Monday, September 25, 2006

Penis Enlargement Insight

t's kind of an self-anomaly why we do penis enlargement. For me their were many reasons at different times. Sometimes I look back on my life and think that my entire contribution, everything I have accomplished, every conceivable detail of my penis enlargement was due to insecurity when I met Jen, my ex-girlfriend. Prior to dating and eventually living with her for 5 years, I never even thought about size. I really believed I was above average and the multitude of women I had slept with confirmed my belief. I had always gotten comments to the effect of being large or too large opposed to the opposite. In my mind I was big and this gave me much confidence.

When I met Jen, a woman who had been with over 100 guys, strippenis enlargementd and other sexual escapades, I felt inadequate. I knew, in my mind, that with all of the men she had been with there had to be men much bigger than me. This insecurity eventually led to an obsession about size. I started imagining her with Mandingo sized men and it really played on my mind. Quite honestly, I had felt less of a man for the first time in my life. Ultimately it was penis enlargement that ended our relationship.

I was 6.5" with average girth and it always worked for me. But eventually I felt so inadequate that it became an obsession. The penis enlargementrfectly healthy, happy, intense and incredibly sexual relationship we enjoyed for 2 years took a dark turn for the worse. It started with the obsessive questioning and a marked disbelief of the answers to a psychologically abusive relationship. I would ask her to make lists, I stoppenis enlargementd allowing her to see me in normal nude scenarios (showering, changing, etc.) Things started to become ugly but my obsession did not allow me to see the decline of our relationship.

Eventually the obsession led to erectile dysfunction. I could not concentrate on the beauty of sex because I was thinking of every one she was ever with, what she was thinking of my size, what her thoughts was becoming a nightmare. Soon after my erectile issues I found penis enlargement. When it started to work my mind shifted to a new obsession which was penis enlargement. Was I doing it for myself? Not really, I wanted to become bigger than anyone she was ever with, I needed to be the Alpha-male. My false sense of confidence became unbearable to her. My starting the MOS business had a profound effect on Jen, things became very different. Her early support of my business became a quite, closed off, non-exsistant blur..she had lost the man she loved to my penis enlargementnis.

On hind sight I would not change the fact that I got into penis enlargement nor would I change the fact that I started the best penis enlargement site in the world. I know that my contribution to penis enlargement is and was immense and it helpenis enlargementd thousands of men change their lives in a miraculous way. What I would change was my reasons for my penis enlargementrsonal penis enlargement. My papenis enlargementrs on mental penis enlargement came too late. I think if I had discovered this area of penis enlargement earlier it would have changed many things in my past relationship.

Today, and for the past 15 months, I have changed my entire view of penis enlargement and myself. I think that honestly of my insecurities, as painful as it might be, need to be exposed. Allowing these emotions to sit on a proverbial table for my woman to see allows for a reality of views rather than my own manifestation of what she may think. Who knows, my penis enlargementnis, whether the biggest or not, may have been penis enlargementrfect to Jen but I will never know. My interest in the mental portion of penis enlargement was as much a penis enlargementrsonal quest as it was a hopenis enlargement that I may affect the lives of others that struggle with what I did.

Keep this in mind as it is not theory, it is fact. Women who have men that are obsessed with their penis enlargementnis eventually lose respenis enlargementct for them. They will ultimately view the man as insecure and lacking the most attractive quality women love, confidence.

If I were never in that relationship I don't think I would have ever discovered penis enlargement for myself...psychologically there was no need. As much as I regret and feel extremely embarrassed about in my relationship with her I feel appreciative that it happenis enlargementned. In anything in life, we take something, something that is valuable from each painful event we expenis enlargementrience. In my case, although I miss Jen, I took penis enlargement from it. I not only made one of the biggest contributions to an age old art but I made thousands of friends and helpenis enlargementd an unknown amount of men who truly needed penis enlargement.

Today I penis enlargement for myself and it is not to become the biggest or the best, it is to make contributions to the future of this art. I know now that I am big, big enough for most woman in the world. Am I the biggest? Never, nor is it even a logical thing to want. For many years my signature said that I wanted to get to 13.6"...why? Because the biggest ever was 13.5. This kind of mental process is unhealthy. Today I want to enjoy the fruits of my labor and I look forward to my next relationship where I am confident.

penis enlargement needs to be done for yourself and your goals need to be created for yourself any other reason will bring you down a path of darkness and despair.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I'm Scared!>>>RED SPOTS...BRUISING....and other Penile MARKS and FEELINGS

I'm Scared!>>>RED SPOTS...BRUISING....and other Penile MARKS and FEELINGS

Penis Enlargement relies heavily on pressure and blood these factors contribute to bruising, spots and red marks. Whenever pressure and blood meet the result is inevitably bruising. The penis is a very sensitive organ with very delicate skin and tissue. It is very easy to create superficial marks on it through the various PE exercises.

Stretch marks are another thing that happens to allot of guys, myself included. Sometimes these stretch marks manifest themselves as tiny red marks and other times they may appear to be long white lines. With the rigorous stretching exercises and expansion techniques these marks are almost expected.

These issues are no reason to stop training and they will clear themselves up for most users within 24-48 hours. Some things like stretch marks may be permanent but there is going to be some sacrifice for gains. Using a good moisturizer may help heal and/or prevent these stretch marks from becoming permanent but I personally love my battle scars

The only reason one should skip training is if their is sharp pain, bleeding and/or numbness. These feelings should not be confused with a good worked out feeling.

Scary, overcautious feeling are completely normal and for a good is your penis. I was scared in my early program with every little new feeling I experienced. I felt all sorts of new things like rubbery texture, small twinges, overly light, overly heavy, dull worked out pain, lig soreness, among hundreds of other new and scary things. These are all a normal part of PE.

I hope this helps


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Is Penis Enlargement Gay?

When I first considered if penis enlargement was gay I did not think twice about it, my answer was penis enlargement is not gay. After someone started a thread in my penis enlargement forum on Homosexuality and penis enlargement I started to consider the implications of this. Is penis enlargement gay? This question creates quite a paradox. As someone who does penis enlargement I love the site of my huge penis. I also love watching big dick pornography, as long it is man and woman. In my situation, as with many straight penis enlargement enthusiasts, enjoying the sight of a large penis does not denote homosexuality. I realy had to question myself as loving a large penis and not being gay seems impossible.

When I thought deeper on the issue I realized that most men enjoy watching pornography. More than not they enjoy watching a well endowed man having intercourse with a woman. This, as is very clear, does not denote gayness but rather an enjoyment of total sexuality, male and female. Men who say they do not enjoy watching a penis having sex are liars. If this was the case they would not watch porn all together.

Many of my penis enlargement clients are gay but a equal or even greater number are straight. I think that the penis enlargement community gives way to a certain comfort between men to share and discuss penile issues without homophobic repercussions. Perhaps it is the anonymity but I think it is more the desire to relate to one another. If penis enlargement forums were not available and meeting in public was the only option men would still gather to discuss and relate to one another.

Creating a larger penis through penis enlargement is exactly what it is, a self driven goal for a larger penis. Wether a man is gay or not, the sight of a (large) penis will always excite them.


Monday, September 18, 2006

Does twisting and Bending the Penis help with growth?

Q: does twisting and Bending the Penis help with growth? how do the exercises work anyway? is just like muscle growth, you damage the muscle then let it repair itself?

A: Your question does not give enough specifics to answer it with a positive yes or no but I will try to explain what I think you want to know. Depending on the exercise, and there are quite a few that twist and bend, both in erect and flaccid state.

A flaccid rotation at the base of the penis will be a lig specific exercise, meaning the length gains you will make will come from the rotation. Here is that exercise:

Sitting on the toilet get yourself into the traditional “A” stretch.

DLD's A-Stretch:
The A-Stretch is a dual stretch exercise. The main principal of the A-Stretch is based on 2 areas of stretch using your arm as a lever. I will describe it here but to better understand this stretch see the illustration. In a seated position grab your flaccid penis just below the head. Weave your other arm under your penis grabbing the wrist of the hand holding the penis. (At this point your penis shaft should be draped over your wrist) Pulling out from your body and horizontal to your legs. This is the A-Stretch. Pressure can be adjusted to the users preference.

Once in the “A” Stretch pull your penis to a good solid stretch straight out (. In this position once in this position KEGEL for 5 seconds holding minimul presure on the stretch followed by a REVERSE KEGEL. Once in the REVERSE KEGEL move both arms in a rotary motion at a 100% outward stretch (penis draped over wrist glans pointing down). (See Illustration) This rotary stretch should last 10 seconds. I think of my arms and penis as one unit and I am rotating the entire package.

and another by Mowinman

This one produces an awesome tunicae stretch that after thinking about it and combining several exercises hits my tinicae the hardest. I feel it for several hours afterward.

Set up the standard upside down palm facing out ok grip just behind the glans. Stretch straight out. Take your other hand and use the thumb, index and middle finger only. With a loose grip grab the base with the thumb on top, and index finger and middle finger, grab and hold the skin at the base and push the skin toward the head. Once the skin is taunt and gathered up in front of your hand, in one motion pull up with the hand holding the shaft creating a hook movement and down with the hand holding behind the glans. This sets up a fulcrum. Then tighten your grip, then using all your fingers with the hand holding the shaft and pull back toward the body, stretching the tunicae directly without stretching the skin. This creates a fulcrum with opposing stretch. Do this with moderate to heavy pulling, opposite directions. Hold this for 10 seconds ease up your pull and move the hand holding the shaft about an inch closer to the body. Repeat the process. Do this until you have you hand holding your shaft back at the base. Once there repeat the counter pulling only stretch the hand holding the glans down using a cranking motion. Do 30 cranks in this position. This completes one set. Repeat the above from the start for 3-5 sets. This one is very intense as it hits the tunicae very hard. It is not recommended for the beginner.

Exercises that require an actual twist of the flaccid penis will be both ligament and tunica specific. This means that the length gains you make will be from both the ligs and the tunica. Here is an example of an exercise that uses this theorem:

In a completely flaccid state BUNDLE your penis 1-3 times (Whatever works for you). Once is a BUNDLED state one hand grips penis with OK grip at the extreme base and the other grips just below the glans. Now stretch in opposite directions. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds. After each 30 second rep change hands and RE BUNDLE in the opposite direction.

The TUNICA is a sheath that covers the penis very similar to when we wear a condom. When we stretch the TUNICA we generally go for upward stretches in hopes of stretching this extremely tough tissue. The biggest problem with this is that much of the energy of the stretch is being used on the LIGS because we are only stretching in one direction and the lowest stress point in this will always be the LIGS. Using this technique will allow you to apply energy of stretch to both ends of the TUNICA allowing a much better, more effective TUNICA stretch. Since we are stretching at the base and below the glans most of the stretch energy is being applied to the space between the two stretching points, this space is the TUNICA

Erect Stretches the apply these same techniques (Twisting and Bending) work prominently on girth. The first exercise that comes to mind when I think about bending is DLD Bends. These "Bends" train girth along the horizontal and vertical sides of the penis increasing girth whilke at the same time increasing the width of your penis. Here is that exercise:

DLD Bends for incredible Girth Gains

This is a repost of the DLD Bend. I could not find the other thread and I a few people were asking about this exercise.

Basically the illustration show the exercise. Gandolf also made a video of the exercise. What you want to do here is this:

Get 90% erect.
Grab penis at extreme base and with other hand grab just under the glan.
Now in a slightly bend the penis in a rolling motion to the space between your hands. This can be done in different directions. For an added punch I like to set up the exercise then compress my hands together slightly ahen engage in the rolling bend.

This is an extremely dangerous exersize and should be done by experienced PE'ers that understand the risks and their own limits. I belive there is a very fine line between injury and gain, learning this limit comes with PE experience.

Twisting while erect is another type of girth exercise. This time it is more of a length exercise while also addressing base girth. The first exercise that comes to mind is one developed by German Stallion:

I have been discussing with DLD this new exercise and he has made a video of it, so we will see it later. I told him about it just before he went to Florida, and I have shared it with some others and they are seeing some exciting results. Here it is: With a totally erect penis, do some twists, like the bundles we do with a flaccid penis. You can't do as many twists but taking the whole penis in your hand or hands, gently twist, squeeze and pull. I put a lot of force into it. Hold for as long as you feel good about it and release; do it the other direction, pulling and squeezing. I get a tremendous lig pull from it. Also, I have a rush after doing it. Makes me stay hard longer and very agressive. I do these for about 20 minutes; alternating right and left twist and doing different direction pulls. You really feel it in your ligs. I think it is also helping in the Tunica. Very important to from time to time, shake and slap the penis to get blood flowing again. If you go down in erection, work it back up and go at it again. Try it, you will like it!! GS

I hope this clears up some of your inquiries.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

What is a Good Penis Size to Woman?

I have started a massive survey on penis size and woman. Many men get into penis enlargement based on what they "think" woman want for size. The problem here is most men are wrong. Penis size, to the woman I have interviewed so far, is very unimportant. I found this very interesting and decided to assemble the largest survey of all time. The survey will cover EVERYTHING a man could possibly want to know concerning sex and penis size. The poll will have 100's of questions and will be published in percentage form.

I plan on including this as part of the IS EVERYTHING REALLY WHAT IT SEEMS 2, study.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Multiple Penis Enlargement Sessions

Multiple session, split sessions and the like have always been a critical part of my routine. Many have sited this to be the reason I have gained more than any. I believe this to be true for a few reasons. Physical reasons have been covered in this thread already. My only addition to this is the fact that multiple girth sessions keep the penis in an expanded state for a longer period making the permanence threshold theoretically faster. Again, with length, multiple session keep the penis in an extended state increasing the speed of gaining while, also, catering to flaccid length gains.

On a mental level there are also very important reasons for slip sessions. Length and girth are very, very different in their mental approach. Length, being mundane in many way, requires a different type of focus than it's girth counterpart. Since length work is predominately flaccid exercise it require no sexual thought process. It is more reliant on visualization, seeing what we want and concentrating on making that happen. It is much more numerical, counting, resting repeat, so on.

Girth, on the other hands, requires a different mental approach. Yes, it does rely on visualization (as any goal does) but their is a sexual component not present in length work. Maintaining an erection, or in some cases a almost erection, takes a sexual thought process. The difficulty here is it is not sexual, it is exercise which makes it an anomaly of sorts. This balance of counting and arousal is a delicate balance that needs practice to master, this is why we hear so much of the guys who can't maintain an erection during girth work or can't lose an erection during length work. When the balance is perfected girth work becomes a breeze.

Understanding these two points makes it evident that separate sessions allows for complete concentration on the different mental processes needed to maximize girth and length routines. Keeping them separate, in essence, will increase the speed of gains.

Lastly, doing all the work at once (girth than length in one session) may lead some men to rushing through the sessions as their concentration is mixed with so many different factors. A clear path to our goals allows for the best possible results.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Most Extensive Penis Enlargement Poll

With the release of my penis enlargement study, Is Everything Really What it Seems II, will be the internets most comprehensive and complete penis enlargement poll. I have been compiling so many penis enlargement questions, actually all sexuality. Penis enlargement being a male thing will be polled for both men and woman. The Male Poll will contain different polling questions than that of the females. Penis enlargement questions will vary. Some of the topics are what is the best average size penis for woman, does size matter to woman, what was the biggest penis they have ever had, what is more important penis girth or penis length, racial penile questions, I will be covering every conceivable question that anyone could ever have on the penis.

Sexuality can be a nightmare for those that suffer from penis anxiety, fear of having a small penis, penis erection strength, pre-mature ejaculation, thoughts of past lovers penis size, if your loved one is being honest about your penis size, the list goes on and on. Although there have been many polls on line on penis size, this poll will be enclusive of the other polls but also go far beyond the data they collected.

The penis enlargement business allows me access to thousands of men. My hopes are that the penis enlargement forums online, places like Matters of Size, Thunders, PE Forum and every other penis enlargement forum online. I will also be perusing many of the popular sexual BLOGS online, I am hoping for places like Technorati, Fem BLOG, Men's Health, APE and other like this. I am open to any site who wants to get involved with this. My hopes are most of the men who are familiar with me, penis enlargement, pornography and general sexual health will show this poll to their women. The more data we get on this penis enlargement/sexuality poll the more questions that will be answered and the more fears and anxieties calmed.

Look back here for additional information.

DLD (Mike Salvini)

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Penis Enlargement and Fear Tactics

I have been surfing the web looking through the infinite websites on penis enlargement. Most of these penis enlargement sites are very spam-Filled. I bet many of you have seen the same thing when searching for penis enlargement. As I siphoned through the sites I noticed some things that may prove valuable to those searching for penis enlargement.

Most of these "fake" penis enlargement sites with have some very strange blocks of text. There are endless keywords of penis enlargement. Penis enlargement pills, penis enlargement pumps, penis enlargement exercises, penis enlargement creams, penis enlargement forums, etc. There are so many others but I did not want to spam myself. Penis enlargement is a very competitive business right down to the search terms. Basically you want to rank in google under penis enlargement, or any of the associations with penis enlargement in it's content. Whoever passes the penis enlargement criteria and becomes #1 in Google search engine will basically be given 850,000 click through a month! This number drops as your penis enlargement ranking does. Some penis enlargement sites will never get into the positions of power, let alone into the top 10,000. Others will either make an honest site with original penis enlargement material, penis enlargement exercises, penis enlargement advice, etc. and wait for the visitors to come to your site. A very long long process. The faster, less honest way is through spam. Whether they paste penis enlargement a million times in their front page code or have automated penis enlargement articles produced and added to the site. These articles usually are intelligible as they use penis enlargement every other word and nothing but words chosen at random mixed up with the term, penis enlargement. Hard to understand but the next paragraph will help you see.

Every page, within the spammy site, has many clickable banners. The banners are every type of penis enlargement product there is being sold off their site, money for an affiliation. If their site gets 100,000 click-trought a week, they are selling .01% they are moving 1000 products. After price of penis enlargement products, 50.00. This means they are 50,000.00 a month! What do they do for it? Nothing, they spam, get to the top and let the automation go to work. This means they do nothing for the money. Penis enlargement is a very profitable search term.

The real articles contained on the 5 available pages on their site are filled with fear driven sales. Playing on men's fears over penis size, what average is, penis enlargement stories, very sad. They make men feel bad about their penis then the move them right to their buy page, usually a penis enlargement product that does not work. After the sale they move on to the next. Try to get in touch with a real person on their sites.

Finding penis enlargement sites that are real will give you the support you need getting into penis enlargement. Penis enlargement interactive forums, usually found on their website, will give you the opportunity to ask other men about their penis enlargement quest. The site will also contain many, intelligent and original penis enlargement articles. You can tell when you read it. The site is professionally designed. Once you have done your research you can evaluate the penis enlargement sites you have found and buy any penis enlargement product you desire.

DLD (Mike Salvini)

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

She says, "Stop Penis Enlargement!"

Originally Posted by member
Same here, my gf says i dont need to do it, its big enough as it is, and hurts her when i put it all way in im 7.5 but i wont be happy until i get over 8" and final goal of 9" and 6" girth, just something ive always drempt of and wish i had. And now i can get it with 3 or so years hard work i aint gonna stop!

For those whose mate knows they PE.

The biggest problem with not cooperating with your mates desire for you to stop is the psychological impact that decision makes upon your relationship. What I mean is when she say's "stop, it is big enough" she may be meaning something quite different, something she expects you to pick up on. I think the woman who initially finds penis enlargement exciting may eventually see it as a replacement for herself. You care more about your penis than her. The validity this statement has is as old as penis envy.

Most women are hard-wired for penis envy and this envy instills fear in many of them. Fear of the male penis, I hear you laughing. Ironically, size has little to do with penis envy. Woman are more envious of the relationship a man has with his penis, a relationship that cannot exist with a woman. This jealousy rears it's ugly head in many ways, one being "Stop Penis Enlargement." Another may be, "It's too big and it hurts."

My experience with having a girlfriend before, during and, unfortunately, after my penis enlargement gave me some insight into these issues. Jen, my ex-girlfriend, told me that my penis was big enough, too big. She complained about pain, complaints that fell on deaf ears. I made a decision to cross that line of envy, I continued to PE. Jen most likely wanted to test our love in a way, she wanted to know who was more important, her or my penis. Perhaps the pain she was feeling from sex was more of a psychological pain. She may have seen my decision to ignore this pain as me wanting to hurt her. I can say that soon after I started hearing and ignoring these comments our sexual relationship changed very much. A steady decline until an inevitable break-up.

Inflicting sexual pain on a female is a very exciting thing to many men. It somehow inflates our egos and establishes some type of sexual supremacy. Eliminate one word in the first line of this paragraph and it takes on a very scary twist, a deeper, more sinister, understanding of it's meaning. Inflicting pain on a female is a very exciting thing to many men. Things come to mind that would be the average plot in a horror movie. Not such a far stretch to think that she sees it ,very much, this way.

I could write volumes on the topic, I am sure we all could.

It is important to read between the lines, especially when the penis is brought up. We really need to weight our desires to be with someone to how much of our lives we want to dedicate to our penis.

DLD (Mike Salvini)

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Monday, September 04, 2006

Penis Enlargement and Skepticism

Originally Posted by forum member:
So I'm a scientist by nature which leads me to certain level of skepticism. On the other side of that coin, I've seen some very interesting things happen that dont seem plausible with a modern scientific understanding. While modern science adapts to determine the cause of such an effect, to me this is where Penis enlargement stands right now.

Science being in the same category of mathematics, quantum mechanics, physics, etc. relies on proof to establish fact. Unfortunately many beliefs science has believed to be fact have been overturned. Things that were purely metaphysical are now being seen as possible physical realities. Examples are many but I will use one that I find exhilarating. We have believed, as a modern scientific world, that being in 2 places at once is impossible but recently science has discovered that an electron can do just that. I could go into string theory, alternate universes, 11 dimensions, etc. but my point is very simple, nothing is ever 100% real. As seen in my signature, I only believe what I understand, I only understand what I can create. This signature shows the most skepticism possible and I live in a world that 99% of science would say is metaphysical.

Penis enlargement may sound extraordinary but as a scientific person see the basics and simplicity of the mechanics at work here. Medical science has been stretching skin, tissue and even bone for years with evidentiary proof. The difference here is it is a penis. Sexuality has skewed the way anyone sees even the most basic of change. The penis is skin and tissue, if you pull it, it will elongate. If you fill a penis with blood beyond it's normal capacity it will have to thicken to accommodate this influx of blood.

Proof with this is a little harder to come by because it is sexual. To be frank, it is embarrassing for most men to show their penis to another man, not to mention the whole world (as in the forum). But there are many individuals, myself included, who have brought proof forward and this will have to be your proof until you find out for yourself.

There are definitely good and bad side effects with penis enlargement just as there are in any body altering process (i.e.: medication, surgery, body building, etc.) I have worked with thousands of men who have successfully did penis enlargement with no adverse effects or injuries. In regards to erection problems, you are more likely to increase the strength of your erections than anything else.

Give it a shot and see for yourself.

DLD (Mike Salvini)

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Women, Curiosity and Penis Enlargement

As of recently and mainly due to my second installment of the Penis Enlargement Study, Is Everything Really What it Seems I have become curious on a woman's position in penis enlargement. I was in a bar last night and the bartender, a 30 something attractive female, initiated a conversation about penis size and penis enlargement. Most of the places I go are filled with folks that know I run a world wide penis enlargement company. She was no different but she was extremely curious. Explaining what penis enlargement is was really not necessary because she has been to my site and watched all the media available. She was more interested in the psychology of the men who start penis enlargement. In my last study I interviewed many men but this time around I will be conducting female interviews and she seemed like a perfect candidate.

The actual psychology of penis enlargement is hard to say as men come into this with many different reasons. I wanted to concentrate on the more universal issues of self doubt and a males projection of negative felling on his female mate in a steady relationship. She went on to tell me that every man she has been with has had the obsessive problem of wanting to know of her sexual past. I think this is universal because every woman I have talked to on the subject complains of the same thing. The woman also went on to tell me that when she is in a new relationship the last thing on her mind is the dicks in her past, she is in a new relationship and her past sexual experiences have little to do with her present day feelings. Even so, this, is one of the reasons men pursue penis enlargement.

When we think about the last paragraph we, as men, can think this; does our past sexual experiences have much to do with our present relationship? I answer no. Yes there are memories but the thoughts have little to do with who I am presently in love with.

Penis enlargement, to many, is a way to conquer out woman's past lovers. We become territorial and want to be the best and the biggest. Many of these men do find penis enlargement. When we really think about it the reason does not have much validity to our female counterparts as they are generally not thinking about their past lovers but we, as insecure men, believe they are.

Next, penis enlargement attracts many men on the premiss that they believe their lover thinks their penis is inadequate. In most cases men will project their on thoughts, feelings and insecurities onto the female they are with. These men truly believe that the woman is thinking what they are thinking. They believe this with such vigor that it starts to surface and become apparent to the woman. The woman I was chatting with told me the biggest turn off is a mans lack of sexual confidence. She said that penis size had little to do with sex for her. She stated that her best lover was a man of average size. She also said that anyone who was bigger was painful and not enjoyable. Still men will hear their own thoughts in the mind's of their partner. A large portion of these men will seek out penis enlargement.

I told her that I had all of these disfunction's in my last relationship. I was with a woman for 5 years who had slept with hundreds of men (and woman) and many other unmentionable indiscretions. This was extremely testing and I made every mistake a man could make in this situation. All of the above plus much more. The relationship ended due to many of these issues but I also took many positive things from this relationship. I do not think I would be the penis enlargement guru I have become if I did not go through this. How can someone talk about something they never lived. I lived it, fucked it up, learned from it, changed myself and since have been able to help thousands of men make changes. These changes may even save their relationship.

This may sound as though I believe penis enlargement to be a bad thing but this is quite the contrary. Millions of men already have these dysfunction's, they are already living in this negative space, they are already suffering from low self confidence. I have always said, penis enlargement is easy, very easy....the hard part is changing the beliefs men have held onto their entire life.

DLD (Mike Salvini)

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