Sunday, April 30, 2006

Penis Enlargement Pills, Penis Pumps, Penis Enlargement, Penis Surgery...some explanations

Penis Enlargement Pills, Penis Pumps, Penis Enlargement, Penis Surgery, knowing some basic information and what one can expect as far as results, cost and other factors.

Penis Enlargement Pills are the craze right now and this is for a very good reason. Men would rather pop a pill, something that takes no effort, and hope for amazing results. Penis Enlargement Pills give the user this hope, one that is false. Penis Enlargement Pills will give you an increased blood flow and a raise in testosterone, if the pills contains these components, among many other homeopathic, temporary advantages. Penis Enlargement Pills will not increase your penis size aside from the increased blood flow resulting in harder, slightly larger (due to the maximum erection level), erections. The only way to have Penis Enlargement Pills work for enlargement is to use them as a supplement to Penis Enlargement via natural Penis Enlargement exercise. Pills range in price from $30.00-$70.00

Penis Pumps or Penis Enlargement Pumps work on a different level. Using a secure, vacuum pump by way of a plastic or glass tube encasing the penis, the user increases the size of his penis by pumping out air and causing a temporary increase in size by a swelling. This pumped look can be rather large and in most cases it can be present for up to 4 hours, more than enough time to impress a date. Many Penis Enlargement Pumpers have been combining Penis Enlargement exercise with good results. Pumps range in price from $25-$500.00.

Penis Enlargement Surgery mainly covers two type, length and girth. In the length surgery the surgeon cuts the suspensory ligaments allowing the penis to naturally drop lower. In most cases this surgery gives the patient a .5" increase in length while flaccid and no increase in length when erect. After the surgery the patient is sent home with instructions for natural Penis Enlargement. Curious. The average cost of this procedure is $5000.00

The Penis Enlargement Surgery girth procedure is accomplished by fat injections into the penile tissue, this gives a immediate increase in girth, up to 1". The visual effect is less than pleasing as it looks lumpy and unnatural. The cost of this procedure is around $1000. Another procedure, Scaffolding, where the penis skin is pealed back and silicone strips are wrapped around the penis and sewn up. The immediate increase in .5". The cost of this procedure is unknown.

There is Natural Penis Enlargement where manual exercise is used to stretch and squeeze the penis to larger size. This is the technique I used which brought me to my current size of 10+ inches and 6.5" of girth. My starting size was 6.5 x 5. With most of the exercises available at online, free forums, including this site learning the exercises should be easy. This is the way I did it. There are Penis Enlargement Sites, like our pay site at, where you can learn these methods using video and illustrations (something I highly recommend considering the cost of the less than desirable result methods listed above. The pay sites go from $25.00 to $75.00.

You will also come across other method of Penis Enlargement like hanging, stretchers and tools geared towards length available online. These are a rich-mans territory. Although many of these methods do produce gains the gains are usually much less than they advertise. My best advice is to do some research, join a free forum and ask questions, this will give you your best guide to alternative methods.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Penis Enlargement: What to expect

In the beginning of Penis Enlargement one will notice physical changes, evidence of your growth in Penis Enlargement. Aside from the length and girth you WILL gain there are some other signs that most likely will happen. Remember, Penis Enlargement is taking a pre-established, fully grown penis and making it bigger, things will happen.

The first week you train erections may weaken, this is normal and part of the adjustment period, after about a week your erections will return with a vengeance, most notice their first erect gains here just because the blood flow has increased so much.

People have also noticed, including myself, hair creeping up the shaft. This is due to skin being stretched to accommodate you ever growing length. Most become very handy with a razor, allowing for the new penis to shine through.

You may also see a marked increase in the vascular look of your erections, they will have more pronounced veins and a generally more athletic look over all. This is because of the practiced, Penis Enlargement Girth exercises. This exercises, aside from increasing girth, also bring new blood flow into the penis giving it this thick and veiny look.

Something I started to get very early in my Penis Enlargement career was a white stretch mark stretching from the top of my scrotum, up my shaft, to the exact measure of my gains in Penis Enlargement. This was crazy for me because I could actually see the gains as they happened, plus this lent allot of proof to the penis enlargement community as a whole.

You may see a similar stretch mark but almost all who practice Penis Enlargement do see stretch marks of many types appearing on the skin of the penis as the skin is stretching. Some good remedies may be maternal creams used to reduce stretch marks during pregnancy. There are also some variations on exercises you can try which helped me.

Penis Enlargement will also allow the penis to drop more in flaccid state. The scrotum usually follows suit which lends to the increased flaccid size many guys seek. This will happen rather quickly too, about the first 2 weeks. The feeling of a bigger flaccid penis is very alien at first, it feels so strange, like my arm just grew a foot. This is extremely exciting so I suggest going without undies for a while....Penis Enlargement is great.

Something to try to avoid in the infancy of Penis Enlargement is measuring obsessively. This will create allot of anxiety and discouragement with the slow measurable growth of Penis Enlargement. I am not saying growth is slow, it is more like watching the pot boil, slow visually. I suggest 1 measurement for the first 2 month, flaccid, stretched, bone pressed...this will show you the best evidence of your progress as this is where it appears first. The ruler is more of a 1 a month tool.

After this adjustment period contained above you will venture off into more advanced Penis Enlargement exercised, geared to maximize your growth.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Penis Enlargement Basics (a newbie's guide to Penis Enlargement)

When someone is just getting started in Penis Enlargement it becomes very easy to become confused. My best advise while just starting out in Penis Enlargement is to read the newbie routine, understand it, practice it and master it. Make as many gains as possible, if you are not gaining the intensity of your Penis Enlargement exercises are too soft, step it up! The penis is not as fragile as one would believe. It can take some pretty hard work without suffering injury. I like to look at Penis Enlargement with a blurred line between making gains and suffering injury. Penis Enlargement should be progressive as far as intensity is concerned. Find that sweet spot where you are pushing yourself and the gains of your Penis Enlargement are evident. This is just where you wanna be.

Rest days should be more about time you have to dedicate to your Penis Enlargement more than if the penis can take it. Injury from exercise is so rare that I would rather risk this, with caution and make gains than to worry too much about injury. I never took a day off from my Penis Enlargement until much later in my Penis Enlargement program. I wanted to make some serious gains before I left time to rest. Rest days can easily become a permanent thing for those with a short attention span. A solid system of practice is your best bet in Penis Enlargement.

The amount of time dedicated to a Penis Enlargement program is very important. For one thing, when gaining girth, a certain amount of time is needed to allow the exercises to get to their optimum point. Girth is heavily influenced in our ability to push ourselves beyond the 100% mark. In Penis Enlargement, girth should be done until a maximum size is accomplished and exercised in the maximum size window. This takes me approximately 20 minutes and I like to dedicate another 10 minutes to exercise in my maximum state. This is where the mighty girth gains lay. In the swelling beyond the 100% erect size is where permanent, thickness, gains happen. I like to look at girth using a balloon as an analogy. A balloon, when blown up to maximum size will not grow beyond this size if it is never pushed beyond the level. If we add more air, slowly, beyond the 100% state there will be a size gain, over time, if pushed to this level. The biggest difference with the penis is it's ability to generate new tissue, new blood flow and new skin when we push it beyond the 100% mark. This 100% mark is always being pushed forward in Penis Enlargement therefore the gains are constant.

Length, being done in flaccid state, for most of Penis Enlargement exercises, is not unlike girth in the sense that we are always pushing our penis beyond the 100% mark. In this case it is vertically. Length is far easier, for most, in Penis Enlargement than girth. Most men see an immediate gain in length but may struggle with girth. This has many reason. First, there is an adjustment period, when doing girth where erection levels are an issue. Penis Enlargement, being more sterile, than that of sex sometimes causes men to have problems staying excited. In Penis Enlargement length there are not expectations...grab your flaccid dick and stretch. Another reason is that flaccid stretching is far easier to master than girth exercises. After a short time in Penis Enlargement the user will see a balance between the two. Give it some time, Penis Enlargement is a new sport.

Penis Enlargement also requires a constant adjustment of our mental self. Some become obsessed, see my earlier blogs on the subject. Other become cocky. There is the need for constant balance so that we can appreciate the miracle of Penis Enlargement. Keep it simple and have constant appreciation.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Penis Enlargement "Edging"

Penis enlargement"Edging" is a practice of masturbation to just short of the point of no return. AT this point you stop masturbating and regain control of your orgasm. Wait a minute or two and start masturbating again. This is a great exercise for penis enlargement & pre-mature ejaculation but I wanted to consider it's benefits to aiding in penis enlargement.

A very common complaint with many of the men in penis enlargement is that jelqing brings them to the point of no return and they have trouble resisting the temptation to orgasm. This is probably very frustrating because after most men have an orgasm sexual desire is lost and the quality of erection is no longer available. I think that "Edging" during Jelqing may be a two fold answer for men who have these problems. First it will train you to last longer but while your practicing to last longer you are penis enlarge'ing.

I do not think edging as a masturbation type exercise will aid in enlargement but when the same person can substitute the jerk with a jelq and apply the same principals the user will benefit instead of being left frustrated.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Penis Girth Extreme Exercise

DLD SuperSets...Extreme Girth Sets

I have been seeing alot of guys talk about struggling with girth gains. There was a period that I was very sluggish in gaining in girth too. What I did that changed this for me is SuperSets. How I basically do them is like this:

Set 1: 100 Strong Wet Jelqs
30 Secong DLD Bend
20 Second Modified Horse

Set 2:
100 Strong Wet Jelqs
30 Secong DLD Bend
20 Second Modified Horse

Set 3:
100 Strong Wet Jelqs
30 Secong DLD Bend
20 Second Modified Horse

Set 4:
100 Strong Wet Jelqs
30 Secong DLD Bend
20 Second Modified Horse

Set 5:
100 Strong Wet Jelqs
30 Secong DLD Bend
20 Second Modified Horse

Set 6:
100 Strong Wet Jelqs
30 Secong DLD Bend
20 Second Modified Horse

Set 7:
100 Strong Wet Jelqs
30 Secong DLD Bend
20 Second Modified Horse

The Modified horse is basically done by moving the 2 hands in a circular motion while compressing together.

This really jump started my girth gains again. I still do these now with some of my newer exercises with continue girth gains.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Penis Enlargement Fact and Fiction

Penis Enlargement causes impotence or other sexual disfunction. This is untrue within the realms of safe Penis Enlargement methods. Over the past 5 years Penis Enlargement has changed exponentially. The evolution of Penis Enlargement has seen more than 500 new exercises added to the Penis Enlargement list, a list that grows everyday in the roots of the Penis Enlargement community.

Hanging for Penis Enlargement has grown to equal popularity. The owner of the company, Bib, has become a legendary anomaly in the Penis Enlargement underground. Today, thousands of men look to hanging thanks to the birth of the Bib Hanger. Penis Pumping has become a very popular supplement to Penis Enlargement, information that would not be available today but this information is readily available today thanks to forums on the internet. Places like,,, etc., have played a critical role in Penis Enlargement data collection gathered by active users in the Penis Enlargement underground.

This data shows irrefutable information on how natural Penis Enlargement exercise (including other methods, i.e. hanging, pumping, pills, extenders, etc.) changes the fully grown adult penis size. With percentages likely in the 80% range, for the success of their Penis Enlargement program, over a few months to a few years. Some of these numbers not only gained in penis size but they flat out discredited the medical community by adding up to 4" in length and 2" in girth! Proven data, authorized by all press, online users and other reputable sources. Very incredible information this Penis Enlargement is. Penis Enlargement has gone from a few dedicated, hardcore practitioners to a massive underground following in the millions over 5 short years.

I have realized quite a bit of popular press exposure with stories about my contribution and gains within the Penis Enlargement community. From GQ to the BBC my story can be seen or read. I never expected Penis Enlargement to become so large but it has and is now in the wake of a much larger following due to popular press curiosity. When Breast Enlargement came to the USA it received an equally awkward inception but after a few short years it was acceptable as a 3:00 pm soap opera. Penis Enlargement will receive an equally similar growth as it reaches greater popularity.

Looking at the fact and the fiction of Penis Enlargement is easier to see the fiction becoming fact.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Penis Enlargement, Permanent and Temporary

Changing the penis, through Penis Enlargement, permanently is only possible through manual and/or mechanical with manual like function exercises. One should also take note that there are some mechanical methods that only produce temporary gains in penis size like Penis Enlargement Pumping. Penis Enlargement, in my opinion, is best acquired through manual exercise. There are a few key points to this logic, first thing is mind body connection. This mental to physical connection has proven to be one of the reasons my gains in Penis Enlargement have been faster and greater than any other man pursuing Penis Enlargement gains. Second reason I suggest manual Penis Enlargement exercise is gains can sometimes be felt with the hands long before they appear as a new measurement. Last is the money issue. Manual Penis Enlargement is free unless you join a Penis Enlargement Website for instruction like

If manual efforts are not working for you, which they should, you can look into other mechanical Penis Enlargement equipment. My stand on Penis Enlargement Pills is the same as it always has, with one minor change, I think Penis Enlargement pills are a perfect supplement to girth exercise and better flaccid hang. After using VIAGRA for my girth sessions for a while I realized just how expensive the VIAGRA was. Penis Enlargement Pills made perfect sense in an economical way as they helped with erections which helped with my girth at a fraction of the price that VIAGRA was.

For those with money, look into the POWER ASSIST. This is a Penis Enlargement Wrench created to increase the stretch intensity far beyond that of natural methods. With a dozen supplied exercises via the website you can keep busy adding length for a year! This Penis Enlargement Wrench, when available as the inventory is gone before stock arrives, is a welcome addition to any Penis Enlargement routine.

Penis Pumping is another form of Penis Enlargement that for the most part is temporary as gains made are a swelling that eventually swells back to normal hours after a pumping session. I do think, when used with a Penis Enlargement manual routine it has a lot of potential to helping with girth gains.

The most important thing in Penis Enlargement is research and more research. Read every thing you can and the true methods will soon arise. Places like this blog are written to help you find the real methods with trying to take your money. That is the type of information you can believe.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Penis Enlargement, Part 3

Penis Enlargement begins with some basic knowledge about the Penis Enlargement exercise and then a collection of other resources found around the house. A Penis Enlargement arsenal should contain vaseline, a wash cloth, baby powder, a ruler, a tape measure and a journal. These things will be important to your Penis Enlargement exercises as you will learn. The first two things you will learn in Penis Enlargement is jelqing and stretching. The jelq will include the use of vaseline (or a similar product) The corner stone of Penis Enlargement is the jelq. This exercise will give you gains in both length and girth. The baby power plays an important role in Penis Enlargement because it is used in stretching. Penis Enlargement stretching works ten times better when the grip is improved through sprinkling a little baby power where you are gripping. Penis Enlargement contains many little tricks and tips you will discover along the way. All Penis Enlargement routines should include a warm-up and a warm-down. This is done using the wash cloth and some hot water. 5 minutes is a perfect amount of time for this. Penis Enlargement also includes charting your gains, this is where the journal comes in. This is where you will use your ruler and tailors tape to keep accurate data on the gains you are making and the routines you are using (Penis Enlargement exercises).

For information on which Penis Enlargement exercises are best for you read about the newbie routine in a previous blog. Penis Enlargement begins with education and every article in this blog is very important to your quest for a bigger penis.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Penis Enlargement, Part 2

What is all this Penis Enlargement business about? Penis Enlargement sounds like some fantasy cooked up to steal your money for impossible Penis Enlargement promises. With all the information found in Google about Penis Enlargement one can become so confused about what is real and what is not that he leaves the search engines more confused than before. This is because Penis Enlargement can mean many things from Penis Enlargement pills to Penis Enlargement pumps...then there's Penis Enlargement programs and Penis Enlargement equipment (stretchers and other mechanical devices promising Penis Enlargement gains).I would say stay away from the search engines when looking for Penis Enlargement information but this is where I got my start in Penis Enlargement. I too, one day, started plugging in search terms around Penis Enlargement ie: penis enlargement pills, Penis Enlargement pumps, Penis Enlargement free, Penis Enlargement all natural, Free Penis Enlargement, then there was the exercises I read a little about but craved more information like jelqing, stretching, etc. With some heavy reading men usually make their way to the real deals in Penis Enlargement, places like this one or my site and forums at These are places where real readers can read about real men who do Penis Enlargement and learn their progress and ideas on the subject. Penis Enlargement takes on a new meaning once you understand that it is real and it is all about natural Penis Enlargement exercises.

Once many men realize that real Penis Enlargement comes from allot of work through all natural Penis Enlargement exercise they retreat from the idea. I guess a bigger penis is not important to them or the work factor made it too much for them. One could view Penis Enlargement as the ultimate self body modification as that is exactly how simple it is. Stretching the penis to a longer state is very similar to stretching an ear lobe to accept a larger gage earring. How long you can make your penis is really up to how much time you invest in Penis Enlargement. With a large percentage of men looking for a 8 x 6 inch penis, the size most desired in online surveys) This is a relatively easy gain in Penis Enlargement with results for most starting with a 6 x 5 inch penis within one year. Much like it would take that long to make a similar ear lobe gain. Penis Enlargement is allot of work but once you are done the Penis Enlargement gains stay for good. For the men who make it to these "real" sites and partake in the Penis Enlargement exercises they feel as though they know something very few other men know. Penis Enlargement, very real!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Penis Enlargement

Penis Enlargement is a phrase used all over the internet. When some men look for Penis Enlargement help they are left confused by the amount of Penis Enlargement sites, Penis Enlargement Pills and Penis Enlargement potions out there. This was the same thing I went through when I was looking for answers on Penis Enlargement. That was 6 years ago when I started my Penis Enlargement quest. I avoided most of the Penis Enlargement pills and potions and opted for the manual methods to Penis Enlargement available at the time. Penis Enlargement basically consisted of some stretches and an exercise called jelqing. After doing much research on the Penis Enlargement free sites that were available I started to see that these exercises did work but the process to getting a larger penis was very time consuming. Penis Enlargement needed a makeover and I submerged myself into the Penis Enlargement world.

Today Penis Enlargement has changed radically, at least in the natural exercise department. On my Penis Enlargement site alone,, there are over 200 exercises specialized in penis length, girth and width gaining. I created each Penis Enlargement exercise to maximize the time involved producing gains at an unheard of time span. Many of the men who start my Penis Enlargement program realize gains within the first week. It is widely known that the Matters of Size Penis Enlargement Site is the worlds most advanced Penis Enlargement system ever created. It is no coincidence that my Penis Enlargement exercises have become a critical part of most every mans routine. The reason being is that they work and they work fast. Before I got involved with Penis Enlargement it was common for a man to make about an inch in 2-3 years. This was not expectable to me and I wanted to change that through physics and science, real facts that translated to real gains. I also wanted to make Penis Enlargement accessible to everyone and this is the reason I created the Matters of Size FREE forum at: A place where people could discuss their journey and contribute their thoughts and ideas on the Penis Enlargement process.

Today it is not uncommon to hear of men making up to 3" in one year, an inch in the first month or other mind blowing results previously never thought possible i n the Penis Enlargement world. I have added over 4" in length to my penis and 2" of girth making me one of, if not the biggest gainer in the Penis Enlargement game. These results have led to numerous interviews and stories published about my site, techniques and personal victories in the Penis Enlargement world. Thanks to the internet these stories have reached millions of men, worldwide, and have opened to door to their own Penis Enlargement success.

Penis Enlargement is not a fantasy, it is a very real sport that is taking place in every part of the world. The biggest reason Penis Enlargement is not as visible as the pills and other gadgets out there is money and unfair placement in search engines. If you do a search on one of the search engines for Penis Enlargement you will find Matters of Size buried somewhere in the 2nd page even though we are the authority on the process. A simple search for my name, Mike Salvini, will show the true work we have done over these years. It is quite amazing and Penis Enlargement still remains a money sport where the corporations effectively withhold this information in leu of financial gain. I have remained consistent in the Penis Enlargement community in my efforts to get this information to the people who need it. My process is much slower, due to money, but as long as I have an internet connection I will spread the truth about Penis Enlargement.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Obsessive Thinking and Some Theory

For men who are plagued, like me, with checking rituals that surround measuing this may be familiar and perhaps helpful. First I want to describe my situation and see if anyone can relate. This is a typical obsessive attack:

I will wake and go into the bathroom and take a morning measurement. The measurement is excellent but I still see it as being small. I become convinced I measured it wrong so I measure again. Same measurement but my anxiety is now much greater and I still don't make the connection between what I just measured and how it looks to me. I then try to put the measuring device away thinking I will be able to forget about it and move on. In some twisted way in the back of my head I am convinced I did it wrong. After much anguish doubting myself (almost a mental argument between my doubting self and my rational self) I go back and measure again only now I am getting the same measurement but I am feeling smaller and smaller with each episode. This goes on until I feel completely satisfied (can take anywhere from 5 minutes to hours) I did everything perfect and I have extinguished all my doubts.

I know the problem here is that my self-view is off and the ruler is accurate. But during these episodes it becomes difficult to remain rational and realize this. I have found that giving myself a time limit on measuring (limited to 3 measurement) has been helpful and I think I know why. After taking a "quick" measurement I am able to put away the ruler and move on with my day. Even if I am not completely satisfied with the measurement this time limit seems to help eliminate the repetitive circle.

Being obsessive compulsive is a disorder that requires a compulsion in order to be a disorder. What do I mean? Well applying it to the above episode a visual picture can be painted showing how O.C.D. works, thrives and continues to control those afflicted. O.C.D. always starts with some intruding thought. In this case it is "My penis did not look at long as it measured"...everyone has these types of unwanted thoughts but most people have the ability to rationally filter them out, not the Obsessive Compulsive. The O.C. has this thought and the nagging desire for proof to counter the negative thought becomes relentless and the compulsion (measuring) is done over and over and over and over, sometimes for hours until these horrible doubts are squashed.

The problem with this chain of obsessive-compulsive thinking is that we never really get satisfied. The compulsion is a temporary fix to a problem with the way we think. As a matter of fact when I compulse around an unwanted thought I am bringing validity to the thought and telling my brain this thought is real and scary. If I was able to have the thought and move on without problem solving my brain would eventually become desensitized to the thought and it would no longer hold value (hence, the compulsion would no longer be necessary)

My problem is that it becomes very hard to resist the anxiety releasing compulsions because they temporarily fix the problem. But believe it or not when I give myself a strict time limit to the action and move on even if I get an answer I do not like the thoughts go away much quicker. It's called starving the obsession. If an obsession has no compulsion to feed on the obsessions become powerless.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

DLD's Visual, Spiritual and Mental Process of Penis Enlargement

DLD's Visual, Spiritual and Mental Process

visualize victory

The theory is simple: visualize what you are about to do and your performance in Penis Enlargement will increase. Picture doing a perfect jelq or doing an amazing set of stretches and, believe it or not, you will do it better than if you didn't visualize the act of Penis Enlargement beforehand.

According to the AOA (American Optometric Association), researchers have discovered that people use the same areas of the brain when they perform and/or visualize an action in their mind. So there is "some" kind of link between the two things.

How will visualization improve your Penis Enlargement?
Your Penis Enlargement performance will increase by creating a better connection between the mind and body. The mind is, after all, connected to the body. Most actions performed in PE are not instinctive but rather cognitive, so connecting with what you do is important.

Visualization helps you concentrate on the task at hand at its optimal level. This is especially true in PE because many different thoughts may obstruct you from having the best possible session.

When you are jelqing, your strokes could be too short, the pressure could be to light and you could be unwillingly thinking about something else, thus reducing concentration on the exercise at hand. Visualization will help you concentrate on execution so that your performance is close to perfect Penis Enlargement.

"Studies conducted by J. Stanos, a professor at Harvard University in 1998, on the matter, have proven a definite link between visualization and performance. A group was taught how to use visualization and a placebo group was taught to just think about an unrelated activity. Those who used visualization before performing their task performed nearly perfectly, while the placebo group was only successful 55% of the time. "

historical evidence

Historical evidence also proves that visualization increases performance. For a long time now, Russian, Turkish and Bulgarian power-lifters have been using visualization before lifting heavy weights. Have you ever seen a powerlifter before he lugs a load three times his weight over his head?

They stand over their charge for a minute staring blankly at nothing. They are not wasting time; they are performing the act in their head from start to finish. Bulgarians aren't stronger people by nature, yet they are a superpower in weightlifting. True, they are so good at what they do because they have technique, but they also have the mind-set to back it up, and that's what matters.

Have you seen high jumpers in the Olympics before making a jump? They also visualize their attempts before performing the act, sometimes going as far as telegraphing the whole jump while standing still -- footing, leap and turn -- right then and there on television. In fact, trainers now use visualization on a regular basis around the world. It has become a standard approach to raise performance.

source unknown-sorry

How to Visualize?

I visualize in 3 steps. First I relax, then I concentrate and finally, I visualize the act of Penis Enlargement.

relax max

You have to relax before you can concentrate; I sit still in a place. I get a steady breathing rhythm going, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth using my stomach in every aspect of Penis Enlargement.

I clear my thoughts. There is no point trying to visualize a bigger penis through Penis Enlargement when you are thinking of something else. Tuning out ensures you keep your level of concentration even when there are distractions around you. Some people know how to do it, some don't. Just work on it.

You need to visualize your goal in Penis Enlargement...

visualize your goal in Penis Enlargement

Now comes the most important part of Penis Enlargement. First, start by visualizing yourself sitting just as you are, at the moment you start the visualization process. For example, if you are sitting on the toilet about to jelq, see yourself sitting down concentrating about to do your Penis Enlargement exercises.

Next, recreate the conditions around you in your mind to the best of your ability, as if you were there at the moment. Try to hear the sounds you will hear -- I like to let the water run, the smells you will inhale, the wet feeling of the lube as it first touches your skin, then the pressure of your penis as you grab it for Penis Enlargement. Picture yourself sitting on the toilet, about to do your Penis Enlargement. Envision yourself breathing and growing through Penis Enlargement.

Finally, visualize a perfect single Jelq -- not a the whole session. Picture gripping your penis; imagine the sensation it will have with Penis Enlargement. Imagine milking it and stopping at the head, imagine the blood going from the base all the way up to the tip of your head. Visualize the ultimate expansion in Penis Enlargement. FEEL IT, SEE IT, BELIEVE IT.

Visualize feeling a perfect jelq, a perfect grip and a perfect expansion as you push the blood up from the base all the way up your shaft. Imagine a perfect Penis Enlargement session, with all its growth and glory, visualizing each jelq one by one, then stop imagining and do it for real. Now you will have a mind to body connection and the time has come to take full advantage of the state of mind.

After having envisioned a perfect Penis Enlargement session performed in your mind, your body will have something concrete to fall back on, and this is what improves your performance in Penis Enlargement. It's all about feel.

It would not be correct to call visualization nothing more than a reminder of how to do everything correctly, but it does work on the same premise.

Visualizing Penis Enlargement might seem like a chore or something that would take too much time to execute, but rest assured, the act only takes a few seconds. Once you get used to it, visualizing Penis Enlargement will only take a moment, but the results will definitely show. This applies to many aspects of life, not just Penis Enlargement. Visualization is definitely not a myth.

Now you know how to do it too. But here's a quick rundown:

1-- Relaxation before Penis Enlargement
* Loosen
* Breathe (inhale through nose, exhale through mouth)

2-- Concentration during Penis Enlargement
* Clear your thoughts
* Tune out (don't let things around you distract you)

3-- Visualization during Penis Enlargement
* See yourself sitting before the jelq
* See yourself getting in position
* Feel the outside sensations beforehand (smells, sounds)
* See yourself doing one full jelq

Making a Spiritual Connection to your Penis Enlargement.

This is another area of growth that I find very important. After having the best exercise routine I can possibly have I thank GOD. GOD is my higher power, use your own. Thanking a power greater than yourself will keep you humble and thankful for all you are gaining. It is very easy for a man to become egotistical and un-humble, but putting your trust and appreciation in a higher power really helps to keep me humble. I never pray for gains, I only thank God for the gains I get. I also pray for my fellow brothers in PE. For me prayer is very powerful. Whether you pray to God, Jesus, RB, or just a higher sense of yourself...having this connection will help you to not go it alone.

The Mental Process of Gains through Penis Enlargement:

I have always tried to make a mental connection to the gains I want. For instance, for a very long time I was stuck at 9.5"...I could not see myself beyond this point...I truly did not believe it was possible. My physical connection to going beyond this was BIGGER (Bib) I saw he went beyond this mark and I finally believed I could too. At this point I needed a mental connection to make these gains...In my case I used a paper towel roll. The paper towel roll represented the 11" I wanted so badly...Everyday I would stare at this and really try to picture myself with this...over time a funny thing happened...I started to believe I had it before I even did...I could picture this in my mind...I REALLY PICTURED IT...Me with 11"...I had this vision stapled in my brain...Nothing else would do. The 11" came with ease once I truly believed. I do the same thing now with a larger object. It really helps.

I am not sure what else I can say about this process but I believe it works. I really hope this helps some people out in their Penis Enlargement.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006


For all of those who own or are about to purchase a Vimax Extender, here is a Video MoS put together on how to wear it.
Special Thanks to StillWantsMore for Shooting it.


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Here I go tinkering around in the bathroom again Today I tried a new stretch and the post stretch feeling were incredible. During the stretch I felt all areas of my penis stretching from my ligs through my shaft with an intensity nothing like before. I would like everyone to give these a go, I am pretty sure they will be playing a large part in the PHASE's because of how intense they are. I would love feedback.

Sitting on the toilet get yourself into the traditional “A” stretch.

DLD's A-Stretch:
The A-Stretch is a dual stretch exercise. The main principal of the A-Stretch is based on 2 areas of stretch using your arm as a lever. I will describe it here but to better understand this stretch see the illustration. In a seated position grab your flaccid penis just below the head. Weave your other arm under your penis grabbing the wrist of the hand holding the penis. (At this point your penis shaft should be draped over your wrist) Pulling out from your body and horizontal to your legs. This is the A-Stretch. Pressure can be adjusted to the users preference.

Once in the “A” Stretch pull your penis to a good solid stretch straight out (. In this position once in this position KEGEL for 5 seconds holding minimul presure on the stretch followed by a REVERSE KEGEL. Once in the REVERSE KEGEL move both arms in a rotary motion at a 100% outward stretch (penis draped over wrist glans pointing down). (See Illustration) This rotary stretch should last 10 seconds. I think of my arms and penis as one unit and I am rotating the entire package.

I completed 50 sets of the above
formula: 5 second kegel (minimal Tension)/10 second reverse kegel (rotary at 100%) x 50

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Testicle Health Massage:
Testicle Health Stretch will help your penis to hang lower in flaccid state. It will also increase blood flow to your testicles and aid in sperm count. This routine should take no longer than 5 minutes but the benefits are many.

With favorite lotion grab your scrotum just above your testicles. Now in a rubbing motion massage each testy for 30 seconds rubbing between your fingers in a gentle but firm movement. Now massage all the fluid around your testicles for 60 seconds. At this point your scrotum should be very relaxed. Finally lightly stretch your scrotum downward while the other hand pulls your penis upward. Do 60 of these. This is a very quick routine but the benefits are great. This will also aid you in any kind of early warning signs of testicular problems.

This exercise will help your penis hang lower in flaccid state as the connective tissue located at the base of the underside of the penis and the upper scrotum, when stretched enough permanently, will create a separation that will eliminate any "sticking out" the penis may have.

When used with a solid penis enlargement program you will notice size gains much faster. The health benefits are incredible too as far as early warning signs of testicular problems, increased sperm and testosterone, better blood flow to the penis and increased ejaculation.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Forskin Restoration

What is foreskin Restoration and why do I or anyone else doe it? The reason why is there is so much lost from when you get circumcised, that you never really know casue you have never had it your whole life. Once you start to undo the damage, and recover what you lost, you relize what you could have had, and can still have.

Since I have Quit PE and Just moved on in the next phases of my Career with Penile Heath, I now just do FR and BE, and some edging here and there. Since doing this it has opened my eyes to what I have really been searching for this whole time. I was never after a bigger dick, I was after the feeling and sensations that I thought I could have from a bigger dick, How many times you hear people say “If its bigger it feels so much better” Yes that is true, but not really, if you want the true feeling of what it is like to have sex as God made us then you will only have that by FR. There is no other way, there are alternate methods that I will talk about though if you are not interested in fully restoring yourself.

Since I have been doing foreskin restoration I have noticed many things. First was my nocturnal erections came back, and I am getting some in the morning. This never happened, no matter how many ROP’s I wore, I am a special case though, I have some penile artery damage, and FR is the only way I can get my erections back the way they used to be without having a surgery. Why have my erections improved? Because I am putting my penis back to the way it was made. It makes your head and nerves and every other spot on your penis splurge with sensations when your penis is touched. This is how it s supposed to be. But when you are circumcised your penis glands and nerve endings are exposed to all sorts of daily trauma that de sensitizes your penis

With FR and by keeping your read covered by your skin of your penis, your body begins to heal its self, and renew its nerves that are left, after they got cut off. Since doing FR I have noticed a bigger penis, all the time, erect and flaccid, it has much more blood flow and is much more healthy and looks great. PE is not the only way to make your dick bigger, FR does as well. By adding more skin, it makes your penis be able to expand more in the erect state thus making itself bigger. While in the flaccid state it is bigger because it has more blood flow moving to it at all times. When you have more skin down on your penis, your body automatically makes more blood flow down there, to keep everything healthy and maintained properly.

Multiple orgasms, some people think they are impossible to get but I assure you they are not. I used to never be able to come and stay hard, now I can, very easily, die to the increased sensitivity and blood flow, and I can come over and over with ease. See the whole thing is about getting your body back to the way it was made. Once you do this, everything that you never had, will come about, because you have never had it, you do not know what you are missing until you start FR.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Penis Legth, Girth and Head Size through SUPRA SLAMMERS!

Supra Slammer - For Unreal Length/Girth/Head Gains!!

This was first posted January 27, 2004

I came up with this from past exercises that have been used with my own twist. I am a personal trainer and a body builder. This has a direct correlation with the way you weight life and train and what your do with this exercise. You start out at a small weight less intense and progressively move up to your max.

People have been asking me to make them a awesome length and girth exercise. Since then I have been experimenting with different things that I already do. What I discover is that girth work is all about maximum blood engorgement. I decided to take this a step further and do a progressive blood engorgement program. Combining different exercises each with a level of intensity added to another higher level. Thus adding a greater level of engorgement per step.

Scientific Basis of the exercise

This exercise has more merit on a scientific basis than what is relized.

Durring the ballooning phase, I believe it works by releasing (in essence) more cAMP in the penis wich is responsible for relaxing the smooth muscle in your penis to bring in more blood. cAMP is is released the more horny you get...wich happens whenever your are "ballooning and edge".

This also flood your penis with DHT, Testosterone and all of the other hormones that runs though your penis at a pre/post orgasm state, which is what edging is!!

Ironman was doing a big article about the interset in Penis Enlargement and the rising popularity about it.
I remember reading an article in IRONMAN magazine about ballooning and edging and other penis enlargement methods and it mentioned something about how cAMP is increased whenever you "ballooning and the edding".

So, if you start off with , then that "primes" and accelerates the following exercise's effectivenss for new and faster growth and accelerated gains. Which is why I started this exercises of with Ballooning then edging.

All info about cAMP

These common exercises executed in the right order with the right amount of progressive intensity will give out of this world girth. You do not have to do anything that has not already been done, I just put it together in a great progressive workout.

This as well as my other routine has gotten me from 7.5" to 8" NBPEL on length, and 5.5-6.3, I have been doing it for about 1 month.. I never told anyone cause I was still developing it and tweaking it. Also I told people that I got my gains from just edging. That is about 1/4 the story as you can see. When I first told everyone about the edging that I did, people went crazy about it and I got 5000 questions on it, I knew that it would not be good to put all of this out there with that as well, it would be to much hysteria I though. But here it is, this is what I do for my girth. With that said this is the ultimate length girth exercise there is.

Caution, This is not for the light at heart on girth or a newbie to PE. This is the holy grail for girth.

Warm up

5-10 minutes of medium Jelqing.

Here is the exercise

Surpa's Super Slammer

This is my saying that I say and helps you remember what to do

"Master Ballooning pumps the Edging then Uli Dry/Wet Jelq’s his horse 440"

Start to Masturbate while squeezing your PC muscle a lot, short fast squeezes, (aka) Ballooning, try to get to a 100% erection, take your time, don’t try to get to the edge so fast. Once you come to the brink of orgasm then squeeze your PC (Regular Kegal) muscle long had hard (Edge) which puts you at a 100% erection while simultaneously placing your OK grip at the base of your penis to trap that huge amount of blood and perform a (Uli), palms up or down, I do up grip though for me or whatever feels good at that time. Then push forward a about .5-1", if you cannot don’t worry about it just do the Uli squeeze. Hold for 30 seconds. After the Uli this will put you at about a 80-85% erection. After you hold the Uli, do a (Dry or Wet Jelq) with the hand that was holding the Uli, all the way to the glands, the milk should last 10-15 seconds, then hold it at the top right under the head for another 10 seconds while pumping your PC muscle (Kegal’s) rapidly as you do the Jelq, as well as the squeezing really hard under the head. Your shaft will become greatly engorged then your head once you get to the last 10 second hold under the head. Repeat 10-20 times. Total workout time 30-45 minutes or until you want to stop

BTW If you really want to get a even greater pump, here is the last bit that you might need, After you Jelq to the top and go into the squeeze under the head, come in with you other hand and grab the penis in another Uli and squeeze, now you are performing a Compression Isolation Squeeze (Horse 440), hold this for the same time you are holding the squeeze under the head 10-15, or as long as desired. You can also throw some bends in after the horse for another 15-30 seconds.

Here is a video of what a Uli and a Horse 440 is, by my good friend Gandolf

I have been doing variations you can do this wet or dry. From the wet I notice more length gains but still a lot of girth, for the dry I notice more girth, they both work great. This is a very versatile exercise. Also do not start up with 10-20, start off with 5 and work you way up, we are not in a race, plus you need to let your body build up time to handle this. Also it is so intense and feels so good you will want to cum, but you must not. And do not cum after the workout as well.

Also for some that have problems holding back even with edging the uli squeeze plus the edge will help prevent you from Cumming, but you have to squeeze your PC and hours hands really hard if you get that total urge to cum. If you do, just start again the next day or later that day.

This will produce unreal length gains, as we all know girth complements length, and while fully engorged with the Uli crossing into the dry Jelq it will increases length. Also the head gets a lot bigger which increases length. It works both ways. This is a total penis exercise that encompasses everything, truly one of a kind.

I have found that I Measure a about .3-.5" longer on erect length and .5-1” bigger on erect girth after the workout. You will have the greatest girth workout you have ever experienced. I know that anyone can gain between .5-1" in 1-2 months. You pump will last a very long time after and your head will be screaming of a huge mushroom head! While coming up with this and doing it over the last month. I have found my own solution to my small head size as well, this is fixing it. People have been saying my glands are looking bigger, this is why.