Sunday, July 29, 2007

The VIMAX Extender: Reviews and Discount Coupons

The VIMAX EXTENDER is an extender used to lengthen the penis, effortlessly, throughout the entire day.

How it works:
VIMAX EXTENDER is easy to apply, painless in usage and cannot be seen beneath loose fitting trousers.

The VIMAX EXTENDER increases the penis length by using traction technology. The extender is attached to the body easily and without any discomfort. With a stable base and a upper shaft attachment the penis is held tightly (but comfortably) in an extended position. Once attached the extenders tension bars can be further extended to give you the best possible elongation. This extended state of the penis can be held the entire day as the VIMAX is completely hidden under regular clothes. Keeping the penis extended for this much time will give you the best possible penis enlargement gains possible (aside from manual penis enlargement) I own 2 of these and they are a staple in my penis enlargement.

After a good manual workout using Matters of Size exercises the VIMAX EXTENDER can be attached to help further the manual gains you are making. Wearing the VIMAX will help you gain flaccid (soft) length almost immediately. FOr most men, the reason their soft penis becomes so small, turtled or hidden is due to a lack of penile training. The VIMAX EXTENDER is ideal for making the soft penis longer, easily. WIth the penis in an extended state for such a long time will train your soft penis to hang longer when flaccid.

Lets say your soft penis measures 2-3". Now lets say if you pull your soft penis to it's most extended position and that measures 5-6" then this is the measurement you can make using the VIMAX EXTENDER. To most men, this is a gift of the gods. Many men become very embarrassed of their soft penis size and changing it has never been a real option. But with the VIMAX extender you will safely, comfortably and quickly make this happen.

While you are gaining flaccid length using the extender you will also notice erect length gains happening also. The length gains come shortly after the flaccid ones. As your penis grows in erect size you soft size will also grow relatively to this. Although the VIMAX EXTENDER is mainly a length tool it still produces some penis girth enlargement. Whenever there is stress applied to the base of the penis girth gains will ensue. This makes the VIMAX EXTENDER a triple benefit for penis enlargement; erect length, erect and soft girth and flaccid length and girth...and all of this is without any effort as once you attach it to your body the VIMAX does the rest of the work all day long.

Tissue expansion is very easy. As a matter of fact, tissue expansion is more common than most think. It is used in breast augmentation, skin graphing, tissue donor site, as well as many other medical ways. The entire premise of natural penis enlargement is tissue expansion. The VIMAX EXTENDER allows for tissue expansion hours a day making it as effective as any other medical method of tissue expansion.

Another incredible benefit of the extender is the fact that it helps with peyronies disease (or a crocked penis). Many men have unwanted curves on their penis. Some men have a crocked penis that curves down, up or to the left or right. It is a very common problem and other than manual PE the VIMAX EXTENDER stands alone at helping correct this.

Further more, the VIMAX EXTENDER (or one of the many copy cat extenders) are used extensively by the medical profession. When a man opts for penis enlargement surgery he will be given an extender post op. Of course the extender price from a medical source can run as much as $1500.00. Funny that the same extender here will cost a tiny fraction of that. At $149.00 there is no reason for you not to grab one right away.

Price is always an issue, especially on specialized penis enlargement equipment like the VIMAX extender. You will find some extenders costing as much as $900.00, while the average cost is about $350.00. Since MATTERS OF SIZE is such a large internet, penis enlargement entity (and the fact I personally endorse the VIMAX Extender) the price for anyone who is reading this is only $149.00! I get a very, VERY discounted price as we give up most of the profit we would make as an affiliate so that the average guy can afford these extenders. Penis enlargement should not be out of reach to anyone. I hope you guys take advantage of this special price as it will not last forever.

Everyone who wanted a VIMAX (JES Extender) but did not want to spend the extra money, we are now offering this special to everyone for $149.00 CLICK THIS LINK then you Must Type in the following Code 149mos9500 in the "Coupon or Discount Number" Box at the Bottom of the Vimax Extender Credit Card Billing Page to get your $150.00 MoS Member Discount!!!

The discount [i]will[/i] appear on the end billing.


Here is a Video Tutorial showing the VIMAX EXTENDER in action.

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Flaccid Penis Size vs. Erect...WHAT IS THE DEAL?

I get literally thousands of questions concerning the "Shower/Grower" scenario. Some guys are showers, meaning they have a large flaccid size while their erect size does not differ much from their soft size. Other men are growers, the kind of penis that may be small when soft but it grows to a large erection. Then, the nightmare guys, who have a large flaccid size and grow to an enormous erect size (where is my sniper rifle?)

Flaccid penis size is important to men and for very good reason. Men love to impress other people with how large their soft penis is, especially to other men. This is called the "Locker Room Syndrome" as this is usually the place men most care about how their flaccid penis looks. There are other reasons that may not be so obvious and we will get into those too. To men the penis is king and making it the biggest they can is the ultimate goal in penis enlargement.

I recently came across a gentleman in my penis enlargement forums that was concerned about the way his flaccid penis looked while in clothing. He was concerned that women would check his package out and look down on him due to the size of his bulge. This, although a valid concern, really matters very little to women. Women are pretty standard in the way they see a man. They notice his ass, face and body first. Hist personality second. The next thing they notice are his hands and shoes as a women likes a man who takes care of himself.
The size of a mans penis is one of the last things a woman would judge a man on....this is something that may happen during sex but again women care more about how a man caters to their needs in sex and the way they have sex. The penis is only one of the tools used to give this pleasure.

Considering that 95% (or there about) of the men in the world share the average penis size [about 5-6" in length and 4.5-5" of girth) below this size is considered small but that matters very little in penis enlargement as you can make your penis larger. Some men are above average and this is either a birth given right or they have practiced some kind of penis enlargement during their life. No matter the size you have now, my type of penis enlargement will change that for you. I don't want to get off topic here so let me get back to the soft penis blues.

Some men are truly embarrassed by the size of their soft or flaccid penis. The biggest inquiry I get from men entering my penis enlargement site is if penis enlargement will help their soft size. They want to know how to specifically enlarge their flaccid size.

The good news is that natural penis enlargement ( will do two things rather quickly and that is increase the size of your flaccid penis and give you better erections. These increases are the first signs that penis enlargement is working. Next in line are erect gains in length and girth. As time goes on and your erect penis becomes longer and thicker you will see a relative change in the size of your flaccid penis.

Specifically I have invented many exercises for the enlargement of the flaccid size. I think that any man can close this gap and make his penis's flaccid size very close to his erect size, hence becoming a shower. Over time and as penis enlargement ensues he may even become the "shower and grower" Someone with a large flaccid penis and a penis that grows much larger when erect...the goal of all goals in penis enlargement.

If you are a member of the Matters of Size site then you know their are hundreds of penis enlargement exercises I have created and the numerous routines I have made them a part of. Thank goodness for video as some of these penis enlargement exercises take great comprehension. Today I would like to concentrate mostly on flaccid penis size gains.

My best exercise for making the soft penis larger is my TESTICLE HEALTH, STRETCH and MASSAGE. This is an exercise that is very easy to do and it works with such speed it will become one of your favorite penis enlargement exercises. I will give you directions to this exercise and a few others that will help you increase your flaccid size but joining the members site will be your best way to get the best comprehension.

In a completely soft (flaccid) state apply a liberal amount of vaseline to the penis (about 2 tbs.). You will want to massage the vaseline into your balls and penis completely while keeping your hands well oiled. Grab your scrotum (sack) above your balls. Now in a circular motions, using the palm of your hands you will want to rub each testicle individually for 30 to 60 seconds. This will help your testicles drop lower for the stretching portion of this penis enlargement exercise. Now you will want to thoroughly massage your scrotum (sack) completely between the area the testicles occupy. Do this for 1-2 minutes. This will complexly loosen all portions of the scrotum making the stretching portion even more powerful. Once these two precursor exercises are done you will want to stretch the scrotum and penis simultaneously. Grab your scrotum with one hand right above the testicles. Take the other hand and grab your penis by the upper shaft (it will be slippery by your grip will be strong enough to hold these two parts of the penis as the goal is not so much intensity as it is a gentle stretch. Now you want to stretch your testicles upward while you stretch your penis downward. Hold this stretch for 30-60 seconds. Now you will reverse the stretch stretching your penis upward while you stretch your scrotum downward. Again hold this stretch for 30-60 seconds. Repeat the stretching portion 3 times in total. Do this daily.

What does this do? First it will help stretch the webbing located where the scrotum meets the base of the under penis. Stretching this webbing will allow the penis to hang lower. This exercise will also loosen your scrotum over all helping to eliminate the hard scrotum scenario where the penis appears shorter because it is sitting on the scrotum rather than hanging independently. These two things will give you quite a bit of flaccid length after practicing this exercise for a few weeks. As time goes on you will see better and better improvements. There is video available on this, but you will have to join the site, all video on all exercises is located here:

Here are a few other great methods you can try. Please understand them first on watch video for more comprehension. Remember penis enlargement is all about form. Doing the penis enlargement exercises the right way will give you your best chances of gaining size quickly and safely.

1. Piss Pulls: This is a quick but very effective way to increase your flaccid size. You can do them every-time you visit the bathroom. Remember these are done in a completely flaccid state. You will be gripping your penis with the standard penis enlargement OK grip (thumb and forefinger) Get a firm hold on your penis, just below your penis head and perform the following.

1 Upward stretch held for about a minute (stretching up towards your bellybutton.)
1 Downward Stretch for about a minute (stretching towards the ground.)
25 Cranks of the penis in a rotary fashion. Pull the penis straight out and crank it in a circular motion. I like big circles but you may find smaller ones are better for you.

This takes a total of 5 minutes and no one will know any better.

2. Ace Strapped: (UNCLE JIM'S METHOD)
This is an exercise that can be performs throughout the day. It is a way of training your flaccid penis to hang longer and closer to your erect length. Using a ACE bandage (one of those stretchy, tannish, elastic material, wraps used when you sprain your wrist or ankle. available at any drug store)

Pull your flaccid penis out as far as you can. Starting at the base of your shaft start wrapping your penis. Be sure you are as close to the base as possible and that the wrap is tight. Now wrap up your shaft. With each wrap be sure that you are stretching your penis out as far as possible. Wrap up to just below the penis head and secure it. If wrapped properly your penis will measure very close to your erect size. This can only be done for 20 minute cycles as you do not want to cut off circulation to your penis. Every 20 minutes unwrap, massage good blood-flow back to your penis and rewrap.

This exercise gave me some very good flaccid penis gains making it a very popular penis enlargement exercise.

If you can afford it the VIMAX EXTENDER, at $149.00 (hundreds less than any other co. selling these) is a great piece of equipment. It is medical quality plastic with all surgical steel components. Basically you will attach this equipment to your penis. Once attached you can extend your penis to it's max length. Over time you can extend it more and more. This is a great supplement to natural penis enlargement. If you want one at this greatly reduced price go to the following address and enter the coupon code when making the purchase. Code is within the linked page.

I hope this helps you guys get to the flaccid size you have always wanted and makes your love life that much better!



Saturday, July 21, 2007

Penis Expansion..How Can I Make My Penis Bigger???

If you are searching how to make your penis bigger don't waste time with the search engines. Have you ever searched for something, something that was so specific, so precise and when you did the search it returned results that were either spam filled or not exactly what you wanted. Did you search beyond the first 100 results? Most likely not but I always do as I know the search engines with such clarity it is crazy.

I am going to go off topic for a minute but I think it will help you understand my point. I love white women with a huge round ass. A bubble butt that would make most white dudes say yuck. The point is I love this type of woman. When I do a search for this I end up with results that are not only spam filled but not even close to the answer I wanted. This is sooooo frustrating but I have found the way to get beyond this. I will click the 7th, 8th, even 20th page and there I will find the legitimate websites the premier this type of woman. Why are they not in top 10 on Google (or the like?) The only reason I can think is they are making money otherwise...sick really. Which brings on the next paragraph.

Why is it sick the way websites are ranked? Well lets take this back to penis enlargement. In penis enlargement there are very few websites that give you the proper direction. Most of the top sites in the search engine are one of two distict sites. First the SPAM site. This site will come up with veracity. I never understood this, but these sites are mainly penis enlargement pills or some other scam. The second kind of site that would pop up popular in Google under penis enlargement is penis enlargement sites that say "penis enlargement does not work". I say, "Where the fuck am I under penis enlargement?"

Where I live in the search engines is on pages that will rarely get viewed by the one that need it. I live in the sub-50's spot under penis enlargement. Aside from loosing a ton of money from the traffic I am not receiving to my site but the men who will never know how to "really" enlarge their penis. The results the searcher really wanted (and needed) were not where they could be found in the search engines. When a guy who wants a bigger penis searches for a solution to his problems where he wants (or need) a bigger penis and a site that can show him he is returned with every possible SCAM and illegitimate websites who make claims that penis enlargement does not work with absolutely no knowledge to what penis enlargement is, they review the effectiveness of penis enlargement based on absolutely no knowledge but they produce an article that completely discredits it. This is sad and wrong.. He may never reach the MATTERSOFSIZE website as he may never make it to the pages, in the search engine, that focus on my form of penis enlargement and how it has worked for more than 100,000 men! They never meet me.

This searching issue has always played evil on my thoughts. I have always wondered why a search engine would not return the most relevant results rather than results that (may) line the pockets of the actual search engines! If MATTERSOFSIZE was number one under penis enlargement, millions of men would actually find out how to make their penis larger. The results in the search engine prior to my penis enlargement site are, more than likely, one of the two scams or flams on penis enlargement as described in the previous paragraph. SOmeone is getting paid because someone is not getting what they need. Greed is the only thing I can think of that prevents MATTERSOFSIZE from being accessible to the needy in the penis enlargement search phrase. Why else would one human being what to hurt another? GREED.

Well I hope this thread makes it to the guys who really need it. The men who want or even need penis enlargement and if they learn this art their lives will flourish. Think about it. If you had a small penis your whole life and when things were at their worst you found a physical solution that would change your penis, fuck, change your life, then I guaranty you would embrace it with the strength of how you would embrace the love of your life. Penis enlargement is real, it works, if you learn the proper techniques and practice them with dedication you will see your penis become larger and larger. Why? Because natural penis enlargement works. How do I know? Well, first you could search my name and see results that would liken me to the level of some demi-god in penis enlargement (which I find completely gay) but non-the-less, I have come out with more advancements in penis enlargement than any other human alive:) SO COOL TO SAY! My penis enlargement, my personal gain s in penis enlargement are so incredible, most don't believe. But, in all reality, I have gained 4" in erect length and 2" of erect girth! This is real, I feel it everyday, this is my permanent cock and I created it from one that was much smaller. My starting size, prior to penis enlargement, I measured (erect) 6.5" in length [maybe smaller but this is the measurement I remember] I loved my cock. It was huge to most of the women I have ever fucked. SHit, there was only one time that I ever felt insecure (prior to penis enlargement) that I can remember. It was with a stripper and she said "your cock is big, but I had bigger" This kind of fucked me up but I justified it because she was a slut:) :) :) The point is, I did not need to enlarge my penis. Why did I do it? Well this is a story in itself, but I can try to sum it up.

I pursued penis enlargement because I started loving a girl that was with over 100 guys. I was SURE she had had men larger than me. This kind of bothered me, but not as much as it did when I discovered penis enlargement. When I started penis enlargement, and I saw it worked, I thought I could compare to any man my girl had been with. This seemed to aggravate my insecurity, rather than ensure it. Strange, but it was quite the opposite. It did not matter how much I gained (4" in length and 2" in girth), the only thing that mattered was measurements of the penis. I was thinking to myself "Is she lying? Has she been with bigger men than me even though I have created a 10 x 6 inch penis? A penis created through natural penis enlargement. But I continued to let this play on the insecurities of my own sexuality. I wanted to be the biggest. I wanted her to believe, truly believe I was the biggest. This may have been the reason I have advanced in penis enlargement more than any other man. The fact I have proven gains of 4" in length and 2" in girth, changing my penis from 6.5 x 4.75 to 10.5 x +6" girth, doing this in the public eye. Proving these gains to reliable news sources (Channel 4 (UK), GQ Magazine, KING Magazine, XM, FM and SERIUS Radio) virtually every media outlet had viewed my penis, saw the gains and reported positively on this. No other man has done this, but still my way of penis enlargement, may never be available to most of the world.

This sounds so dramatic but what else am I to say? If you see the work I have done in penis enlargement and see the small amount of men (small by worldly totals) but still, if you realize what I have done and how it has worked for so many men then it would be realizing the reality of penis enlargement that actually makes the penis larger. This reality of enlarging your penis is available right now, ( you could start this very instant and start enlarging your penis. How many would? Well I think only a few of those who follow this BLOG (A BLOG that Google, no matter how hard I work, no matter how relevant my work IS TO penis enlargement, will never be realized by those that need it/. No matter how hard I work it never benefits my placement in the search engines. READ HOW MUCH I HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO PENIS ENLARGEMENT! If there is ANYONE, and I really mean this, if their is ANYONE who can stand to my dedication to penis enlargement then please show yourself, prove yourself. I you can possibly compare to my dedication and gains in the art of penis enlargement, then PROVE IT! Do as I did and let us see your proof only true through the view of the public eye (the scrutiny I have endured!) and prove it. But the ones who are actually reading this...those men who have the opportunity to enlarge their cocks, the belief in what I have written, the dedication to commit themselves to real penis enlargement, then you are the ones who will realize this miracle of male sexuality.

We, as men are able to learn this miraculous art and use it to create the male sexual persona they have always wanted. The few that realize penis enlargement through my words are the one that will realize penis enlargement that matches any other fantasy! We have learned how to dominate the penis, we have learned to ENLARGE OUR COCKS! We will now, and always, have an advantage over any other man in the world, an advantage that allows us to increase our cock size to that of our desires! The few that realize penis enlargement is real, those are the ones that will gain this wisdom. A wisdom far beyond that of the penis.

So the title? The lure to get you to read my BLOG< well, that was nothing more than a ploy for you to realize reality...HISTORY not HIS-STORT! Do your research, find what is real and make your fantasies and dreams an reality!

Friday, July 20, 2007

The DLD Unabridged Stretch!

Actually Stretching the Ligs: The DLD Unabridged Stretch!

In most of our length gains we make we give credit to "ligament gains" opposed to the "tunica gains" The difference between the two is the Ligament (the ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone) is easily stretched by simply stretch the penis in any direction while Tunica stretches require a specific position to make these stretches effective. The problem with this, seemingly 50/50 contribution to length, is that Tunica gains require much more effort and time. Even with incredible effort, and time, the Tunica is very slow to lengthen. Ligament stretches are quick to respond with gains as ligaments are VERY EASY to stretch and lengthen.

For most skillful PE men, the most effective ligament exercise is downward or BTC (behind the cheeks) stretches. This became widely accepted when Bib, the creator of the Bib Hanger, came out with his theory on length gains by means of the L.O.T. Theory. L.O.T., which stands for Loss Of Tug-back,dictates that length gains are determined by where the penis exits from the body and at what angle it performs a LOT test exercise. (LOT see: The particular number in LOT you find determines the type of exercises you should focus on. The biggest problem with LOT is that it is only theory. There is no proof of LOT being accurate but still many men dictate there stretching session by LOT theory. If LOT is not correct many people will have spent a lot of time dedicating stretching position to a theory that potentially is false.

I bring up LOT because I have slacked in my ligament exercises, in the past, due to LOT Theory. But I have gained most if not all my length gains to ligament stretching. Well, I was thinking about this recently and I decided to study ligament work more closely. Over the past few weeks I have been messing with an exercise that may change the way we make length gains. I started thinking why we would simply stretch the penis by gripping it at the top, which is the furthest point from the ligaments on the shaft. I started to wonder if there was a way of stretching the ligaments directly. A way of actually grabbing and stretching the ligaments directly.

After playing with the exercise (and my dick:)) I started to find a way of getting to the ligaments and stretching them. A stretch that is unbelievably powerful.The ligaments of the penis are located directly at the base of the penis and approximately an inch from the base to the pubic bone. Reaching this area takes a bit of practice particularly if you want to perform this exercise. Stretching the ligaments directly can be painful if not done from the proper point of stretch, finding this point is the cream of this exercise.

What I do is this; In a completely flaccid state I grab my penis at the mid-shaft. I work my way done the shaft with special attention to skin availability. When I reach the base of my penis I want a bit of skin to perform this exercise with the best possible tension and support. I start with a regular downward stretch (outward, left, right, it all works) I grip the penis, using a standard OK grip (thumb and forefinger) below the head and get into my maximum stretching effort. Using my other hand I grip my penis just below the hand that is stretching and increase the stretch with that hand, again stretching to my full potential. Once this position is secure I take my upper hand and bring it below the second hand and repeat the process. Depending on how long your flaccid penis can stretch will determine how many cycles you can do before reaching the base. Once I reach the base I reverse the process and work upward. The intensity show be as strong as it was going down the shaft. This process can be repeated as much as you are able as it will depend on how tired your hands get. I like to do an upward stretch for 5 cycles, a left stretch for 5 cycles, a right stretch for 5 cycles and a downward stretch for 5 cycles. To add more intensity, and possible gain potential, this exercise can be done using the BLASTERS scenario.

Why I think this works. Aside from the ligaments screaming at the end of this exercise it also covers much of basic PE stretching goals. First of all the stretch is continuous to the point of personal exhaustion. If you are like me, I can perform 5 cycles with excellent intensity before getting tired. This is because each hand is alternating allowing me a short, but re-cooperating, break in between each grip. Next, this exercise allows every point of stretch within each stretching position. For example, we know very little about the best possible point of stretch on the shaft but most of us follow the below the head potion. This stretch will cover every point on the shaft and if we gain better mid-shaft, low shaft or upper shaft it will be stretched. This stretch also addresses both ligament and tunica gain theories. I also like to think that different men may have different gain potentials based on where they stretch from on the shaft.

There may be many other benefits to this stretch and I think the men who try and use it will give input on it. I hope this helps and I can't wait to hear opinions.

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Friday, July 13, 2007


For those who have been into penis enlargement for a while may have heard of DLD Blasters. This is a penis length exercise that helped many men who have been trying to get a longer penis do so. This penis enlargement exercise is based on 2 unique theories. The first is a muscle movement called kegels. In penis enlargement kegels are used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. This is done by flexing these muscles helping the user keep blood in his penis during erections and it also strengthens these muscles in holding urine. The basic movement of the penis enlargement exercise is compared to stopping the flow of urine. The next time you urinate squeeze these muscles to stop the flow of urine, this is a kegel. The kegel can also be done in reverse where you push the pelvic floor muscles or completely "unflex" these muscles. This can be felt during urination when you push the flow of urine. The kegel is essential to the DLD Blaster penis enlargement exercise.

The second part of the DLD Blaster is the actual stretching method. This penis enlargement length exercise is very unique to any other as it employs a few different movements. While the penis is flaccid the user grabs the penis just below the glans (head) of the penis. Then the penis is stretched over the wrist of the other hand. When in the proper position the stretch looks like this.

These two movements work together in a very special way which make penis enlargement, lengthwise, very easy to accomplish.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Stretching and Jelqing: The Cornerstones of Penis Enlargement

When men think of penis enlargement words like stretching and jelqing never really come into their minds. One of the the first things they think of is the very thing that will not work, by itself, in penis enlargement and that is the penis enlargement pill. It's strange because natural penis enlargement and penis enlargement pills are complete opposites in penis enlargement.

I think many men who do find natural penis enlargement fear the exercises, time and even fear of injury. There is some truth to this as far as penis enlargement exercises go. Doing natural penis enlargement require quite a bit of work but they will work for any man if he works them. Work is always secondary to the magic pill and this is because we live in a very lazy society. Natural penis enlargement, for many, is just too much work. I guess we could compare natural penis enlargement to getting a Ph.D at Harvard while penis enlargement pills are comparable to a GED. The rewards are also equal to these two scenarios. Natural penis enlargement will give you inches of new penis length and penis girth while penis enlargement pills will give you better erections with no penis enlargement growth. (penis enlargement pills serve as a wonderful supplement to natural penis enlargement but taken alone they will do little more than give you better erections.)

So what are stretching and jelqing penis enlargement exercises? Well, as the title says, these things are the cornerstone of penis enlargement. Without these two penis enlargement exercises REAL penis enlargement would not exist. Stretching the penis for enlargement is based on very simple science, if you stretch it, it will get bigger....plain and simple stretching the penis makes it longer. In penis enlargement there are literally thousands of variations of the penis enlargement stretch but even the most basic of them all will lengthen the penis. Jelqing the penis is the exercise that give you bigger penis girth. Again, there are vast variations to this basic girth exercise but even the basic jelq will give you penis enlargement girth.

I would like to list all of the penis enlargement exercises I have created in future BLOGs. I think doing one BLOG per exercise will allow you to better understand the mechanics and production of each penis enlargement exercise. Look for these in later posts.


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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The World Love the Penis

The World Love the Penis

WHen you look around the net, magazines, TV, movies, chatter in bars, talk on campus they are all obsessed with the penis. The bigger the penis the better. I am not only talking about men but even more so women. It always strikes me funny that penis enlargement is not a bigger thing. I mean there are millions of penis enlargement sites offering everything from penis enlargement pills, penis enlargement stretchers, penis enlargement pumps, penis enlargement exercises, etc. but the success of these sites seems ambiguous. I know that many of the bigger penis enlargement pills companies make a lot of money but as it all trickles down the smaller penis enlargement sites suffer.

The strange thing is the most effective penis enlargement sites are those that teach natural penis enlargement. This is the form of penis enlargement that uses physical exercises to enlarge the penis. When I see the world wide average on penis size and compare that to my penis enlargement site there is a strong difference. The normal average penis size is about 5-5.5" erect while the average penis size on my penis enlargement forum is closer to 6-6.5"....this inch difference is a massive difference, about 1/5th larger than normal average. So why wouldn't men all over the world be flocking to natural penis enlargement? This confuses me as much as anyone else.

I have been in the media quite a bit for my penis enlargement techniques and penis enlargement program. All of the interviews I have done have been conducted by real, professional and well known sources. I have been in KING magazine, Salon magazine, XXL, Playboy, Sirus Radio, National Television among many other outlets talking about natural penis enlargement but still penis enlargement remains underground. So with all this exposure for penis enlargement where millions of people have seen or read about penis enlargement it strikes me funny that it excists in only a small part of the internet.

If the world is obsessed with the big penis they should get into the penis enlargement that really works, natural penis enlargement.

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Penis Enlargement: Real Penis Size

I think the internet has confused many people as far as average penis size. In penis enlargement I have seen many real penis's but I may have this luxury of confidence that many don't. What do I mean by a real penis? Well, with all the porn in the world many men become disillusioned to how big a penis should be. Even though a flaccid penis on average is 2.5-3" and an erect one is 5.5" some of the men who start penis enlargement are double this but they still pursue it. Don't get me wrong, there are many men with average stats in penis size, some even smaller, these men truly need penis enlargement for the right reasons.

So what is the big deal about hoping for penis enlargement gains that are massive, even for the big guys? I question if it is for themselves or because of the pornography media they view. The Matters of Size penis enlargement site has been involved with a few of the major porn companies over the years and I know the difference between a real penis and a media created penis. For many in my penis enlargement forums who have read some of the studies I have done on this subject know the difference too.

Porn is meant to be entertaining, sexy and fantasy driven. When it comes to porn, the producers want nothing less than the largest possible image of a man's penis. If you really look closely you can see wide angle lens's, size enhancement through smaller women, and a slue of other big dick tricks. No to mention that the actors are hand picked for their penis size to begin with. This is NOT THE NORM but many men believe it to be.

Even the guys who are huge in porn are very interested in penis enlargement. They want their already huge penis's to be bigger and after meeting me many of the guys I know in porn started the MOS penis enlargement program. It really amazes me.

Penis enlargement will help any guy big or small. If you do the penis enlargement exercise your penis will get longer and thicker. I have witnessed men who have practiced penis enlargement practically doubling their size. The men who lurk on my penis enlargement forums who watch this happen inevitably become a member and start gaining with penis enlargement too.

Getting back to the real penis issue. When I seek out average size media I do not look at porn, I will not even acknowledge porn as a source for any average penis data as it is 90% fantasy. I seek out nude beaches, or nudist colonies. The reason for this is these pictures, for the most part, are candid with absolutely not special methods of enhancing the penis. It really amazes me to compare porn to nudist pictures as they are so completely different. IIn the upcoming penis enlargement study I am working on I spend a chapter going into depth about this gap between average and fake average penis size.

I guess I see so many men working for penis enlargement due to the confusion around average penis size. Many men believe the average penis is 6" flaccid and 9" hard???? This is not bullshit, me really believe this. My penis enlargement forums is the best place to hear this as almost every man who gets involved with penis enlargement has a skewed perspective on average penis size.

Look through the variety of pictures in this BLOG. They are all candid and unaltered. These pictures are of men at nudist beaches and I think many will be surprised by what REAL PENIS SIZE REALLY IS:) Please men, take confidence in yourselves. Become educated on real penis size and if you still want a bigger penis by all means start penis enlargement. But many may not even start penis enlargement after this BLOG as they may find that average is really something different than they ever believed.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What is a BIG PENIS and how to get there

I think the topic of average penis size has been talked about to the max. We never really hear how big id big...when someone talks about a BIG PENIS what do they mean, what is the size? I mean, in penis enlargement I have seen many men with many goals for penis size but how realistic is "THE BIG PENIS"?

On my penis enlargement forums I hear many things concerning penis size. So many men on my penis enlargement forums have a size in their heads that they believe is huge but most of the time this size is unrealistic. Even me, when I started penis enlargement I thought that a "BIG PENIS" was 10-12", I never knew that the biggest penis in the world, in porn, was about 10" and there was not too many men that could come close to this size without penis enlargement. Natural penis length usually does not go past 6" but in the rare occasion penis size may reach astronomical proportions, like the porn star MANDINGO and his 10" penis.

In penis enlargement it is easy for me to relate what size really is. SO many men that get involved with penis enlargement start out with some misconceptions on what penis size really is. I have seen men put in their signature: starting length 5", goal length: 12"???? This is just insane. To really gain in penis enlargement you need to have a realistic expectation and usually this expectation is equal to that of which women want in penis size.

A big penis is anything beyond 6" and there is less than 1% of the men in the world who have a penis size beyond 8". This is easy for penis enlargement clients to get but normal men who have never heard of penis enlargement may think it is unreal. The thing is, penis enlargement has given me the opportunity to see penis size first hand...see THOUSANDS of penis's first hand and very few, VERY FEW where above 8". A doctor may tell you different but who has more experience than a penis enlargement guru?

If you decide to persue penis enlargement do me a favor (and yourself) Get an object that is the length and thickness of the penis size you want. Look at it, compare it to your penis and if it seems realistic, pursue it in penis enlargement. penis enlargement can get you to the impossible but never try to accomplish the impossible through penis enlargement. Humbleness is possible in penis enlargement but ego has no place.


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Monday, July 02, 2007

Penis enlargement for the Lazy

Penis enlargement is a sport made for the men who have the determination to make penis enlargement happen. For many men, they believe penis enlargement is easy. They think all you have to do is swallow a penis enlargement pill. They believe that the easiest way to penis enlargement is the best....WHY?....because they are lazy! Most men who truly find and understand real penis enlargement will usually drop out before they make penis enlargement gains. The effort and time that is needed to make penis enlargement happen is extensive. Penis enlargement is a sport for the patient and determined men who want a longer, thicker penis.

Actually doing real penis enlargement exercises that make you penis larger is the most difficult for of penis enlargement men encounter. Pumps, pills and every other "quick fix" penis enlargement solution are too attractive, they require no effort. But real penis enlargement, the penis enlargement that will give permeant penis girth and penis length gains is only available through manual efforts. If penis enlargement was as easy as taking a pill the entire world would have 12" penis's. The biggest reason natural, exercise based penis enlargement is mostly unknown is the the incredible effort needed to use to make penis enlargement happen.

Slowly, but surely, men are making themselves part of the underground penis enlargement community. The community that teaches real penis enlargement and gives men the security they need to feel like a real man. I foresee this sport called penis enlargement to become worldwide within the next few months. More and more men realize it and more and more men approach it.

Many may be thinking that if the entire world knew about penis enlargement then all men would have huges cocks. This is not true and, for the most part, is protected under the "LAZINESS" factor that is present in most men. Thinks about penis enlargement as if it were body building. All men know how attractive a perfect physique is but very few have what it takes to do the work to make it happen. The same exact thing applies to penis enlargement. Most men will never have "what it takes" to make penis enlargement a reality for them.

I promise this, the average penis size will no change based on penis enlargement becoming public. The average penis size is protected by the LAZINESS FACTOR.


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