Sunday, November 26, 2006

Penis Enlargement Post

I started doing PE all most by accident. I was looking for a solution to some slight impotence issues due to medication and I kind of stumbled on natural penis enlargement. I found a routine for penis enlargement on Google while searching for impotense help, the routine promised a harder, longer, thicker penis. I printed this routine out, folded it and put it in my pocket. When I got home I took it out and started studying, marking up and chaging things so I understood them better, I read it word for word. It all made sence to me and I was going to follow the routine religiously. It did mention 4" gains in one year were not uncommon but that was something I really did not even believe.

I was not so interested in making penis size gains as I was getting harder erections but I decided to follow this printed out routine and see what would happen... (the same routine I modified and created the first phase of the Matters of Size program with). AFter only months, enjoying harder erections within the first few days only strengthening my commitment to the routine, there was a definite size change, something concrete, measurable, something that my girlfriend was noticing, how my penis felt in my hand, how it felt in my pants...THERE WAS A CHANGE! I know my pre-penis enlargement size because like most curious guys I measured my penis allot growing up. I knew my length was 6.5" and I decided to measure...maybe I gained that 4 inches the guy was talking about...Yeah Right! but still something had changed.

I got the ruler and went to the bathroom. I had been following an ever changing version of the original routine for about 6 months at this point. My first measurement after more than half a year was 2" longer than I ever did. I was 8.5", no question about it, I took a picture, there was 8.5" of penis. I was in a state of disbelief, I was not sure if I made a mistake or maybe all of this is real and I should have gained more. I was really mixed up...excited, but very mixed up.

This is when I decided to revisit the website I got the routine from originally. I wanted to read everything, I had my printed page but that was so modified now that it bared little resemblance to the original. I could not find the site. Nothing, I did find some online newsgroups that I joined. These groups had guys who did similar exercise (one of the 3 available at the time). After reading allot of their posts I decided to ask advice about my own size gains. My first question stated my gains and how I was concerned I was not gaining as much as I should be, the guy I read about said 4"...I was kind of lost. Needless to say, I was not believed. Guys were saying how someone gaining 2 inches is impossible. I was baffled because if this was so unbelievable why did it happen to me? I knew there was something to the way I did the exercises, my modifications, there was a difference that afforded me the gains others could not realize. I could not find the original site but I did start keeping track of everything that day forward. I was off and running.

I started to research everything about the penis, exercise, physiology, biology every-ology, I spent hours working on new exercise, new theories, new routines....enjoying size gains all the while. I had so many exercises, routines, information, guys I was working with, experiments I was doing, research I was gathering, analizing, so much data, successes, modifications, and I kept track of every single part. It got to the point that I was writing custom programs for so many guys that I had almost no free time. With each new guy I worked with I was met with a new unique challenge, another hurdle to get over, a new exercise to remedy a new problem. I spent so much time doing work in the natural enlargement field, loved every moment of it, that I was no longer able to help anyone new...I had run out of time.

Working a full time job and dealing with the many people I was dealing with made time less and less available. I was at the crossroads, I had found something that made me happy, a sense of purpose, I wanted to do this full time...I took the risk and started Matters of Size. MOS, a place where I can store all of my data, modifications, exercises, routines, the very essense of my own gains. I could now take on hundreds of new guys, work on so many new exercises, routines, the possibilities were endless. MOS became (and still is) the mecca of this knowledge.

Each new theory in making size gains that prooves worthy of it's place in the Matters of Size program gets it's own special section where you will see it in illustrations, videos, hear about it through digital quality sound with in-depth, descriptive text explaining the exercise, it's application and what kind of gains you can expect. Amoung this massive library you will find out how I made the length gains I have made. The unique exercises I developped, exercises found only here that show you my exact technique, with attention to the smallest details. The very details that may be the reason you have never realized size gains. My girth gains are explained in pictorial formats showing every exercise, every technique, every step of the way. Nothing in the MOS site is left to question, from the very moment you join the site you will feel at ease in the MOS learning process. So fun and unique. I have developped so many exercises, so many ways to increase the length and girth of your penis, so many exercises that correct curvature, add definition and width, help with harder erections, premature ejeaculation, so many unique routines with so many different applications that your head would spin if Matters of Size was not so organized and comprehensive.

My exact program, the same program that brought me to the penis size I have today (10.5 inches in length by 6.7 inches around [girth] is neatly organized into a 5 Phase system. Each Phase contains a breakdown of routines, explainations, videos showing the exercise, sound bites where I discuss the unique value of the Phase. After only minutes on any particular Phase you are own your way to a greater understanding of natural penis enlargement, learning the techniques that gave me my name...DOUBLELONGDADDY.

With more than 150 exercises that are featured on MOS, exercises, unique & powerful exercises, exercises that have changed lives, without organization nothing would make sense. MOS is as easy as point and click. Need to know how to make faster length gains? Serach and click. Do you want a bigger head? Maybe the secrets to lasting in bed longer? Do you have little time but need big results? Do you want to make her cum, do you want to know what average really is? How about exercise to eliminate a curve? maybe add a curve? How to change the proportions of your penis, how to increase foreskin, shaving techniques, larger balls, whatever your quesion, concern or inquiry it is in the MOS website at the ease of clicking.

On the rare occasion someone can't find information they are never met with disappointment, I love working with my members one to one, helping them deal with their own unique issues. This is why the MOS database is so complete, I am willing to work with each and every member until they are gaining. This is a committment you will not find online. It is the biggest reason why there are thousands of penis enlargement websites that contain the same 3 exercises and Matters of Size has more than 150 unique, effective exercises with thousands of applications. There is no difference besides bells and whistles between any other 2 penis enlargement sites on the internet. Every site out there will be similar, the exercises they give you will work if you do them. The gains will be slow but they will happen. Matters of Size is nothing like these sites. Our data base, a base of knowleage and information so great, ever expanding, contains more information on one of our thosands of pages than are contained on the entire site of the competitor.

Remeber, I have proven my gains. If you Google my name, Mike Salvini aka: doublelongdaddy or DLD, you will be met with my name being praised or disbelieved. There will be a slue of titles the press has dubbed for me from creator of penis enlargement to the evangelist of penis...all of this is exciting for me to see but I have to be honest and say I did not invent PE. I did not start some penis cult where I am the evangelist. I did not lie about gains I never made to make money. I did change the face of penis enlargement as anyone ever knew it and bring my 6.5" x 4.75" penis to beyond the 10" x 6" mark making me not only one of the largest penis's on record but also making record gains in penis enlargement itself. Whether people believe me or not, there are thousands of men using my program who are making penis gains everyday.

I have made this my life work and spend everyday advancing the knowledge base even further. I am always available to my members at almost anytime. I have never failed in my work and I have never had a member not gain who has asked for help. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, including and extra $50. If you join my program and you do not gain I will refund your membership fee plus $ questions asked. Many people wonder why I would do this, they think so many people would take advantage of this but I tell them this, I have always offered this refund and I have never once been asked to refund someone's money. You will gain at Matters of Size, I will make sure you do.