Friday, June 30, 2006

Penis Enlargement Isolation: Working Exclusively on One Part

Penis Enlargement Isolation: Working Exclusively on One Part

When we think of isolation we think of muscle training. Penis Enlargement works much the same way. Not everybody who gets involved with PE wants both length and girth. Many men are satisfied with their penis length or penis girth and want to isolate the parts that need work. More and more, in penis enlargement, I see a need for specific routines to help these men out. I am somewhat satisfied with my length but recently I have wanted more girth. Most penis enlargement sites will have the same program that consists of a handful of exercises that each site basically cookie cuts and changes the look of the site. You will find Jelqing, Penis Stretching and perhaps 2 or 3 variations of the same. Penis enlargement, in my realm of the internet, is much different than these sites. You will find 100's of exercises on my site at: that are available no where else. This is where you can browse through 100's of penis enlargement specific to your needs.

A very good penis length program could look like this:

Penis stretches STRAIGHT UP CENTER for 30 seconds
Penis stretches STRAIGHT UP RIGHT for 30 seconds
Penis stretches STRAIGHT UP LEFT for 30 seconds
Penis stretches STRAIGHT UP ROTARIES: 25 Cranks

Penis stretches STRAIGHT OUT CENTER for 30 seconds
Penis stretches STRAIGHT OUT RIGHT for 30 seconds
Penis stretches STRAIGHT OUT LEFT for 30 seconds
Penis stretches STRAIGHT OUT ROTARIES: 25 Cranks

Penis stretches DOWN CENTER for 30 seconds
Penis stretches DOWN RIGHT for 30 seconds
Penis stretches DOWN LEFT for 30 seconds
Penis stretches DOWN ROTARIES: 25 Cranks

Penis stretches Behind the CHEEKS CENTER for 30 seconds
Penis stretches Behind the CHEEKS to RIGHT for 30 seconds
Penis stretches Behind the CHEEKS to LEFT for 30 seconds

x3 on all

This is a very basic routine but it is extremely powerful for those that want a penis length increase. There are more intense exercises on my site but I do not want new guys to hurt themselves. After practicing this routine for a while you may want to change up things and add other exercise. Penis Enlargement takes time so be patient.

Exclusive Girth Routine:

300 Jelqs for the first 2 weeks then double this to 600

Basic Jelqing
With desired lubricant (I highly recommend Vaseline) cover hands and penis completely. At this point you will want to have about an 80% erection (semi-soft) Now in a seated position with your palm down grip your penis with the standard OK sign grip. Gripping your penis at the extreme base and a tight grip, force the blood from the very base up to right below the head in a sliding motion. When your first hand reaches the bottom of your head the second hand begins the same movement. This is a strange movement at first but over a few sessions it will become second nature. With each passing day increase the intensity ever so slightly. The goal of basic jelqing is too enlarge girth, add length and improve general penile health.

With these 2 routines you can accomplish your own isolated program. If you are looking for something more advanced, visit my site or forum. My Penis Enlargement members site is at:
My Penis ENlargement forum is at:


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Uncircumcise Yourself! by KONG

As some of you may know already, I am kind of an penis enlargement anti-circumcision activist. I have seen a few threads and noticed that some other men are wondering about it so I thought it might be good to start a thread on it. I have only been doing it for a few weeks so I am hoping others who have accomplished more than I can join in and help.

How To do it: To start out, regular penis enlargement exercises will cause your skin to begin to stretch and loosen up. You can target that skin a little more to speed up the progress by loosening your grip and just pulling the skin. After you have gotten looser, begin taping. Pull your foreskin remnant as far over the glans as possible and fix it in place. I use bandaids. Leave it there as many hours a day as possible. The constant tension will cause tissue expansion. Just don't get any of the sticky part on the glans as it will hurt when removed. As you progress further, you can include manual exercises as well as use weights or other devices. Most important, be patient. It will take a long, long time. Sometimes up to two years, although I have heard of some dedicated men doing it in four months.

Why do it: That is personal. For me, it is partly to feel like a whole man. Many of the adult male figures in my family were intact and I always felt different, like I was lacking something. Almost 80% of adult men my age are circumcised. I also like the idea that I will have something not very many others do. Finally, I feel that it is mutilation of the genitals with no medical reasoning behind it and that is just as wrong as doing the same to women! It should be outlawed! I would feel the same way if all male children had their earlobes or nostrils removed at birth.

Pros: Increased sexual sensitivity. Within days of keeping your glans covered nearly all the time, you will notice that it is softer, shinier and way more sensitive. It is amazing. I have honestly become multi-orgasmic and can get it up two to three times in a row now, which never EVER happened before. I cannot stress how great it is! The orgasms will literally blow your mind. Protection: Your glans will not rub against the inside of your clothing all day. You don't notice how comfortable it is until that constant irritation is gone. Lengthening of the Penis: as your tight circ loosens up, more of the inner penis shaft will be allowed to hang free. You will notice a difference, both length-wise and girth-wise. Why not be all you can be? Turkey Neck: your sack, pulled forward by constant tension from tight circs, will begin to slide back to where it is supposed to go. This has begun for me in less than four weeks.

Cons: Just one: Smell. It definitely is more odorous. I have quite a bit of inner foreskin left and it functions like its supposed to, thank God,lubricating the head with natural oils and antibiotics. Well, you know what? Wash it. Ooh, that seems hard to do. Take a washrag and wash it off. This is the last reason given by the establishment for the wholesale mutilation of baby boys. Like we somehow cannot manage to wash our cocks, they have to remove half of it.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Penis Enlargement News: Whats on the Horizon for MOS

We have many projects under way for our Penis Enlargement sites and a new site that has been in the wings for about 1 year. The newest site will be called Alpha Blade, we are hoping to launch this site in a month or two. AB will have a Penis Enlargement section as well as a female version of the same specializing in breast enlargement and clitoris enlargement. AB will not be an exclusive sexual site, it will be dealing with every part of the body and psychological wellness. AB will be my best work yet in the area of Penis Enlargement as I am releasing a brand new series of length and girth exercises.

Matters of Size, the premier Penis Enlargement site on line will be adding some incredible things to our Penis Enlargement site. We currently have a 5 phase Penis Enlargement program so the first new addition will be Phase 6, the most powerful Phase yet. We discussed keeping things as they are as many think it is the perfect set-up, I even thought this for a while but the new exercises I have come up with will make our Penis Enlargement program even better.

If you do not know, Matters of Size has the world's only Penis Enlargement DVD. This DVD features high resolution versions of our pay site plus many special features. This DVD has sold worldwide for 3 years now and we have decided to release 2 new DVD's before the end of summer 06'. We will be offering this as a 3 disk package or sold separately. The disks will feature exclusive, advanced exercises of length and girth on separate discs.

We are also looking at some major partnerships with some of the internets premier Adult sites. Currently we work with BangBros: There are also talks happening with VIVID:,40,viv6_ppj.

Keep your eyes open and don't sleep on these incredible editions.

Crazyeds Penis Pumping Guide: A Guide for Pumpers

Crazyeds Pump Guide

Being a pumper myself, I would like give everyone who is here or will be here, that is interested in pumping to have the basics of pumping laid out for them. Pumping is a large part of my routine, and has been for close to a year now.

The things you will need for pumping.

1. At least a decent pump, to be safe you will need a pump with a gauge, IMO this is a must.
2. You will need lube, lube creates an airtight seal, use the lube of your choice.

3. A big shower towel and a small hand towel. Use the big towel to put on your chair, and the small towel for lube clean up reasons during the sessions.

4.And of course a stiff dick.

Purchasing a pump, where to begin? Get a pump with a gauge(you must know how much pressure you are putting on your penis), and one that seems well built. (LA Pumps, Kaplens) Just some examples. What size of tube will you need. Get one that is snug enough not to suck your balls into the tube, but allows you room for growth. The table below tells us the exactly how thick you can get in each size tube. So for example if you are 6in in erect girth you would be fine to go with the 2.25in tube, because you will expand in the tube and most likely get beyond 6.25in of pumped up girth. But if you are 5.5in of girth stick with the 2in tube, the 2.25in will be too big and you will have problems getting a seal and your balls will get sucked up into the tube.

1.5in Tube size 4.75in Girth
1.75in Tube size 5.5in Girth
2in Tube size 6.25in Girth
2.25in Tube size 7in Girth
2.5in Tube size 7.75in Girth
2.75in Tube size 8in Girth

Personally I have 3 sizes of tubes. I have a 2in, 2.25in, and a 2.5in tube. The first tube I bought was the 2.5in tube. It was way too big. Then I bought a 2in, and a 2.25in at the same time. I have not used the 2.5in tube for a long time now.

I like to start off in the 2in tube for the first set, and pack the tube fully. Then any other set is done in the 2.25in. For those of you who can afford this, I would recommend that you get 2 sizes. One tube you can pack fully after a couple of sets. And one that you need to grow into. Now this is not a must, though I feel that taking a 2 tube approach aids in post workout size.

Now that you know what size of tube you need it is time to preach safety! Yes it is true that pumping can be dangerous. However it is also true that pumping can have dramatic positive effects on your erection strength and size. Two things that can ruin your sex life with pumping is too much pressure, and too long of time in the pump without the replenishment of fresh blood. To avoid any erection problems never go above 10hg and do not exceed 20mins in the pump non stop with out a break. Now 10hg is a high dangerous pressure especially for newbies, and for a lot of vets. Newbies don’t go above 5hg in the beginning. Vets if you must go to 10hg I would recommend that you do it no longer than a set of 5mins.

If you pump at too high of a pressure, or over do it on your timing you can or will get a massive amount of blood spots, blisters, a nasty looking donut, or even worse a ruptured blood vein that causes erection problems. Avoid the donut as much as possible, leave that up to the extreme pumpers O.K.
Low comfortable pressures, and limit continuous long durations in the pump. Remember this and you should never have a problem

Now it is time to pump. Get your pump ready for use. Put some lube at the inside base of the tube, this will enable an airtight seal in a pump that fits your size. Next get semi erect or fully erect, lube up your glans and shaft with a thin layer of lube, but not your scrotom. Insert your dick in the tube, gently press the tube against your pubic bone, and be sure as much of your scrotoms skin is pulled away from the pump as possible. Then carefully pump your way to your desired pressure. You don’t want your testicles to get sucked up into the pump.

New guys to pumping should take it slow at first, until the penis gets accustomed to the pressure the pump puts on the penis. For the first week pump every other day for 10mins at 3hg. This will condition the dick for future pumping sessions. The second week you can go ahead and beef it up some (pun intended) Go every other day 2 sets at 10mins at 3 hg. Week 3 now you’re basically ready to go to a full 3 set workout at 3hg every other day. Week 4 do the same as week three but raise the pressure to 5hg. After week 4 you should be conditioned to do pretty much what you want with it as long as you remain conscience of your penis’s stress handling abilities.

While you are inside the tube you will want to remain erect, porn is a great way to do this. Also you will want to do kegals and you will want to milk the tube up and down slightly. Milking for me is the most efficient way for me to remain erect in the pump. Milking the tube is basically griping the tube and trying to pull it away from the base of your penis, only shift the tube about a ½ to 1 inch up the shaft. As you will notice that milking the tube causes the pressure to increase and then go back to where you had a steady even pressure. So don’t pull up to high or hard, two things could happen, your pressure will go up really high, or you will lose your airtight seal.

Between sets you will want to either do your choice of manual exercises, or edge. This will ensure that fresh blood is supplied to the penis every 10 to 15mins or so. IMO this is very important if you would like a pump to assist in the growth of your penis. You will notice that after a pump session that you will hang thicker and fuller throughout the day. You will after time notice that your flaccid hang is always feeling heavier, looking longer and feeling thicker. The same goes with edging between sets. You will feel the difference in your erection.

So to sum it all up a productive workout should involve the following.

1. Safety
2. The correct size tube, and tubes.
3. Being erect as possible for the duration of the workout.
4. Proper execution
5. A fresh supply of blood going to the penis every 10 to 15mins.

Looks like that is it! If I left anything out let me know!


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Saturday, June 24, 2006

New girth method - Dash Rap for Massive gains!!!!!

By Dash

New Penis Enlargement girth method - Dash Rap for Massive gains!!!!!
I have finally decided I have enough confidence in this new technique I have developed to release to the forum.

The Dash Rap (Listen to your favorite Rap tunes while doing this one!)

What supplies do I need?:
1) Go to just about any store and buy yourself a length of 1/4" to 3/8" cotton or soft nylon tight weave rope. Any rope will really work but I find the soft nylon tight weave to work best. Fray one end of this rope about 1/2" or so.

2) Cut a 10" length of ace type bandage

3) optional - Cable clamp

4) tape

Here is what you do guys, but first, a warning! Start easy and don't hold these too long or you will really make your dick hurt really bad from the stretch. I am not kidding, you can easily make this too intense so gradually over days increase the intensity to avoid an injury. You have been warned!

Here are the steps

1) turn on your rap music you freak
2) If you are under 25, blow on your dick and the wind should make it hard, remember your most recent kinky experience.

If you are over 25 but less than 40, crank up some of your best porn and try to forget about your last kinky experience.

Over 40 but less than 75 you will need to get out the viagra, think about 40 year old hot milfs and do your best to remember your kinky 20's.

If you are over 75 get out the viagra and just try to remember any kinky experience (be patient)

3) Ok, now that you have firm wood, wrap your ace type bandage at the very base of your growing tree stump and tape the end. Wrap firmly but smoothly.

4) Keep thinking about the whores and stay as hard as you can get!

5) At the very base of your penis, hold the frayed end of the rope and firmly wrap one time around your penis and make the rope pass over the frayed end to anchor it in place. Kegel to get that extra fill as you wrap.

6) While still holding in place, firmly wrap a seconf pass around your penis. Remember that it is very important to start at the very base and keep your wraps tight. Also important to think about those whores or sheep or whatever perverted acts that may be haunting you.

7) Now, continue to take a few more tight wraps but pay close attention to your wood because this thing will blow it up like a balloon and you can really do some damage if you don't condition over days and weeks.

8) when you have wrapped approximately 4 passes you most likely will feel like you can't stand any more. So wait a minute but keep it tight and then either take another wrap or too towards the head or simply wrap back over the top of the rope with even more pressure. We are talking intense so take care.

9) Kegel if you wish while you watch the clock.

10) If pressure reduces, add more wraps. After 5- 10 minutes you should release and jelk for about 50-100 to get the circulation going again.

11) Start the process all over again and do 3 sets after you have gotten used to this.

12) Optionally, you may wish to add one of red's cable clamps to the very base and then wrap the rope from there. You should do this if you have problems staying hard or can't remember any kinky experiences (or maybe can't forget).

Be aware that you will likely get some swelling and hang heavy for the rest of the day. This thing really increases the girth.

I have gained exactly one erect inch in 14 months using this technique. Some guys that I help along are using this too and are making some solid girth gains.

You can keep adding wraps as you can stand it and go as far as you wish toward the head of your penis, however, I tend to limit wrapping to the first 1 1/2" at the base of the penis so I can get the most effect on my shaft.

Hint: Never do this before you hang or stretch because you will be too sore.

Give it a shot but please go easy with these Dash Raps. Oh, and turn the rap up and get motivated!

Friday, June 23, 2006

My Penis Surgery Experience Phalloplasty: Penis Enlargement Surgery

My Penis Surgery Experience Phalloplasty
BY: TheThickestOne

I hope this is in the appropriate section. I am going to share my phalloplasty surgery (penis surgery) experience and give everyone my honest assessment.

Before surgery I was what you would call a grower. My flaccid length varied from 1 inch to 5 inches depending on my mood, temperature, activity, stress or whatever.

Erect I was about (NBP, never learned that term til I came here) 6.25 inches long and 5.75 inches at mid shaft. My base was about the same.

After YEARS of research and serious thought I decided to have the surgery. It's interesting to note not one of my partners felt I needed it. They ALL were against me having it done.

Before surgery I had dabbled in PE, tried a pump, and did some weights. That was part of my pre-op program to condition my penis.

Before surgery I used a 1.75 inch pump cylinder. Today I can barely squeeze my flaccid penis into the same tube and I use the 2.25 inch tube and a 2.5 inch tube. I bought a 2 inch tube, but my erect penis must be forced into it although I can still use it.

Like I said I did years of research and talked to numerous doctors before I decided to have this done. My search led me to Dr. Gary Rheinschild in California. I will say right now I have NO financial ties to them, didn't get paid to write my experience and only share in case some of you desire to learn more about the surgery or are contemplating having it done.

In any event after much research I chose Total Life Enhancement. The first thing they did was give me about 2 dozen names of men who had the procedure.

I called and spoke to every one of them. That gave me a lot of confidence and I was amazed at how willing these guys were to share in their experience.

THE SURGERY: On March 27th I flew out to California, the day before my surgery, and met with Dr. Rheinschild (note: The man is a genius and is the nicest surgeon I have ever met. He is so friendly and really cares about his work and patients. I can't say enough about the man.) Dr. Rheinschild examined me, asked me if I was sure I wanted to do the surgery, and then took some pre-op pics.

The day of the surgery I was very nervous, but the surgical team put my mind at ease. The women were very friendly and we joked around a lot. I was wheeled into the operating suite and was given a sedative to relax me and then I was put under general anesthesia. It seemed like only a matter of a few seconds and I was being awakened by the recovery room nurse.

I felt no pain that moment and was actually able to get up and walk around immediately. Dr. Rheinschild let me relax and then he drove me to get my prescriptions. How many surgeons do you know that do that??

I had 3 sheets of Alloderm, maximum they do is 6, and I had the suspensatory ligament cut. Alloderm is an acellular matrix of donor tissue. You body, overtime, grows into the alloderm and it becomes vascularized like the surrounding tissue. The Alloderm is placed on top of the corpus cavernosa

IMMEDIATE POST-OP That night as the nerve block and anesthesia wore off I was in exteme pain. On a scale from 1 to 10 It was a tad over 15. I was a hurting puppy. Doc had prescribed percocets which were ok, but he eventually gave me a Fentanyl patch which worked but kicked my ass.

My penis was wrapped in heavy bandages, which I had to change daily. I kept it wrapped for 2 weeks, no bath or shower for the first 10 days.

I had a main incision right above the penis (about 1.25 inches in length, where the ligament was cut and I had 2 incisions on top of my penis where the head meets the shaft.

Post op I was extremely swollen. My abdomen was very swollen and so was my penis. The pain was terrible, especially when I got an erection. They actually give you a prescription to combat your erections, but it's not 100%. I jokingly named it Erectal as it wasn't all that effective for me. I was getting 6 to 7 erections each morning and it woke me up from my sleep. It was agony. I'd wake up and just lay there hoping my erection would go away, but each day it got better and better.

You can't have sex for 6 weeks after surgery. I must admit at 3 weeks I was so damn horny I couldn't take it anymore so I had my girlfriend give me a semi BJ where she just lightly licked the underside of the shaft near the head. Man the volcanic eruption would of shamed Peter North.

The downside is I was very sore the next day and so afraid I'd get an infection or I damaged something, but I was getting erections all the time so I figured if the graft could handle that stress a little licking was cool.

THE RESULTS: About 4 weeks post op I was still swollen and my erections were incredibly huge...except for the length. I had severe retraction. My erections were now only about 4.5 inches and I was freaking out big time.

I just recently started my post-op pumping and physiotherapy. I have regained over 1 inch of my retraction in only 10 days of using weights, pumping, and the TRAC-MAN. If I dont gain it all back and show an increase in next 3 to 4 weeks I will get cortisone injections to help stretch and heal scar tissue. As an aside the scars on my penis head are barley visible.

I now have an erect girth of 6.25 inches immediately behind the head. 6.75 midshaft and over 7.125 inches at the base. I can expect to gain a little more over the next 12 weeks of post.

My flaccid length is about 5 inches and rarely dips below 4.5 inches. These are all NBP measurements. BP I am 7 inches erect and about 6 flaccid

Another thing is I had a very vascular penis before and I have maintained all of that.

THE POST-OP SEX The first word that pops into my mind is WOW. I never had any complaints before and the reasons why I had the surgery are varied and personal. In any case the increase has made the nerves much more sensitive. I don't orgasm any quicker, but the feeling is much more intense. Every girl I have dated now has a very difficult time giving me oral sex. They now only put the head in their mouth. It is just too painful for me and makes their jaws hurt.

Vaginal sex is incredible and the girth makes a difference for both them and for me. Every woman I have had sex with can "handle" the increase in size, but I must be gentle, go slower, and they must be really wet or use lube. One woman commented she still wasn't use to the girth and needed to get used to it.

MISCELLANEOUS I'd like to address some common myths and FAQ's about the surgery.

1.) Erection angle. My penis angle was always straight up. It still points north although a very slight decrease which I feel is because of increase in blood volume

2.) Too big for women. Guys I have slept with 5 women since my surgery. Everyone of them was finally able to have relatively pain free sex after they loosened up and adapted to the size. The initial penetration was "uncomfortable" for all of them but they all were able to handle it with ease after a few minutes and 2 of them are TINY women.

3.) Small guys get bigger length gains- True guys with much smaller erect lengths than mine per-op had much larger gains post up.

4.) Can't do P.E. anymore-Not true I am doing it now, mostly for length

5.) Erections not hard after surgery-Not true mine are hard as a rock

6.) What is the cost-It cost me over $11,000 including the physiotherapy equipment (weights and pump)

7.) Oral Sex-For me oral sex has suffered as it is now too big around for the women I date.

8.) Porn Stars-After seeing my penis I am convinved Mandingo and Julien have had the surgery. My penis hangs like there's does, it kind of bounces and wiggles when erect like their's does, and they both have a tiny bit of pubic hair at the EXACT place my incision is. I would bet money they have had surgery. I do know my surgeon has had some Porn Stars spend over 50K to "build" their massive dicks.

9.) Would I do it again-Every patient I have spoken with would have the surgery all over again including myself. I would do it again in a New York Minute and I am planning on having a second girth surgery in October.

10.) It's cheating. IMHO No more so than any other form of PE.

11.) Condoms. I must use the biggest condom I can find for it to be reasonably comfortable

Any other questions or comments just ask and I will respond

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Understanding Penis Enlargement in Search Engines

News and information about penis enlargement, impotence, penis size, jelqing, male sexuality, infertility, adolescence, prostate health, sex positions, kama sutra, tantra and pre-mature ejaculation.

How many people have seen advertisements using one or more of these terms:
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These terms are some of the most expensive keywords and terms online. In addition to this being ranked under these search terms is very difficult. I guess Google uses different methods to how they index but I can tell you it is not fair. When looking at the top ten under penis enlargement in Google you will find 8 of those sites are pill pushers, one of the biggest scams around. Pills only help with erection quality and blood flow, this will only give you your maximum size. Penis Enlargement Exercise is vital to making any type of real gains. I truly believe that the only companies pushed to the top of the search engines are those that really work. I guess search engines have not become intelligent enough to tell the difference.

I guess I am just blowing off steam. We have been in business for a long time and have helped thousands of men, I feel we should get fair placement from the search engines. If you want to help us search in Google for PENIS ENLARGEMENT, find Matters of Size and click through. Link exchange is also an option between relevant sites, if you have a site and wish to exchange links let me know.


DLD and Penis Enlargement: The Salon Interview.

Size matters

Mike Salvini is an evangelist for natural penis enlargement, a weird and scientifically unproven way of upsizing the male member. And thousands of men are going to great lengths to follow him.

By Peter Rubin

Pages 1 2 3 4
April 12, 2005 | At 6:30 each morning, Mike Salvini wakes up and pads downstairs to check his e-mail. That's always how he starts his day, because someone out there might need help. Could be this someone hadn't warmed up sufficiently, or had pulled too hard or bent himself at a strange angle, but now something's wrong. And no man likes to have pain shooting up the shaft of his penis. So Mike tries to answer questions as often as he can, to reassure, to coax, to motivate. And then he goes into the bathroom, eases himself onto the toilet, places a length of industrial plastic pipe across his thighs, pulls his penis up and over the pipe and slooooowly cranks it forward, like a winch.

With each millimeter, he can feel the skin stretch, masking the slow seismic drift of internal tissue. Another tug. Now hold. One, two ... He wrestles the monster for 60 long seconds before releasing the tension. This is the tunica traction stretch, the first exercise of Mike's day: Eighteen hours and three workouts later, he will fall into bed, a fraction closer to his ultimate goal. He once had a healthy 6-and-a-half-inch erection; now he sports a 10-and-a-half-inch heart-stopper. Stretching himself along a ruler, he damn near exhausts its hash marks.

To most people, Mike Salvini might appear to be, well, a freak. Besides the fact that he's a recovering obsessive-compulsive heroin addict with agoraphobia, who in their right mind stretches his penis over a length of plastic pipe? But Mike Salvini is a hero and an inspiration to thousands of men who dream of building their own fearsome endowments -- not because of how big he is, but because of how far he's come. He's not Mike Salvini to them, though; he's Double Long Daddy, guru of natural penis enlargement. And before he calls it quits, he wants to have the largest dick in the world.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Men today can pump up their traps and glutes, their pecs and abs. They can strip almost every ounce of body fat, train the fast-twitch muscle fibers in their calves. But society's approval of male body transformation stops at changing the size of your penis. From the very first sex-ed filmstrip in grade school to the advanced biology curriculum in grad school, men are told to be happy with what they're born with. Sixty-five years ago Alfred Kinsey decreed that phallic dimensions between five and seven inches were within the great continuum known as "average," and since then those measurements have confined our lives. Only recently have men like Mike Salvini dared to turn their backs on "average," let alone talk freely about it.

read the rest here:

Silva Mind Control- Everyone Needs to read this!

Hey whats up everyone. Alot of you probably never have saw me around this forum that much. Heres a little heads up on me. Iv been Peing for alil over a year, i first started over at thunders place. One day i was searching the web and came to this awesome site and have never looked back. Iv gained around an Inch since iv been here.

Back to Silva Mind Control. Im sure none of you here have ever heard of it. The name sounds kinda crazy, like a secret government program or something. It might even sound somewhat lame and a waste of ones time. But the rewards are endless! EVERYONE needs to check this out and it will help you to be successful in Life. It will help you to find what you were sent here to do in life. We were all sent were to help one another and make earth a better place. This program will make you more positive, seek more goals, be more caring, make goals possible, loose weight, gain muscle, learn your psychic abilites, learn how to use your intitution, and so much more.

I dont work for them either. I started this thread because i want everyone here to use it. Once you read up and start doing this program you will understand why i want everyone here to do it. It will Defiantly help you in your PE as well as other areas in life. It will help people that are going through really rough times and people who are badly stressed over or any other endeavors. It will help you to get over the impediments that are keeping you from your full potential in life. Most people in life let the world Program them, but you have the ability to program yourself how you want to think and feel. When i say program i mean, that you have the ability to learn how to quite smoking, loss weight, or whatever you need to over come in life. Most people go through life thinking things happen for a reason and life is not under your control. THIS IS NOT TRUE. We have control over are lives. I know that some things might happen, but I'm talking about being able to make better decisions, over come diseases, meet your goals, being more postive, enjoying life, and many other things. This system will teach you how to visualize the things you want in your life. And everyone will ask why cant psychics win the lottery. Its because we all have a DIFFERENT purposes in life, some people may get that opportunity, while other reep other bennifits. You cant get everything you want from life. But most things are under your control. Some people werent meant to win the Lottery in life.
Please do this favor for not only yourself but for everyone. Because this will benefit everyone, not just you.

And if you don't wanna spend the money to buy any of there systems, then you can go to lime-wire and download some of there seminars. So if you don't get the system at least go download it at lime-wire or some other music downloading software.

And if any of the Mods read this place don't move this thread. I know it shouldn't be on this forum. But i think it is so important that i want everyone to read about it. Not very many people go to the other forums on this site, so i don't want everyone to mis out on it.

Here is the web sites and

Penis Enlargement News: The Famous Users: BangBros

So today we shot Raul from Monsters of Cock, The Bang Bros at: for some MoS ads. The guy is truely a monster. He could never get a 100% hard dick in front of us (being it was all guys and no girls). However, he did manage to get a decent partial boner and I got a correct measurement on it while it shortly lasted. I had him do a bone pressed and non bone pressed measurement and also a girth measurement.

He was completely cool with doing it, but he does not understand english very well so it is hard to get him to do stuff right without a translator. I practically had to almost touch his cock to demonstrate poses I wanted him to do. Anyway, I got clear pictures of all his measurements.

The largest non bone pressed measurement I saw was 9.5" in length by 6.75" in girth at the thickest part of his shaft, he was not fully hard either. All the pictures we took of Raul varied in size ranging from 7.5" flaccid up to 9.5" partially erect. This explains why we always see different measurements of him online. His boner doesn't last long if he isn't performing (ie. shooting still shots).

I think he could be a full 10" - 10.5" fully erect with a real good boner.

Raul is a real cool humble dude like all the other Bang Bros studs I know. So now you can rest assure tonight knowing Raul is a true Monster

I will post some pictures this week In the MoS Members Section.

Here is one for the meantime...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Penis Size Debate: What is Average> Penis Enlargement Can Change This

Penis Size Debate: What is Average> Penis Enlargement Can Change This

What is average size? For many men they believe it is 6-7", some even think it to be bigger. In reality average size measured from the pelvic bone to the penis tip is 5.5" This may bring a little comfort to those who believed it to be more. Average girth is around the 5" mark (measured around the mid pint of the shaft.)

Why do men come to these conclusions on size? A major reason is the media, many media-outlets mislead men to believe they are small, inadequate and below average. Why? Simple, to sell you their products. Penis Enlargement Pills, Penis Enlargement Pumps and various other methods need to make men feel insecure about their size as this is their best marketing ploy. I like to be upfront with my clients and let them know these things before getting into Penis Enlargement. In some cases, just knowing the average penis size is enough to be happy. For others it is not enough and they want more. In this case I am more than happy to direct men to the World's best Penis Enlargement site on the net:

Why Matters of Size? We have been a trusted source for Penis Enlargement Exercise for over 5 years. My personal gains have been verified by GQ Magazine to be 10.5" in length and over 6" in girth. Considering I started at 6.5" in length and a below average girth of 4.75", making my gains the biggest ever in Penis Enlargement. The same principals and methods I used to get to my size are available at my site. Set up into 5 Phases, giving the user a progressive program that slowly increases intensity as you become able. Each exercise contained on Matters of Size comes with video, illustration and audio bits making us a extremely comprehensive website. Our video library is the largest in the world with over 250 videos, all shot and modeled by myself. As you watch the video I talk you through each movement I make, making Penis Enlargement a snap. With my help and your efforts we can give you the gains in penis size you desire.

Penis Enlargement can be a confusing thing and with most websites costing about the same (around $50) you will want the most comprehensive program for your dollar. In addition to Matters of Size being the most comprehensive site, we offer a 200% money back guaranty. With that said, we have never refunded a membership, meaning 100% of our customers have gained and are happy with the program.

Check Us Out and Compare Us to Others SItes: Why Matters of Size? Because Size Matters.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Penis Enlargement: Don't Give Up Before the Miracle Happens

Many men who try Penis Enlargement may be doing something wrong whether it be intensity, improper exercise style, or a poor mental attitude. With many of the Penis Enlargement sites online users find it impossible to get through to a real person for assistance. Without support many guys will just give up when all they needed was some help. Penis Enlargement is not easy and it does take practice but once you have your stroke down, with good intensity and the right mental attitude things change quickly.

Intensity or how much force you are using can be scary for many. When guys first see Penis Enlargement exercises in action they tend to think it is painful or somehow able to mess up their penis. This is simply not true if you follow the directions, get a membership to a good site, like Matters of Size, where you not only get support during your Penis Enlargement quest but you have 100's of videos that walk you through the process step by step. Seeing the exercises gives the user better comprehension to intensity and form. Every video I did gives the users 3 points of view leaving nothing to chance. Another beautiful thing about my Penis Enlargement site is incredible support you will get if you do run into questions or problems with your program. If this weren't enough, Matters of Size also has a user support forum with more than 50,000 members that share information and support in their Penis Enlargement quest. My forums also show many users progress pictures, unique exercises found no where else, sexual tips, Penis Enlargement Hanging information, Penis Enlargement pumping information and anything else that pertains to Penis Enlargement.

Mental attitude can also be a stigma when men come into Penis Enlargement with a negative point of view. If you have no faith in what you are doing then Penis Enlargement will not work for you. A good mental attitude can be all the difference in the world in Penis Enlargement. Allot of the information, interviews, articles, etc. found on Matters of Size also gives the user clear, concise ways to apply the mental portion of Penis Enlargement.

Please, check out my site and forum before you give up on Penis Enlargement, it will change your life.

visit my site's at:

Monday, June 19, 2006

Penis Enlargement: Save Time and Money

Penis Enlargement can be an expensive proposition if men do not know that pitfalls and scams out in the marketplace. When selling a product that is based on a topic that many men are insecure about these companies market their products in a way that degrade men and give them the thoughts that they need the product or they are not as much of a man.

The loop that I see many men go through usually starts with a search on google for Penis Enlargement. This brings up many results but usually they revolve around pills, pumps and other methods of Penis Enlargement that work when used in conjunction with a Penis Enlargement exercise program. Pills generally sell for $35.00 for a month supply and most companies suggest you use them until you are where you want to be, size-wise. For men who do not do exercise with the Penis Enlargement pills, gains will not manifest. How they get you to continue using them is they do give you better erections and this seems like a gain. This false confidence turns into millions of dollars for the companies who sell Penis Enlargement products.

Matters of Size also carries pills but we explicitly say that the pills will not work on their own. As a matter of fact, we give the pills away with everyone of our package deals. The reason we sell these pills are because they help with Penis Enlargement Girth exercises. Most girth exercises require some level of erection and the pills do a great job of keeping you up for this. They are a cheaper alternative to VIAGRA and other erectile dysfunction drugs.

The exercise program is last on many men's Penis Enlargement quest. They usually go through the gamut of easy products and when they finally get frustrated enough a percentage of these men come to me. It is usually and issue with laziness towards doing the Penis Enlargement exercises. Men hate the idea of doing up to an hours work on their penis as it takes to long. I find this humorous because for an hours work (very similar to the time people stay in the gym) they are able to get a bigger dick, for real. Is this not worth it? I even offer programs on that take as little time as 5 minutes! Is this too much time? How hard is it to go to bed a half hour later and get up a half hour earlier if it will make your penis bigger, by up to 4"? I guess these men do not want it bad enough but when they search for other methods they become disappointed that the only thing that will work is Penis Enlargement Exercise.

Surgery can run as much as $10,000.00, this is insane and do you realize that the doctors can only predict between a half inch and an inch of length and even this is not guaranteed. My methods guaranty any man over an inch in length and about the same in girth but many men who want more have gotten it. I have members of my site, myself included, who have gained more than 3" in length and over 2" in girth, now these are numbers worth paying $10,000.00 for but it only costs $49.95!?!

I only ask two things from you, give my program a month before making any judgments and if you are happy or have stories of inspiration let me know. I have never given a refund and I have thousands of members, Gain, NOT ONE HAS ASKED FOR A REFUND! This, in itself is incredible but when you consider I give a 200% money back guaranty it is insanity! This proves that not only my program works but it works fast.

Do yourself a favor, skip the rest of the bullshit and join the World's Best Penis Enlargement Program, Matters of Size:

Saturday, June 17, 2006

New Penis Enlargement Exercise for Girth

DLD's Cross Legged Jelq 1 & 2: Adding Presure to the Slow Squash Jelg

Variation One:
With a full erection grip at your extreme base and trap the blood in your dick. Take the other hand, as if you were going to do a slow squash jelq and place it at the top of your dick. While pressing up with the lower hand and pushing down with the other, take a deep breath, and cross your leg over the upper hand. Now you have a boost in blood flow, squeeze your legs together at the point of your penis and you will feel the blood surge into your penis. Continue pushing hands together while using the pressure of your legs to increase over all intensity. I was able to go for a long time, maybe 3 minutes before taking a break If you are able to go three minutes then do 10 sets.

Variation Two:
With a full erection grab your entire package, ball included (this will make your penis look short but it is necessary for the pressure.) This version is much more intense than the first version. Again, grip the package and be sure you trap as much blood in your dick as possible. Take the other hand, as if you were going to do a slow squash jelq and place it at the top of your dick. While pressing up with the lower hand and pushing down with the other, take a deep breath, and cross your leg over the upper hand. Now you have a boost in blood flow, squeeze your legs together at the point of your penis and you will feel the blood surge into your penis. Continue pushing hands together while using the pressure of your legs to increase over all intensity (this is a simple flex with your legs, you will understand when you do it). Again, I was able to go for a long time, maybe 3 minutes before taking a break If you are able to go three minutes then do 10 sets. Recalculate time and reps to work best for you.

I am sure clamper's will find a version for them selves. I would think a normal clamp for the first version and a large one for version 2.

I will have illustrations up later, my camera is not working right now.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Anti-Spam Legislation Opposed By Powerful Penis-Enlargement Lobby

Anti-Spam Legislation Opposed By Powerful Penis-Enlargement Lobby

WASHINGTON, DC—Efforts to pass legislation restricting Internet "spam"—unsolicited mass e-mails usually for advertising purposes—are meeting with strong resistance from the nation's powerful penis-enlargement lobby.

Enlarge Image
Denny Garner, president of the National Association of Penis Enlargers, makes his case before a House subcommittee.

"If this legislation passes, the government would, for all intents and purposes, be taking three to four inches off America's cocks," said Denny Garner, president of the National Association of Penis Enlargers (NAPE), speaking to reporters Monday. "For millions of poorly hung American men, spam is a vital source of information about penis-enlargement options, and our elected officials have no right to take it away from them."


H.R. 2319, or the Electronic Mail Limitations Act, is slated to go before the House of Representatives next week. The bill would empower states to prosecute so-called "spammers" and impose fines or jail time against adults convicted of e-mailing unsolicited advertisements to strangers.

If signed into law, H.R. 2319 would likely prove devastating to manufacturers and vendors of pills, pumps, and creams designed to increase penis size.

"The entire penis-enlargement industry is threatened by this bill," Garner said. "Despite what most people think, not all penis-pill and penis-pump makers are big and wealthy. There are many self-starting entrepreneurs who play a vital role in keeping the industry competitive. This bill would drive them out of the marketplace, leaving only the large multinationals like the Dong Group."

"Congress may feel pressure to kowtow to the interests of anti-spam consumer-advocacy groups," Garner continued, "but they do so at the expense of the hardworking men and women of Penis Pump Fabricators Local 704 of Toledo, who make Cockzilla Wonder Pumps to put food on the table for their families. These are the real victims of this bill."

In addition to NAPE, other groups are taking steps to halt the legislation. Last Thursday, Applied Products Limited, makers of Thunderdick Cockstretchin' Pillz, ran a full-page ad in USA Today urging Congress to vote down H.R. 2319. Ron Jeremy, adult-film star and host of the popular late-night talk show Sex Talk, has been aggressively lobbying Sen. Christopher Bond (R-MO), who is expected to be a key swing vote should the bill proceed to the Senate.

"I don't recall the First Amendment saying, 'Speech is free unless you're promoting a pill that's guaranteed to make your dick longer and thicker,'" Jeremy said. "I honestly cannot find that phrase. If this nation's men did not desire meaty, 10-inch schlongs, then products to achieve that end would not exist, much less sell. This bill suppresses something Americans need and want."

Albert Tuckman, co-director of the D.C.-based Save Our Spam, echoed Jeremy's sentiments, condemning the bill as unconstitutional.

"If an American entrepreneur cannot use media outlets to promote his dick-lengthening product, what can he use it for?" Tuckman said. "As surely as every man has the inalienable right to add up to four terrifying inches to his wang, I have the right to inform them how and for what price this may be achieved."

"There is no moral gray area here," Tuckman continued. "This is a story of right and wrong and miracle 14-inch horse cocks................. Become a SUPERSTUD!!!"

Supporting the penis-enlargement lobby in its efforts are other groups threatened by the anti-spam legislation.

"The penis enlargers have shrewdly formed a coalition with other industries that depend heavily upon mass e-mail, including the American Association To LOSE WEIGHT FAST and the National Alliance To GET OUT OF DEBT NOW," said Nicholas Lerman of the Cato Institute. "This coalition also includes the formidable National Organization To GO FROM AN A-CUP TO A D IN JUST 10 DAYS."

Roger Skolnick, genitalia-enhancement editor of Newsweek, said the anti-spam bill would damage one of the few thriving sectors of the U.S. economy.

"Sales of penis-enlargement treatments and devices in 2000 totaled in excess of $600 million," Skolnick said. "Cock-lengthening is, no pun intended, a consistent growth industry in the U.S., and this bill would severely emasculate it. As usual, it's the little guy who suffers."

Penis Enlargement Survey RESULTS: by REMEK

THE Penis Enlargement Survey RESULTS:
The Penis Enlargement Survey was a survey created on The survey was advertised on the free forums of Thunders Place and MOS. It was opened in April, and was closed down in July – opened for nearly three months.
957 men took The PE Survey. However, due to “duplicated results,” and for the best accuracy only 545 of these men were able to be used in the analysis.
Below are the top 15 things the Penis Enlargement Survey found. The FULL analysis of each question is not shown, but they will be posted in-detail on a website I am creating for the Penis Enlargement survey results as soon as possible. The survey was analyzed in volume.

Disclaimer: The results are not the opinion of the author. Nor is the author stating the results are 100 percent truth. Everything below is what the data SUGGESTS, not the author, and should not be passed as facts. As with all science, multiple tests have to be completed until something becomes factual.

1. How much do we actually gain with Penis Enlargement?
The average gains for men who have been exercising their penis for at least three months is 1 inch in length, and a half an inch in girth (1" X .51"). Translating this into volume*, on average the men who exercise their penises for three months or more have increased their penis size by 42 percent -- nearly half a size bigger than what they started with! [Questions 6 – 9, asking for PRE and POST stats]

2. Does Penis Enlargement work?
Out of 545 men who have performed penis exercises at least once, only 7 people (approximately one percent) believed penis enlargement does not work. [Question 3 – Do you think natural penis enlargement works?]

3. Where do you acquire your knowledge?
The two groups who gained the least were the men who acquired most of their knowledge from Matters of Size and Thunder's Place.
The "middle group" was the people who acquired most of their knowledge from a combination of two of the following: Thunder's Place, MOS, and the original PE forums
The top two gaining groups were the very few men who acquired their knowledge from the original Penis Enlargement forums and other sources;
Although the results clearly state the highest gainers were those who acquired most of their Penis Enlargement knowledge from the Original Penis Enlargement forums, and Other Sources we should not be quick in parading to "other penis exercising sites" and requesting the original Penis Enlargement forums back. The skewed results are most likely due to the highly uneven number of votes and the more time spent exercising the penis in the highest two groups. [Question 5 – Where do you acquire most of your knowledge regarding PE?]

4. The Masturbation affect:
The results suggest that men who masturbate less gain more. This is extremely evident when comparing the people who masturbated once a month or less (average gain of 6.22 cubic inches) to the people who masturbated a few times a month or more (average girth gain of 3.87 cubic inches). Meaning, the people who masturbated once a month or less gained 60 percent more cubic inches than the people who masturbated a few times a month or more. [Question 12 – On average, how often do you masturbate?]

5. The Ejaculation affect:
Question 19 takes the Masturbation affect one step further, suggesting it is not masturbating that affects gains, but masturbating and ejaculating shortly after a Penis Enlargement session that does. The group that ejaculated within an hour after a Penis Enlargement session, increased their penis size a third less than the groups that did not. [Question 19 - Within an hour after a normal Penis Enlargement session do you masturbate? If yes, do you ejaculate? Please select the answer that fits you best (meaning if you masturbate and ejaculate 70 percent of the time, then check "Yes, and I Ejaculate."]
In summary, the data theorizes that masturbating and withholding ejaculation might not hurt gains, however masturbating and ejaculating could.

6. The erection affect:
The majority of men who exercise their penis experience stronger and harder erections. [Question 18 – Since you started Penis Enlargement has your erections been affected?]

7. Does exercising the penis cause discoloration?
Approximately 60 percent of the people who voted experienced some sort of discoloration caused by PE. The majority of these people reported having a darker penis (46 percent over all reported having a darker penis). [Question 17 – After you began using Penis Enlargement did your penis discolor? – check all that apply ]

8. Does a warm-up reduce the darkening affects?
Using a warm-up does not reduce the darkening affects caused by PE. [Question 17 – After you began using Penis Enlargement did your penis discolor? – check all that apply ]

9. Do gains slow down with after a few months?
There is a complete correlation with more time & experience exercising the penis and more gains. No where do the results suggest gains "stall" or "die out" after a certain amount of time. [Question 2 – Approximately, how long have you been using natural penis enlargement techniques, TOTAL?]

10. Does it matter how much time I spend on a Penis Enlargement session?
According to the results, your penis will expand and grow according to how much time you put into a Penis Enlargement session. The more time spent exercising the penis, the more it will grow. However, there are obvious conditions. If you are a beginner, do not jump into a hanging session that consists of “multiple hours.” That is a path leading to 'Injury Lane.' Slowly increase the length of time you spend on your penis workout. In the end, anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, 4-5 days a week will probably give you the best results. [Question 20 – On average, how much time do you spend on a PE session?]

11. Do Penis Enlargement pills help?
The people who use penis enlargement pills combined with exercises gained 43 percent more cubic inches than those who do not, which suggests that penis enlargement pills do help gains. [Question 14 – Did you use penis enlargement pills during the time you exercised your penis?]

12. How do most people find out about Penis Enlargement?
The majority of men who exercise their penis learned about it by searching for it on the web. [Question 4 - Where did you first learn/hear about natural Penis Enlargement?]

13. Does exercising the penis lead to curvature?
Over 90 percent of men do not obtain a penis curve caused by Penis Enlargement. [Question 16 - Does your penis have a curve in it that was not there before you started using natural penis enlargement?]

14. Does exercising the penis lead to a change in erection level?
The majority of men do not experience or notice any change in their erection level caused by exercising the penis. [Question 15 - While Penis Enlargement, did your angle of erection change? If yes - how so?]

15. Does a warm-up help with gains?
The data suggests that using a warm-up prior to a penis exercising routine had no connection with increased gains (opposed to not using a warm-up).
However, this does not mean we should all throw away our heating pads and infrared lamps. Using a warm-up is the safest known way to exercise the penis. Without a warm-up, there is most likely a greater chance of injuring yourself. Additionally, using a warm-up is believed to cause less bruising and skin problems. Question 13 - Do you use a warm-up before your Penis Enlargement routine?

Confusions & Controversies:
Without a doubt, the biggest confusions and controversies revolve around these two topics:
Penis enlargement pills (number 11) – Popularly believed to be a scam, having no affect on gains. The data suggests otherwise.
Masturbation (numbers 4 and 5) – This is a two-sided argument. Many men believe it affects gains, while others strongly believe it does not. The data suggests that ejaculating, and masturbation leads to fewer gains.

The best way to receive this information is with an open-mind. The data from the Penis Enlargement survey is quite consistent. Instead of everyone stating the results are wrong, wrong, wrong! We should all ask the question, where is the truth behind the Penis Enlargement survey claims? Why does the data suggest ejaculating leads to decreased gains; and penis enlargement pills help gains? After all, that is what we are all here for – to help each other learn more about Penis Enlargement.

Again, the complete survey results will be up on a website I am creating for the survey results. You will be able to download the actual data for critiquing, and who knows maybe you can find something that I missed! Or that I calculated wrong!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

German Penis Enlargement Forums

For about 3 years we have had a German forum at:
If you are interested in joining membership is free. The information contained in the German forums is priceless and for those who struggle with the English language this is a great resource.

We also plan on launching the Italian language forum in the next couple of months so keep your eyes out.

The english forums are at

I hope this information helps.


Penis Enlargement does Have Perks

Over my years involved with penis enlargement I have gained allot more than just a bigger penis. penis enlargement has introduced me to many new people and allowed me to help them with their quest to a massive member. My forums at has thousands of members and I have had the honor of meeting with many of these guys not only for penis enlargement but much more. When I started this business I had a very interesting first year in business. One of the first break I got was an interview with GQ Magazine. This was an incredible experience and I became very good friends with the staff writer of GQ. This made penis enlargement very real and viable to the public, something I have always wanted to do. This interview led to much more press.

Being a avid hiphop fan since the late 70's I was so happy when KING magazine wanted to do a feature story on me and my journey through penis enlargement. This was something I never thought possible, the hip hop community being interested in penis enlargement but low and behold the article was a hit and led to bigger and better things.

While I was in Florida this last time I enjoyed a very good time in Miami where I got to meet the guys from BangBros. This was incredible and led to more friendships that I still treasure today. During my visit I was able to work with one of their stars, JT. Even the big guys in porn are interested in getting bigger and I got to help him with penis enlargement. He was more than excited to try out the POWER ASSIST, our wrench for the penis. As you can see in the pictures, it was a blast.

I became even more excited when JT wanted to test my DLD Blasters, a penis enlargement exercise I invented in the beginning of my journey in penis enlargement. I was surprised when he took to it like a pro.

JT was a madman, he would do a scene for BangBros. then be behind the scenes shooting video and other production work. I was very impressed and pleased to get to meet him and see him work.

I also got to hang out with Bill, the brains behind the BangBros. Bill is most likely the best video and lighting pro I have ever met. He shot the MOS commercial and put such an incredible effort into seeing it through that I could not believe he was so professional. Lighting alone for the shoot took 5 days and he never got frustrated once. After working we all got together in Miami for some poker at Bill penthouse overlooking the beach. WOW what a view. I spent most of the night looking out over the beautiful city of Miami.

A few nights later Jaz, my best friend and business partner, were invited to SONY for a huge party, wow I felt like a celebrity. So much fun and so many incredible memories.

Later that month penis enlargement opened a new door for me into the European market when I was asked to do a documentary for the BBC. Again I was floored by the interest that the public had in penis enlargement. I felt like I was living the life of a Rap Star:)

Penis ENlargement has been a fun ride and I hope this BLOG will help men see how valid is.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Penis Size and Woman

By: The Thickest One

To the age old question does penis size matter I feel I may have stumbled on to a partial answer to this question that seems to haunt all men.

As you may or may not know I had penis enlargement surgery. Before surgery I was about 6.5 erect (NBP) and not quite 6 inches girth.

Now according to most studies I was above average and I never had any complaints size wise.

Now after surgery I am almost 7 inches erect and over 7 inches girth and here is what I have found.

Before surgery all of my former girl friends I had dated told me I was crazy didn't need it and so on. My current gf at the time said NO WAY she was afraid it would ruin our great sex life.

After the surgery my GF actualy broke up with me because she felt I did it because of her and for many reasons so I slept around with quite a few of my ex girl friends and girls I met.

One ex said it felt better being bigger and said "it looks better too..." as it turned her on more. The length hurts her when I thrust hard, but she LOVED the girth. She has a shallow vagina but more loose.

Second ex said it hurts but she eventually loosens up, but that it's painful now til she stretches to accomodate it and before it wasn't this bad, but she says her orgasms are no better nor does it truly feel better nor does she have any more, but she too is turned on by looking at it and says I am now HUGE! She also said anal is agonizing pain, but did it for me, although we had never done it before and she wad only the 3rd woman I have ever done that with.

Third ex GF said girth took a while to get used to and was uncomfortable at first. She has never commented one way or another as to her opinions of the new me. She seems to not want to talk about the subject for whatever reason

Fourth a new gf was freaked out about my size when she saw it and it hurt her the whole time and while she had orgasms she said she could never totally relax while we had sex and was always afraid a hard thrust would pound into her even though I tried to be gentle and she said the girth was uncomfortable even as she tried to relax. She didn't know I had surgery I didn't tell her. She said it was too big.

Now this is where my theory comes in. Before, with the 3 ex gf's our sex life had been great, now that I am much bigger sex is still good, but it did take them awhile to adjust.

If they sleep with someone much smaller than me, the chances are they will still have good sex, but knowing they can take bigger and with all the comments about the visual appeal I propose that inside they will wish, to varying degrees of desire, that their new BF is as big as I am now.

I think size does NOT matter "UNLESS" a woman has experienced pleasureable sex with a larger man. They may still have good sex, but that they will miss the size.

If you are the biggest a woman has ever had, even at 5 X 5, I truly think she doesn't desire you to have a bigger penis and I truly beleive she is honest when she says she is happy with your size. However if you are NOT the biggest and the experience with the bigger penis was NOT painful then I think deep down inside she most likely will wish you were bigger.

One of the girls I mentioned actually told me she's afraid I spoiled/ruined her.

As a side note EVERY ex GF who has had the before and after me does NOT want me to get a second surgery. This is the same thing they said before the first surgery.

They all initially had difficulty with the girth, but with the exception of ONE of them, they all handle the bigger girth like they did my smaller girth.

My hunch is if I do have second enlargement that I will have the same results.

Bottom line to my theory is; size matters only if they had pleasureable sex with someone significantly larger (emphasis on significant or noticeably larger) and that their experience was not painful sex as every woman who I have spoken with who has had painful sex, because of the man's size, does NOT want to repeat that event.

Anyone care to comment or add to this I appreciate it.

So if you're the biggest relax, if not much of a difference relax, and even if a lot smaller and she is having multiple orgasms well relax as a bigger dick isn't going to cause her to have more of them.

If he was bigger and the sex was great and you aren't getting the job done then yes size is probably an issue, but you can do something about that.

I also think the fact I had such instant dramatic results lends credence to my theory.

In other words it was the same man looks wise, money, talents, body, character, personality, etc. It was the same ME, except my penis had grown by a bit over 1/2 an inch erect and over 1 inch in girth in a very short time and they could compare the new me with the old and I could assess their reactions..

While not scientific I do see merit in my opinion/theory.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

MOS Penis Enlargement Members Site: The Knowledge is Priceless

The MEMBERS SITE at is the most valuable tool to penis enlargement. Penis Enlargement can be very confusing, especially when just starting out, and having a a powerful guide like Matters of Size will give you a comprehension not possible otherwise.

Although a few things found on the members site is contained here, on the free forum in text form, nothing can replace the security of knowing you are doing things correctly and optimizing your gains like joining the members site. Aside from the clear, concise, routines contained on the members pages you also get video instruction, in 3 views, of each and every detail of the routines. Combined with the clear voice instruction and associated medical illustrations you will be fully armed to start things the right way assured you are maximizing every single move to make your fastest possible gains.

You will find page after page of routines, video, illustrations, sound bites and text each being an exact blueprint of my exact workouts. You will not only be supporting this forum but you will be getting a lifetime membership to the world's biggest and most successful penis enlargement program.

Remember, I am not only the owner of the program but I am an active participant.

Plastic/Elastic Theory...achieving some freaky gains

By Sliced Beef:

There have always been 2 main reason's that have always drawn me to PE. One is the obvious... A bigger penis is apealing. The second is the quest for knowledge and more specifically, why some people gain and some don't... even whenever the guy's that don't experience any gain's, claim they had a good workout and are sore (in a good way)... but no matter how hard they tried and no matter how much they felt sore, they still had no gains...

I believe that if we take into consideration all the variables/principles that make PE possible....dare I say... we can come up with the perfect routine (excluding genetics). Now, I know this sound's corny, but please bare with me...

I believe I have a legitamite theory for this perfect routine, that has actually been posted in chunk's of information/idea's, but never in complete form... Please excuse me if this theory has been presented before, as I have not read it yet. Again, you may have read some of the information I'm about to present, but I haven't read any post putting it all together like this.

It all starts with the connective tissues that make up the penis (including the ligs that are targeted with the DLD Blasters).
In the penis it'self, there is connective tissue that helps hold together it's structure of the more "meat-like-tissue".

I'll start by summerizing the actions of connective tissues, because I believe that this is the primary reason why some guy's gain and some guy's don't.....................................

AND, it has nothing to do with wether you effectively hit the ligs and/or the connective tissues of the penis it'self, BUT, by also taking into consideration a couple variables/principles.....


As some of you may have read before, connective tissues tend to have 2 different stretching "mechanism's" (for the lack of a better word):

-ONE, is the elastic stretch, wich is applied when stretching the penis for a short duration... and typically, these guy's use more intensity to make up for the lack of time working out.

Pro's: You are able to stretch out the penis and cause pretty good fatigue due to more intensity.

Con's: The connective tissue that makes up the penis tend's to retract back to the normal size rather quickly, due to activating the "emergency response" also known as the "stretch reflex" of the connective tissue. Because connective tissues making up the penis contracted back to the original size before it has time to repair, your penis (along with the more "meat-like" tissue) will heal in that prior state. Resulting in very little, if any gains.

-TWO, is the plastic stretch, wich is when the connective tissues of the penis (as well as the ligs) are put under stress/stretch for a longer duration... and typically less intensity. These guy's frequently use devices that use traction as a method (wich you can get an idea of, when you see an african tribal woman who ad's rings around her neck, stretching her neck out slowly over the years)

Pro's: If you stick with it long enough, you'll get some good concrete gains, due to your penis being under stress/stretch, for a loonnnnggggg duration (typically hour's a day).

While your body recycle's and renew's body-cell's (part of your body's natural process), the cell's in your penis are adapting to the stretch'd penis, by adding new and/or bigger cell's in place of the old cell's.

Also, since it's already been proven that the ligaments and other connective tissues tend to stay in the stretched state if they have been stretched for a longer duration (due to acting more plastic in nature than elastic), then you have really no worry of the "stretch reflex" contracting your penis (and all the "meat-like-tissue) back to it's previous state.

Con's: It takes a long freakin time due to the low intensity, and a lot of guys tend to get discouraged, thinking that they are failing some how... that the law's of nature don't apply to them.

Now, I know some of you may have read similar things before... but please bare with me...

If we already know that the penis contract's back to it's original size after an intense workout (due to the "stretch reflex" of the connective tissues), then how is the penis going to grow bigger if it's not in the stretch'd state while being repaired?!?!

My theory simply state's that for one to have a very effective routine, they should do both...BECAUSE...


If a guy start's off in the morning with a very intense routine, putting the penis into a fatigued state and then regularly stretching the penis throughout the day, (or using a traction device, ADS, peg-leg, etc.), every day, then you would be capatilizing on the previous fatigue-state and therefore keeping the penis stretched to the max durring heal-time....

You are now getting the best of both world's (intensity and plasticity), completing the circle and eliminating all the know'n variables that limit PE gains (at least that I'm aware of).


For an alternative, you could also do some short, intense hanging/stretching around 3-5 times a day instead of just one time a day.
Again, you would be capatilizing on the previous fatigued state due to the prior intense workout and also getting the benefits of the plasticity.


Now, these 2 particular plans also have another positive law going for them. The "shock". If you are causing all this "micro-trauma" to the penis, never allowing your penis to completely heal, then your body will go into an emergency state and try to catch up with the trauma, causing a faster rate of repair... but you must also not overdue it.

Now, I know some people have gained rather succesfully with short duration/high intensity workout's.... but, I believe that this has to due with the diversity in genetic makeup, from person to person... and how well/easily the connective tissues react to stress according to their genetic maekeup (it's the typical hardgainer/easygainer variable)

This is a little theory I came up with after reading alot of freakin thread's and studying human anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, physic's, etc... and also my result's after being the typical hardgainer and having to settle for less than what I put into it. This took me awhile to put into words, but I would still like to hear your opinion's on this theory and if you could compliment it by adding other variable's.

I know we'll never find the "Best" workout (due to genetics), but I think we can come pretty close if we start taking into consideration the know'n variables that cause and limit PE gains.


Monday, June 12, 2006

Mental Freedom from Penis Size Complex


How to break free of size complex. You need to step back and realize that 99% of the things you have heard about penis size, big or smaller, really does not matter. I know everyone says that size does matter. And it does to some degree but there is so much more out there than just how many inches you got in between you legs. Instead of focusing on that. Focus on the Positive of saying, man I got a big dick. I mean seriously, how many people walk around with a flaccid cock of 8X6 and a hard 10X7, not many, my dad is the only one I have ever seen, he is a lucky man. One very rare thing indeed. But that does not matter. What matters is breaking free of the bad size complexes that people can build up over the years. Its horrible, and you know how i know, cause I used to be one of them. But not anymore.

To many times have I been fooled that I think everyone was bigger than me, way to many. I played football all through high school and there was really never anyone bigger than me, yet when i saw them I thought they all were...why you might ask? Because I had a horrible self image of myself and my penis, I went 5 years of my life thinking that I was small when i really was not. it was really bad, and not good for any part of my life.

People look at these pics and porn’s and say, well how big is he and what not. does it really matter? no one is ever going to get as big as how big the porn’s make those guys, i am being totally honest here, and there is no reason to be that big. 12X8, 11X7, 10X7, I used to want to be that big cause i was so gung ho, but them i pulled out a ruler one day and actually looked how big that is, its just not possible. not trying to bust anyone’s dreams but i just want to tell you the truth. btw, DLD has not part in this, he is a god in Pe, and no one can ever get as big as him, i mean common, his life is pe, so get over it!

What is a good size? ill tell you, its a size that makes you happy, but you cant be tainted by all the bullshit that is out there, it is just to much to handle. Ok I really am into Bodybuilding, and used to but all the protein shakes that the pros ran ads for and stuff, but i realized that i will never be that big, and ever time i looked at those magazines, i got depressed cause no matter what i did, i could never get that big? why? They are taking 30 different drugs at a time, and there whole life is about BB. That’s it. Do you really want to spend your whole like thinking about the next meal, and spending 4-8 hours in a gym, and sticking your self with 40 needles a day and shit? hell no, what kind of life is that? the point is, all that is a alternate reality, why, cause you cant do that and you never will be able to unless you give up your life. I applaud DLD for giving his life to PE, it has helped tens of thousands of men, he is different from thsoe BB's casue he actually gives back, and helps countless men with there goals.

How big do you need to be? We can all sit here and BS about what the national average is of mans dick, or how deep different races of women’s pussyes are and how big we have to be to hit there cervix and on and on, so freaking retarded though. And a big waste of time.

You have a big penis if you are happy with what you have got and you can make your lover pleased, if you want more then do so. but some people take it way to far. I know people and used to be myself included that would not even talk to girls, go out to clubs and dance, or do anything cause they thought if they met some girl they might have to have sex and then did not want the girl to see there penis. Its such a waste. I know cause remember when I posted that thing about sex dormancy for a year? I was freaking 8X6 and still thought I was small. How messed up it that? Its horrible! I finally broke free of that last night , and had the best sex of my life with one of my ex’s. Man, we did everything, I mean everything, every position, locked up in 69, anal, oral for hours, on and one, I busted my load like 5 times, it was nuts. And she was shocked by my size even more. And you know why?

Cause I was more confident than ever, and I was really not that much bigger than the last time we had sex, but she was going nuts, that is how you have to be, you have to be confident in what God gave you and what you have done for yourself, if not you will be destroyed from the inside out, and you will not stand. And Im not the biggest she has ever had either, her ex b4 me was at least 1X1 bigger than me, I know because I can feel it, but it does not matter, she likes my dick over his anyway? And you know y? Because she said he is to big! Ha!!! Never thought you would hear that. And you know what most guys are self conscience about there lovers telling them about past guys dicks and how big they are. And she told I and I did not even care cause I knew what I had, and no one else mattered.

Break free of your worries, bind them up inside and start a fire, and burn them all, for you are not small and you are a great person, and don’t let anyone tell you any different

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Instructions for a Homemade Penis Enlargement Hanger

By Stillwantmore

I'm making this Penis Enlargement thread for those of you who dont want to buy a production model for whatever the reason. Who knows, maybe you live somewhere where you would have difficulty ordering via internet? Or, maybe youre like ATS...and youre just a tightwad S.O.B....LOL just kidding man! Ok, so first I will post the diagrams and, then the detailed instructions on how to make and use the hangers. Here's the first diagram.
Penis Enlargement

Diagram two of the Modified BIB hanger. This hanger is supposed to allow you to hang more weight more comfortably. If I remember correctly...past 15lbs. Of course a beginner wont have to worry about going that heavy for several months usually.
Penis Enlargement

Buy a couple feet of 1 1/2 inch (inside diameter) flexible pvc hose....the ideal type is the clear hosing with the braided white nylon in it...comes on the big roles in the plumbing department of hardware stores or any flexible tubing, a band clamp and an S-hook. very cheap.
Penis Enlargement

.Refer to the diagrams as you cut and make your hanger! It's much easier if you print out the diagrams!

Make a cut with a hand saw about 3-4 inches lengthwise (split it). Don't split it in half, just cut it down one side. Then cut off about 3 inches of pipe (across).

Imagine now that you unroll the tube. With nippers, scissors, saw, whatever, cut out one quadrant of the plastic. In other words, if unrolled, measure down one side 1 1/2 inch and measure over 1/2 way across (about 2.36 inches on a 1 1/2 in ID pipe). Cut out this part.

Wrap your penis with a protective covering; Theraband, cloth etc. Wrap the pvc around the penis with the head in the cut out part. Mark on the pvc the area which will directly impact the head if the pvc is pushed forward. Trace this area on the pvc. In other words trace the head on the pvc. Cut out this area. This cut should look like a flat U unless your penis head is weird. Sometimes a small V is more comfortable. Also mark the excess pvc on one side. The plastic needs to overlap only about 1/2 inch. Also mark the areas to the left and right of the head which might be in the way. Leave the pvc below the head; i.e., the pvc that the head rests on.

Bevel all edges and corners by sanding or grinding, especially the area of contact around the head. Also be sure to bevel the edges so they will slide easily across each other.

Drill a hole in the middle of the pvc which sticks out under the head and attach an S-hook. This is what you attach the weights to (after attaching the hanger to the penis).

Put on the protective covering, and wrap the tube around your penis again. Then put the band clamp on 1/4 to 1/2 inch behind the head. The band clamp can be attached to the pvc with a recessed screw.

Do not overtighten. Experiment with the pressure versus the amount of weight you want to hang. Make sure you have enough pressure to keep the hanger from slipping off.

This hanger will allow fairly heavy weights so be careful. With this hanger, a lot of weight is still on the area behind the head. Always check the head color and check for cold or numbness. I personally have never hung more than 15 lbs. for 20 minutes with this hanger.

If it doesn't work or feel right, just start over. The pvc is cheap.

I probably left out stuff, so if you don't understand, ask questions.


First description

Theraband is a rubber like material that comes in rolls 6 in wide by either 6 or 18 feet. It is used for resistance exercise in rehabilitation. It can be found at many medical supply houses or ordered off the web

The device is based on flexible pvc pipe (1 1/4 inch for me), but other rubber tubing can be used.

1.Split the pipe (straight) with a hand saw for several inches.

2.Then cut a piece off about 3 inches long.

3.Go ahead and wrap your penis with the Theraband, or cloth, or anything for protection and to gather the skin.

4.Put the pvc around your penis, overlap the cut sides and mark the areas which need to be removed; Give plenty of room for behind the top of the head. Only about 1 1/2 inch needs to wrap around the penis. The bottom of the head rests on the remainder.

5.Then drill a hole in the end of the remainder to insert a hook.

6.Either sand or grind down the edges of the cut sides so they will slide easily across each other. Also sand or grind down all corners and the edge which contacts the area around the head (Theraband first).

7.Place a band clamp around pvc with the screw on top. The band clamp can be attached to the pipe with a recessed screw for ease of attachment. Caution!! Experiment slowly with the pressure vs. weight. Do not overtighten!! This device still places a majority of the pressure on the head and you shouldn.t use much weight.

Second description

1.Buy a two or three foot piece of tubing so you will have plenty. Flexible Pvc or strong rubber at least 1 1/2 in diameter will do. It is very cheap.

2. First split the tubing length ways with a hand saw.

3.Then cut off about three inches of the pipe.

4.Wrap your penis for protection, and then wrap the tubing around your penis.

5.Mark a spot on each end, allowing for a 1/2 inch overlap or greater. Cut off the excess.

6.Next you want to cut out an area to allow the head to escape.

7.Measure down one side about 1 inch and then over about 1/2 the width of the total tube; a curved rectangle.(in other words imagine the tube laying out flat).

8. Cut out this area with a saw, or nippers etc. Wrap the tubing around your penis again with the cut ends on one side or the other and the head in the cut out rectangle.

9.Mark on the top of the tube the areas that would immediately impact the head.

10.Take off the tubing and cut out this area using strong scissors, nippers or a table grinder. The cut out area should be U shaped (unless your penis is weird). There should be 1 1/2 inches of tubing or more under the head.

11.Drill a hole in this part to attach an S hook, or string to attach the weights. Make sure the hook or string cannot pinch or interfere with the head.

12.Put a band clamp around the non-cutout portion of the tubing to attach. Follow the warnings above about problems. Make sure you wrap your penis with some protective material before attaching.


Sorry for my earlier post, Imagine your penis lying in a 3 inch trough (flexible pvc or rubber tubing) with the tip of the head at the far end. (You are looking down at the top side). Then just behind the head, another shorter (1 1/2-1 3/4 inch) upside down trough covers about 1 1/2 inch of the top of the penis.

The top, upside down trough slightly overlaps the bottom trough on one side (because there are not actually two troughs. The head then will only be 1/2 covered by pvc (the bottom) and the area behind the head will be in a tube. This is where the band clamp is placed. The U cut out is a tracing of the glans on the top back of the head. A U cut will give more comfort than a straight cut. Also it will be more comfortable to bevel (sand of grind) the edge of the U.

The pvc trough that the head lays in is where a hole can be drilled to insert an S-hook. The sides of this area can also be trimmed if the head is too large to fit in comfort.

The tubing is flexible enough to pry open the cut side in order to insert the wrapped penis.

Saying the head sticks through a hole was not accurate. Sorry

Penis Enlargement

Mind over Penis...Intensity vs. Mental Belief

In my opinion, intensity and belief is key to gains in all parts of PE but I would like to concentrate of stretching and length in this thread. I literally work one to one with more than 100 guys at any given time. The biggest are of confusion is intensity and if any given person is stretching at their full potential. I see many guys making steady, quick and solid length gains then there are others who struggle with length gains. I have been studying the difference between the two groups and there are two major differences. One is physical while the other is mental. I will explore both areas in hopes to give some good advice on making length gains possible for everyone.

Intensity, being the physical quality of PE that I think gets lost in the web-translation, needs to be addressed and a clear understanding of how intense any given stretch needs to be should be defined. A couple of the most popular questions I get are, "How intense should the stretch be?" or "I am scared that I will hurt myself by stretching too hard, how do I know?."
I think these 2 questions encapsulate one underlying fear and that fear is injury. I think many men are just plain scared they will injure themselves so they hold back on intensity when stretching. I think these people view the penis as a very delicate, fragile, body part that can be easily damaged. This is simply not true. The penis is tougher than most think. Doing flaccid exercise (i.e.: stretching) it is extremely difficult to injure yourself. The amount of tension needed to rip you penis off is something Arnold would have problems achieving. This does not mean that newbies should jump into extreme pe immediately, but I do believe intensity needs to be increased each day until your max is found. Light stretching simply will not lengthen your penis. A fine line between injury and gains is not so clearly defined but getting yourself to this grey area of intensity is paramount to making length gains.

Point two is a mental based problem that I almost always find in the group that struggles with length gains. Belief is such an over used word that has become almost benign in PE. People say, including myself, believe in yourself and pe and you will gain. This is not clean enough. For the people who make incredible gains belief is something they already have so it is easy to give this benign advice to non-gainers, however, the ones who struggle with gains are left just as confused after this advice is given because BELIEVE IN YOURSELF is a language they do not understand.

Is belief important to making gains? YES, YES, YES! Belief is closely related to confidence and sometimes we need to pretend or act like we believe in order to eventually truly believe. I really think that most people who do not gain have a underlying doubt that pe does not work, that people who gain are the chosen few and they are somehow different then these people, and that PE is generally bullshit. I find this attitude is the countless messages I get from those who struggle. They tell me that they have this incredible workout, and it usually is, but they just don't think they can gain. It is so easy to set ourselves up to fail. If I approach sex, plagued with thoughts that I may not be able to get it up, I usually have problems. If I am right about something and I approach a debate with this egotistical attitude my ears become deaf and I will argue my point into the ground weather I am right or not never hearing the other point of view. I have always found it so easy to fail but I have always found it so difficult to succeed. I have had enough experience in life that I know positive pre-belief is paramount to being successful. So how should someone approach a stretch session and believe they will gain? It starts with realizing that the penis is a penis is a penis. Virtually a bag of flesh, blood and tissue not much different than your ears. I do not believe genetics plays any role in making gains even though is may play a role in individual size pre-pe. The first thing men need to practice is the belief that their penis is just like every other penis out there. Tough ligs, thick skin, thick tunica, etc. are all excuses we put in our way to set ourselves up to fail. I really do not think there is any real difference from penis to penis and it is important for you guys to believe the same way. Even if you do not believe, pretend to and it will eventually stick.

The next area or step in belief is visualization. Visualize is another over used word that needs to be explored and clearly defined. I think giving my own background is visualization may be the easiest to define this. I have a belief, weather you think it is true or not I DON'T CARE, but it is a strong belief for me. 99% of the men in the world are born with an average penis size with 2 inches. I think that the average penis scale is anywhere from 5 to 7 inches in length. Anything beyond or below this scale is rare. The many people we see online that are bigger than the scale are not the few exception but in fact the men that pe. The tell tale signs are there for us to see, vascular look, creeping hair up the shaft, glans scars, stretch marks, discoloration, we just find it difficult to think this many people could actually know about pe. Why is this so hard to believe? A number of reasons come to mind right off the bat; self insecurity, the popular media and their continuous denial of natural penis enlargement and how that affect us, the plastic surgery profession and their hopes to keep men in surgery. All these things contribute to our beliefs around PE's popularity. Another thing that happens is the men in porn closely guard this secret, the 1st thing they need or want is competition so it is imperative that they deny pe at all costs. In numerous interviews men in big dick porn, when asked about pe, deny its credibility. I say BULLSHIT! I am not blind, I see the marks and scars congruent with pe. I refuse to allow myself to be fooled. This is what we need to come to grips with and take to heart as a strict belief; the penis is almost always average anything beyond this is self created.

Keeping the above paragraph in mind the next step is finding a penis we want. Go online, search yourself into a frenzy, find a picture of your ideal penis and make it happen. Keep in mind the penis you find is more than likely created by the subject and you too can do the same. Study the picture, try to imagine it before the guy did pe, imagine him going through the enlargement process, and empathize with it. Picture yourself going through these exact steps. Keep a mental picture of this penis and the process the subject went through, see this on a daily basis before stretching.

Believing in yourself with the steps above require physical effort also. This brings us to the question on intensity. Again I will give my own method of having the best stretch session each and everyday. Recently my stretch sessions have looked like this:

DLD Basic Fulcrum Stretch Routine
BTC: 50 seconds to right, left and center. I use my legs and glutes as the fulcrum against the stretch. I do this in a standing position and get into different standing positions until the tension is most intense.

STRAIGHT DOWN: 50 seconds to right, left and center. I use my FOOT-LONG STRETCH to fulcrum the stretch. I do this in a seated position and use my foot to give maximum intensity.

STRAIGHT OUT: 50 seconds to right, left and center. I use my upper thigh to fulcrum the stretch. I do this in a seated position and I shift my position to make the fulcrum as intense as possible. The center stretch is an A-Stretch.

STRAIGHT UP: 50 seconds to right, left and center. See DLD Counter Stretches (using it to the front opposed to the back) to understand the right and left fulcrum. The center stretch is straight up with no fulcrum.

ROTARIES: I finish the routine with ROTARY STRETCH'S. I do one set down, one set straight out and one set straight up. I do 50 rotaries in each one of these directions.

You will find out quickly that you can easily achieve your maximum intensity by using manual fulcrums but there is a mental aspect to the intensity also. This may sound funny but it is my mental practice in my stretch sessions. When stretching BTC I imagine I am trying to reach the small of my back. I stretch with this in mind. My goal is to reach this area of my back. When I stretch downward I imagine reaching the floor with my glans. My ultimate goal is touching the ground and I stretch with the intensity to do this. When I stretch outward I imagine myself touching the the wall in front of me, my goal, at all costs, is touching the wall. When I stretch up my goal is to touch my chin, I imagine this and try my hardest to get there. Obviously I have not gotten there yet but this is the mental goal I have during each and every stretch and this is my key to maximum intensity. When I am visualizing these goals as I stretch my mind is focused on the goal and only that which translates to the strongest possible stretch. If I approach a stretch with fear of injury then my efforts are wasted on this anxiety. When I am able to center myself and visualize my goals it becomes the perfect compliment to intensity and gains happen.

I started out writing this piece to some of my one on one students but as I got deeper into it I wanted to share it with the group.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Getting a Grip on Penis Enlargement

One of the most popular inquiries are how to keep a good grip while stretching the penis. One reason is guys are scared to grip hard enough for fear of hurting themselves. This is something you will need to get used to as the first couple of weeks of penis enlargement it may get sore or perhaps a slight case of rug burn. This period of adjustment will take some time to get used to and every one has to go through this period. Within a week or two you will be able to grip harder which will increase your grip and reduce slippage.

Using a healthy douse of baby powder will also help with a firm grip, this is my method and it works great. Another very helpful stretching helper is rubber kitchen gloves, surgical gloves or even golf gloves. The rubber will keep a firm grip and allow you to stretch to full potential. It is basically a phase where you will need to see what works for you best.

Once you have adjusted to the stretching and found your best gripping agent you will be on your way to fruitful stretching sessions.

Remember, penis enlargement does take time to get used to and if you want to make serious gains you need to take stretching seriously. The results are more than you could expect. A 1 inch gain in penis size, for most men with a average size of 5.5", will give you 20% more cock to have sex with and at 6.5" you are way above average.


Thursday, June 08, 2006


I'm Scared!>>>RED SPOTS...BRUISING....and other Penile MARKS and FEELINGS

Penis Enlargement relies heavily on pressure and blood these factors contribute to bruising, spots and red marks. Whenever pressure and blood meet the result is inevitably bruising. The penis is a very sensitive organ with very delicate skin and tissue. It is very easy to create superficial marks on it through the various PE exercises.

Stretch marks are another thing that happens to allot of guys, myself included. Sometimes these stretch marks manifest themselves as tiny red marks and other times they may appear to be long white lines. With the rigorous stretching exercises and expansion techniques these marks are almost expected.

These issues are no reason to stop training and they will clear themselves up for most users within 24-48 hours. Some things like stretch marks may be permanent but there is going to be some sacrifice for gains. Using a good moisturizer may help heal and/or prevent these stretch marks from becoming permanent but I personally love my battle scars

The only reason one should skip training is if their is sharp pain, bleeding and/or numbness. These feelings should not be confused with a good worked out feeling.

Scary, overcautious feeling are completely normal and for a good is your penis. I was scared in my early program with every little new feeling I experienced. I felt all sorts of new things like rubbery texture, small twinges, overly light, overly heavy, dull worked out pain, lig soreness, among hundreds of other new and scary things. These are all a normal part of PE.

I hope this helps


Bib's LOT Theory

A few guys have written asking me about the theory. I thought it was posted here, but I cannot find it. So, I cut and pasted it.

There has been a bunch of other threads here, and at Thunders about the theory, so this is by no means the end all of the explanations. Further, I did not do a very good job of explaining it, so you are welcome to ask questions.



The shorter, tighter or higher the ligs, the higher the angle required to lose ‘tugback’ when stretching the penis and kegaling at the same time.

The shorter, tighter, or higher the ligs, the more ‘inner’ penis, and the more quick, easy gains which are possible, and possibly the more total gains which are possible as the ligs are lengthened.

The longer, looser, or lower the ligs, the less ‘inner’ penis, and the harder the gains and possibly less total gains which are possible.

The longer time spent PEing, the lower the angle at which tugback is lost due to a lengthening of the ligs. This assumes PE is performed at lower angles, at least somewhat, by all subjects.

The less time spent PEing, the higher the angle at which tugback is lost because ligs have not been stretched.

For those with shorter, tighter, or higher ligs, a lengthening of the ligs correlates with a lowering of angle of tugback loss, and an increase in penis length.

Assumption: Those with more length gains started with shorter, tighter, or higher ligs and their ligs have been lengthened through PE. It would be nice to have starting measures for tugback loss and erection angle, but I think the stats speak to this problem. I know that for myself, before PE, my tugback loss angle HAD to be extremely high. If you started with high ligs, and you have made good gains, you will probably recognize that your entire package is now lower, indicating an increase in the length of your ligs.

As concerns erection angle vs. tugback angle loss, it must be realized that other factors affect erection angle other than lig tightness such as erection strength and tunica shape.


I used Excel to create a table of data. Then, I correlated the variables in pairs. The only calculation made from the data was gains per month. The variable, “loss of tugback” is abbreviated as LOT. It is measured from 12:00 or straight up, to 6:00 or straight down.

The following is a rough analysis of the data given by the above 24 guys. With only 24 subjects, the results cannot be deemed to be conclusive, but I think it points to some definite tendencies and some rough guidelines can be produced. Hopefully, we can get some more participants to improve the reliability of the theories.

I will look at the data in three groupings and discuss the relevant correlations: Total participants, guys over and under 1.5 inches of total gains, and guys over and under 0.083 inches gained per month.

Total data:

Only minor correlations can be found when looking at all participants. Apart from things that are obvious, such as total length being highly correlated with gains (0.875), there is only one relevant correlation. That is as time goes on, gains per month goes down, correlation= -0.605.

There are minor negative correlations between LOT and total length (-0.27), and LOT and gains (-0.24). This is a result of big gainers lowering the LOT as gains and therefore total length increase.

There is also a slight correlation between LOT and erect angle (0.22). The lower the angle of LOT the more lig stretch and gains. The looser ligs result is a slightly lower erection angle. This shows up in the amount of time spent PEing and erection angle with a (-0.356) correlation.


It has been obvious to me for a long time that physiology has a lot to do with gains. I think this can be examined by everyone, and especially new guys by testing the LOT and comparing to others. So, in this context, I wanted to look at two groups, high gainers and low gainers. For this analysis, I divided the two groups by the median total gain which is 1.325 inches. This gave two equal groups. The high gain group contains RB, DLD, Avocet, Dino, SWM, Goingdeep, toid, dasheming, Hobby, luv, Pinocchio, and me. The low group contains restnom, Growingup, WestLA, Long2Blong, Realpuffus, Phat, Johan, SS4, Sappy, j384, Penismith, and mike2002.

Things become somewhat clearer when looking at the data in this manner. It becomes obvious that for the high group, as LOT goes down, gains (-0.768) and total length (-0.712) go up. For the low group, there was NO correlation.

Truly interesting is the correlation between erection angle and LOT. For the high group, as LOT goes down, erection angle goes up (-.044). For the low group, as LOT goes up, erection angle goes up (.053)!!

Also, the relation to time and gains per month is clear; (-0.73) for the high group, and (-0.63) for the low group.

Gains per month:

The next step was to further group the data by dividing into two groups according to gains per month. This gives the ability to see the problem with hard gainers.

The median of the 24 subjects is 0.083inches per month. Those in the higher group are; RB, DLD, avocet, Growingup, WestLA, Long2Blong, goingdeep, toid, dasheming, Hobby, luv, and me. Those in the lower group are; retsnom, Realpuffus, Dino, SWM, Phat, Johan, SS4, Sappy, Pinocchio, j384, Penismith, and mike2002.

These groupings revealed some interesting results.

For the high group, as total length is increased, LOT is decreased (-0.75). For the low group, there is a small POSITIVE correlation (0.19). Also, for the high group, as gains go up, LOT goes down (-0.756). For the low group, as gains go up, LOT also goes UP (0.433)!

For the high group, as time goes up, LOT goes down ((-0.72). For the low group, there is again a small POSITIVE correlation (0.25).


So what does all this mean? I think the best way to examine it is to look at individuals. First, as I said before, the assumption is that big gainers started with high tight ligs. That was my situation. Looking at the big gainers, the more gains, the lower the LOT. This seems to firmly indicate a lengthening of the ligs allowing a significant portion of penis to be revealed. The biggest gainer, DLD has the lowest LOT, 6:00. RB, avocet, toid, and I are tied for 2nd at 7:00. While some of us could profit from more lig work, the majority of future gains will come from tunica stretch. We have some long ligs.

The other members of the high group, while getting good gains, probably mostly from lig stretch, still have good potential for gains in the ligs, either hanging or stretching at lower angles. Dasheming has already gained 1.75”, but has a LOT of 9. He might be a big’un some day.

Gains problems in the lower group are evident. The problems of Johan, Sappy, SS4, j384, Penismith, and mike2002 are fairly plain. They all have very low LOTs, but not much gain to show for it. Their LOTs are as low as the big gainers. To me, this indicates that they ALWAYS had a low exit point and therefore little inner penis. They did not have the opportunity to get any easy gains. Through hard work, several of them have made gains over time, probably mainly through tunica stretch. They should concentrate on working the upper angles of hang or stretch. Also, DLD twists and upward lateral stretches might be the ticket. With consistent dedicated stress, at the upper angle, they should make progress.

Retsnom, Realpuffas, Dino, SWM, Phat, and Pinocchio are a little different. They do have potential in their ligs to gain more length from lig stretch, even though some of them have already gained pretty well. But they have had to put in a tremendous amount of time and effort to get those gains, probably because of some really genetically tough collagenous tissues. Sometimes, that is just the way it is. The only thing to do is try to find ways to increase the stress, still working lower angles, and they should be able to get plenty more gains.

I had a lot of other crap I wanted to write about, but damned if I can remember what they were. Questions would be appreciated.


How to determine LOT


>For working out my LOT, am I looking for a complete loss of tugback, or just heavily reduced / weak? I would be happy to have a high LOT, and I´d say that mine must be at about 8:00 currently, but there is still a minor amount of tugback at that level. It´s small, but there. In fact, there´s a tiny amount till very far down. <

It could be two things. First, you could have a range of angles where the ligs and tunica are taking various amount of the stress. This would cause a gradual loss of tugback. Or second, you might be going by feel instead of seeing the loss of tugback. Do not judge by the flex of the PC, but rather by seeing the actual tugback.

>I´ve not done much stretching, and I´m only two weeks into my routine, so I wouldn´t expect to have a very low LOT.<

This is not correct. Some guys start out with low LOTs and some start out with high LOTs. The guys that have gained a lot and are low, probably had high LOTs to begin with. That is the theory. An LOT of 8:00 is medium.

>What´s the verdict? Does the tugback have to be gone completely?<

When the actual, visual tugback is gone completely, the ligs are taking all the stress.


While doing the LOT test, many guys have reported movement at the top base of their penis while doing the kegal. I think for most, if not all, this is the LIGAMENTS reacting to the kegal.

When you begin to see the Loss OF Tugback of the head, and you see a movement in your base, that should definitively be your LOT. That is the exact point that your PC no longer affects the outer shaft, and the energy from the PC is affecting the ligs.

I think the reason some guys are having problems finding their exact LOT, is because they are getting some head movement, because the PC is working through the ligs, and the ligs are pulling back the outer shaft slightly.

Don't make it too difficult. If the head does not pull back much, and the base is 'flexing', that is your LOT.

Let me be a little clearer. On some thread, I said that when you see a leesening of the tugback, it might be because the ligs and shaft are both taking some of the tugback from the PC. This could be valid. But if the base is flexing, the ligs, and the head is showing a slight tugback, then it is probably the tugback being transferred through the ligs to the outer shaft without the outer shaft being affected by the inner shaft. Then, your LOT would be where the tugback begins to be reduced, and the base flexes.

Does this make sense, or do I need to explain it better.

One of you technical writers need to work on this.



>So you're saying that the LOT is now the point at which you NO LONGER see the head get pulled back by the kegel, and just the base? <

As you move the angle of stretch down, and continually kegal every few seconds, the point at which you no longer see a tugback is your LOT. If you see very little tugback, but rather a flex at the base, that is probably your LOT. IOW, disregard a small tugback caused by the ligs flexing.

>I guess that puts me at 8 or closer to a 9 o'clock LOT instead of my previously reported 6 o'clock.<

That is good.

>This doesn't make sense to me. Isn't the grip that a person holds their head with while stretching out the dick (to check the LOT) a variable for whether or not they'll see a tug back up at the head? <

Only if you stretched soooo hard that the PC muscle cannot pull anything back at any angle. Or if you did not stretch hardly at all. Just pull out by the head enough to extend to about the maximum without straining too hard.

>I really hope I didn't waste all those weeks of only doing tunica stretches for nothing...<

I doubt any type of upward stretching would be a waste. If anything, you possibly raised your LOT.

>Okay. What if your LOT is 6 o'clock. Do you really think it's a waste to keep stretching downwards? Because even if the ligs are no longer able to lengthen any further, wouldn't you still be stretching something?<

I do not think it would be a complete waste, simply less efficient. If you are stretching down, and engaging the ligs, with a low LOT, and no potential for gains from lig stretch, the the stress taken by the ligs will naturally detract from or eliminate the stress imposed on the inner tunica. IOW, you could possibly consistantly stretch at an angle that would not give any gains from lig stretch, and yet not impact the inner tunica at all. Of course, you would still be stretching the outer tunica. Sabe?

>I also have this nagging feeling that my LOT has always been 6 o'clock. Now if you're theory is correct, then that's not possible right?<

Sure it is. You can be born that way. Many guys have naturally low LOTs.

>Isn't it just natural to lose tugback stretching straight downwards?<

Sure. For every single guy, at some point the ligs engage, and take the stress. It is the point that the ligs engage that is important.

Hope this helps,


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Want Your Foreskin Back? Give It A Rest!

Want Your Foreskin Back? Give It A Rest!

There is alot of conflicting information on the internet about foreskin restoration. This article is not about whether you should or shouldn't restore your foreskin, or a debate on the benefits of doing so. I am writing this article in light of recent findings about the most effective means of restoring your foreskin-- doing it fast, effectively and with as little effort or damage to the tissue as possible. Before I continue, I have to thank MOS forum member, and fellow restorer, Executioner for bringing this information to my attention. I spend alot of time promoting foreskin restoration and not enough time researching the latest news about it, and it probably would have been a while before I came across this information otherwise.

For quite a while, it was believed that the most effective method of foreskin restoration was to keep the tissue under tension as near to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as possible. Whatever method one used-- whether it be weights, tlc tugger, cat II ro, t-tape or any of the virtually endless methods and devices-- the advice from the experts and gurus was that you try to keep it on at all times.

I think this belief came into existence based on the skin expansion techniques employed by plastic surgeons, where a bladder was inserted under the skin and slowly inflated to induce tissue growth to be harvested for transplants and the like over the course of many months. If that is how doctors do it, most thought, then that must be the way it works best!

"Constantly applied low level tension" was the magic phrase.

In light of some recent research into the field of cell mitosis and skin expansion, that mantra has now been shown to be false. The findings of this new research has proven that maximum skin expansion does not occur without equal periods of rest. In fact, constantly applied tension can actually inhibit the skin expansion effect...or worse, damage the tissue and force one's body to heal the injuries instead of grow new skin!

This is not a new idea for some. R. Wayne Griffiths, M.S., M.Ed. and Cofounder and Executive Director of NORM has been preaching this message for years. Unfortunately, old ideas sometimes die hard and it is only now that his advice has been proven fact and is slowly being absorbed into the consciousness of the restoration movement.

According to Mr. Griffiths (who is, by the way, a doctor who decided to restore his foreskin):

"When we look at the body builders, trying and successfully getting more muscle... and you have a muscle to be lengthened for sure, the Dartos/Peripenic muscle... you need to follow-- as the most recent research has indicated, and as i have been 'preaching' for 15 years-- growth is had when the cells have a chance to perform mitosis. One needs to understand that just looking at it in a mechanical/physical situation. If you were a rubber band stretched to the fullest extent, could you tie a knot in the middle of yourself??? i think not. so the resolving of the chromatin of the nucleus into a threadlike form, which separate into segments or chromosomes, each of which separated longitudinally into two parts, one part of each chromosome being retain in each of two new cells resulting from the original cell..."

In plain English, the skin cells won't split while they are under tension. It is only at rest that mitosis occurs and the skin expansion effect kicks in.

So what is the most effective regimen of foreskin restoration?

Mr. Griffiths suggests a five day on, 2 day off regimen of moderate tension for approximately 10 to 12 hours a day. This is the regimen he employed himself to restore his own foreskin and he accomplished the task in 18 months.

According to Mr. Griffiths, "The three papers researching tissue expansion have only been done since 1997-- and the latest in 2004...[they] have shown that cyclical moderate tension is the most successful and productive method of growing new cells. These studies i am sure will change to some extent the regimen for tissue expansion in the medical field for harvesting."

Perhaps the most difficult task now is getting men to understand and accept this new idea when the old mantra of C.A.T. is so ingrained in our philosophy.

Dr. Griffiths' frustration is evident in an anecdote he shared to illustrate this stubborn clinging to an old belief: "I'll relate to you the telephone calls I got for a couple of years from a fellow in Texas, wondering why he was not making progress. I asked what his regimen was... He said I have 60 oz of weight on 24 hours a day and nothing is happening.....A call every six months. I explained all that I have to you, and he didn't get it. After really chewing him out, he may have stopped this 24/7 but I haven't heard from him for quite some time. It meant to me that he did not pee, did not have sex, or anything else...[LAUGHS] Who knows...?"

In light of this new research, I'm telling you all right now, right this instant...

***** NO MORE 24 / 7 !!! ****

Get that tension off at least 12 hours of the day and let nature take its course! Your skin will not expand while it is tensed. Mitosis only occurs during rest.

Take off the weights and let it hang. Untape your t-tape and let it flop. Pop off the tugger and give your pecker some real TLC.

Our new mantra has to become: "Grow it Best! Let it Rest!"

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Racial Size Questions

I watch a lot of Japanese porn, and even some Japanese-male/white female ones (So what - I don't believe in just watching guys who look like me screw girls. Variety is cool.).
On African AMerican Size:
Ah, the return of the age-old question. Well, as a black male, I have been confronted with this question much of my adolescent and adult life. It definitely puts a bit of pressure of you to live up to the "black standard," so to speak. Now, we know that throughout history lots of mythology has circulated about the Mandingo-sized dicks that black males possess. Undoubtedly, some do. But the million dollar question is whether this extradordinary size is prevelant enough in the black male population to make the average for the group significantly larger than the average for other groups. The answer is: I don't know, and it really doesn't make much difference for the following reasons:

1. I have worked out for years, played sports, and caught glimpses of many a unit in the shower. Granted they were rarely erect (but this actually works in favor of my point b/c conventional wisdom has it that black men tend to be showers and others growers), but I have seen some some gargantuan white and Latino dicks and some rather average or smaller than average black ones. True, I have glimpsed some rather large black dicks over the years, but they certainly weren't a dime a dozen.

2. Most so-called scientific studies on penis size rely on self-reporting. All it takes is a quick visit to the "Picture Proof" section of this board and a glance at the debates over some poster's "actual" size and you quickly realize that self-reports of any sort aren't considered very trustworthy. Other studies that control for these discrepancies by having third parties measure almost always have too few black men in the sample to say anything meaningful about racial differences. Then, of course, there is always the question of whether any of the samples are actually representative of the implied general populations.

3. PE may be the great equalizer -- IF indeed there is a difference. The more interesting question for me is whether there is a racial difference among those who actively engage in PE. As a black male, I can see how other black males might be motivated to engage in PE to attain the elusive "black standard," but do so covertly for fear of others knowing about their natural "shortcoming." Indeed, for what it's worth, I've noticed that white men seem to be more likely to walk around the locker room uncovered than black men are. Could it be that some black men are restrained by the fear that they may be exposed as falling short of "black standard," while white men are more free with their bodies because they feel the standard doesn't pertain to them?

On Asian Size:

I saw this one porno with a Japanese guy screwing that young, pixie-like blonde pornstar Violet Blue. He looked to be about a good solid 7 inches long, with above average girth. Like all Japanese porn the private areas were pixelated, but this particular one was was VERY finely pixelated, to the point that you could clearly see the outline of the penis as she sucked on it or fucked him. After suckin' on that trout for a couple of minutes, she looks up at him with loving eyes and goes, "Ooh, pretty big." *points at his johnson* The guy was expressionless, maybe he didn't understand a word she was saying (understandable - it's their job to fuck for the camera, not make international communication) - but imagine how much he would've smiled if he had understood her! My Japanese friend lends me his collection of Jap guy/white girl porn, and some guys are actually about average or a bit above average. I would say on average a bit over 6 inches, and fairly thick. There indeed are Japanese guys with woeful penises, but I was surprised to find some that were pretty damn hung, at least by non-porn/PE standards. These guys could easily be as big as many of you here if they say down for hours on end tugging their dicks, doing jelqs and whatnot.

I have also seen porn pictures of black guys who were really pitifully hung, relative to their muscular build. I mean it would take a lot of effort to find those instances of black porn that has pencil-dick black guys (that's another issue altogether - porn producers obviously only hire black men who are hung, and furthermore under-hung black guys arne't likely to turn up for porn auditions, are they? Duh... but more on that perhaps on another day) so I won't - but if I run into them again I promise to post them.

And finally I very much dislike 'Shithead's attitude on race and stereotype. How archaic, and how silly. By his reasoning he would nod enthusiastically and agree wholeheartedly when a black person tells him (assuming he's white) that whites are athletically inferior to blacks, and when an Asian man calls him an idiot because he belongs to a racial group that consistently scores lower on standardized tests than his ethnic group does. If that happens I would have no sympathy for 'Shithead' as racism begets racism in return - it's totally justified.

His way of thinking is a slap in the face of Progress. Plain and simple. Let's cut that shit out.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Penis Enlargement BLOG

So many men have stated that their girlfriends have had a past partner that was enormous. I am sure many men can relate to this. It is a deep belly, anguish that never seems to go away. The thoughts of our girl getting royally fucked by some big dicked bastard really plays on the mind. Is this because we are mad at her for having this man? For me it was something much deeper, much darker, a place where emotions quickly disguise themselves as other, more obvious emotions that surface as anger or jealousy, but what is the root of this? The passion involved with this realization is a toxic mix of becoming aroused by the vision of her getting fucked by this man and the other side of the coin where we instantly believe everything in life all of a sudden hinges on penis size. Very silly but very real. Any other quality we have, however good, becomes secondary or even non-excistant. Next on the list is a slue of other dysfunction's built on the original ones. For me I became insecure during sex, stopped getting undressed around my girl, hid myself right after sex, was always self conscience about how I looked in clothes. When ever a comment was made on size (TV, Movies, radio, etc) I quickly felt sick and thought my girl was thinking about all that cock she got and worse yet, how pathetic my penis must be for her. Such a sad downward spiral and the only thing the woman ever wanted was the man to be her mate.

I think so many men search for penis enlargement because of one or all of the reasons above. I know, for myself, I did not know about penis enlargement when I found out. I went through all the emotions listed above and developed a complex around my size. Before this girl, I never really got so hung up about it, but somehow this girl changed all that because I stumbled onto penis enlargement. She has left me since but I really wished she stuck around to see it through. After I became obsessed with her past, then penis enlargement, then the psychological problems which gave birth to the new form of enlargement that is on a purely mental level, mental penis enlargement. Whenever man is confronted with a problem he has the opportunity to create a solution. With each problem that has arose in my sexual journey I have been right there with a solution that makes me even better. This is where I share what I think beneficial to this journey, that will give men a better way of thinking, performing, relating, etc. It is a painful process and I wear my heart on my sleeve but this is the only way I will ever truly grow as a man.

From having a penis size complex, to finding penis enlargement, to becoming dysfunctional mentally with my new, massive cock (mental size complex), to finding ways to not only make the penis bigger but make the mind bigger. Each level was painful in it's own way but the end result was unbelievable. It's so hard to believe, when we are in pain, that this is the birth of something new and beautiful. It is never evident until happiness is found again. So if men are searching for a bigger penis with other vital components that will improve their mind then you are in the right place. My mistakes are public news and my solution, however strange, always become part of my online persona.

I love when my solutions become part of the lives of the people online. Nothing makes me happier than knowing I contributed, some how, to millions of lives. Very cool indeed. I was never sure why my online life became so popular but I understand now. Becoming the face of natural penis enlargement makes in difficult to meet woman. It is taboo to even mention it. It is funny how humans react to things like this, it really shows how behind the times we are.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

DLD's Semi Pressure Tunica Stretch for Length

I have been experimenting with new ways to stretch the tunica. I have been using a method that I have allot of promise in and I wanted to see how you guys feel about it. I have used erect stretching with ok results but the pressure always seemed lax so I needed a method that would give flexibility and stretch potential that would be specific to the tunica. This method also helps with grip as you have more to grab

You need to be semi-erect but for most guys you should be able to get enough blood in your penis while flaccid, at least I found this relatively easy. Starting at the base of your penis grip your penis and work the blood up the shaft about half way keeping a tight grip. Now, using the free hand grip your penis below the glans and stretch upward to the center, up to the left and up to the right 30 seconds each. (I go 60 but this may be too much for some.) With each set I go a little lower with the clamped hand until I reach the base. The flexibility of a half hard dick allows for excellent manipulation and angle stretch. Since the stretch of the tunica is very prove to stretch, while erect for girth the extra blood should help in the veryticle stretch while still remaining easy to stretch.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Penis ENlargement Shame and Complexes

By: Colt O'Riley
Firstly I do pe because I have a complex about size. Plain and simple. I’ve searched my past and know its roots well. Not that this cures it, it just makes it manageable.

I’ve realized recently that one of my biggest problems or fears about pe, is I have an underlying feeling of guilt in regards to actually doing pe, and about the gains I have gotten from it. No one knows of my secret obsession, not even my best friends, and if they did how would they view me? Deep down I felt dirty, like a weirdo. What if they knew I have become totally obsessed with the size of my penis, and that I devote so many hours to making it bigger? Tugging away at the ever expanding wade of tissue between my legs. What if my friends knew I had a big(er) dick? I would hate that. I hate my buldge showing. (I am pretty short.+Tight pants=Not good.) This part of me isn’t who I am in public. This isn't my sense of humor, or my warm, accepting friendly personality.

If people knew I spent hours sometimes, searching the net for big cock porn just for a fresh dose of motivation? Now, if the guy is less than 8 inches, I’m just not interested. Not A grade stuff. At times I have (and still do) have a slight paranoia that people i know, know i have a size complex and talk about it behind my back. Or that an ex-girlfriend might talk about my fears I let lose to her, to her friends/boyfriends. –Then again the new boyfriend may well get an answer he doesn’t want to hear late at night when he’s asking her strange questions. (That I would enjoy though.) I find I now live a life of too me's, the one around others, and the one when I’m alone.
But with my gains came glory, the lady’s started to give good comments. Certain ones truly believed I was over 8 inches. Ahh, good times. To be the big dick guy in the throws of a woman who just doesn’t know any better. Its just glorious. Sensational. The feeling of power is awesome.

The shame of my complex, boils down to my respect for others feelings. I wouldn’t want to elicit any complex in them, that has such a firm grip over me. (I am a firm supporter of pe staying deeply underground. I believe it becoming mainstream will put us even more into the masculine “GQ/Cosmopolitan/Perfect Male” mind set.)
We should stand proud as pure men, as who we are, and just behold woman, and never allow one another or at least any women to devaluate from our character or self esteem. (They are learning how deep this goes, and who to push our butons. Just take a look at We should not seek to intimidate them, not to seek approvable from them -or anybody else. That in its self is a weakness and it detracts from the very essence of what makes us men. It is an archetypal feminine complex –to judge ourselves based on others opinions. I feel we should have nothing of it whatsoever. Giving up our power as individuals.
That said, what I have come to realize is, that most men aren’t obsessed with size as I am, and some of us here are. They are obsessed with woman. And they should be. Our sons, and their son’s should, never have to feel less than enough, and practice self validation and acceptence, not sacrifice their bodies, minds, for any reason other than personal gain. Personal gain.

A big penis is my fantasy. Good clothes, good body, good income is my fantasy. Its not a dream, it’s a fantasy that I crave. Totally alien from anyone else. This is my fetish. And I choose to share its fruits with one person. My lady.
So, with my penis complex in hand, I now deal with, it in the most constructive, and personally gratifying way I know possible.


Friday, June 02, 2006

Do you really want that please a woman more, or do you want it to be able to cause pain?

Do you really want that please a woman more, or do you want it to be able to cause pain?

So deep on so many levels. Do we have a deep rooted, psychological need to have some sort of power over woman that causes pain? Is it our insecurities, the relationship we have with our penis, the fears we so obviously try to hide? I know it gave me a superficial ego boost when Jen would complain about pain, that was so sick. A healthy sexual relationship is one that is loving not painful as a means to "keep em hooked on the massive cock". Believe it or not I bet an extremely massive percentage of women would rather a average penis over a huge one. I think much of hype about a big penis is a media driven machine that affects men and woman in ways that are consistent with brainwashing. Look at us, we are driven to have the biggest, best penis in the world...where did these obsessions come from? I know no woman I have ever been with pre-pe EVER made a comment about my penis being small or even average, most said it was huge? I have been with over 100 women. My obsession happened when I became exposed to the internet porn that hyped the big penis. I watched and envied them, if I could only have a cock like that women would fall at my feet. Not to forget the enjoyment the woman appeared to have from the pain...very brainwashing indeed. Poor Jen, she had to deal with my finding PE My thoughts were immediately "You mean I can get a big one?" What a revelation, what a miracle, what a curse.

The penis need not be massive or small, I think the penis should be correct for you mate. Such a hard topic to bring up but I think this show of 'insecurity' may even strengthen the love bond...good or bad. I tell you now, you can get a massive cock very easily, just do it. So is your lover happy with your size or does she want more? How the fuck is a woman supposed to tell you this? Very difficult to hear but what a cool thing to know and in my case, surpass all of Jen's lovers? Even today, I want more?!?

I think men have always been hardwired to want a bigger penis but the internet made it not only a reality but a phenomenon. What a gigantic market? You can imagine the money potential in first convincing men a woman wants a massive penis, prove it through porn, then give them the magic pill to cure their obsession...very clever and lucrative.

So why do I (we) do it? We are hooked like heroin. We have proven that the only method of really getting a big cock is through our methods...and almost no one knows this. We understand the brainwashing but we also know we can "really" change it. It's like beating the house in a dice came...over and over.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Enlargement through Frequent Erections..The Use of Priapism

Enlargement through Frequent Erections
I have read a ton of studies on Priapism (prolonged erections) I started to think about self imposed erections for a long amount of time. Perhaps taking viagra and keeping stimulation going for a few hours. Maybe even a clamp to hold the erection longer would be in order. There just seems to be a massive correlation between Priapism and penis size, particularly in Black males who have this problem due to sickle cell disease.

Priapism Background
Priapism is a potentially serious problem for young men with sickle cell disease. The condition is believed to result from impaired blood egress from the corpus spongiosum of the penis, leading to prolonged erections (Fowler Jr et al., 1991). The affliction often occurs in association with spontaneous nocturnal erections. Episodes of priapism can last from several hours to several days. One group of investigators reported a ninety percent actuarial probability of at least one episode of priapism by age twenty-one years (Mantadakis, et al., 1999).
Stuttering priapism is common. Here, the (typically) young man develops erections lasting one to two hours, initially, that resolve spontaneously. The condition then progresses to a point where the erections are quite prolonged and painful. Priapism lasting more than three or four hours is a medical emergency since it can produce impotence (Mykulak and Glassberg, 1990) (Emond et al., 1980).

I am not saying go out and get a disease or even be obsessive in your pursuit to mimic this disorder. I do think there is a lot of potential here for exploration. I would like to try this for 3 hours a day, every day for a set amount of time. I will also include exercise while in this state. I realize it will take a lot of mental concentration and maybe even a boost of medicine but the implications could be huge.

I will try to put together a routine and game plan on seeing if this is a fruitful form of pe. According to many of the studies on Priapism the main side effect, other than serious medical complications when this state of Priapism is too long (more than 4 hours) is a enlarged phallus. With exercise included and if I am able to stay erect for a long period we may see some breakthroughs in size, perhaps very quick ones.

With anything there needs to be a testing period and see if this is even possible. It would be a serious mental game but it may be worth it.

Just some thoughts, I usually post these on the BLOG but I wanted to get some feedback from the forum.

My Own Experience with Penis Enlargement

My experience with this whole game went through many stages. I have been on pretty high doses of certain medications that throughout my adult years have slowly made getting a good erection difficult. About 2 years ago I decided I wanted to do something about this. I did a simple google search on the net for this condition and the first link I clicked brought me to the back door of some PE site which I still have no clue to who it was. I printed out the complete info and started to read. I had no interest at the time of increasing the size of my penis nor did I think it even possible I did however have some faith in the exercises geared at increasing erection strength. I decided to do the whole program anyway to see what happens. Now it is very important to understand the claims this guy made and how that affected my own results as I slowly gained faith in the entire program. He claimed a few things that seemed impossible to me at the time. Some being; gain 4" in one year, gain 2" of girth in one year, last longer, the hardest erection ever, among other extraordinary claim. Well about two months into the program, which I followed religiously, I started to notice changes as did Jennifer. The first being stretch marks on the belly of my penis. Quickly following were much harder erections, I was lasting much longer, sex started to feel tighter, I noticed hair growing up the side of my penis, things just started to happen that he said would happen. I was a convert, I BELIEVED!

After my new found confidence and faith in this program I started to add and incorporate. I still had not measured my penis but as I said that was not the original issue of doing these exercises. This program was intense and grueling. I took alot of time and was done daily. By the time I did finally measure I was 8.25" long and 6 months into the program. I started at 6.5" so this only made my confidence in his program that much greater. At this point I stumbled on to the site and started to read and study.

I actually felt discouraged about my gains thinking I should be closing in on at least a 3" gain because I was moving into the last third of my year. According to the original ligature 4" was what was promised and so far everything he promised materialized. This is when I made my first post at I came out saying how depressed I was about my minimal gains and needed some help to get bigger. Well this was not appreciated very much and an all out attack ensued on me. People thought I was full of shit and making all this up. It wasn't until further inspection that I realized the extent of my original gains. Soon after seeing what normal gains were I could appreciate the forum anger. I really wanted to be accepted by this elite force of PE brethren and I was willing to do what I needed to be accepted. At the time I posted my first pictures I was closing in on 9.5” in length and I think 6” of girth. I new to be accepted as a real person photos would be important. They were just the thing to gain acceptance.

The first people that befriended me were Dino, Buster, DrGmerlin, Luvdadus, Twatteaser, Pamdaga and my long lost friend MisterEd. I was quickly encouraged to get involved in the forum and I slowly did. After reading how good my gains were in comparison to what people usually gained I entered my first plateau. I started to lose faith in the original text and start believing I made all the gains I could. 10” seemed out of the question and I stopped believing. This is when I met Bib (Bigger). When I heard he broke these barriers I quickly regained my faith and redesigned my entire program.

I started looking into all forms of science and how they apply to penis enlargement. I took a particular interest in simple machines and how I could incorporate this knowledge into my own manual exercises. Soon after this developed some of the exercises that I still use today. These exercises were all the result of applied information and belief. Exercises like Counter Stretches, DLD Blasters, A-Stretches, Dual Fulcrums, Ankle Fulcrums, Bundled Stretches, Horseshoes (DLD Bends) and other less known exercises manifested. These exercises put into a semi organized format and my faith in Bib brought me beyond the 10” mark.

During this entire process I was suffering with my own mental disorders and felt so connected to this forum that I decided to start being honest with these issues. I suffer from acute O.C.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and as a result I am agoraphobic. Due to this disorder basic life is very difficult for me to live. I cannot go into public. It takes hours to bathe, I cannot hold any type of job, and normal relationships are a luxury I will probably never see. (Thank God for you guys and my dear Jennifer) My initial fear of rejection was quickly dimmed by the incredible support I received. This led to some of the studies I have worked on. The friends I made in this forum really encouraged me to take control of my problems and start doing something about it. Over the following moths I jumped head first into “Is Everything you See Really what Your Seeing”, The Yakface thread “Self-View”, and my numerous other threads addressing these problems and what to do. I quickly was not only embraced by the people here I was joined in my struggle. I found out that many men suffered from some of the same problems I did. Since that time I have devoted much time to working on these issues and offering help to my brothers in these forums. I saw that when I could help someone I was truly helping myself.

My life since has become somewhat manageable. I spend most of my time here and in the bathroom I have more than met my final goals and have gone beyond that. I have also realized that I can do something with life of value. This potential was born out of these forums and the love of my fellow pe’ers. I am truly a product of my environment and my environment is you.