Saturday, June 30, 2007

Women and Penis Idiocy

Some women just have their heads up their ass when it comes to penis size. No matter so many men have insecurities with dumb bitches like this one making statements about shit she has no idea about.

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Penis Enlargement...girth vs. length

When it comes to penis enlargement there is a huge debate on which is more valuable penis length or penis girth. I have made gains in penis enlargement on both sides. I know before penis enlargement I was fine with length but my girth was average and I did not like this. I never got a complaint but I always thought that maybe women wanted more girth. In most surveys on penis size and a woman's opinion girth always wins against penis length. Women say that a long penis hurts them and they would rather a fatter one (but not too thick) with average length. For some guys this is already what they were blessed with as I see this in penis enlargement all the time.

For men, on the other hand, penis length seems to be the biggest concern when they start penis enlargement. Even though I was a bit over average in penis length when I started penis enlargement I still concentrated on more length before I really thought about girth. This is strange considering I wanted more girth before penis enlargement. The more I learn about this the more I think it is an issue with ego more than what would be more pleasurable during sex for our partner. I think that the female surveys really help men in penis enlargement to go after girth with as much effort as they do penis length. Hearing that penis girth is more pleasurable for a woman in a survey is allot easier than hearing it from the girlfriend, that could be pretty damaging.

Armed with the knowledge of the importance of girth a man can make wiser decisions in his penis enlargement journey. The MOS penis enlargement program has a very even amount of penis length and penis girth exercises. Right from the beginning I stress the importance of following my penis enlargement program as it is written to help men make good penis gains in both directions.

I know, for most men who concentrate solely on length, they eventually see the error of their ways and try to play catch up in their penis enlargement program. This is possible but when a total system in penis enlargement is followed from the beginning these issues will never come up.

I believe that self image plays a huge role in the reasons many men care about penis length more than penis girth. When a man looks in the mirror with a flaccid penis he really only sees how long his penis is not how thick it is. This contributes to the side tracking in penis enlargement. I also think other men, the media, porn, music, etc. contribute to this too. In allot of rap music (which I listen to) I will always hear the rapper talking about how long his penis is. Since rap is a predominately black music it strikes me funny that more than half of the clients I know in my penis enlargement sites are black. Maybe it's the music:)

If you are just starting penis enlargement be sure to follow a program that will increase your penis length and girth. If you do this right from the beginning of your penis enlargement you will be much happier in the future.

When you put effort into both length and girth you will leave your girl smiling while your ego is shining.


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Friday, June 22, 2007

Men Will Do Anything For a Bigger Dick than Diet and Exercise

Men Will Do Anything For a Bigger Dick than Diet and Exercise

This is a very true title for the men that do pursue penis enlargement. So many men that join my penis enlargement site say "I really don't have an hour to dedicate to penis enlargement every day." or some variation of the quote. Doing the work that actually works to enlarge your penis is not easy, nor is it as rapid as men desire. Penis enlargement takes time, dedication, belief and motivation. Without these qualities penis enlargement is not possible. Penis enlargement is quite a miracle, I mean, imagine (as many men do) that you realize that after years of having your full grown adult penis, one you would love to make bigger, and you find out it's possible to make this happen, FOR REAL! This is what men realize everyday on my penis enlargement site and many others that are online. They realize that penis enlargement is real and penis enlargement will give them the penis they desire as long as they are willing to do the work.

Work is where the problem comes in. Penis enlargement exercises are time consuming, many men dedicate up to an hour everyday in hopes of enlarging their penis. Some of these men stick with penis enlargement until it works and many lose motivation and throw in the towel. The saying, "Don't give up before the miracle happens" never rang so true. I guess I was in a better position when I started penis enlargement. I never had any real hopes for enlargement but, just like everything in my life, I put 110% into the program I was doing. For me it was about 5 months when I first measured to see gains and I was blown away to see I had gained almost 2" of length! Don't try to watch the water boil!

Just like weight loss, penis enlargement requires a certain dedication. The other problem is penis enlargement is not public, it requires quite a bit of privacy and in some cases this is hard to come by. For me penis enlargement exercise was most convenient, time wise, to do at my job at the time. Privacy was difficult but my test of if penis enlargement really worked gave me the motivation to make it work...AT WORK! This is when I did my entire penis enlargement session in the morning. Later in my penis enlargement journey I split my penis enlargement sessions between length and girth doing an AM/PM schedule. Even if I could not do my penis enlargement at work or home I would find someplace to make it happen. Even if it meant getting up and hour early and going to bed an hour late, I would make my penis enlargement happen.

Next we find the easy way out. When we search out penis enlargement and find natural penis enlargement first (the one that requires the most work) and then find penis enlargement pills or any other penis enlargement item, many will opt for the easy way out. Just like in weight loss, "I will do anything to lose weight then diet and exercise" Fuck, this is now the American way. Supplements or easy ways don't work so I think we must live in a delusional world as these products sell off the shelf. A pill is easier than anything and this is the route many follow.

If penis enlargement pills were really that effective don't you think the world would be filled with 12" penis's? Well, it's not and I have never met anyone with a 12" dick. With all the penis's I have seen, with my career in penis enlargement, no one has seen the amount of cocks I have, no one would have a chance of seeing 12" more than's never happened. Penis enlargement pills do not work. Why do penis enlargement pills sell so well? Well, if customer reorders were their main income, pill companies would be broke. The reason penis enlargement pill companies do so well is because their is always a new man looking for penis enlargement and willing to take a pill to do it.

The penis enlargement pills do serve a purpose in penis enlargement and in normal life. The penis enlargement pills have ingredients that allow a man to get a 100% erection. An erection, most likely, harder than any other he has had. This give the illusion that there is a penis enlargement gain while taking pills but this is false. The penis enlargement pills have nebefit in the normal world by use in sexual adventures. The penis enlargement pills allow the man to get and stay erect at their biggest possible size...this is indeed a benefit. The other benefit is in penis enlargement. When doing girth penis enlargement exercises it is imperative that good blood flow to the penis is attained, and in advanced girth work the ability to get, and go beyond a 100% erection, is extremely beneficial. This is the only places penis enlargement pills have a real use that works.

There is no easy way to penis enlargement just like there is no easy way to weight loss. Getting a bigger penis is, in most cases, is MUCH MORE VALUABLE THAN WEIGHT LOSS! So the work is very similar between penis enlargement and weight loss. Both are fully realized by diet and exercise.

Which brings me to a 2-way beneficial way to penis enlargement. Diet and exercise. Most men, if they checked their fat pad (the fat collection at the pubic bone located at, and above, the base of the penis) they would realize a 1 to 3" loss in penis length! So if you have a 6" penis with a 3" fat pad, and your lose weight, you will have a 9" penis! Incredible and this type of penis enlargement requires no penis enlargement at all....only diet and body exercise. The 2-way benefit is a much larger penis, visually, and a much nicer body...The magic two! A big penis and a nice body give men the most ultimate mental penis power. The power that gives a man full confidence. So, in many cases weight loss may be all you have to do to attain real penis enlargement.

Another method to non-active penis enlargement is trimming your public hair. I bet many of you have a bush hiding 2" of cock. Go measure! This is an easy penis enlargement method....TRIM! Although this is only a visual effect we still give the illusion of a larger penis because we lost the fat pad and trimmed the bush.

Now, the big one...natural penis enlargement. Natural penis enlargement meaning no drugs, no surgery, no penis enlargement product at all, only physical exercise. This form of penis enlargement, once someone studies it, really makes the most sense. Hopefully these guys surfing penis enlargement sites find natural penis enlargement first. One can spend money on natural penis enlargement but largely most opt for the. forum based, penis enlargement sites for free penis enlargement information.

I, as many know, run a pay penis enlargement site. This site allows me to dedicate time to penis enlargement and make penis enlargement my career. The site, Matters of Size Penis ENlargement,, is genius. It has video instruction to the most effective 5 Phase penis enlargement program in the world. Any penis enlargement site owner you ask who has the most penis enlargement exercises, they will tell you Matters of Size. We have delivered more penis enlargement exercises than any other penis enlargement site! Obviously I'm proud:)! The point is, the $50.00 price to join a video based penis enlargement site is worth it. Seeing the penis enlargement exercises you are learning is much easier with video. Money well spent.

In all other respects, penis enlargement is completely free and text, illustrations and even video are available, for free, online. The research on penis enlargement is interesting and fun. Getting the gist of penis enlargement is easiest this way. You, just like me, will find penis enlargement forums, sites, BLOGS, etc. Tons of information about penis enlargement. For me, realizing the only real method of penis enlargement was natural penis enlargement was easy after my research.

If you truly want a bigger penis I can teach you. The truth is penis enlargement is easy, penis enlargement is something that every man can use and gain size using. Getting a larger penis takes the same effort you might expect, or know, as in body weight loss. If you are willing to work penis enlargement, penis enlargement will work for you. Motivation, patience, all the qualities I mentioned here are essential to natural penis enlargement but the prize is oh so sweet.

Let me leave you with some penis enlargement statistics. Penis enlargement surgery: $5,000.00-$20,000.00, penis enlargement equipment: $200.00-$2,000.00. Penis enlargement pills, creams, or patches: $30-50.00 per month with a average of $400.00 per year. Natural penis enlargement is FREE-$50.00!!!! There is no comparison. I hope you find this penis enlargement BLOG in your searches!


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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Free Penis Enlargement?

What does free penis enlargement mean? I see this all over the web but when I click on most of the penis enlargement sites they are selling penis enlargement products not giving away penis enlargement in any way. To me, free penis enlargement is just what it says, FREE. When I started penis enlargement I looked up penis enlargement and found thousands of sites but I was searching for free penis enlargement sites. I was lucky to find a site that gave very good instructions to manual penis enlargement with no strings attached. Although the penis enlargement exercises they described were extremely basic (jelqing and stretching the penis) I still found these ideas for free.

Today finding free penis enlargement sites is difficult. There is too much money to be made in selling penis enlargement rather than giving it away for free. This is the main reason I wanted 2 penis enlargement sites (3 now with the BLOG), I wanted to be able to give away many of my penis enlargement ideas and allow men to try these things and contribute to the penis enlargement data base we created. My forum is a totally free site with thousands of threads on natural penis enlargement. No strings attached, join the forum and you are off.

My other penis enlargement site is a pay site. The site,, is more of a resource to penis enlargement by a greater collection of media, video, interviews, pictures, and various other tool to teach men natural penis enlargement. I do no promotion for the pay site as I believe once men come to my free penis enlargement forum some will eventually join my pay site which keeps food on the table.

I have always had the opportunity to treat penis enlargement as a business. To be out for the money and have no interest in the men I serve. This never clicked with me and I could not do these things in good conscience. I really enjoy the work I do in penis enlargement and I love to see men find my sites and learn penis enlargement for FREE, as I did.

I remember after seeing and practicing (and gaining penis size) from that free penis enlargement I originally found, I felt inspired to pay the man who ran the site. I wrote an email to him asking if I could donate some money because the penis enlargement information he was allowing the public to access for free truly helped me and was worth something to me therefore I wanted to contribute to his site. I never got an answer from this man but I did suggest his penis enlargement site to many men.

Today I try to keep the balance of my sites on penis enlargement. I love the free forums, I love the interaction II have with the members of the penis enlargement forum. I think, creatively, this is my best resource for the creation of my own penis enlargement exercises. I get to come up with a new penis enlargement exercise, put it on the free forum and get feedback on it's effectiveness. When creating penis enlargement exercises one needs to fine tune things for the best possible effectiveness and hearing what the public has to say allows me to make the changes.

I truly hope men find sites like mine on penis enlargement where the objective is creating a bigger penis, not a fatter wallet.


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Saturday, June 16, 2007

How Does Penis Enlargement Work?

I know your have heard about penis enlargement but, just like I used to be, it is difficult to understand just what is happening when you do these penis enlargement exercises. Having a basic understanding of anatomy is the first step. When a living tissue breaks down due to stress or expansion of sorts it needs to repair itself. Like in muscle building exercise (penis enlargement has little to do with muscle.) the heavy weights someone will use cause tiny tears in the fiber. When the body repairs the muscle, over time, the muscle gets bigger and bigger. This is do to cellular function and blood supply. In penis enlargement we are doing very similar work.

When stretching the penis, the most used way for men to add length, tiny tears happen throughout the penile tissue. The stress of any penis enlargement stretch (and intensity) dictates the tears of these tissues. These tears are repaired by the body within 24 hours. Over time these small tears and repairs add up to more length. This is what happens when you use the various penis enlargement exercises for length. It is a deformation of sorts where the penis becomes forcibly longer. There a two ways to make a length increase in penis enlargement. The first way we gain penis length is through ligament stretching. The suspensory ligaments are located at the very base of your inner penis and connect to the pubic bone. Theses ligaments will stretch allowing the penis to become longer and longer as it is stretched away from the pelvic bone. The other source of penis length gains is tunica stretching. The tunica is a sheath-like tissue that surround the penis like a condom would and it is located right below the penile skin. It's main purpose iis to keep the inner penis together. This tissue is very difficult to stretch in penis enlargement because it has only 5% elasticity. It requires very intense, specific penis enlargement exercises and for the most part the exercises are reserved for the more experienced penis enlargement practicer.

When doing girth exercises in penis enlargement something different happens. This type of enlargement comes from expansion of the different erectile tissue. The sides of the penis, called the corpus spongiosum, fill with blood when you get an erection. This tissue looks very much like a sponge and it absorbs the rush of blood when you become aroused. This tissue holds a maximum amount of blood naturally and this is why the penis does not become any thicker after puberty. When you perform the various penis enlargement exercises aimed at girth this erectile tissue is forced to expand. Lets say your penis, when erect, is at 100% of your capacity. When you do the penis enlargement girth exercises this 100% maximum is forced beyond this threshold and the tissue is expanded. Lets say, in any given penis enlargement workout, you get an additional 20% expansion compared to your normal size we can say that your penis girth is at 120%. Over time this additional expansion forces the penis to permanently expand. For instance, after 6 months of penis enlargement where you have trained girth daily, you get this additional expansion with each session and some of this expansion has become permanent you will make a market increase in the thickness of your penis. If you started penis enlargement with a 5" girth and made a increase in width you may now be 6" of girth.

There are literally thousands of variations of penis enlargement exercise. You can visit my penis enlargement forum ( and spend days looking through all the different penis enlargement exercises. It can have your head spinning to be patient with yourself and read through the many penis enlargement topics. You can ask any questions about penis enlargement and get support from thousands of men who have either been in your shoes or can relate to you on some level.

I hope this helped.


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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Woman and Penis Enlargement

For the many years I have been involved with penis enlargement I have had a few conversations with women regarding penis enlargement. Many of these women were in total disbelief that penis enlargement worked, many did not even know it existed on the level penis enlargement does. Many asked how much bigger a penis could get using penis enlargement. All of their curiosities were peaked to learn about penis enlargement. I had some conflicting views on penis enlargement and women for a few reasons and today I really want to lay this down and hopefully make some sense of it. Since I was not romantically or sexually involved with these women may explain why penis enlargement inevitably brought a smile to their face. Many of these girls asked to see my penis and I know this was out of curiosity, I don't think they wanted to see my penis for sexual reasons. The over all reaction to my penis, penis enlargement or any other detail pertaining to this form of sexuality was fully welcome.

The conflict comes from the reaction women have towards penis enlargement when it is with the man they are in a relationship with. There seems to be a completely different reaction to penis enlargement in these cases. They see penis enlargement as threatening in ways. Many women see penis enlargement as something done to them, not for them. They become very jealous and this causes issues with the men that do let their partners know about penis enlargement. The phrase penis envy never had so much meaning.

The progression of the female view on penis enlargement usually follows a definite path. At first penis enlargement is very exciting to them. Many of these women become more sexually active after they learn that their man is doing penis enlargement. This will last a short time and eventually they see penis enlargement as something that could replace them. They even, sometimes, grow suspicious that that their man is cheating on them. Penis enlargement almost always causes an issue of negative consequence when the woman learns that their love partner is performing penis enlargement. I guess this is a big reason most men keep penis enlargement private...they do it in secrecy.

It seems funny to me because I know that penis enlargement works and I often wonder what women think when their full grown man starts to grow a longer and thicker penis. I experienced a small bit of this wonderment with my x-girl (x due to penis enlargement).

When I first became involved with penis enlargement I kept it private for about 4 months. I did my penis enlargement daily and it was more of an experiment in penis enlargement rather then a hope it would work. After doing penis enlargement for these months my penis became much larger. I remember the day I measured my penis for the first time after starting penis enlargement and the size I had gained...I was blown away that penis enlargement actually worked. This very day, after I picked up my girl at work, that I decided to make some hints about my penis and penis enlargement. I said something like "Does sex feel different to you?" She said that she did see a difference in sex and she asked if my penis could still be growing (at 35???) because it felt much bigger to her. This is when I decided to tell her all about penis enlargement and the secret exercises I was doing that made my penis larger. Her reaction was one of pure ecstasy, she became immediately horny and by the time we got home she practically raped me.

A few months after this experience and the many incredible sexual experiences we had during this time I decided to start my own penis enlargement business. I mean, I looked online for information concerning penis enlargement and most of it was scammy penis enlargement products, there were very little resources for natural penis enlargement. With this decision my girl was fully excited and supportive of my pursuit to start my own penis enlargement business.

In less than a year after starting the Matters of Size Penis Enlargement Site the inevitable penis envy started to rear it's ugly head...she started to become less supportive and more withdrawn. As much as I loved her (love) I knew I needed to stick with my penis enlargement company. It was growing and I was becoming a mentor to many men who were looking for penis enlargement. I thought things would get better but they became much worse. In the end my girl left me, in part, over my involvement with penis enlargement.

These conflicting reactions to penis enlargement left me confused but with anything in my life I got passed these things and eventually understood them. Women and the penis were a much larger issue than I ever realized.

A good friend of mine was telling me about his wife finding out about his secret life in penis enlargement and she actually kicked him out of the house. Her realization that her husband shared a relationship with another man was too much for her to handle. Even though he and I are straight and have no sexual interest in each other she still saw the relationship as perverted. She saw penis enlargement as a sort of cheating on her.

Why are women so threatened by the penis? There are many reasons, reasons that date back thousands of years by penis envy speaks volumes about why these women do become threatened by penis enlargement and the penis. I think we can put some real focus on these issues, maybe even make this the first part in a multi part BLOG on the issue. I never thought that penis enlargement was something of perversion, I guess I have never seen the penis as a bad, evil or dirty thing but society puts these labels on the penis. I think women believe thse things whole heartedly.

It confuses me because the women I speak with concerning penis enlargement that are not my lovers love what penis enlargement might mean, so what happens to them once it is their man is the one who does the penis enlargement? Very strange indeed.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Penis Enlargement Madness

When you hear penis enlargement it most likely brings a list of things you may have seen or heard (most likely got through penis enlargement SPAM) With all of the options we have as men it can get pretty confusing when we seriously search out penis enlargement.

Penis enlargement means many different things to many people. Some may think of the penis enlargement pill, one of the most popular forms of penis enlargement even though it's results pale in comparison to other penis enlargement methods. Of course there is a market for penis enlargement pill's and these pills are, without a doubt, the biggest business in the penis enlargement business. The market for penis enlargement pill's is so huge because it is the easiest form of penis enlargement...what better way to add 3 to 6 inches to your penis then with penis enlargement pill's? The truth of the matter is penis enlargement pill's will do very little, if anything, to enlarge your penis. I guess the power of suggestion and the false hopes these penis enlargement pill's give men are the reason they remain at the top of the penis enlargement food chain.

Every man wants a big penis...??? Is this true? Not at all but again the power of saying, "Every Man Wants a Bigger Penis" puts the suggestion into men's head. A bigger penis is something that is not easy nor will the penis enlargement pill get you there (at least by themselves) If something sounds to good to be true, especially in penis enlargement, than it is bullshit. Most men have the attitude that they wish to do the smallest amount of work to make the best results and this, in penis enlargement, is extremely false. Penis enlargement takes work, effort, patience and understanding of the penis enlargement methods you are using.

Next it the list of penis enlargement options is the penis pump. I am sure every man that has thought about penis enlargement has thought about the penis pump. I personally think the penis pump is cool. It has no place in penis enlargement as far as permanent penis changes but it will temporarily give you a bigger penis. I personally have never used a penis pump but I have seen many men who do use the penis pump and they all report awesome temporary gains. Temporary gains in penis enlargement, in the case of the penis pump, is a short amount of time. After pumping the penis most users report that the effect last for, on average, 5-8 hours. After this time the swelling goes down and you are left with the penis you started with. Although, in the penis enlargement market, particularly companies who sell penis enlargement pumps, you will hear claims of unbelievable penis size gains and they emphasize that these penis gains are permanent.

It's hard to know who to trust in the penis enlargement business, there are literally hundreds of thousands of penis enlargement companies pedaling so many different penis enlargement products. Even worse, particularly with the penis enlargement pills, is the companies who claim their penis enlargement products are superior to others but when you read their ingredients or compare their equipment there is virtually no difference. The penis enlargement market is soaked, it is more confusing than religion.

Now, who do you trust? Well, I can say trust me but I am in the penis enlargement business. I sell penis enlargement products, I own a penis enlargement site and I make my living in the penis enlargement business. But still I say trust me. How do you trust me in contrast to the umpteen-thousands of other penis enlargement people? Do your research. There is a very useful tool to do this and that is the GOOGLE search engine. When you search out penis enlargement you will find too many results to sift through but pick the top 20 penis enlargement sites and do research on each, then do a search for Mike Salvini and Matters of will find a sharp difference. You will soon trust my judgement on penis enlargement.

I am a real person (try to find that in ANY of the other penis enlargement sites). I have been in the penis enlargement business for what seems like thousands of years but I have searched out every form of penis enlargement, every penis enlargement study, every penis enlargement survey, every piece of penis enlargement equipment, ever penis enlargement pill company and there is only a few true sources of penis enlargement that work. I would love you to join my penis enlargement site or purchase something from my site but if you don't you still have full and complete access to all my work through my BLOG and FREE PENIS ENLARGEMENT FORUM. I get my business through men that have checked me out, saw what I had to offer, did a virtual test drive of my form of penis enlargement and then they decide to join based on this elaborate information.

I am here every day. You can catch me on this site or my forum each and everyday and if you want information on penis enlargement I will give it to you. I will pull no punches, nor will I persuade you to give me you money. It is much easier to read all of the various penis enlargement information in one place, a source that gives you the whole penis enlargement picture. I am not saying that Matters of Size is the only REAL penis enlargement company but I am saying we are one of the few.

So next time you are searching out penis enlargement pill's, big penis, natural penis enlargement, penis pump's, average penis size or any other inquiry on enlarging your penis keep me in mind.


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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Penis Enlargement...What is the point?

I work so hard everyday to bring new, insightful and original content of Penis Enlargement to m site. You may wonder why this phrase Penis Enlargement is so important, why it hold so much value to the BLOG you are reading, the information you are searching for. Penis Enlargement is, in most every implication, GAY! There are so many sites that are above us because of the way their SEQ (search engine placement) people have figured out the algorithms. I want so badly to be at the top of google under Penis Enlargement but it has become something that is almost unattainable.

When I look at who is in the top 10 in Google under Penis Enlargement I see BULLSHIT! I see unworthy sites who have invested money, money I could never imagine, on Penis Enlargement and the correct way to express it to be at the top- of the GOOGLE search engines.

I see penis enlargement surgery at number 3! What the fuck? Why would a site, so little, so unestablished in the Penis Enlargement community be number 3? It makes no sense. I see so many companies hawking penis enlargement pills and other Penis Enlargement bullshit above Matters of Size....What the fuck is this?

I have worked so hard, I have sacrificed so much, I have helped so many in spite of my own life to make sure REAL Penis Enlargement is at the fore front. Who the fuck are these bullshit Penis Enlargement sites in front of us? This is ludicrous! I have worked for years to come out with Penis Enlargement exercise that truly works, Penis Enlargement advice that touches men on a level they will never find anywhere else, fuck, I have done everything I was supposed to to bring Matters of Size Penis Enlargement to the top.

Please people make honest penis enlargement number one! If you know how to put us, Matters of Size, in the top 10 under penis enlargement then please let us know. It is high time to let the world know that what they belive is true penis enlargement is nothing more than a fantacy. penis enlargement is something that lives at Matters of Size. penis enlargement is something that is real, something that truly no allow the bullshit of the SCAM ARTIST to take this away from you. penis enlargement is something that really works! If you want a huge cock, I can give it to you.


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Friday, June 08, 2007

History of Penis Enlargement and What it is Today

How long has man been obsessed with his penis? Is this something since penis enlargement spam? The internet? 1970's Porn? Was the cave man obsessed with his dick? Do you think the earlier primates did penis enlargement? This is a question I have explored extensively in my study (unreleased) Is Everything Really What it Seems, Part 2.

The penis gourd, an art fashioned sheath worn over the penis that was used in tribal ceremonies in New Guinea and Africa. Focus on the penis and it's size has been the focus of many pieces of art throughout history. When we look at tribal lip expanders it is easy to see that certain parts of the body have been fancied for enlargement. Neck rings, worn by many African tribes, are another form of self expressive size obsessions.

In todays culture these body modifications have become part of the popular culture. Ear rings, gaged to expand the earlobe opening are one enlargement modification most of us have seen. ALong with tattoos, pearl implants, branding and various other piercing styles have become the norm in popular society. As a matter of fact, when I did the Channel 4 interview on penis enlargement, and other parts of male sexuality, I received a massive response from many parts of the world. Much of the response was about penis enlargement but a few were about body modification. It seems that penis enlargement was never a form of body modification in pop culture. I think it was more of a respect for the type of penis enlargement Matters of Size is (being natural stretching and jelqing) but, non the less, penis enlargement has become part of pop culture due in part because of Channel 4's openness about penis enlargement.

When we seek out penis enlargement in ancient man we find only minimal clues to it's origin. The earliest reference I have read on penis enlargement was the alt.penis article on each Arabic tribes who, when their son's turned 13, taught them various penis enlargement stretches and other penis enlargement exercises. But even with a lack of many penis enlargement articles in history it is plain to see that the penis gourd dates back practically to stone age times. And speaking of stones, another reference to penis enlargement I have come across was a hanging technique used by ancient man where a heavy stone would be hung off the penis. In many cases the aim of this penis enlargement was to lengthen the penis to ridiculous length (access of 20'' in some cases) but the main objective was to render the penis useless. Their goal was to sacrifice their penis to some sexual God they believed in.

In early paintings and sculptures we see many references to the penis. It was even evident in the Sistine Chapel when the church decided to cover the genitalia of all the painting Michelangelo created. This was all but forgotten but Later, when the art was being cleaned, the desecration of these murals was found. Today the genitalia is exposed in all it's glory.

We can see penis size as a huge topic (or should I say small) in Greek artwork. It was considered manly and sexy to sport a very small penis. You can see in the Greek painting how the focus was put on small penis's while early Roman and Indian art was focused on a massive penis. Cultures have always been different but it seems that the penis has always been one of the most important parts of human, physical life.

Today penis enlargement has become massive. We find penis enlargement at every turn. I must receive over 100 emails a day on penis enlargement (mostly penis enlargement SPAM) I can't go onto an adult site without being reminded of how small my penis is and how some companies penis enlargement pills will change this. Even in the magazines I reads, which have nothing to do with penis enlargement, will have full sized ads running all about penis enlargement. I was looking through my local paper today and I saw an ad for penis enlargement pumps...II laughed. Many people has seen Smiling Bob, a company hawking penis enlargement pills. Late night I find two infomercials, Girls Gone Wild and a Penis Enlargement commercial...hell, sometimes I even feel like ordering from them:) Penis Enlargement is everywhere and this gigantic obsession with the penis did not happen overnight.

I don't believe too many men get into penis enlargement because they love their penis, non do I think they honestly hate their penis. It seems that penis enlargement stems more from the outside stimulation men feel from the ads than anything else. Before there was real, modern penis enlargement (or since it's revival) I never thought about how I would make my penis bigger, I just accepted it. There was men in the world I saw, mainly in porn, with a huge penis and I was jealous of this but I thought I could do nothing about it so I just accepted it. I did not have a small penis, it was actually above average but once penis enlargement became I reality for me penis size had no limit.

So next time you see a guy with massive earlobes or some chick with 25 piercing think of penis enlargement, is it that different? Can't the penis be art? In this way I see penis enlargement as the brush and my penis as the canvas.


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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Average Penis Size...Is this enough?

When I think of average I think of something that is not so special, just regular. I guess this makes sense because something that isn't so average sticks out like a sore thumb. Average is quiet, unassuming, forgettable, something that never sticks out from the crowd. I guess for some people average is enough. Some people like to live their entire life quietly with nothing more than average anything. When I think about average penis size I have similar feelings. I think, "average penis size is just average."

I never wanted to be average anything but when I really though about it I definitely never wanted to have average penis size. I could deal with an average car, an average face, an average job, but an average penis size was out of the question. Being just regular, when it came to penis size, was a huge nightmare...still is.

I never knew what average penis size really was when I was younger, I guess I thought I had an average penis size but I never heard a definite number. I sometimes thought my penis was way above the average penis size because of the reaction I got from girls but I always had the thought in the back of my head that women wre only being nice and even though they said I was big they really thought I had very average penis size.

Since my time in penis enlargement i have become much more knowledgeable about average penis size, I have dealt with enough men that my calculation of average penis size is very accurate. I have dealt with so many men in penis enlargement that I have become extremely aware of what average penis size really means.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

MOS Penis Enlargement Commercial

Matters of Size....The Real Deal

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Big Hands, Big Feet, Very Tall, Big Penis?

There are many myths in this world some are true and some are kinda true and some are completely false. It seems that anything that rouses emotion or fear falls victim to myths. Many white men fear the black penis as it has been long rumored that black men are all hung like horses. Many other folks know little about Asian culture and due to this ignorance myths spring up that Asian men have small penis's. The boogie man comes out at night, not during the day...we can make anything up when we can't see it. I remember when I was a kid it was a huge danger to drink Coke and eat Pop Rocks...the myth was it would cause your stomach to explode. I could go on for days about myths of every sort but since we are BLOGGING about penis size I will keep it on topic.

I have met some many men over the past 7 years who have gotten involved with penis enlargement. Gay men want a bigger penis, Black men want a bigger penis, White, Puerto Rican and Asian men all want a bigger penis. Women want their man to have a bigger penis, some want it smaller, some don't give a shit. My customers come in every shape, color and size. I have collected enough data on penis size and race, age, height, foot and hand size, among hundreds of other combinations of anything that could be compared to the penis. I guess I have a little too much knowledge on the subject but I guess that is why you read my BLOG.

Since my involvement in penis enlargement I have had the pleasure of meeting many of my penis enlargement clients. A few years back when I was just starting my main penis enlargement site,, I made plans on meeting a couple of men from another online penis enlargement site. One was a short gay man and the other was a 7 foot Jewish fellow. I had seen the shorter man's penis and it was above average. The other fellow I had never seen or even knew how big his penis was. His feet were at least a size 14, his hands heal of hand to middle finger tip had to be 9", his height was so tall that he had to duck to come through doors. I had no idea what to expect when we started discussing this very subject but I never dreamed his penis would be below average but that is just what it was....I think slightly below 5 inches. This got me very interested in rumors surrounding the penis. There was obviously some problems with the myths and at the time there was no such show as MYTH BUSTERS.

Since my penis enlargement forum and site were growing as fast as the penis's I was enlarging I knew I could get honest, clean and accurate information on average penis size and body type, race and age. Aside from conducting many polls in the main penis enlargement forum I started doing interviews with many of the diversified members of my penis enlargement sites. Through many of my surveys I found that my site had a very equal amount of White and Black members. I also found that I had quite a few Asian and Gay members too., among every other conceivable race and sexual preference combination. It seemed that all men wanted to enlarge their penis regardless of any myth.

I did interviews with many men with a standard questionnaire. The information I wanted was race, age, body measurements, sexual preference, country of origin and personal views about their particular group and rumors they may have heard. There seemed to be no shortage of willing participants in my penis enlargement forums so I collected allot of data.

One particular interview I enjoyed very much was of a black gentleman, age 29 from the US. He was 6' 1" with large hands and feet. His penis was very long at 9" but this gentleman still thought he was small compared to the other members of his race. He told me that he was under the impression that all black men were huge (10" or more) and he had felt small all his life. He also told me that it even made it harder for him do to his body type...he really believed he needed penis enlargement. He really believed he had a small penis.

This interview struck me because I never dreamed there would be myths within a race. I mean white men may have myths about black me but I never dreamed black men would have myths about other black men especially when they were as hung as this particular interviewee.

I had also conducted the same interview with an Asian man who was very short with small body parts but his penis was 7+ inches. Another individual who was a contradiction to the penis myth. I was starting to really enjoy my job in penis enlargement.

I am white and my hands and feet are relatively small. My hands measure 6.5" from heal to middle finger tip. My show size is a 9 and I am 5' 8" tall. My penis length, pre penis enlargement, was 6.5" with a girth of almost 5". I was well above average penis size at 5.25" x 4.75" and I really never had many thoughts about my penis size up until I got involved with penis enlargement. I remember a few times in my life where a woman I was dating would make a comment about my foot or hand size but I always pleasantly surprised them with my above average penis.

Growing up I also wondered if someone was fat if their penis size too was fat? I had always thought that tall=huge so I never thought much about that. WHen I first started looking at porn I also bought into the black=huge penis myth. It seemed like every black porno I saw featured another gigantic black penis. I sometimes wondered why, in the 1970's, the only massive penis in VIDEO PORN was John Holmes, a white man. There were many myths and I never saw how much they overlapped and contradicted each other.

I went to a mostly black school in inner city Washington, DC. After gym class when we would shower I was surrounded by 12-20 black kids and I was the only white guy. I also noticed that most of the men had very similar penis's (gaging their size now that I know size I would say 95% of them were about 3" flaccid. SOme were smaller while some were slightly longer but all in all they were all about the same, including me. Another huge contradiction that I never really thought about until penis enlargement.

After many years in penis enlargement and with all the data I have collected I have been able to put a penis size table together reflecting all of the penis size information I have collected over the years. I think this may give many of you a better understanding of myths about penis size and the variables surrounding it. I have used many sources to collect this penis size data. My penis enlargement forum was a great source but I also harvested data from the many penis size surveys on the various sexual and penis enlargement sites around. I think you will also be happy to know that I collected data from women and their preference for penis size. Lets check it all out.

By Race and Body Type (age had very little to do with any of the collected data, based on 29,856 participants respectively)

White Tall, Large Body Features:
Flaccid Length = 3.52
Erect Length = 5.13
Erect Girth= 5.2

White Average Height, Average Body Features:
Flaccid Length = 3.72
Erect Length = 5.5
Erect Girth= 5.28

White Below Average Height, Normal to Below Average Body Features:
Flaccid Length = 3.9
Erect Length = 5.24
Erect Girth= 5.23

Black Tall, Large Body Features:
Flaccid Length = 3.95
Erect Length = 5.8
Erect Girth= 5.29

Black Average Height, Average Body Features:
Flaccid Length = 3.73
Erect Length = 5.56
Erect Girth= 5.36

Black Below Average Height, Normal to Below Average Body Features:
Flaccid Length = 4.1
Erect Length = 5.89
Erect Girth= 5.20

Asian Tall, Large Body Features:
Flaccid Length = 3.19
Erect Length = 5.82
Erect Girth= 5.01

Asian Average Height, Average Body Features:
Flaccid Length = 3.5
Erect Length = 5.29
Erect Girth= 5.59

Asian Below Average Height, Normal to Below Average Body Features:
Flaccid Length = 3.43
Erect Length = 5.29
Erect Girth= 4.99

Other Tall, Large Body Features:
Flaccid Length = 3.43
Erect Length = 5.03
Erect Girth= 5.23

Other Average Height, Average Body Features:
Flaccid Length = 3.43
Erect Length = 5.03
Erect Girth= 5.23

Other Below Average Height, Normal to Below Average Body Features:
Flaccid Length = 3.83
Erect Length = 5.19
Erect Girth= 5.28

Female Penis Size Preference and Experience (based on 3900 participants respectively):

Are You Married?
SINGLE (36%)

18-30 (17%)
22-35 (15%)
36-45 (7%)
46+ (6%)

SMALL (13%)
CHUBBY (23%)
LARGE (6%)

1-5 (32%)
6-10 (23%)
11-15 (12%)
30+ (13%)
16-20 (9%)
21-30 (3%)

YES (30%)
NO (90%)

8.5"-10" (6%)
7.5"-8" (25%)
10"+ (3%)
6.5"-7" (17%)
5"-6" (39%)
3"-4.5" (12%)

5.5"-6" (15%)
4.5"-5" (45%)
6.5"+ (15%)
3"-4" (23%)

NO (74%)
YES (23%)

NO, (17%)

A Big penis (44%)
A Huge penis (33%)
An Average penis (18%)
A small penis (1%)

BOTH (50%)
Penis Girth (36%)
Penis Length (15%)

Sexy Small: 50%
Average Large: (50%)

Yes (40%)

BIGGER (64%)

BIGGER (36%)

No (37%)
Yes (32%)
Unknown: (29%)

Large (19%)
Above average (27%)
Huge (13%)
Average (27%)
Below Average (1%)

It is kind of mind blowing when you see these statistics on penis size issues, isn't it? It seems that the women are just as confused as the men when the topic of penis size is brought up. I have had the pleasure to talk to so many people on these issues, not just those interested in penis enlargement but the general public, male and female. It seems as though anyone I talk with has a different belief on all of these topics.

My conclusion is that there is no real difference in race and penis size nor does body type effect the size of a mans penis. There are always going to be a few exceptions to every rule, there is going to be individuals who reinforce penis size myths and there will be those who contradict it but when all is said and done it all pans out to be the same. To paraphrase something Dave Chapelle said, "I couldn't pick my own penis out of a line-up....There's a shaft, a head and some balls." This statement hold true for 99% of the world.

Women are more confused than men. I remember something my wife said to me a few months back that was very funny, depressing but non the less funny. We were looking at remote control that was 10" (yes I measured) for some reason my son asked how big it was and my wife said "oh, that is about 6") nuf said!


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Monday, June 04, 2007

Penis Insecurity...The Man in The Mirror

Penis Insecurity...The Man in The Mirror

Attacks on penis size come from many directions. Every corner we turn as men holds another form of male degradation sponsored by the people we meet, the magazines we read, the movies we watch, the pornography we view, the sexual relationships we encounter, the websites we visit and 1000's of other places. SIze matters, being large and in charge, bigger is better, etc. Focus seems to be ever present on the penis and it is usually a case of small is bad, large is good.

In penis enlargement I come across many individuals who are in search of the perfect penis. A penis that is bigger than that of any competition they may have past, present or future. With hopes that penis enlargement will give them this powerful tool that will establish them as the alpha male, the dominate one in their circles of sexuality. I admit a big penis does give a certain amount of security but this security lives within the confidence of the mind, not the outwardness of the body. We do not walk around with our penis hanging out and most people we meet will never know what we have in our pants. The confidence in penis size comes from within. I have seem many men increase the size of their penis using natural penis enlargement, and I mean massive increases, but still they feel that inward emptiness of a lack of confidence.

I bring up this thread because of a post I had on my penis enlargement forum recently. A gentleman made a post saying that he would look in the mirror one day and his flaccid penis looked huge, long and thick. He would have a great day, his confidence would be great and he felt secure around every woman he encountered. The same man said that on other days he would do the same thing but his penis looked small to him. This, of course, destroyed his confidence and he would feel insecure around all women he encountered. Listening to this it is easy to see (or not see in this case) that his penis was never visible to anyone he encountered but he still dictated his life as if his penis was on his forehead.

The man in the mirror can lie and he can exaggerate the truth, he can see what he wants to see and be blind to what is completely visible. It is truly a mystery but non the less it is a reality. I have heard this time and time again in penis enlargement. I have studied this issue on levels that span from personal experience to text-book, male, sexual psychology. I have also found that no amount of penis enlargement will change these issues without a cognitive effort put into mental change. A massive part of my work in penis enlargement is in the mental penis enlargement realm. Mental penis enlargement is a term I coined to speak for the absence of mental change when physical change has happened. Classic body dysmorphic disorder.

I remember very early in my active penis enlargement where I was doing my daily exercise. The day before this I felt huge. The night before my girlfriend was absolutely crazy over my penis size during sex and I felt fully deserving of this. Penis enlargement was great and I really thought it was doing it's job, after all I had gained two inches in length and my girth was far greater than it was prior to penis enlargement. The next morning while doing my exercise I decided to look into the mirror. I looked and I did not see what I wanted to see, as a matter of fact I saw a very small penis. I hated the vision and I continued to look and become more and more judgmental of myself to the point I was practically in tears. I was so frustrated and I got an idea, a real solution to this problem, or, again, so I thought. I would measure my penis, this COULD NOT LIE, could it? Indeed it could lie and it did viciously. During normal penis enlargement measurements where I was not absolutely crazy with self degradation I measures a solid 8" x 5.5" this day the first measurement was exactly that but soon after I did this measurement I started to doubt it. Again I looked in the mirror, hated what I saw and re-measured. This time I was 7" long, repeated the process again and I was 6" long....fuck by the time I was done with this huge mental game I was smaller than I was when I started penis enlargement.

Some men might be saying, "how is this possible? A ruler can't lie" but it can and it does just as the mirror did. I was so down on myself that I was actually pushing my penis back with each measurement, completely subconsciously, until my measurement was as small as the man in the mirror...I finally felt as small as I believed I looked.

When I came out of the bathroom I was horrified to realize my girlfriend was outside the door peeking in, I can't imagine the loss of respect that must of happened that day.

I realized quickly after this event that penis enlargement was very lacking in the mental realm. I knew penis enlargement was possible because I had already gained a huge amount of size but still I knew there was a major part missing from penis enlargement. As my penis got larger in penis enlargement my mind never changed from the way I looked at myself my before penis enlargement. Not to say that every day was bad because it wasn't. SOmedays I would look in the mirror and love the reflection of my penis, most days I felt good about myself, my size, my sexuality but there were days where things were very disturbing. I also noticed very quickly that this trend was very popular in penis enlargement within my forum (or whatever forum I was involved with at the time.)

It seemed that no amount of penis enlargement could change the scars of past self beliefs. Many other men came into penis enlargement with even worse baggage, women who made fun of their size, guys laughed at them in the locker rooms, siblings who pointed and laughed at their size, etc. This was a huge penis enlargement problem and if something was not done no amount of penis enlargement would help these men. I mean I was suffering from this penis enlargement anomaly and I started penis enlargement with a above average size, I was never made fun of, as a matter of fact I only was complimented by females, but still I had these mental penis enlargement issues.

Later on in my penis enlargement career I met many men with different variations of these penis size issues real or imagined. I even counseled men who were on the brink of was a real problem.

Real or imagined penis size is never a permanent thing with the reality of penis enlargement. It is quite easy to change your penis size using penis enlargement exercise but the hard part is growing the mind with the penis. I have spent many years inventing hundreds of penis enlargement exercises, perhaps the most powerful exercises available period. My penis enlargement program receives world wide praise for the exercise program I offer. Thousands upon thousands of men use my penis enlargement techniques with complete success. As a matter of fact, my pay site program offers a 200% money back guaranty and I have never had to give it. But with all of this physical success Matters of Size would be a limited penis enlargement program if I did not spend just as much time on the psychological portion of male sexuality.

The mirror can be our best friend or our worst enemy, the ruler can be a comfort or a destruction of self short form WE LIE TO OURSELVES and WE BELIEVE THE LIES. This type of issue is evident in every part of human life. We are our own worst enemy, we base much of our relationships on assumptions, we truly believe ourselves to be psychic because we think we know what everyone is thinking when in reality it is the echos of the many voices in the marketplace in our minds.

Should we stop measuring? A cake would kind of suck with no measurements. Should we stop looking at ourselves in the mirror? How could we ever see the spinach in our teeth? Should we avoid life? This is impossible, believe me I tried. Should we settle for less? Of course not, we should have everything we want. If you want a bigger penis by all means get a bigger penis, use penis enlargement and make it happen. If you want to make measurements of your waist, arms, dick or any other part of your body do so. If you want better than you have get it but always be sure that the mind knows what the body is doing. Stop the lies and start a mental routine that will make you feel better inside.

This is a very big topic and I will continue tomorrow but it is vital that if you are relating to these issues to stay tuned.


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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Doublelongdaddy Penis Enlargement Interview

Penis Enlargement on Tour...

What should the world know about penis enlargement? Is it a secret that should be saved for the few that really know? Is natural penis enlargement an underground practice that if the world knows it will change male sexuality for ever? These are tough questions and I am willing to attack them head on.

Matters of size is planing another national tour starting in Miami, Florida to spread the news about REAL penis enlargement. Getting the penis enlargement message to the right people in no way will destroy the exclusivity of natural penis enlargement at all. I have been in KING magazine, GQ Magazine, SALON magazine, countless radio shows, national television for the past 7 years telling the world about penis enlargement. With this type of exposure you would expect every man in the world would have a huge cock, but do they? Has average size changed since I expressed penis enlargement to the world? Not at all.

Penis Enlargement is not only exclusive but it is also something that takes a certain type of man. Natural penis enlargement is not easy, it is not quick nor does it promise 5" of penis in 3 weeks. Our brand of penis enlargement takes time, motivation, patience and dedication but most of all extreme desire to do what ever it takes to change the size of the penis. Lets face it, natural penis enlargement has been available to man long before me, long before the internet, hell penis enlargement has been around for thousands of years (at least the type of penis enlargement that really enlarges the penis) But how many men do you know that would truly commit themselves to a sport as difficult as natural penis enlargement? Not to make penis enlargement seem as something that is so difficult it is not worth it, but penis enlargement does take work.

With most of the internet world getting spam via penis enlargement sites offering penis enlargement pills, penis enlargement creams, penis enlargement pumps, penis enlargement patches and 100's of other variations of penis enlargement wear what is a honest person, with knowledge of the waste of money these men are spending to do? Should I, or any other man who has made real penis enlargement gains using real penis enlargement supposed to deny these men of their given right to increase their penis size without false hopes, without scare tactics, without hopes of money for size? Men spend millions of dollars to change their penis size, they freely give their money to SCAM artist who take it and leave them with lies, false hopes to make impossible penis gains with absolutely no effort or with no effort and $10,000.00. This is not right and as an advocate for natural penis enlargement I will not allow this to go on.

The only real way to get this message to the world, a message that penis enlargement exists but it only exists in certain capacities is through real talk...face to face. I am not a website, I am not a corporation, I am a man with real knowledge of what works in penis enlargement and what does not. I am not rich, nor have I made the profits that 90% of the other penis enlargement sites have. Not that I do not want to be rich but I refuse to do this at the expense of hurting my fellow man. Money is a wonderful thing but it is also evil...the way we make money determines it's personality.

So a penis enlargement tour is a great idea but it does have some major flaws. How do we get men to come to an event about penis enlargement without embarrassment...without them worrying that someone will see them and peg them as a man with a small penis? Well, this is the hard part. The anonymity of the internet gives men a outlet for penis enlargement with no one ever knowing. Coming to a hotel to hear me speak about penis enlargement is something different all together. We have explored making this penis enlargement conference something that is more of a party celebrating sexuality than something exclusively for the education of penis enlargement. Something like "Girls Gone Wild" or even the LIFESTYLES Condom event where male average penis size was once and for all established. This is perplexing but I have faced things much more difficult than this.

Any help, from anyone to make this penis enlargement event happen is incredibly appreciated. If you want leave a message on the penis enlargement BLOG or register at my FREE forum and post to me (and the forum) directly at

There are millions of men in the world right now thinking about penis enlargement. Many of these men are spending their money aimlessly on penis enlargement sites and products that offer nothing but empty promises. Their is even a huge percentage of these men who are considering penis enlargement surgery, willing to spend thousands of dollars for absolutely nothing. The embarrassment of a scar on your penis is much less embarrassing as a 2 hour conference on penis enlargement.

Those who are secure with this and in the Miami area, spread the news, hell, even plan on bringing your lover. This is not going to be a large speech on penis enlargement but more of a frank talk about male sexuality. Please help support these efforts by getting involved with penis enlargement and posting suggestions and questions to the MOS penis enlargement forum and penis enlargement site.


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Saturday, June 02, 2007

What types of Penis Enlargement are there?

What types of Penis Enlargement are there? What are the benefits? What are the risks? Who do you trust?

First I would like to address the first question. I will give you a list of all penis enlargement options and the procedure used. We will then explore the benefits, risks, costs and other pertinent information.

Penis Enlargement PIlls: Cost: $20-$80 per bottle (usually 60 capsules)
These are pills that have various herbs that are promoted to help with penis enlargement (both length and width). These herbs can be purchased at a whole foods store or pharmacy but in most cases the penis enlargement pills are much more economical. The purpose of penis enlargement pills is to increase blood-flow to the penis. This is thought to increase both length and girth. The herbs contained in the most high quality penis enlargement pills are a combination of L-Arginine HCL, Horny Goat Weed, Maca, Ginkgo Biloba, Siberian Ginseng, Tribulus Terrestrius, Yohimbe Extract. These herbs have been long time thought to help with blood circulation, stamina, libido and other sexual concerns.

Benefits of penis enlargement pills:
As stated above there are a few good benefits to penis enlargement pills, mainly increased blood circulation. Many users claim that yohimbe and ginseng increase libido and stamina. In my own experience increased blood-flow seemed to be the only benefit. When used by themselves penis enlargement pills will only help the user attain his best erection (dependent on how horny he is) They will not help you achieve an erection without being sexually stimulated. Another benefit is the price difference between the penis enlargement pills and more expensive erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra and Cialis. When used in conjunction with a solid penis enlargement program (natural exercise) they help greatly with girth work.

Some of the herbs contained in penis enlargement pills can cause an increase in heart rate, users with heart conditions should first check with their doctor before using penis enlargement pills. Other than the cost being somewhat pricey the penis enlargement pills are a good supplement.

Penis Enlargement Creams & Patches: Cost: $35-$80
These items have fell by the road side in favor of penis enlargement pills. They are still available at certain penis enlargement sites and health stores. They contain topical ingredients similar to penis enlargement pills. Some creams boast a lasting effect for those who suffer with pre-mature ejaculation. I have not tried either of these penis enlargement options but from internet surveys they seem to fall short of their cousin penis enlargement pills.

Some of the herbs contained in penis enlargement creams and patches may affect the heart rate, people with a heart condition should consult their medical doctor for advice before using.

Penis Enlargement Extenders: Cost: $149.00 - $900.00
The penis enlargement extenders are very popular in the penis enlargement world. These penis enlargement devices are widely available online. There is a huge price difference between the different penis enlargement sites selling extenders but in actuality all of the extenders are made by one manufacturer. I sell these on my site for under $150.00, if you are interested in purchasing the Extender at a huge discount click this link: and use this coupon code when ordering: 149mos9500 The discount will appear at end of billing. The benefits of penis enlargement extenders is the fact that they can be worn under clothes for extended periods of time completely camouflaged. Many online surveys claim that large penis increases are possible. In my experience and that of my forum they offer minimal erect gains with good flaccid gains. When used in conjunction with a good natural penis enlargement program they serve as a valuable supplemental penis enlargement exercise.

Penis enlargement extenders, if not properly used, can cause a lack of blood flow to the penis. With most penis enlargement extenders instructions it is highly suggested that the user take off the extender every hour or so and massage good blood flow back to the penis. If proper caution is used this penis enlargement option is a good one.

The Power Assist Penis Wrench: Cost: $70.00
The Power Assist is a penis enlargement device used in Natural Penis Enlargement. I developed this device a few years back and it has become an invaluable tool to many penis enlargement users. Originally this penis enlargement device was made from ash but recently we changed over to a more flexible special plastic that allows for greater tension and increased usability. To see exactly what this penis enlargement stretcher does click this link: ORDER PAGE: (you must register to the FREE FORUM to view this link: EXERCISE VIDEO PAGE: This tool has a incredibly high user feedback with incredible penis length results.

The Power Assist (see picture) is used as a fulcrum device. It's use is intended to increase manual stretching intensity greatly. There are many exercises created for this device and I highly recommend this tool for ever penis enlargement user.

Aside from the normal risks of natural penis enlargement (not properly understanding the penis enlargement exercises or becoming too overzealous) these are a incredibly safe penis enlargement option. It is also pricey due to the small amount manufactured. In future orders we hope to increase sales and drop the price greatly.

Penis Enlargement Weights (Penis Hanging) Cost: $150.00 - and up
Using penis enlargement weights dates back thousands of years. African and Arabic tribes were thought to hang heavy stones from their penis to lengthen them. This form of penis enlargement is very effective for gaining length. Today their are a few more modern penis enlargement hangers available: see Basically various attachments clamp onto the penis and weight is hung from a hook. These are great for those who are experienced with penis enlargement and have privacy as when the penis enlargement hanger is attached the user has freedom to multitask.

There are many risks using penis enlargement hangers due to the attachment and possible physical injury due to strain on the flaccid penis. Nerve damage and ligament damage are risks when heavy weight is used. Loss of blood flow is also a very possible problem using penis enlargement hangers when the attachment is not correctly worn. The penis enlargement hanger should not be used for more than 20 minutes without removal and massage before progressing.

Penis Enlargement Pumps (Vacuum Devices) COst: $80-$1000+ depending on quality and attachments.
These are pumps that have a plastic or glass sleeve that is worn over the penis. Air is removed from the sleeve and the user pumps the device which is thought to introduce more blood to the penis. This is an incorrect belief as what is really happening is a increase in fluid just below the penile skin. Penis Girth can be increased wildly but this is a temporary swelling which usually subsides a few hours after using the penis enlargement pump. These are wonderful penis enlargement devices when used for erectile dysfunction and those who want extra girth for sex.

In many cases users of the penis enlargement pumps become obsessed with it's use. Due to the temporary effect many penis enlargement pump users will over use the pump. I have seen men who have taken penis enlargement pumping to a disturbing level. There is also physical risks of thromboses and nerve damage. Users should use extreme care and wise use of this penis enlargement device.

Natural Penis Enlargement: Cost: FREE-$100
Natural penis enlargement is the use of various exercises to increase the length and width of the penis. Penis length is increased by various penis enlargement stretches. Today there are hundreds of variations of penis enlargement stretches. Penile girth is attained by jelqing (a semi-erect milking exercise) The jelq has been recreated in hundreds of variations. This form of penis enlargement offers permanent enlargement. This is also a very old form off penis enlargement dating back thousands of years. Gains of up to 4" in length have been reported and up to 3" of girth. This is the type of penis enlargement I have studied, used and for the past 7 years have offered via my site:: and DVD found at same address. My penis enlargement DVD is the first and only DVD of it's kind. My site which offers the same exercise as my penis enlargement DVD is used by more than 100,000 registered users with broad positive results reported.

As with penis enlargement hanging and penis enlargement extenders, natural penis enlargement can be dangerous if done improperly or at a level that the user is not used to. Nerve damage, thrombosis and other penis injuries are possible when directions are not followed. I highly suggest purchasing my DVD or Membership as video, illustration, sound bites and text allow the user to understand this form of penis enlargement with great comprehension. There is a very low injury rate with natural penis enlargement, In all my years involved with this form of penis enlargement I have seen only a handful of low level injury.

Penis Enlargement Surgery (Phalloplasty): Cost: $2,500.00 - $20,000.00
Length Penis Enlargement Surgery: Today there are various forms of penis enlargement surgery with new techniques offered rapidly. In basic lengthening operation, the surgeon will snip the suspensory ligaments where the penis attaches to the pubic bone. This is thought to release the inner penis making an increase in length. Results from online surveys show up to a inch in flaccid length with nominal erect increase.

Girth Penis Enlargement Surgery: Various techniques are used for this type of penis enlargement surgery. One technique is where the penile skin is cut around the base of the head of the penis. The skin is retracted to the base and silicone wraps are graphed around the penis shaft, the skin is rolled back and sewn at the head of the penis. Another form of girth penis enlargement surgery is where fat from other body sites is removed using liposuction and this fat is injected just below the penile skin. Recently laser girth surgery has become an option. Very little information is available on this form of penis enlargement girth surgery.

Too many to mention. Aside from the mortality rate of these procedures due to anastasia and other complications the cost of this form of penis enlargement is insane. Post operative there is very little if any increase and the patient is sent home with instruction on natural penis enlargement to increase their length and girth. This makes penis enlargement surgery highly questionable to it's validity. Many patients who have gone through this form of penis enlargement are dissatisfied with the results and most report that if they could do it over they would not. Girth procedures can leave the penis lumpy and disfigured. Length procedures can leave gruesome scars. Both length and girth penis enlargement surgeries have the possibility of user loss of sensation and loss of erections (impotence).

So who do you trust?
I suggest thorough research before you get involved with any form of penis enlargement. It is important to read information from competent and honest sources. A great resource for much of this information is available at You can also join my free penis enlargement forum at where there are thousands of men discussing every type of penis enlargement. You can find user feedback and very educational advice on the different forms of penis enlargement. Aside from my forum there are a few other penis enlargement forums online. In my opinion the best place to get real information on any topic is a forum.

Do your research and check your sources. If possible ask questions and become educated. With all the form of penis enlargement available it can make your head spin, take your time there is no rush.


Friday, June 01, 2007

Penis Size Anxiety and the Hidden Scams

As many who follow this BLOG know, I do not pull any punches when it comes to penis size. Before someone even joins my penis enlargement site I push them towards reading many of my papers on how some men should not even get involved with penis enlargement. Much of the time men feel pressured to change their penis size for the wrong reasons looking for solace in a larger penis but never finding the true cure to their problem.

I could easily play on mens insecurities. I could push my penis enlargement program and make allot of money by convincing men they are small, or creating fake facts about penis size that are not true among many other techniques used (by the SCAM penis sites) to make men feel poorly about themselves. This is something that pisses me off and I am always hopeful men find Matters of Size before any other site. I truly believe many of the sexual problems men experience have little to do with penis size and more to do with deeper emotional problems. I know this is fact because I have seen (and even experienced myself) men come into penis enlargement with high hopes, hopes that they can change the way they feel about themselves by getting a larger penis. After reaching their size goals they find themselves still emotionally broken. THey believed a bigger penis would cure these issues and it did not. This is the main reason I suggest that men first look at themselves and the real reasons they are getting into penis enlargement before joining my site. I would like nothing more than to be rich but I refuse to do this at the expense of men in need.

I bring these issues up as I found a disturbing website article today on mens-health/about: This is a site that supposedly gives the facts on sexuality, among other things, in a non-bias way and due to their unbiased nature many people trust this site. I was reading their article on penis size anxiety and it was definitely a decent read. Most of the information was false and lacked any real research. They basically endorsed penis enlargement surgery and backed it up with sources by plastic surgeons, doctors and other medically bias institutions. It seemed way to neat and complete for my stomach. They basically discounted all penis enlargement techniques in favor of the worst possible penis enlargement, penis enlargement surgery. If you have read my last blog you can see just how dangerous, unfruitful and ridiculously expensive penis augmentation is.

Their sneaky association with plastic surgeons was not the worst part of their methods (something I am sure has a monetary motive to them)...the part of their penis article that was the most disturbing is how they completely discredited NATURAL PENIS ENLARGEMENT but on their 3 page article there were sponsored ads for sites promoting NATURAL PENIS ENLARGEMENT! What the fuck is that? Very, very disturbing. On top of this they had the number 3 spot in google under penis enlargement.

I included a screen shot from the ABOUT page article on penis enlargement. Look at the first highlighted paragraph on how purveyors of any type of penis enlargement other than surgery are crooks (in a matter of words.) they are basically saying penis enlargement pills, penis enlargement pumps, penis enlargement exercise is not possible and that the sites selling it are SCAM ARTIST.

Now look at the ads just below their comments on how penis enlargement is bullshit, ads they are making allot of money with, ads that are about penis enlargement pills, penis enlargement pumps, penis enlargement exercise! Pretty sneaky.

Please people do your research on penis enlargement before pulling your wallet out. Before getting your hopes up do your research. The only place to get real information on real penis enlargement is by talking with real people who have tried many techniques but settled on the one REAL technique that works...NATURAL PENIS ENLARGEMENT.

Natural Penis ENlargement costs nothing, it is free and available to everyone who wants it, this is the main reason the medical institutions try to discredit it, they can't make money from it. PEnis enlargement surgery costs as much as $20,000! See any issues with motives here.

visit my FREE, yes FREE site on these issues. I boast more than 100,000 members on the free forum that allows anyone to talk with anyone else about what works what doesn't, among every other male sexual issue...and AGAIN IT IS FREE!

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