Saturday, April 28, 2007

Penis Enlargement Basics: PART 1

So many men are interested in penis enlargement but have no idea where to start. I know when I first got into penis enlargement I was so confused with all the information I read. That was years ago and today penis enlargement is so much more complicated that many men just give up before they try because of the contradictions and such in penis enlargement.

I am sure you have heard that sometimes we need to put the blinders on and penis enlargement is such a strong example of this. A newbie needs to find the basics of penis enlargement and stick with it. If you are reading this penis enlargement BLOG then you are already on the right road.

First and foremost, prepare yourself for the penis enlargement education that every successful man learns very early in his efforts in penis enlargement. Learning what is real and what is not real in penis enlargement is something that is foremost if you want to enlarge your penis. Starting off with penis enlargement pills and other "quick fixes" will only leave you disappointed and a little bit poorer. Joining one of the penis enlargement sites in the top ten of your search engine will give you just the basics of penis enlargement with no original content. There are many pitfalls in penis enlargement and the best way to clarify the real from the fake is to find men, just like yourself, who have done penis enlargement and made "real gains". I am not talking about the billions of penis enlargement testimonial...I am talking about real people that you can have in depth conversations with. This seems difficult but really, it is the easiest part of penis enlargement (and the most important.)

Finding men who have done penis enlargement and made gains will allow you to hear their story and become inspired by their penis enlargement gains...actual growth! Unfortunately you can't go to the Yellow Pages and look up penis enlargement. That would be pretty cool but the world is far from accepting penis enlargement as a real possibility. The place to start is a penis enlargement forum. After I read my first few pages about penis enlargement I found a penis enlargement forum, joined, asked questions got feedback and began a "real" effort to get bigger. These men were talking about gaining inches! Real inches from real penis enlargement....and they were not shy to prove it!

Once finding people to relate to in penis enlargement the next step is to create a basic penis enlargement routine. Something simple and effective. A penis enlargement workout that is laid out with good comprehension without being too much. Many guys who start penis enlargement on my site are mostly concerned with time. "How long will it take to make my penis bigger?" "How much time do I need to spend on penis enlargement daily?' "How much time did it take others who used penis enlargement to get bigger?" The questions are endless.

Time is a necessity of penis enlargement. Time in the daily penis enlargement routine, patience in the time it takes to make penis enlargement gains and time to learn and master the basics of penis enlargement.

All of the questions are answered soon after every man starts a real penis enlargement program. Making the penis larger takes a daily effort, time can be as much as an hour or as little as 20 minutes but it does take time every day if you are going to be successful in penis enlargement. Every man gains at at different pace in penis enlargement. SOme are very quick gainers while others struggle to make the smallest penis enlargement gain. This is largely do to form and intensity. The men who have mastered a perfect form and the correct intensity are the ones who gain the fastest. Other men may never really learn how to properly do penis enlargement. This is the biggest reason I think every newbie should start with my penis enlargement program. The address is You will learn, by video and information, by me, on the proper way to do penis enlargement.

Seeing proper penis enlargement on video gives you the best chance of having good penis enlargement form and intensity as you can see it. Studying my sites information will give you every bit of information you will need to have in penis enlargement.

Basic penis enlargement understanding is a huge topic and it will take several posts to explain it properly. In the mean time go to my site, join the free forum, join the member site and start to learn the basics.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Does Penis Size Matter to Woman as Much as Men?

Does Penis Size Matter to Woman as Much as Men?

This question is one that many wonder about. Does Penis size matter? I think that this is something men care enormously about while women give little thought to. In my business of penis enlargement I am very aware of how men feel about penis size. Some worry so much to the point of avoiding sex while others have general anxiety. Penis enlargement is always an option to anyone who worries about this and with more than 500,000 searches a month on google it is a massive concern for men.

Women have little concern with penis size. They are much more concerned with personality, confidence and good looks. If a woman made a list about what is most important to them I guaranty penis size would be near the bottom. Yes women chat about penis size, they may even bring it up with there lovers. The reason for this is basic curiosity but when some men hear this they immediately feel very threatened.

I think communication is very important in a sexual relationship. I think it is a good idea to spend some time discussing this. If a man puts his fears on the table for his lover to hear they may be surprised at what the lover says back. Holding in fears about the penis could end a relationship and this is widely due to assumptions. When we assume we know what the other is thinking we set ourselves up for conflict. Whether it be an inner conflict that destroys confidence or an outward conflict that initiates fights.

If we are honest with our partners about our inner thoughts and fears we get answers to these questions...good or bad, the answers will be given. It is so important that when we are making an assumption to stop and ask the other person what they are really thinking, most of the time we are very off track about their answer.

In penis enlargement men find a place to actually make their penis bigger. My site, MATTERSOFSIZE.COM is an all natural, exercise driven penis enlargement site. You would be surprised at the amount of men who are involved with my site (and others like it). Penis enlargement is a option many men have never considered. Actually changing the size of your penis is very, very easy with my penis enlargement program... look at what thousands of men are saying about it on my free penis enlargement forum ( This will give a information that will blow your mind if you are considering penis enlargement.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Coversations on The Penis

"Originally Posted by ithiel
So today while on a break I meet this dime. Fine ass. I get this byrd's number and shit, and ya mean I'm thinking ahead of myself, but shit this e notoriety I nailed plenty of bitches in my time, especially pre-PE which I was a 6x5. Now even being at 7.8x5.7 I'm feelin insecure about my size. Ever since getting into PE, I become obsessed pretty much. I think it's got a lot to do with not being able to bang bitches with the size i want. yall got this problem too?"

My Responce:
This is what happens to allot of us, we start putting PE into our dicks and it puts doubts into our heads. I know it is a tough deal, even strange in a lot of ways because you are bigger and this shit should not be happening. The problem is that when we start looking at our penis, really look, we start to become disillusioned by the entire process...dick size, bitches, porn actors, basically consumed by penis. For me it was a very hard thing to do but I had to put my shit away for a while. I needed to gain some "real" perspective on penis size. I broke shit down, I got real with myself. Instead of surfing the net for porn that confused me...Mandingo, and everything that follows him, I went to the nudist sites. These sites are THE REAL. This is what most men have and the reaction that women have towards these men is real. Women, in most cases, can't tell a foot from an inch and they flaunt this ignorance in the worst way. Reality is, most women will never witness a penis larger than 6" x 5"...PERIOD! By the same token, we, as men, can't tell a big penis from an average penis and in many cases a small penis from a average. It is all a big head game. Measure your dick and realize your size. None of us will ever be Mandingo but then again Mandingo will never fuck the bitches we do. It is all relative. You are huge by every standard but your own judgement. Sometimes you got to step back and see things as they are because when we are. Relativity is a very important thing and it becomes skewed when we are submerged in a one dimensional line of thinking.

Originally Posted by spinner2
Word. I'm getting away from this site in the summer. I'm basically cutting off all things like internet, TV, drinking every night, etc. I've already cut a lot of people out of my life who I felt were having a bad affect on me. It's good to get away from everything for a while, and just do what you want without worries."

My Reponce:

This is a good idea no matter what the obsession might be. It in no way means permanence but it will help people get a perspective and possibly even find out things about themselves they never knew.

As many of you know I have been working on finishing my studio here for over a year. Things are almost complete but during this entire process I spent most of my time in the upstairs bedroom. I became very comfortable with things in this small space. My computer, TV, Bed, Books, etc. were all in reaching distance. I felt safe and there lie the problem. This safety became agoraphobia, something I have struggled with for years. The small space was safe, I was in no danger, everything I needed was right there. This began to effect my life in many ways and I was virtually blind to it. I had a beautiful main floor with a comfortable couch, a TV, windows, light, the door to the outside world but I was scared of changing things as I believed this would be dangerous in some twisted way. A female friend I met a while ago who comes often to visit me would come up to my "safe" room time after time. She would sit on my bed as I sat at my computer. I never realized just how fucked up this was until she told me. She demanded that we spend time downstairs. She also advised me to do this when I was alone.

At first this felt so scary, so strange, so fake and so vulnerable but after facing these fears I started to see just what I had been missing. I found things about myself that were masked by the safety of my exclusion from the rest of my world. I realized there were funny shows on TV, the couch was a great place to read, walking out my front door was liberating, so many positive things came from this abandonment of obsession. I started to have a much broader life.

I know this has little to do with the penis, penis enlargement or sexuality as a whole but the relation is the same.

I lost my best friend, my lover, the person I wanted to spend my entire life with (and still do) to obsessing about my penis. You know what? I don't obsess about it anymore and the change was not as scary as I believed it would be, unfortunately this lesson came at a dear price.

I love having you guys here, you are all my friends and you all are special to me but MOS, penis enlargement, sexuality in general is not LIFE. It is a valuable part of life but when we allow it to destroy our lives, relationships, hobbies, etc. it is no where near worth it. Moderation never had so much meaning.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Penis Enlargement & Relationships

What are the psychological impacts of penis enlargement and a relationship. This is assuming penis enlargement is working for you as these scenarios are based on the prerequisite that you believe penis enlargement works. With this established a man will encounter many new emotions which may lead to an unhealthy balance in perceived power. The penis and the ability to make it larger gives us a very powerful feeling, one that is an anomaly of sorts as penis enlargement is miraculous to say the least. Particularly when you consider that we stopped growing around 20 years of age. It is sort of like, on a sexual level, figuring out how to make the brain grow, imagine the power one would feel. This same power is translatable to sexuality as the same mental and physical fundamentals apply. With the realization of a bigger penis at our our hands comes a instilled power akin to the fountain of youth.

A troubled relationship may be crushed under this realization as many men see a bigger penis as a way to change their female selections and the predisposition to anchor the deal with a larger cock. The problem here is a bigger penis is like a Porsche, even if you own it it is hard to let someone know about it when you can't have it hanging out of your zipper on display. Not unlike the penis the Porsche, too, is hard to convey when you can't wear it on your sleeve.

I used the Porsche as the example as I once had a brand new Porsche and I found it almost impossible to let women know. Without seeing arrogant or lying, it was impossible to let them know. I had to depend on luck that I would be getting in the car while she saw me. It happened a few times but it was rare. Having a nice car that is not used it kind of pointless so if you have a current relationship, don't become delusional with this power, work on your brain too. Work on your relationship, making it closer and more equal. People are like eggshells, very fragile, walk with gentleness and great care.

Some view a bigger penis as the saving grace of their current relationship thinking if they could only attain another inch their relationship would be saved. If a woman is basing the entire relationship on an extra inch of cock then beware of the woman. A bigger penis does equate to more confidence, pride, hope and power, as discussed, so these all lend to the betterment of the entire self but they too are only a fractional piece in a broad subject of relationships.

The daily regiment, with the penis and self, also instills a new appreciation for the penis and sexuality as a whole, if we are in a sexual relationship. This new hope can give us all time highs in bed and in the office but again the reality sometimes supersedes the mental belief. A realization of a bigger penis may not stay in sync with deeper beliefs in the way we see it. A perfect example of this was I went into a slump in self view in and around my 2nd year in penis enlargement. This period was ugly as my head was filled with self doubt and negativity, that like Adam, I often hid myself which put a strain on my relationship with Jen, my girlfriend at the time. Even though these doubts were silly and unfounded in reality they still burdened me which stemmed to another irrational thought pattern where I believed other thought this way too. This mental lapse in reality and perceived reality created tension in my sexual relationship and lend itself to compulsions and ridiculous rituals around the same.

So it is vital to keep penis enlargement out of the bedroom, in a mental way, as it will become intertwined with other parts of our lives that it best stay away from. A 'don't take it so seriously' attitude is best exercised in the visual realities of penis enlargement. Perhaps a snapshot when you begin and one a year later is the best place to instill hopes in visual change. The progression of penis enlargement is visually slow, like watching a pot boil but even more complex because penis enlargement is a monthly effort, sometimes years. Measurements should be enough to satisfy the mental belief system. If it measures longer and thicker, then it is. Again, exercise restraint in the measuring process as obsession can too manifest this portion of penis enlargement and turn a good thing bad.

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Penis Enlargement : What and Who is Small?

In Penis Enlargement the biggest beginning reason is the belief that one has a small penis. This is an issue that goes much deeper than getting a bigger penis. Yes, in some cases men do have a small penis in comparison to respectable surveys. But some also have a large penis in comparison to the same issues but they still pursue Penis Enlargement. I believe the psychology of the penis needs to be addressed in both issues, big or small.

From a very early age a male looks at his penis and either feels good or bad about what he sees. Many, if not all, measure their penis incorectly (in most cases the wrong way). My Son came to me recently and stated that his penis was small because it only measured 2". When I asked him how he measured he said "well, soft". This measurement is not the correct way to see one's average. The penis needs to be measured in complete flaccid state with a ruler starting at the pelvis bone at base of penis to the tip of head (along the top) The penis should be stretched as far as someone can. In this measurement men can see their true, best, erction size. This data is what the world average is based on. Average erect size being 5.5", flaccid state while flaccid falls under about 3" (for a full grown man)

Getting back to Penis Enlargement, how can I help, what is my job in Penis Enlargement. Many would say it is to help men to get a larger penis but if you have read any of my papers you will see that this is not true. Men can get a bigger penis through Penis Enlargement, it is easy but will this solve the problem? In some cases, yes, in many no. The guy that comes to me with a 4" erection base much of their emotion on penis size and Penis Enlargement will help them physically change this. When most small men become average or even bigger they are truly happy and they move on with their new life. I also see men who come in with a massive penis (above 6.5") and they do Penis Enlargement until they get to 8, even 9" and for some reason this has no impact on their original reasons for doing Penis Enlargement. This is a serious complex and the most important part of my work.

Penis Enlargement is only a way to find the men who need help. When I get a new member they are taught the best Penis Enlargement exercises in the world but in addition they read, study and understand the mental complex that will ultimately solve their original problem. How do I understand this dellema? I have lived it, I have gone through it and realize what was REALLY happening with my mind and was, the GOD, able to write about it.

Penis Enlargement, my first way to overcome my self-inadequasies, gave me an initial confidence as it worked. I saw my penis increase in size with Penis Enlargement but that only lasted for a short while. I later became extremely obsessed with my penis, it's size and the way I believed the rest of the world saw it. So fucked up how such a small part of our bodies can control our lives???

It took many years, tons of Penis Enlargement, the loss of the love of my life to realize what Penis Enlargement was lacking and that thing was MENTAL PENIS ENLARGEMENT. This is basically a way of looking at yourself. When we see our penis it becomes easy to label it as small but that has no validity in real life. Whether it be a reality or not, the penis is a very small part of our life. So when guys come to me for penis enlargement I try to urge them to look at my threads on mental penis enlargement.

To read more on this topic please go to

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Been real busy but Penis Enlargement is still my priority

So I have been thinking quite a bit on Penis Enlargement. SOmeone, I really respect, said that there was many advancement in Penis Enlargement this past year and I have to agree. The problem is I expect myself to come up with new Penis Enlargement exercises constantly but this is not how it happens.

When I create a new exercise in Penis Enlargement it is usually because I have stumbled upon a possibly good technique by accident. My latest exercise in Penis Enlargement is the DLD Sock Stretches. I came upon these while I was in my bed one night. I was wearing those extra long athletic socks and I took them off. I then thought about how these things could be applied to Penis Enlargement. I simply grabbed the sock and stretched it around my penis and I found that there was a major potential in the exercise I had stumbled upon.

Penis Enlargement, for me, at least in development of Penis Enlargement

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