Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Motivation for a Bigger Penis

Getting a bigger penis, using penis enlargement, is a timely endeavor. Imagine being a skinny, weak man and wanting to be huge and muscular. Now imagine wanting to change this. How would you do it? Join a gym? Take a supplement? Dream about it and hope it comes true? Well, any of these things will have no effect unless you have the desire for the final goal that is lines with dedication at no expense. Penis enlargement is not much different. Getting a bigger penis is not easy, it is not available through supplements or surgery, it is only possible through natural, manual penis enlargement.

So what keeps someone motivated to create a larger penis? This is as independent as the reasons you may want to become huge and muscular. Some men may have a small penis and they have a goal to become average. No matter what it takes they will do it to become average. Some guys may be average but want to be HUGE, well the same thing applies. Desire and dedication is what feeds the fire of motivation. Wanting to be have a huge penis needs to be more important than not wanting it. DOes this make sense? Well, in so many cases men want a bigger penis and when they see the work that is necessary they quickly back down and go on in their life with no change. This is just the same as the body builder...if you want it more than the laziness you are used to, you will become what you want. Laziness is such a big assumption when it comes to those who fail in penis enlargement by it is the reason they fail in penis enlargement.

Standing in the gym, looking at your body in a full length mirror, comparing yourself to the men who are far beyond you and feeling desperate to get to their level is PURE MOTIVATION.

I remeber early in my penis enlargement training everyday. It was so hard, it took so much dedication. My gains in size were like watching a pot boil water. It was soooo hard to be dedicated and consistant. But when I would go online and see men like Mandingo, Lex Steele and John Holmes I would get inspired. I wanted to fuck my girl with a cock that was impressive as theirs. I did not want to be average. I did not want to be above average. I wanted to be HUGE, memorable, undeniably the biggest and best of any penis ever. This desire, this goal, this complete obsession drove me to become that man.

I could see myself with a huge penis way before I had it. I believed my penis was 10 inches when it was 7. I convinced myself I was massive long before I was above average. Believing you are before you truly are is the method of becoming what you really want. B.C. Forbes, founder of Forbes Magazine, was a genius at the motivation and belief. He was a poor immigrant and was basically flat broke. He needed an in, he needed to become the biggest and this determination drove him to become just that. In rare interviews with B.C. Forbes you will see how he lived a lie. A self lie, a lie of future reality. He believed he was who he wanted to be long before it happened. He made a modest amount of money and with this money he bout a very nice suit. He would frequent the places many successful business men of the time would and he would floss like he was someone im[portant. He was of NO IMPORTANCE but the people he associated with belived he was important. In record time he moved quickly up the latter of success because of his self vision, the person he wanted to be. He was willing to do whatever it took to be at the top, the biggest.

In penis enlargement the story of B.C. Forbes is not so different. The desire to be what we truly want can not happen magically. We need to decide our goals and put those desires to out human, work ethic. If you want something bad enough, it will happen. I don't care if it is a Ferrari, a massive house, a muscular physique or a gigantic penis. If you want it more than you don't it will happen.

Penis enlargement is real, it works, it is miraculous and it will give yoyu every sexual desire you have ever wanted but it is only possible through complete and absolute dedication and MOTIVATION.

Do you want to be motivated for a bigger penis? Buy a dildo that is 10 x 7 and look at it, imagine it plunging into your love, imagine how impressive this would be to your girl. Now think about you, 5, 6 or ever 7 inch penis. Does it compare? Fuck no! Can you become 10 x 7? Of course you can, I did it and so can you. My motivation was the woman I was with and her extensive past. I also looked at the massive men online who could put me to shame. I took my dedication and my shame and I created a bond with my determination and I MADE IT HAPPEN! I have a massive penis and I did it through hard work and complete belife I could make it happen.

Motivation is easy. Imagine your lover with a man with a penis thicker and longer than yours. How does that feel? What do you imagine? Does it make you sick to even fathom the thought? If so, get down to work. Jelq, stretch, pull and pump your penis until it is where you desire it to be. If you are hoping for an easy method to becoming larger...well find a bitch that loves small cocks. If you are willing to dedicate the time and effort to creating the penis you can already see...that is MOS material.

Planning an Advanced Penis Enlargement DVD

Many of you guys may have or heard of the original Matters of Size Penis Enlargement DVD. The DVD, much like the members site, features every penis enlargement exercise I had invented up to the point we shot it (about 100, plus variations) Like the member site, the DVD is organized into sections we call PHASES. Each Phase consists of a penis enlargement routine where the penis enlargement exercises are explained with video, illustrations and extensive dialogue. The DVD is broken down into 5 PHASES ranging from beginners to advanced penis enlargement techniques. The DVD also features tons of bonus material including interviews and various sexual information. We were the first, in the world, to release a penis enlargement DVD and it has been an enormous success. The MOS DVD was made in 2002-2003 and since that time I have come up with many new exercises that have been a very important addition to penis enlargement. Along with the exercises I have created there are also many other penis enlargement guru's who have developed many other exercises. There are more than 20 new routines and more than 100 NEW penis enlargement exercises.

The new DVD we are creating will be similar, in format, to the original but it will give much greater flexibility to those who are interested in "spot" training. Many men come into to penis enlargement with a long and thin penis or a short and fat one. These men are interested in improving in only length or girth and we have paid particular attention to these needs. There will be PHASES as in the first DVD but these PHASES will span a much broader group of routines. We will still have PHASES 1 through 5 but they will be completely new and will contain penis enlargement exercises developed since the since the first disc. Phases will also continue to 10, allowing for not only smaller segmental advancements through the easy to the advanced but it will bring men to newer, much more intense levels than the first disc.

This penis enlargement dvd will also feature CD ROM capabilities with various tools to help users keep track of their data including size calculators, data bases for growth, custom software to pick penis enlargement exercises and create completely custom routines along with many other interesting, innovative and helpful additions.

II am sure this penis enlargement DVD will be as big if not bigger than the original one. The estimated date of street availability will be sometime early winter 2007.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Power Assist Penis Enlargement Wrench

This may look like a strange device to you but it is one of the most powerful penis enlargement devices on the market. We call it the POWER ASSIST because it assists with intense power to manual stretching. A huge problem for men in penis enlargement is the intensity and strength they can put into a stretch. For myself, manual, penis enlargement stretching was great but eventually my penis became used to the strength I was putting into it. I would stretch my penis with all my strength and it seemed like the intensity was not as beneficial as it was in the past.

The idea for the Power Assist was originally to aid in an exercise called DLD Blasters. Due to hand size or penis length some men found it impossible to get into the A-Stretch position. The A-Stretch is the stretch used in conjunction with DLD Blasters. The Power Assist made DLD Blasters accessible for anyone. The thing was, once I had this device in my hands I started to come up with more and more penis enlargement exercises utilizing the Power Assist. Before I knew it we had sold tons of these and penis enlargement stretching was once again changed forever.

In addition to the many new penis enlargement exercises I came up with I noticed that the POWER ASSIST was able to intensify my stretching strength by more than double. Using the fulcrum angles of the wrench I was able to perform virtually any stretch with twice the strength than if I did them manually. It was incredible.

Stretching the penis is how the penis becomes longer in penis enlargement. Many ask what the limits of length may be and I have to answer "I don't know". What I do know is I have been able to grow to great lengths and at one point in my gaining history I came to a plateau. I became stagnant and manual penis enlargement was not as effective as it once was. I had already stepped up the intensity of my training as I was using my full strength. This still seemed to be not enough. The Power Assist changed all of that for me. Once I got my hands on it I was able to jump start my gains and jump to the next level of penis enlargement.

The Power Assist is available on my main site at in the JOIN NOW section. It is made of a highly strong but still slightly flexible polymer compound. It is smooth and comfortable. For most of the guys in penis enlargement that get one of these swear by them and report incredible length gains.

The exercises are hard to explain and this is the reason the Power Assist has it's own site. It is a free video and image site that shows each of the Power Assist exercises and how to properly perform them. I put a couple of samples up here but check out the site for more at:

Power Assist A Stretch
Place stretcher handle against leg securely.
Bring penis through center hole stretching downward.
At the same time use the other hand to grab opposite handle.
As you stretch downward use the handle to increase tension.

Sling Shot Stretch
This stretch can be done standing or seated.
Bring penis through center hole. Grab penis by the glans with a standard OK grip.
Bring foot through rope portion of stretcher. Placing the bottom of you foot
against the rope pushing down while pulling penis up stretch against
the stretcher creating increased tension with foot.
To create a more angular stretch slowly swing leg left to right.

I hope this information helps you in your penis enlargement journey. Please feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments.

Thanks, DLD

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Friday, August 24, 2007

The Matters of Size Members Site

The Matters of Size, Penis Enlargement, Members Site is the world's best penis enlargement site. I don't say this because it is my site but for reasons that secure our standings as the best site online. When it comes to penis enlargement there are many sites to choose from, literally hundreds of thousands. How does MOS emerge the best of all the penis enlargement sites? I could say because we have the largest membership among any other site with more than 100,000 men practicing the MOS penis enlargement program and I even suggest you ask these men why. I have an ongoing thread on my forum that gives user feedback on the Matters of Size Penis Enlargement Site at This thread has thousands of views and close to 200 user endorsements! Having this kind of feedback on a penis enlargement site is unheard of. No other penis enlargement site can say this. We stand as the best in the view of our members, but there's more!

Once you JOIN MATTERS of SIZE you will be amazed at the incredible layout and highly organized structure. We were fanatic about having a clean, easy to understand and non-offensive penis enlargement site. I did not want a site that was "porn" looking, I wanted one that could be viewed with a medical and educational feeling. WIth the more than 1000 pages of information on the MOS penis enlargement site, organization was and is imperative.

Most penis enlargement sites will have a handful of unorganized penis enlargement exercises, maybe a few low resolution videos and hard to understand text. Member support is non-existant and talking with other members is impossible. The Matters of Size Penis Enlargement Members Site is unbelievable, even when I look at it today my mind is blown that we could put together a penis enlargement site so far beyond any other site online. Specifically you will find over 200 penis enlargement exercises on the Matters of Size and every exercise is filmed in high resolution video. Each penis enlargement video contains not one, but 3 views for easy, flawless comprehension. Each exercise is also explained in text, illustration and sound files (me explaining the exercises) adding this to the incredible video is amazing but there is still more.

Having the amount of content we do at Matters of Size Penis Enlargement Members Site requires extensive organization. The site is set up with 5, powerful, penis enlargement phases. The PHASES are set up for beginners all the way through veteran experts of penis enlargement. Each phase contains a specific routine you will follow with video and illustrations completely accessible to the reader. As your penis gets larger and you feel more experienced you will move to the next PHASE. Penis enlargement takes constant, progressive intensity and most PE sites leave you stagnant on a single, boring, ineffective workout. Matters of Size Penis Enlargement Members Site features exciting, innovative and completely exclusive exercises that I have not only invented but made my record penis enlargement gains from. Matters of Size is my job and my passion. Becoming a part of the MOS community will help you share in this incredible passion and make gains in penis size you never thought possible.

Many people will spend fifty bucks on a dinner out or some new video game but for about the same price (a bit less) you can gain lifetime membership to "The World's Most Powerful Penis ENlargement Program" This quote is not from me but from GQ Magazine. If you go to the front page of the Matters of Size Tour Pages you can read this and many other articles, view TV appearances I have made, read in-depth interviews and tour the MOS program.

I hope you consider investing a small amount of money for a large amount of size!


check it out at


Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Quick Guide to Beginners Penis Enlargement

We have gone into the steps of beginners penis enlargement but I felt as though a quick guide, something you can print out and easily reference would be very helpful.

When beginning penis enlargement it is important to have an area that you will have privacy and a fair amount of time to get used to the penis enlargement exercises and the various other parts of penis enlargement that are important. Give yourself a good hour to learn and practice. Once you have a good understanding of penis enlargement then your workout should only last 30-45 minutes. You will also be able to divide this time throughout the day if you cannot dedicate a solid block of time and we will discuss that too.

First you should have baby powder and vaseline handy. These items will serve as your penis enlargement tools. You may even want to buy some leather golf/baseball gloves or even latex gloves.

The vaseline will be used in the girth exercise called jelqing. Here is how to perform the basic jelqing exercise:
Apply a good amount of vaseline to your palms (enough to cover them completely, about a tablespoon) Now you will start the jeling exercise. An easy way to understand this penis enlargement exercise is looking at it at though you were milking a cow. You will want to become almost erect (if you are completely erect it will take more squeeze but it will be just as effective) Now encircle the extreme base of your penis using your thumb and pointer finger. It will look like the OK sign. The thumb and pointer finger should be facing up. You will now tighten your grip and begin the jelq. You will alternate hands during jelqing so keep that in mind. Starting at the extreme base of your penis you will milk upward to just below the head of your penis (imagine you are trying to force the blood from the base to the tip. Now, with no pause start your next stroke using the other hand, when that stroke is finished you start , again, with the other hand. This motion is continuous and will last about 30 minutes. Your penis will become very vascular when looking at it (veiny) you will also notice that after the exercise your penis will be much thicker. Although this is great, it is only temporary until you have trained for a few weeks. As the months go by you will become thicker and thicker. The reason think vaseline is the best lubricant is that it has the best "drag" it is not so slippery like oils. It also stays lubricated longer. Using lotions is a bad idea as they dry up quickly and your objective is to continuously jelq, not keep reapplying lube. You may want to do your jelqing after stretching (see below) as any vaseline residue may make stretching difficult since stretching is a "dry" exercise

Next is your length exercises. This is the penis enlargement exercise called stretching. There are many types of stretches but you will want too stick with basic stretching for your first few months. Basic stretching consists of a few very basic stretching positions that anyone can do. Stretching is all about intensity and good grip. You will not hurt yourself by stretching your penis so put some strength into it. It will seem strange at first but most penis enlargement exercises do. Stretching IS NOT a "jerky" movement. It is a slow and steady stretch. Now we come to the grip and the reason you will need powder. The baby powder will help you get a much better grip on your penis than nothing at all. It is what I have always used and it is what I advise all of my clients to use. Some guys like the gloves, I mentioned in the first part of this post) over powder and swear it gives them a better grip. Experiment and see what you like most.

The basic stretching positions are
Straight up, straight up to the left, straight up to the right. (do 3 times, 30 seconds per stretch)
Straight out, straight out to the left, straight out to the right. (do 3 times, 30 seconds per stretch)
Straight down, straight down to the left, straight down to the right. (do 3 times, 30 seconds per stretch)
Straight out Rotations (do 30 rotations)
Between the Cheeks (where you will grab your penis from the back and stretch it up towards your back) (do 3 times, 30 seconds per stretch)

With stretches you will want to use the same grip as you do with jelqing only you will be gripping right below the head. If you have a foreskin pull it back and then grip. The object is to stretch the penis, not the skin. The skin will stretch while the penis grows.

Many men enjoy a hot shower after working out as it helps relax your penis. For the first few days you will feel soreness and this is normal, you are working out a part of your body you never did before. After a while things will become natural.

Good Luck and I hope this helped,


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Friday, August 17, 2007

Penis Enlargement lessons in Invention

How do we discover penis enlargement exercises? Exercises that are far from something we would think of normally. I mean a man always wants a bigger cock but actually thing of ways to enlarge the penis is strange and difficult.

To me, penis enlargement was easy. I could put together a penis enlargement exercise with no problem at all, it just made sense to me. But something that really amazes me is when new guys, even veterans of penis enlargement come out with a new exercise, and exercise that has already been thought of but these guys have found a similar place among the others who have influenced penis enlargement forever.

If I never posted the penis enlargement exercises I have thought of I would never be where I am today (I know it is not the best place but it is cool to be able rto pay my bills and eat well). When I think of a new penis enlargement exercise, one that chalenges the current penis enlargement exercises we have available to us, well, it inspires me.

On my free penis enlargement forums I have more than 100,000 members. These guys are constantly posting their ideas for penis enlargement exercises they believe to be new and revolutionary in penis enlargement. In many cases this is true and in a few cases theses penis enlargement exercises have already been invented. This is VERY FRUSTRATING for the guy who believed it to be a new penis enlargement exercise. The points is, if men did not come to the table with penis enlargement exercises they are doing, penis enlargement exercises that may be different from those currently being used, well this may keep a miracle of penis enlargement from the men who need it so badly.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

DLD's Total Weave Stretch

This is a new stretch I have been working on. It is kind of hard to explain but I will do my best. The photo may help (and I will do an illustration too). It is called the weave because you will be using your fingers to weave your penis through. The biggest problem with stretching the penis is that in almost every stretch only 2 points are getting stressed in the stretch. One night I started thinking about this I started messing with a new penis enlargement exercise. I took my flaccid penis and weaved it through my fingers. Starting with my right hand open I take my left hand with my thumb hard against my pubic bone (knuckles up). Know, using my free hand, I weave my penis over my thumb, under my pointer, over the middle over the ring and under the pinky. Now grip tightly and make a tight fist. Start to rotate your fist forward in the direction of the stretch you want to use (Straight Out, To the Left, To the Right, etc.) The very cool thing about this stretch is you can also do partial rotational stretches! I do regular sets with these (4 sets of 10 thirty second stretches...etc.) It is a bit hard to get a hold of but hopefully. my image will help.

Now, the reason these stretches may be very powerful is their potential to stretch at 5 stress points through the fingers with the intensity added from the direction of the stretch! Their complete coverage of tunica and ligament stretch allows complete stretch in one exercise!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Penis Enlargement: How to Make Your Girl Squirt

We look at online porn and see these women who squirt from their vagina and we wonder what the fuck this is, how do they do it and is it real? These questions are very valid and I have to say that female ejaculation (squirting or gushing) is real and does happen. Most of what you see online is either a chick holding in a douche and letting it flow on cue or , plain and simple, peeing. The true female ejaculation is different, it involves a definite technique and when it happens you will know because the fluid they release is independent from pee or any other fluid that may have come from the female vagina.

I remember the first time I made my girl squirt but I want to talk about the time I wanted to make this happen, with a different girlfriend, and it never would happen. When I was younger I met this chick half my age. She was FINE, unbelievable sexy, young and perfect. She confided in me at one point during the beginning of our relationship, she told me she never came. Even though this may sound like a lie to most of ya'll, this was valid. I knew she was being honest. She had never cum and this set me on a course of female cum! I wanted to make her cum more than anything. I remember one of the first times we had sex, I remember the first time making her cum and I remember how I did it. We were upstairs at her mothers house. The mother was downstairs and not 50 feet from her, me and Kelli, my girl at the time, were getting very into having a massive sex encounter. For days previously, all I could think about was making her cum. I had fucked her pussy a few times before this day but making her cum was nearly impossible, impossible before this day. I found out, this incredible night, that Kelli could not cum through her vagina but through her ass! I fucked her ass so good that night and I remember her cuming so good for the first time! The 5 years we spent together were mainly sexual encounters that featured anal sex. She was a 20 year old chick that only wanted cock in the ass and this was the only way her young ass could cum...this was the most sexy thing I had seen up to this point in my life. Her cuming because I was fucking her ass was highly arousing! She was so appreciative that I made her cum that she confided in me on a level that made me really ponder what I had known about sex.

I had seen a chick squirt for the first time. This is when the internet was just starting out. I remember talking to her about that and her begging me to make her pussy squirt, begging me for hours. Unfortunately I knew nothing about this yet to make it happen but believe me, I fucked her good and proper hoping for the gush but it never happened. More than anything, I wanted her to cum down my throat but I did not understand it yet to make this 20 year old cum with a gush.

Our relationship eventually stopped...our lived changed and we no longer were involved with each other. After 2 years of grief I finally found Jen. Jen the awkward, strange looking, DOE-DEE girl who was perfect for me at this point in my life. Jen, so awkward, but Jen, the girl who actually CAME DOWN MY THROUT! Jen was a awkward, so unattractive to most guys but so perfect to me. Jen was so awkward, but her ass, my GOD her ass was INCREDIBLE. She was so 13 year old awkward with a black porno chicks ass...I was in love. I remember jerking off thinking about her was incredible.

After Jen and I were together for a year or so JEN started to cum differently. She started to cum with more intensity than ever before. I had been into penis enlargement for about a year and I had gained 2 inches in length and a health portion of girth. My cock grew bigger and Jen came better and better. Penis enlargement led me to a place I wanted so bad, to see a girl squirt for real! Squirt on me, just gush gallons of cum from their cunt. This was my obsession.

Soon after meeting her, I realized that Jen was different. She was open, malleable, formable, she was open. SHe understood belief, she understood immediate self change. She came to me as one person and eventually became the perfect person I believed I should be with. She was perfect! After talking with her about female ejaculation she soon started cuming fluid all over the place. I had finally witnessed squirting, female ejaculation, bitch cum all over my face! JEN was perfect.

How did this happen. Why after a year dd Jen start cuming fluid? Why did she start to squirt? What was different? Quite simply, my dick. I had one from 6.5 x 4.75 inches to 8.5 x 5.5 inches and this new cock was making all of my fantasies come true. My huge cock was making Jen cum, cum liquid, cum true female ejaculation.

I eventually became spoiled by Jen's unbelievable ability to cum pints of cum every-time we had sex. I eventually realized that I had to figure out why this happens. Just like penis enlargement I had to come to the root of why this happened?

After researching this I realized that beyond the cervix, around this sensitive part of a woman lies the "CUL DE SACK", a organ that is in control of the way a woman cums, a woman become able to shoot squirting cum from their pussy. This spot so hidden in the female anatomy was sponge like, it felt like a soft sponge but every-time my cock jammed into this pussy part Jen would shoot hot, wet cum everywhere!

On top of the obvious splash of cum was the continuous, non-stop orgasms Jen would have. SHe would start cuming the second I jammed my cock in she would start cuming. I remember times she swore she passed out by the intensity of the cum session. and after 3 or 4 gushes of female cum, she would flop, exhausted on me saying how tired she was from cuming so hard.

Multiple orgasms and orgasms that soaked me in female cum pushed me into understanding why my big cock was making this cum happen. When I first started fucking Jen I was 6.5 inches total. If you jammed a ruler against the base of my cock and measured my length from my pubic bone to the tip of my cock was 6.5"...PERIOD! 6.5"! This size was so good for Jen, she loved my cock and it made her feel good, maybe even cum. But soon after penis enlargement, soon after the cock that grew from 6.5 to 8.5 and double thick became Jens obsession . well I had gained 2 inches in cock and with this massive increase of cock I had started to make Jen cum, cum in rivers of succulent fluid!

I realized that my longer penis could reach the area of a woman that came, came for real. I realized that I was going around the cervix and reaching some destination of cum, a place that most females will never know. My longer, thicker cock was attacking Jen's pussy and I was wining in the battle, I was making her cum squirts all over me, she had become a cum slut! A bitch in total need of the cock. This is what kept Jen in the game...she needed to cum!

Such and distance between math and psychology. Jen came. She came everywhere and my massive cock made this happen. A simple increaase of two inches made Jen gush appreciation of cock, she splashed gallons cum all over her understanding of basic love.

Well, my bigger, more thicker, more longer cock was making Jen cum everywhere. Penis enlargement allowed me to make Jennifer cum! It made my penis able to send Jen into cuming paradise! Reaching the CU DE SACK is all about making your cock long enough to do it. Being long is not the only requirement. Having a cock that is thick enough to fill the spaces of a female vagina while searching deep into your womanhood to find the cuming place of your pussy, your juicy pussy part.

It's all about
penis enlargement. Getting your cock to the right length and thickness will allow you to make your mate cum so good that they will never be able to move on in life without you. Make your cock the length and thickness it needs to be to make your dreams come true. Penis enlargement IS EASY! Stretching, making longer, pressurizing the cock, making it thicker is easy! A huge cock is as easy as a three piece at KFC! A bigger cock is easy, what is hard is understanding that this new found knowledge is about the people beyond us, not us!

Jen was able to have multiple orgasms and orgasms that were gushing, squirting, orgasms that wee beyond normal! I had found the mecca of cum for my girl and I knew it was the same for all women!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Porn Stars??? Do they use Penis Enlargement?

Now this is a popular question. I guess, to most, seeing a porn-star opens up a certain acceptance that they have a more superior penis than we do, these super-sexual beings are some how better than us sexually! I used to wonder how they had such large penis's. I wondered if they were born with it or if they had some secret they knew that they never allowed out. Over my years in penis enlargement I have been able to answer some of these mysteries.

First and foremost, many porn stars know about and practice penis enlargement. In many cases it may be as basic as the penis enlargement pump but in some other situations some of these men practice natural penis enlargement. I was hanging out with a few of the guys from Bang Bros. last year and we discussed penis enlargement extensively. These guys did not know about the Matters of Size penis enlargement but they had fucked around with penis enlargement pumping. They were amazed that manual penis enlargement really worked. I spent a while showing J.T., the blond haired actor from Bang Bros. different exercises and I know he still uses them today.

The dude from Monsters of Cock, Raul, uses penis enlargement pumping as well as a couple of other guys from that series. It is pretty obvious as a pumped penis has a distinctive look compared to a penis where manual penis enlargement was used. A pumped penis appears puffy due to the water retention that penis pumping causes. It also seems to visually reduce the head size as the shaft of the penis becomes puffy. There is very little vein structure showing in a pumped penis as compared to one of natural penis enlargement. A penis created by manual or natural penis enlargement is not puffy, it appears extremely hard and carries an extensive vein structure.

A good example of a porn stars penis that was made larger with natural penis enlargement is the actor Mandingo. He is enormous and his penis shows all of the signs of natural penis enlargement. If you look very closely at the head of his penis you will see some scaring that was probably caused by hanging weights from the penis (a harsh but real form of manual penis enlargement). If he is a practitioner of penis enlargement I wonder what his starting size was??? His current size is beyond 10 inches and his girth is very close to 7 inches. His penis is mind blowing and extremely rare. As a matter of fact there is NO ONE in porn even close to his size. I guess that may help with any insecurities any of you guys may have felt about your girl being with some guy with a 10 inch penis (which every girl seems to have done *rolling my eyes*)

If you go to my forum you can see a few threads showing a few of my porn star friends doing penis enlargement. It is pretty cool to see and it brings some validity to the theory that porn stars do penis enlargement. I think, before the internet made penis enlargement so accessible to the general public penis enlargement in porn was a closely guarded secret. I think that it was shared among the actors and they never let the secret of penis enlargement out. I don't doubt it. I knew a family growing up that did penis enlargement. It was passes down from generation to generation. My friend would always hint towards it but he never flat out told me. I did not realize it was penis enlargement they were doing until I got into penis enlargement myself but today I know it was exactly what they were doing. They all had big cocks too.

I mean, penis enlargement has been around for thousands of years and before the internet not too many knew about it. Just as it was protected as a secret by fathers to their sons I think porn practiced the same secrecy. Today penis enlargement is everywhere, although much of it is bull shit, it is everywhere. If you search hard enough you will find real penis enlargement, just as you found my BLOG.




Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Penis Enlargement: Girth and Length

We have explored female preference in penis size. I think it is safe to assume that too much size is not desirable. Giving proportions to the perfect size penis is difficult but if we consider average penis size and what we have heard on female preference we can figure that 5.5 x 5 is what they usually encounter. I do not believe this to be the most desirable size. In my honest opinion 7 x 5.5 is a size that would floor most women while 8 x 6 is a size that will be at the limit of female desire while satisfying the male need for a huge penis. I encounter many men in penis enlargement who want sizes that are unrealistic. Some want a 9 inch penis, some want more. I know someone who is shooting for an 11" unit. These sizes may be the proportions a size queen may want but in 99% of sexual encounters 8 x 6 would absolutely blow their mind. Most women would assume this size is beyond 10 inches and if they gossip, well you would be the talk of the town.

Many may ask why I have become so large if I believe the perfect size to be 8 x 6...this is a good question. I kind of had to get to the size I am. Many wanted to see if my penis enlargement techniques worked and the best proof was continually gaining. Even today, when I develop a new penis enlargement exercise I am expected to gain size. At one point I wanted to get to the biggest size ever on record which is a foggy 13 x 7 (foggy because it is not proven but it was documented by a doctor in the 30's) but after years of penis enlargement experience I decided that the size I have now is very sufficient (too much by all of my standards.)

I know that most men want to make length gains in penis enlargement. For some reason, we as men, see length as the ultimate penis size gains. Girth usually comes in as a second thought. It is strange because of the female desire for more girth. I have always preached in penis enlargement equal attention given to both girth and length but it usually goes on deaf ears to the new guys getting into penis enlargement. If you join my penis enlargement program or get a Matters of Size penis enlargement DVD you will find that the exercises are split 50/50 for girth and length. With the more than 200 exercises I have created it is very clear that I have put as much attention on girth as I have length.

I think it is vital that men view girth work as important as length work in penis enlargement. Satisfying the male ego with long penis is awesome. Length gives men confidence, bragging rights but when it comes right down to it penis enlargement is all about sex. Length will reach the spots that will make miracles happen but girth will fill the entire vagina giving a double, ultimate pleasure.

Soon after i got into penis enlargement I became obsessed with making my girl squirt. I wanted her to have a female orgasm. I wanted to make this happen and document the steps to making it happen so I could let the men on my penis enlargement sites do the same. My length increases definitely reached the area of the vagina necessary to make her have a female orgasm but it was the increased girth that made it happen. Not only did she squirt, she GUSHED. It became so intense that we needed to have sex on the leather couch as our bed became soaked if we had sex there. On top of this she started to cum as soon as I inserted my penis and she would not stop until I pulled out. Sex, for me, was miraculous! For her, well she is gone now but I know she will never get that kind of treatment ever again.

I have written articles on how to make FEMALE EJACULATION possible and they are available on my sites at and (I think there may be a few here on the BLOG too.) You will find that penis enlargement has many more benefits than what is obvious. In addition, the things you learned here today will help you put equal focus on both penis length and girth.


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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Insecurities and the Reasons Men Seek Out Penis Enlargement

Why do men seek out penis enlargement? There are many obvious reasons like a small penis, poor erections, negative comments from sexual partners, personal pleasure, etc. but are there deeper, darker reasons that lay beneath these obvious reasons? I really believe so.

I have seen thousands upon thousands of men on the various penis enlargement sites I own or frequent share their reasons for penis enlargement. The main reason is fear that they have a small penis. Many of these men do not have a small penis but they still believe it to be so. Are they small? This is something we have explored many times but I really believe it is something we need to remind ourselves of. What is small? What is big? What is normal? How many guys are huge? How many are average? Can we tell by other physical traits? Does race play a role? Damn, the questions can really pile up but for the most part the men who join my penis enlargement sites are not small. They join believing they are and once they read some of my work on penis enlargement and penis size they are quickly relieved to see that they have always been average or even big. So what are some of the answers to the questions above?

A below average penis for a grown man would be anything below 5" in erect state (this is measured while erect with the ruler pushed hard against the pubic bone, along the top of the penis to the tip. this is called a bone pressed, erect measurement). This does not mean a man is small only that he falls below the average size. Small is such a nasty word when thinking about penis enlargement or penis size. I also find large offensive in the same respect but the world does view the penis this way. What is above average? Anything that measures beyond the 5.5" mark. Again, to most men, they will find this hard to believe. When I think of a large or big penis I consider 6.5" and beyond in this category. Huge? These are men who go beyond the 8" mark. Most men fall into the 5-6" category while less that 5% fall below this and about the same amount beyond it. This puts about 90% of the world into the average category. How do I know these things? Because I have been involved with penis enlargement and dealing with men and these questions for more than 7 years. On my penis enlargement forums I have men from every race and it will also surprise you that race plays no part in penis size.

I know many of you wonder about girlfriends and their past lovers. Most men think about this and penis size is the question they obsess about. Again, I have learned these things through my extensive experience in penis enlargement. So what are the chances your girl have had a huge penis in her past. Asking her will do little to calm your fears as she will either a.) estimate the size of the penis through "women measurements" (5" is 7", 7" is 10", etc.) b.) Lie, to protect your feelings. c.) Tell the truth but you will not accept it and always wonder if it is true. There may be some of you who are confident and never think of these things so this article is not for you. I would say that the average number of men a woman has slept with by the time they are 25-30 would be somewhere in the 4-8 men range. I have had women who have slept with more than a hundred and others who have slept with only me but these are very uncommon. So lets take the number 6 as a good average. If .5 men in 100 have a large penis than it is safe to assume that the chances of her being with a man of this size is about 1 in 200. Feel any better? I think so. The odds that her ex's were average are 90 in 100. Small falls under the same odds as large. I know, I know, you are thinking "well, what if she slept with that .5% of men that were large? I would not bet on it.

I think that black men have a different fear than most races. I think that with all of the myths about huge, black, penis size that not only Whites, Asian or any other race suffers the insecurities but Black men themselves. If they are expected to be huge and they do not live up to this then I think it causes a particularly different fear. I met a black fellow on my penis enlargement forum. He started penis enlargement with a large penis (about 9") and with this massive of a size he still believed he was small by black standards! This blew my mind and when I let him know that average penis size was 5.5" (even for black men) he was floored. He still pursued penis enlargement but I really think his confidence went through the roof.

Asian men also carry a different burden of myths in penis size. In my penis enlargement forums there are many Asian men and invariably each one wonders if there is truth to the small myth concerning Asians. This one always made me laugh as I have not yet found one of my Asian, penis enlargement clients to have a below average penis. I have seen a few black and white ones but never an Asian penis. Penis size seems to be relatively consistent across the races and nationalities.

Now none of this should matter as penis enlargement is available and it works. In my time working with men in penis enlargement I have seen thousands of men add inches to their penis. With the right penis enlargement exercises and a proper attitude and determination penis enlargement happens.

Whether you are average and want to be big, small and want to be average or big and want to be huge, penis enlargement will give you your dreams of growth. The fears you may have about your penis are more than likely false but just hearing this may not be enough. You may have to put a conscious effort into mental penis enlargement while you practice physical penis enlargement. Making the penis larger needs to be part of expanding the mind. Understanding true penis size in the world population will help allivate much of your fear but daily affirmations of your real size, free of cluttered hearsay and myths will enlarge your mind as quickly as you enlarge your penis.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Normal Penis Size for Teens

Many young people wonder what average penis size is. Being in the penis enlargement business I have studied much about this. Young men worry about their penis size, they wonder if they are normal. With all of the misinformation found online about average penis size it is easy for men to become confused. I know for myself, when I was younger (a long time ago:)) I was very confused about average size. When I was fully grown, after going through puberty, I measured about 6" long and I had a girth of about 4.75". I often heard my friends talking about their penis saying they were 8,9 or even 10" and I believed many of them. Penis size to me was very murky. I never really knew what to believe.

When I was in school I remember the locker room. Growing up I heard allot about black men and their enormous penis's. Since I went to a predominately black school I believed there was a huge difference between myself and the other boys. But when I was in the shower rooms I remember being very much the same as them regarding penis size. This added to my confusion.

When I grew into my later teens I remember seeing a porno movie with the actor John Holmes and I was floored by his enormous penis size. He was so much bigger than anything I had ever seen and I started to think many men had this size. This was around the time I became very sexually active and another confusing issue began troubling me about penis size. It seemed that most girls I slept with always complimented me on my big penis size. This definitely improved my self confidence but it did little to give me a clear understanding of what average penis size really was. This was long before the internet so most of what I knew about penis size was hearsay.

When I first got on the internet I remember searching for information about penis size. I was met with tons of information about penis enlargement but little about average penis size. It's still this way today. I became very skilled with search engines and I was eventually able to find some relevant info concerning my questions. A few reputable sites I found had some very good surveys. I was not so much interested in the self measured surveys but ones where the men were measured by a second party. A couple of the penis size surveys were the Lifestyles Condom survey and the Kinsey Survey. Both of these surveys were second party conducted and the average penis size they posted was very similar to each other. I found out that average penis size was about 5.5" in length and 4.5" in girth. This, of course, boosted my confidence as I was slightly above average. It also started my journey into penis enlargement.

Soon after I learned about penis enlargement I became very interested in seeing if it really worked. I remember, after finding a basic penis enlargement exercise workout, starting my own penis enlargement efforts. After about a half of year I had made some incredible progress. I was measuring close to 2" above what I was before starting. To me penis enlargement was a miracle. Even though my penis size starting out in penis enlargement was slightly above average I was able to become way above average with some simple penis enlargement exercises.

Soon after all of my penis enlargement interested arose I found that there were many other men seeking out the same questions that plagued me growing up. They wondered what average penis size was. Many of them felt as though they had a small penis because of the misinformation they learned. These guys were desperate to make penis enlargement gains and they were willing to go to great lengths to do so.

With my incredible penis enlargement gains I ventured into developing my own penis enlargement exercises. This was a great success for me and many men online started to become interested in the penis enlargement exercises I was using. This sparked my inspiration to start my own penis enlargement site. My site became very successful and more than 100,000 men joined my free forum. I loved this, as I do today as I was able to help calm their insecurities about penis size and spread the awareness I had learned in my long quest for real answers on average penis size.

The funny thing I realized was that average penis size never really mattered as I was able to make my penis larger with penis enlargement. I wish I knew of this growing up but I only found out about it in my mid 30's. Being so involved in penis enlargement I am able to reach many men all over the world concerning penis size is truly wonderful.

So many of the men who come to my site are in their late teens, many still going through the tail end of puberty and all of them confused about average penis size. With the many articles I have written on penis enlargement and other penis issues I have been able to help so many become confident and secure with their penis size. It's strange, but all of my work in penis enlargement and the things I have learned really proves to many of these young men that they do not even need penis enlargement. This to me is the greatest success, even though it keeps me in the poor house. I view it as a success because penis enlargement is a huge commitment, it takes so much time, effort and dedication. It is something that many guys can not do and the men who realize they do not need to do it and become content with their penis size, well that makes me happy.

We have always been able to make our penis larger but when we can make our understanding of what penis size truly is this is the greatest enlargement of all.

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