place, a place that makes you completely content, see yourself in this place with a massive, heavy bag of crap on your back. You have a choice now, you can keep holding this bag (maybe even add to it) and remain in Hell even though Heaven is all around you or you can just drop the bag. Just let it go. Now I want you to picture yourself in this happy place feeling a new freedom, a joyful weightlessness. Look around you at all the beauty and look down at that sack of sadness. Do you want to pick it back up or do you choose to leave it?

Living in the moment, as I have said, takes practice. When we are able to let go of our past and future we realize that there is a gift waiting for us, we receive the best "present" of our lives.

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