Saturday, December 30, 2006

Will Masturbation or Sex effect Penis Enlargement?

Will Masturbation or Sex effect Penis Enlargement? This is a question I hear often. Guys who are doing penis enlargement are always concerned that sex or masturbation will hinder their penis enlargement work. One theory that I have heard is that ejaculation releases most of the built up testosterone and penis enlargement work will suffer because of this. Some other guys believe that the longer they keep their penis engorged from penis enlargement the greater their gains will be.

I have been doing penis enlargement for many years and my growth in penis enlargement has been greater than any other man I have come across. I have never believed the myth of testosterone and penis is just silly particularly if a grown man is concerned with it. The second reason, engorgement by penis enlargement, does make some sense but only if it is not done obsessively. Some men, after their penis enlargement girth work, will wear a cock ring to keep the engorgement for a few hours after they finished their penis enlargement. They swear by this method and I have no problem with it UNLESS it interferes with their normal sexual life. Some men can become so obsessed with penis enlargement that they destroy their sex life. I have seen this happen many times. The rule is take penis enlargement with a grain of salt.

Remember this, the whole reason we do penis enlargement is so that we have a better, more confident sex life. If we make our penis bigger but never use it penis enlargement is nothing but a way to keep you in bondage. When I had a steady girlfriend I would do my penis enlargement girth work right before sex...this is when I was at my biggest and I loved taking advantage of that state. I did this all the time but I still made incredible penis enlargement gains.

Keep it in check!


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Friday, December 29, 2006

Lost in the Penis Enlargement World

Lost in the Penis Enlargement World

I spend about 5 minutes each day looking at what our Google ranking is, under the term "penis enlargement" We jump around quite a bit, no real reason why or at least one I know. Over the past couple weeks our ranking under penis enlargement has dropped BIG TIME. I really became confused because we have been a penis enlargement authority for years now. I look beyond the results in penis enlargement and I am even more confused. I see valuable positions under penis enlargement being given to bullshit, unworthy companies. Companies that pedal their penis enlargement pills, penis enlargement pumps, penis enlargement BULLSHIT and not only get the customers and positions in the search engines, but companies destroying the very fabric of real penis enlargement.

Now, this does make me mad on a financial level but why shouldn't it? I pais my dues and I expect to be paid back but I do not want that reciprocation through an unfair system of search engine placement. Matters of Size has SO MUCH pertinent information on penis enlargement it is mind blowing. We deserve a prominent postion in penis enlargement but it still does not happen.

If you are reading this and want to help level the game please do this; Go to Google, search for "PENIS ENLARGEMENT" AND find the Matters of Size Site and click on it. If these motherfuckers do not want to be fair it is up to us to be crafty. The craftiness is only there because I know the things I teach are real and the companies above us are bullshit.

Please help penis enlargement stay honorable and reputable...push MOS to the top of the search engines. Your direct click can make all the difference in the world.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Results are Universal: Penis Enlargement on a Large Level

WHen I go to my forum or any other forum with a focus on penis enlargement I see one thing consistently, doubts that penis enlargement really works. It makes me sad because I see guys really struggling with penis enlargement and they seem to share this emotion that they are spinning their wheels. I guess it seems strange to me because my gains in penis enlargement happened, they were real and today I have a bigger penis because of penis enlargement but still many do not believe.

I am not sure why this happens, as I believe it is because of a multitude of reasons. This morning I experienced something that really seemed to be along the same lines as this penis enlargement dilemma. I know this has nothing to do with penis enlargement but it does have to do with why, maybe, some do not gain in penis enlargement even though they are doing what the others, who gaining, are doing.

I looked in the mirror this morning and when I looked at myself I say a pimple on my left cheek. It seemed to be the only thing on my face, I could not see past it. I hated the way it looked, I was insecure about what people would think, I looked at myself and said "you are ugly, look at that pimple, it is so disgusting, people are going to really think you are ugly" Harsh words to say to oneself but they were exactly what I did. My day went? Well why don't you guess how my day went? Do you think it was good? Do you think I met a hot chick? Do you think I held my head up? I know you guys are not stupid and that is why I am relating this to penis enlargement.

SO many men see their penis as being small, unworthy, inferior, etc. This complex, a complex that followed them through life follows them into penis enlargement. Is it any wonder? When you see things in a purely vain way (as in my pimple story) it becomes easy to see the correlation to penis enlargement.

With these negative thoughts of self there is NO WAY, anyone will make gains in penis enlargement...fuck, you wont make gains in anything. Without a strong, faithful attitude you will never gain. Believe me, penis enlargement is easy but if you go into it with a negative outlook it will be a waste of your time.

Please spend sometime at my forum, especially in the mental penis enlargement section as this will help you a great deal.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Penis Enlargement/Mental Enlargement Part 2

Penis enlargement can be as much a mental game as it is a physical game. Most men start Penis enlargement with the attitude they will not gain or it will be very hard to gain. This comes from the incredible reality that Penis enlargement is possible but this can't be realized until the man sees a gain. Have no worries, Penis enlargement can be as easy for you as it was for me. The best thing about these articles is the fact that you can avoid mistakes and pitfalls by way of my own trials in Penis enlargement.

Believing in something that seems impossible is something humans have struggled with for generations, all the way back to the first realization of a power greater than ourselves. Penis enlargement comes in a similar manner, faith is everything when you first start. If it is hard for you to believe that Penis enlargement is real then, for now, believe that I believe it is possible.

When I was younger, if someone came up to me and said I could make my penis bigger I would have laughed. The first thing that might have come to mind is penis pumps or penis enlargement pills, etc. It was never that way for me. I just new, growing up, there were some men out there with some pretty big cocks and I did not stack up. I never felt badly about my penis size as I thought I could do nothing about it and although I was not the biggest I was happy with my 6.5" was plenty for any girl I was with.

I remember the second, the moment, the very moment I realized penis enlargement was real. I had started an online, basic program that taught how to stretch and jelq. These things were alien to me but I studied them and mastered them. It seemed silly to a point but at the same time I really wondered if Penis enlargement was possible. I mean, I was stretching my penis and I was doing exercise to make it thicker. I thought I saw improvements but I was not sure. I kept a very open mind and I had faith in the person that wrote the program for Penis enlargement I was following.

Around 3 months, my girlfriend started making comments about how sex was different. She said things felt incredibly different for some reason. Sex started to be different. She started having multiple orgasms and she also started gushing (female ejaculation.) It was crazy, I thought "is there really something to this Penis enlargement?" I could not resist, I had to measure. I remember that moment too with great clarity. I had always been 6.5" long but when I measured, after 3 months, I was 8". Needless to say I was blown away and FAITH became something of a dream. I no longer needed it in Penis enlargement, I found out for myself Penis enlargement was real.

The rest of my story is matter of history. I made incredible gains, practically doubled my penis size and went on to create the biggest and best Penis enlargement site on the net but there were allot of details that made this possible.

I knew that men would have just as much of an issue with Penis enlargement as I did, I knew belief would be very difficult to most starting out and I also knew that without this belief in Penis enlargement they would probably never make gains. When we don't believe in something we hold ourselves back, we limit our physical progression by allowing our mental doubts to dominate. This is visible in almost every self improvement method on the planet.

My brand of Penis enlargement came with a complete and fully comprehensive mental Penis enlargement program. It was split 50/50 between doing the physical work and believing it was possible. This may be a huge reason why I became so prominent in thge Penis enlargement world but that was never my goal. I solely wanted to show men that if they wanted a bigger penis, they could have it. All they needed was to work for it and believe in it. Years later, after all of my work I see the same chain of events happen over and over. Men come, they do not believe, they do not gain, they study mental Penis enlargement and all of a sudden their gains happen. No real science, math or even religion is basic elements of human progression to a better self. You can have anything you want, you always could, you only needed to beleive it.

Mike (DLD)


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Saturday, December 16, 2006


#2 in day one!

Theory is really not viable, we should look towards proof of theorem, even at a minimal axioms! Hypothesis that is concurrent with what we believe to be important to the world.

Damn, we are approached by a invitation to invite all of life, all of existence, the understanding of all universal truths but you step back. Fuck yall. If you had any clue of what this is you would understand my step decision to change the time of Space and Time....Where a negative number can exist with that of a negative number. Understand...It is forward...Here comes our future....All that believe that are appeals...Unknowing, pathetic animals that have no place in modern theology and position in existence...Get your mind right.

I, me, existence, truth, knowledge, responsibility....complete, absolute truth...I don't know...I will only work towards my responsibility to truth, the existence to the realm of Gods desires.

We, ME, non of ya'll,,,,where are ya? Oh somewhere else but the place that fills your with truth, a feeling of complete PEACE...Where are you? What is your plan...Do you not want to dwell in that perfection that is God or do you choose a fire of damnation? Your choice has no bearing on what I want to do, For I know God as I know I am not him nore will I ever be the exact reflection of my Lord. You thought you got me...HA HA,,,Joked ya..Faggot!

You inferior beings, don't you understand the power of my credence with our Lord. I have no desires, no hopes, no desire for riches or powers over ,my fellow man but only the hope that our Lord will heal our world and allow us a chance at our future.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Penis Enlargement/Mental Enlargement

I was talking with a dear friend today, someone who I have not known a long time but has an influence on my work equal to that of someone who has known me for years. He went on to talk about what I do for a living, a business he stated was "scummy" by most observers but in my case something was different. This came as information I duly needed to realize, even to the day...I needed to hear it. I only do this for U never for me!

I spend so much time looking at the business I have built, who I am too so many, what I have contributed and the influence, my own existence has had on millions. It seems so grandiose, so egocentric but something, non-the-less, I am connected to. Penis size, such a pathetic voice in the world that is so crafty at suppressing reality and forcing illusion. We are men, we have a penis and we blame every short coming we experience on this part of pour body. It is so easy, we fall short of any human experience and we are quick to tag ourselves with being less of a man...a man with a small penis.

Does this sound sad? Uninformed? Dissociative? Pathetic? I hope so, because that is where it deserves to be. We are stuck in a mentality that has inflicted these pains on us since we were small, young, unable to protect ourselves from a reality that was as much an illusion as anything else. SO tiny I was when I thought the size of my penis dictated who I was a s a person, as a man. So small. Did it ever matter???? Did it? Of course not, we were just subjected to believing it did. A big penis is so primitive. So basic. 5", 7" 10" 100" a million inches, does it matter? Did it ever matter. Are these women we believe to care so much about our size really care?

It sucks to live in the realm of understanding what the penis really is. We see it in Geneses but than we also experience it in revelations. It is a long finger, a snake, the evil of mankind, the very thing that destroyed our presence in the sight of GOD. Is this true? Who cares, it feels as though it is.

For those that read my blog, good for you, you realize that life is so much more dependent on the entire person...the leg, the rib, the mind, the penis...the entire man.

So I made a quest, a decision to follow this way of self improvement in hopes of making myself a better man...It never happened. Damn, I bet a bunch of you thought it fame, my influence and no reward? Well it is true...the reward is never present while the punishment is omni-present.

Making the penis bigger is so EASY! So fucking easy! Don't you see? Making our minds heal from the sadness we have lived with as men is so hard. SO HARD> I wish my penis could have solved this...I really wish it did, but it can't and it won't. You, my friends, are so important...your thoughts, your words, what you do, who you meet, the things you believe, the sadness you go through, it is all part of YOU and your PENIS. DAMN...Take my money and drive me to my grave...You could do that. ANYONE could do that...For I am only a voice in this ever confusing reality that does not exist!

Please men, make your penis bigger but GOD, make your minds complete. Realize you are the essence of our Lord and you have always been worthy of so much more than you could imagine.