Saturday, February 25, 2006

Depression Exploration

We come to a point in our level of depression where life becomes very predictable. Our routine yields little possibilities to new relationships, and it, in itself becomes seemingly pointless, at least to our mental outlook. We are built to endure this, get through it, learn from it and hopefully get to the next level. The hope of a better life always drives us to continue our battle with depression.

It is ironic though, how there were so many moments in my past where I would have killed for a life as peaceful as the one I lead during depression. Solitude does have it's positive qualities but it seems best when we can decide to have solitude rather then being subjected to live a life of solitude. Again, returning to the 'self prison' theory, we also need to see that we choose this solitude even though it seems so eminent. We explored why we put ourselves into 'self prisons' but I think we need to understand the place in time and how long it need to exist until we can start feeling normal, once again.

We have touched on this inner judge we all have. The voice of reason, reaction, thought, self discussion, prayer and other, important inner, mental instruction. Despite everything and everyone around us we have created our own, unique set of rules...things we choose to do based on what life confronts us with. Yes, we did go to school, to church, social gatherings, family events, and we were taught a list of rules to help us navigate life but every rule we were taught and we ultimately agreed with was based on someone else's version of a story they were taught. In my profession, penis enlargement, I am confronted with truth and TRUTH everyday. 2 truths suggests dishonesty as a rational mind knows only one truth exists. This is only true is physical confirmations but there exists another truth that has very little fundamental bases and in-fact is based on words of a told story rather than physical confirmation of a said reality.

When I decided to sell my brand of penis enlargement to the world I was expected to back up my word with word. This came in the form of correspondence, pictures and even video confirming my new size, attained by my own methods, in the best way I physically could, within my word. In this sense there is plenty of room for manipulation and dishonesty as I could simply lie about my claims and people would believe (this is visible in every other penis enlargement site on the net...lots of word but little physical reality).

I think my business became more profitable the minute I allowed real people to come to me and physically see, measure and confirm my word in person. This type of truth is very different as it is first hand, confirmed by another living person and contains no layers of illusion or deceit. A fresh virgin truth, if you will. Indeed the party could lie but the source of observer is very important too. Anyone could get their best friend to confirm a tale but in my case I allowed many, respected writers and documenters, confirm my claims on camera. This was the credibility I needed, despite anyones interjection that I may be a fraud they are quickly crushed by the word of respectable confirming parties.

This is all very complex but basically it breaks down to things we hear and believe without seeing...Faith Truths... and things we physically have confirmed and have accepted as truths...The Physical Truth. This can give one anxiety when he realizes much of what we have learned in life has never really been physically confirmed. As a matter of fact many of these things may have lost their real meaning as they have been passed down from generation to generation with plenty of room for mis-telling of the original concept. We can even see how quickly a massive population will change their accepted beliefs overnight when Science proclaims a supposed cure or innovation in diet that will change the world. For all they know, this could be based on a story they learned from someone else who changed it to fit their particular agenda. VERY SCARY SHIT.

Most will go through life, doing as they are told, trusting in the word and eventually dying, believing every detail they ever accepted as the truth. I think this is the very reason that when many fall into a deep depression the remerge with a new set of morals and beliefs. It was the very depression that eliminated the need to participate in things we might have otherwise believed to be doomed if we did not participate. This is why, in many cases the person is deemed "a new man" (or woman) and there are physical changes evident of their struggle they endured during their depression.

This indeed is positive and it allows us to engage in a deep, self discovery. A time where we can experiment with alter egos and GOD feared truths. Finding a suitable mate at this point, in a mans life, would be hopeful of Emily Dickinson resurrecting from the dead. We crave understanding and have a deep need for not just empathy but sympathy. We have probably collected scraps and bit of memorabilia that vaguely resemble art and literature but it is the very likeness of these memories that we wish to abolish from our memory in leu of a better life. I think this is the reason many of my deepest, physical, memories of every depression I go through ends up in a box at the furthest reach possible to my present place in life. We strive to forget things that were our only comfort during the low points of our lives. We are never truly balanced as we are always skating on the outer limit of our current condition. Someone who dwells on the cusp of his happy and sad world truly knows the power of a balanced condition.

A need for companionship, one deeper than a friend becomes the last saving grace. We see our destinies' in such a parallel to our completeness, with a sexual companion. We crave, this other half, in deeper ways to any other addiction. It is the very production of life, coming from this union, that gives us a component that makes us feel whole. The said life is not suggestive of only birth of another human but all the new experiences one goes through in a new relationship. This plays a very important part in our self image and when this is lacking it demands that we make changes, and learn to live with and love ourselves, independent from another person.

It always amazes me how I will feel so destitute at one period of my life but come another day, maybe months later, I will be, what seems, the top of my game. This state of mind has always been realized while I was with someone I loved.

Friday, February 24, 2006


While trying to understand the full scope of psychology I encounter more philosophical methods to understanding the true self. We, in a pursuit to answer many deep self understanding questions, find ourselves confused with our current place in life and where we think we should be.

There is usually a gap in these two places, the real self and the unfinished version. What are our final goals, what are we striving towards and why do we strive towards this? Do we really create our own realities? Are we only the version of ourselves that we choose to be? Do we make definitive agreements with our inner selves that dictate our life? Do we, in-fact, hold ourselves back from an existence we could easily attain out of self-doubt and disagreement?

People can make exponentially, massive changes, for the better, in their lives everyday. How do these changes happen and why do certain people allow themselves to indulge in something that disagrees with their practices, daily, ritualistic habits? It always amazes me when I ponder someone who used to be in my life that today is no where to be found. How have such massive changes happened that 2 people no longer communicate? A relationship that perhaps was based in deep love at one point but then it dissipates and the relationship ceases to exist. Was this existence based in mistruths of the supposed reality or can truths change in a moments notice based on some external energy?

These changes can be towards the negative too, where a persons life can change for the worse and they will create a whole, new set of beliefs and understanding about themselves. I really believe these changes or unfinished, unresolved feelings are fully visible to the people around us. I think we appear to be just as we believe we are. Whatever this self belief image is, we project to society in everything we do. We may also limit the public places we go to tailor the outcome of a predisposed belief of failure. Making the inevitable reality become just what we think we believe it should be.

We all have a vision of perfection for ourselves in our brain. An actual person, who is us, in the image of perfection for what our situation is and could be. Complete with financial freedom, sexual prowess, body type, hair, complexion, car, house, mate, etc., a long list of perfect scenarios. This is the very image we judge ourselves against. With every action we subconsciously judge ourselves against this image. We inevitably fail in this comparison and we do punish ourselves based on these failures. Unfortunately the severity of this punishment can span from the simple to a complete life change complete we self created hells. The extent of the stay in this self created purgatory is purely up to us. Simple to say but this is true.

How do we change our life when things are far from perfect? Some people reach all time lows where the distance between reality and perfect is so great that many throw in the towel. So many areas of life suffer when we engage in this downward spiral of self doubt. Our confidence, our hygiene, our level of suffering and keeping ourselves from a good life, companionship with others, all of these items become very difficult problems. We tend to become very introspective, reclusive, secretive, a place we can inflict as much self abusive as we desire with no one to stop us. A place many would call depression but I have always said a depression supported by very real, horrific, realities then it is duly deserved and should be felt. Real, physical changes need to happen in order for the depression to be released but where does one start?

In order to change a life of repetition and poor habit one needs to do something different. As simple as this sounds it still is a large obstacle to overcome when we feel we have little hope in a new situation when the one we are in is so predestined to fail. For myself, when I am in a mental slump, my schedule is very predictable. I go to bed early, watching tv, I wake at dawn, go to get coffee and return home where I will work and dream about how my life could be if I could see way out. In my head, the action of doing something different is pointless as I feel so negative in my current situation that I would no doubt look extremely unapproachable and inevitably fail. As desperate as this seems it is our first steps to salvation when we have lived in a reclusive environment due to failure.

That thought, "what's the point" becomes ever present when we first try to break free of a isolation. This is only normal as we have been so isolated, for so long from society that every move will first be plagued with doubt. It is with new habit, trial and error that one sees that there may actually be a reward to his new inclusion in his schedule.

Remember that as desperate as you may feel the next agreement you make may be the one that secures happiness forever so it is always important to put the effort out, even when you feel otherwise.

Until you feel comfortable in a new lifestyle it will feel awkward and fake. These feeling will subside with time and experience. One may even eventually miss these old feelings of anxiety, not knowing what life holds next. I guess this may be a important reason in the factors that make people cheat in a relationship. As good as our life if going, we always seem to be on a course for an even better version. This can lead to great and terrible places. Accept emotion as a temporary thing and always understand that it will play an important role in the self we are tomorrow.

Our situation can leave us questioning who is responsible for our demise but after careful, honest introspection, we see that we are indeed responsible for our situation. And with this realization we can also assume that we are responsible for why our situation is not what we expect. With the power of our words we plant seeds of expectations, promises, threats, rules and the likewise, never being quite sure of how these seeds will bloom one only knows that they do and when they bare fruit we hope that it favors us. We find ourselves living in a current situation with too much bad fruit and not enough new seed planted. Our existence starts to resemble a kind of death instead of any real growth in life. So strange but this scenario can strike as quickly as it can be wiped away. Someone suffering from financial depression strikes a megabucks ticket their problems are solved, immediately. How they stumble are this momentous fortune is unknown, it just, at times happens. It further angers those in a similar situation adding to the reasons why they may be a loser.

Sometimes the desire to plant new seeds into our future lives seems pointless too, plagued with doubts about their worth and odd comparisons to our past lives. Us, being the constant, obsessive judge of ever detail of our lives may recluse into a world that has no discernible future as the present owner only holds onto a past that he failed at. Waiting for a glimmer of hope to arrive that they may still have a chance to make right, many wrongs, prove themselves, the power to relive a failed past with hopes to do it right this time. This fills so many holes in our self worth to as it means every portion of the relationship needs will be filled, by it's past owner, for normal, happy operation. What a weight lifted off our backs, if only we get that one golden ticket. But still, with odds against us, we wait in vain, with every belief that our diligence will someday pay off. How do we justify this much mental obsession and compulsion? Simple, we have always been taught if we work hard enough we can get it or one only needs to believe to capture his desires. These sayings, based in reality or not, have become instilled in our minds and we actually see our tenacity for a practically, unattainable goal to be acquired through hard work and belief then it indeed is worthy of a try.

With all of this self discovery, agreement and time investment science is still baffled by how radically a mentally hopeless situation can change with this simple introduction or re-introduction of the hearts true desire (or so the believed). Being in the 9th month of my own breakup from a girl I deeply love, I find myself, still, ever committed to the hopeful return of my girl, even though the odds are stacked against me. It is like the Rocky movies in my head at the hopeful success at my hearts desire but with each passing day, these odds become darker and darker.

As human beings live they require life, or interaction to give them selves a feeling of self worth based on their connection to another human being. Sort of like being responsible to another person. In despair our only connection to this may be prayer and immediate family, in the highlights of our lives this 'responsibility' to others may have been much more extensive. With each new person we allow into our lives we become responsible to another human, giving credibility to our self worth. This would explain why someone, who is just out of a relationship, finds a new love, their problems are solved...or are they? A new relationship may give a temporary high or even a hideout from past failures but eventually, the judging self returns with memories of a past gone unattended to. The nature of humanity is guilt and it is this personal reward and punishment system we have that allows us to enjoy a society with such diversity. Never the less, we find that new love does not dissipate old love, and it in no way can replace it. We somehow set aside our old memories of love and fill the gaps with new but since we are fallible they often mix and lead to the rebirth of old feelings, from old loves. The faults of this person become free of negativity and their good qualities shine. They start to become the fantasy to their newest love. It is the single biggest reason people "get back together" the good outweighed the bad and both were driven to each other again, after confirmation that no one else could or would deliver your dream. It rarely coincides with the other party in the relationship which leaves one person eternally sad until they forget or move on or the two coincide. When they coincide is what "true Love Stories" are about. The movies have made films about relationships that suffered but endured and through this tenacity they one day emerge, en-tacked and better than ever imaginable. It is what dreams are made of and it is a sort of drama that keeps us humans progressing in evolution.

We may find ourself, month or years away, in a situation surrounded by new people, new places and our past love emerges, totally unexpected...then what? The thought gives me so much anxiety but it does happen and just like any unexpected even in the relationship cycle, we either get through it or we don't. If we are balanced enough, stayed available, then perhaps it woks out. But what if someone else is with you and an old flame comes to is as anxious of a thought as the above.

All of these situations are the very thoughts and realities to many of the depressed people of the world. A general feeling of hopelessness that soon leads to baby steps back into a world we somehow shut out.

Maybe sometimes we are unwilling to separate ourselves from a depressing situation as we feel the only hope we have in keeping in touch with this loss is by the very sorrow that binds us to the depression. A case of I would rather suffer in your memory than start a new life without you. A very sad situation but very real to all of us at one time or another. Who do we turn to that could possibly understand this, we feel as if we are alone given our own unique circumstances. We cling to desperate rituals of checking the phone, emails, snail mail and the like for a clue to some kind of hope towards a reincarnation of our past happiness. Despite all of this it may be to return to a miserable past life as long as it is with the person they had lost. Humans are strange creatures driven by habit and acceptance. When we fail at something as powerful in defining who we are as a relationship we are sure to encounter struggles beyond anything we have known. Even if we have repeated this process time and time again each separations causes an equally painful time period.

This is why we often punish ourselves in past regrets. Even though there is little we can do to correct our past we still strive towards a perfection to our shortcomings by punishing ourselves with guilt and shame. These emotions scar us and become, temporarily, a part and stigma to our personalities. We may remember a personality that was positive at one time but now you feel stagnant, uninteresting, unworthy. What is the difference between then and now aside from a few years. Yes, we do try to blame our situation on age but when we really consider the time difference it is really unremarkable in the way people perceive us. It is more of a convenient excuse during an extremely confusing time period.

So, we find ourselves in the wake of a relationship ending and we see no light from the shadows of our current pain. Efforts to do something new seem fake and unfruitful. We will compare everything to a past we have mentally tailored to be pristine and least the person we have lost. This comparison is very similar to the one where we compare ourselves to the visual expectation we have of ourselves if we were perfect. Very complex and disabling. We will spend a great deal of time thinking on the past with this person, how it would be if they were here, what they are doing now, who they have been with, what they are like, if they think about us, we can fill hours in the day pondering the subject. This in itself is a form of suffering. We know this is a waste of mental energy but we do it anyways. We have these magical beliefs that it will somehow increase the positive chances of a favorable outcome. Even when we realize this and are reminded of it we still dedicate hours to this thought process. We grieve and this process, denoting death, is filled with as many spiritual rituals as it has mental.

We pray on the subject, become more connected to our savior and reestablish ground rules we will live by, in hopes this will please our GOD and He may grant us our wishes. The random odds of this happening further perpetuate the magical practices around religion. Miracles, if you will, that do happen, despite the odds and someone, somewhere is proclaiming their happiness in a real miracle coming true. They then credit the most mystical rituals they instilled so much faith in to describe how something so incredible could happen. It gives their life more value and it increases the faith of those who witnessed this small miracle and the people they told about it. A grand process of acceptances, beliefs if you will, in the importance of faith, GOD and prayer.

We then become undecided in religious matters but still practice all the ritual around the faith. We flip flop in our beliefs in hopes it may increase a cosmic change in our current suffering. At the very least, we are pissing off any GOD that is listening to our prayers...a case of dual-theological psychology. But, still we press on with faith, it keeps us alive.

We will search for answers to our dilemma in everything we experience. We hope to find the one missing clue that will answer all of our problems. Strange to say but when I go into deep depressions I find myself attached to mathematics. Sometimes it is the equational value of numbers and others it is the artistry as seen in fractals or geometry but still, I find myself infatuated with math at a certain level. Perhaps another clue into the psychology of grief and problem solving. We have been taught that mathematics explains an idea in a clear, factual manner, consistent with a truth. If we do not have an equation that explains our reality it automatically creates a need to solve the current problem. Some see this as the infinity equation and lay it to bed but others, like myself, demand a more definitive expression of the unsolved problem.

I find myself turning to art in the same manner with hopes to express this problem and possibly find the solution to the entire dilemma. This will influence the way you look at great masterpieces in the art world now, how much pain went into each brush stroke? Many see very creative portions of their lives flair up during the most painful struggles. Perhaps, unconscious to the creator, he usually emerges with a better outlook on life and lives it to a more fulfilling level. This can describe why some of your favorite musicians can become your most hated after they release an album based on a different emotion then the one you fell in love with. Emotion, a very powerful thing.

We may also try to educate ourselves in any and every area that many contain clues to our rebirth or resurrection to a happier life. When I sink into depression I usually end up reading 100's of books on various subjects surrounding my pain. This only increases my ability to understand and relate myself in future lives. We have always been driven by and to the educated. A more intelligent person denotes a better tomorrow and any association to an educated person increases our odds to acquire our idea of a perfect life. Being knowledgeable is deeply important in a relationship. Understanding as much as you can, as it happens, will only increase your odds of relationship success.

What is the success we hope for? Hard to say as this may change for us as time passes depending on who we are with and how old we may be or feel. A relationship that would allow a total annulment from past regrets and mistakes, one that supersedes our age, makes us feel younger, one that is full of potential and dedication, one that is acceptably beautiful. We may find ourselves changing our idea of what is acceptable in the beauty circles but this evolution is necessary if we want to evolve. There are no 2 people alike and if we are not willing to make changes in what is acceptable to us then we may be facing a live of loneliness as if this person does not return to you you will remain alone. At one point or another we decide to branch out from our likes in acceptability and venture into something we may have never considered in our past lives.

After my separation from Tierney, my wife I started to date Kelli. Tierney was 5' 10" and Kelli was 5' 2", this was quite a difference and it did take time to adjust to but eventually I even replaced the bodily likes of Kelli when I met Jen. We are built to make adjustments in our mental likes and dislikes, it is these manipulations that we find our current niche in sexuality.

With experience comes a list of things we like above all and this is what we base our current search on. We hope to find someone that fits as many of our prerequisites for total happiness as we can. This, too is a long, arduous uphill battle. Geography and frequency of social interaction to new and diverse people would be your best way to achieve this. As I said in a much earlier writing, it is not like she is going to come up to my door and knock. If I want her I have to go out and find her.

Looking our best, even if it's difficult, is important. We need to portray an image that is pleasant if we wish to attract a new mate. Like a strong cologne we wear a image that is very visible to other people. I we think as though we are ugly we then look this way. Fake it till it works. Is this lying? No, it is more of a visualization for a better future. We need to sell ourselves so we need to shine the paint if we want any lookers. We can't appear desperate either as this will only portray a weak image to any would be mates. Population is important too so anywhere there is a large group of people your age gathering together. Somewhere like a club or a game. Our presentation of ourselves and the amount of time we invest in this with determine the results we may have. Again, we will need to make minor adjustments to find our own "most confident" look, when going out.

The chances someone will see you that may like you and you like them is much greater if you are in a heavily populated area. Just the efforts put into getting out and testing this theory will help build a new you and perhaps you will make some friends along the way. Confidence, as discussed, is something that other can vouch for. If we have friends who lend to our credit it is very valuable in attracting a new mate.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Penis Enlargement and your relationship

What are the psychological impacts of penis enlargement and a relationship. This is assuming penis enlargement is working for you as these scenarios are based on the prerequisite that you believe penis enlargement works. With this established a man will encounter many new emotions which may lead to an unhealthy balance in perceived power. The penis and the ability to make it larger gives us a very powerful feeling, one that is an anomaly of sorts as penis enlargement is miraculous to say the least. Particularly when you consider that we stopped growing around 20 years of age. It is sort of like, on a sexual level, figuring out how to make the brain grow, imagine the power one would feel. This same power is translatable to sexuality as the same mental and physical fundamentals apply. With the realization of a bigger penis at our our hands comes a instilled power akin to the fountain of youth.

A troubled relationship may be crushed under this realization as many men see a bigger penis as a way to change their female selections and the predisposition to anchor the deal with a larger cock. The problem here is a bigger penis is like a Porsche, even if you own it it is hard to let someone know about it when you can't have it hanging out of your zipper on display. Not unlike the penis the Porsche, too, is hard to convey when you can't wear it on your sleeve.

I used the Porsche as the example as I once had a brand new Porsche and I found it almost impossible to let women know. Without seeing arrogant or lying, it was impossible to let them know. I had to depend on luck that I would be getting in the car while she saw me. It happened a few times but it was rare. Having a nice car that is not used it kind of pointless so if you have a current relationship, don't become delusional with this power, work on your brain too. Work on your relationship, making it closer and more equal. People are like eggshells, very fragile, walk with gentleness and great care.

Some view a bigger penis as the saving grace of their current relationship thinking if they could only attain another inch their relationship would be saved. If a woman is basing the entire relationship on an extra inch of cock then beware of the woman. A bigger penis does equate to more confidence, pride, hope and power, as discussed, so these all lend to the betterment of the entire self but they too are only a fractional piece in a broad subject of relationships.

The daily regiment, with the penis and self, also instills a new appreciation for the penis and sexuality as a whole, if we are in a sexual relationship. This new hope can give us all time highs in bed and in the office but again the reality sometimes supersedes the mental belief. A realization of a bigger penis may not stay in sync with deeper beliefs in the way we see it. A perfect example of this was I went into a slump in self view in and around my 2nd year in penis enlargement. This period was ugly as my head was filled with self doubt and negativity, that like Adam, I often hid myself which put a strain on my relationship with Jen, my girlfriend at the time. Even though these doubts were silly and unfounded in reality they still burdened me which stemmed to another irrational thought pattern where I believed other thought this way too. This mental lapse in reality and perceived reality created tension in my sexual relationship and lend itself to compulsions and ridiculous rituals around the same.

So it is vital to keep penis enlargement out of the bedroom, in a mental way, as it will become intertwined with other parts of our lives that it best stay away from. A 'don't take it so seriously' attitude is best exercised in the visual realities of penis enlargement. Perhaps a snapshot when you begin and one a year later is the best place to instill hopes in visual change. The progression of penis enlargement is visually slow, like watching a pot boil but even more complex because penis enlargement is a monthly effort, sometimes years. Measurements should be enough to satisfy the mental belief system. If it measures longer and thicker, then it is. Again, exercise restraint in the measuring process as obsession can too manifest this portion of penis enlargement and turn a good thing bad.

A good system of measuring is this:

Once per day: measure bone pressed, flaccid stretched. This will give you something to see at least once per week as these gains come before other ones. One could feasibly see change here every couple days if he attacks penis enlargement with a strong enthusiasm. A obsession will be fed in a healthy way in this case as measuring daily is wise in a situation where a change would be visible at least weekly. Keep a journal and look back on it when in doubt.

Measure monthly: Erect bone pressed length, erect girth and erect non bone pressed length if you are on a diet (or gaining weight) This is a good place to watch the entire process. See

Take pictures every 6 months, if you are brave enough. This will allow you to see the difference, visually, as long as you have not gained weight as fat pad at the pelvic region can be responsible for allow of would be penis. Stay in shape or lose weight, and take these pictures for inspiration. Many men get so inspired about this part of their personal record that they post it, online, see

To tell her or not to tell her. Again this is as purely personal as it is individual. If you have the type of relationship that would show understanding to this practice then telling her could be a source of support. With that said it could also create some awkwardness in other portions of the relationship. For myself, when all things were in balance, having Jen know was a blessing. It kept me inspired and motivated but it also gave me another set of eyes. But with all good things there is a dark side and my dark side of this was when I became obsessive in asking her if she saw or felt changes. A very difficult position to be in when change is so slow, visually and sex can be so frequent. Keep things relaxed here, wait for the complements, take them and move on. They will happen without a protagonist.

Keeping it a secret also serves for plenty of excitement as an unknowing spouse may think she was going crazy if her husbands 40 year old cock kept growing. I never got to experience this, with exception to my first few months, but I can imagine how intense it would feel to keep this little nugget tucked away, FYEO Actually I find it difficult to see a bad side to this, other then the stress one would have to carry through the difficult times in penis enlargement, which can be numerous. Hiding emotions does have it's negative impact in a relationship.

Perhaps the best method of disclosure is for one to set a goal for final size and when he becomes very close to this goal then and only then tell his mate of his travels. This would give you the best of both worlds. Whatever the perfect formula is for you travel lightly and keep things in balance. Penis enlargement does work and this is the reason I spend so much time advocating the mental process in male sexuality.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Understanding What is Happening with Natural Penis Enlargement

I think when we get a better understanding of the physical mechanics of natural penis enlargement it makes it a little easier to understand. The penis is a very simple body part consisting of 4 main areas, the glans or head of the penis, the shaft (being made up mainly of the corpos cavernosum & the corpus spongiosum)
The penis is covered with skin but just below the surface is the tunica, a dense outer covering, surrounding the entire penis. The penis is attached to the body by the suspensory ligaments which connect it to the pelvic bone. I am trying to keep this a simple as possible as I think it's simplicity is it's best teaching tool when considering penis enlargement.

As you can see, by the picture, the convernosum of the penis is very sponge like and contains many pockets. This is the area of the penis that fills with blood when we get an erection. The girth (an some length) of an adult penis is determined by how much tissue you have and how much blood you are able to get into this tissue. The mechanics are simple but when we consider manipulating these parts of the penis in efforts to make it larger, we need to understand a little more.

Just like any tissue in the body, the cavernosum is able to repair itself after a stressful encounter. Since these cells become larger and smaller as their main function then this repair process is already in action every-time you get an erection. Penis enlargement capitalizes on the natural function of this expansion by forcing the penis to take in more blood for a longer period. Sort of like making your erection, slightly bigger, for extended periods. This action will force new cell growth as the temporary manipulation has become habitual. With girth exercises, ones immediate goal is to expand the erectile tissue at a expanded size (to normal) for a extended amount of time. This, done over time, does change the penile girth permanently. The amount of girth possible is still unknown but I have added 2" in girth myself.

Length is very easy to understand. I like to look at this like I would ears and lips. We have seen people making their ears bigger, with piercing and lip augmentation has been happening since tribal periods into todays popular culture. Changing the length of fleshy areas of our body has always been very easy. The penis, I have found, along with 1000's of other men, is very easy to stretch. I have stretched mine 4" longer than it was when I started.

All of this length advancements in penis size have been because we have studied two specific parts of the penis and most of our efforts have been spent here. The ligaments and the tunica. Since the ligaments secure the penis to the pelvic bone, it makes sense that we would want to 1)Lengthen this ligaments and 2.) increase the strength of them (for harder, more rigid erections) The tunica, surrounding the entire penis, is another major area of intense focus and innovation, in exercise. Check my forums at and look at some of the threads on tunica, ligaments, LOT theory and Length Exercise, a wealth of information is on file.

By focusing on lengthening and expanding the penis in these very specialized and specific areas a simplicity of exercise for enlargement was available.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Natural Penis Enlargement Thoughts and Future darts

Penis Enlargement is filled with half truths and false promises. The biggest, confirmed, gainer in penis enlargement has been myself, to date. I have gained 4" in length and 2" in girth and I think my example differs from average so much because of my complete dedication to the art. Many men will not have this luxury and will only have a limited amount of time to invest in this sport.

I spent hours a day in research and time investments into exercise. I am often questioned if this was critical in my gains and for a while I believed time was critical. Today I realize I invested allot of time into portions of penis enlargement that did not produce any real gains, this could account for even 1/2 my time in the beginning which exceeded 4 hours a day. I do believe this time necessary in the contributions I have made to natural penis enlargement. Trial and error is something I live by and it is the same method of many famous inventors. I hope that my experience will benefit you with the luxury of a penis enlargement routine that is used wisely and fairs the fastest possible gains.

On average most men see about an 1" in length in the first 6 months, when following my program completely. This does see an increase or decrease depending on the individual, users comprehension and effort put in (including their own unique innovations into their own routine and exercises used.) Girth is more unreported or not followed as closely as length. I think that most men are concerned with a longer measurement than a thicker one, with some exceptions of corse. Most men enjoy saying "I have 9"" more than those saying "I have 6.5" of girth". This is a masculine concern for the most part as many woman enjoy a thicker penis with average length (5.5") than that of a longer, less girthy penis. This, of corse, is in the sexual circles as women, just like men, are very impressed by the visual sight of a long penis.

My girth gain, over the first 6 months, was about 1/2". I also had a increase in veins visible when erect. I think sex improved for us over the first 6 months too as we seemed to have a big increase soon after I started penis enlargement.

After I reached 9" in my 18th month, I started to focus very heavily on girth and through this determination I added another 1" of girth and invented dozens of new innovation in girth exercise. Some of the exercises I developed are available at my free forum at Look up, in the search window, DLD GIRTH BUSTERS, DLD SLOW SQUASH JELQ and DLD BENDS. These exercises made expanded girth possible in a faster time. These all were the result of trial and error in keeping notes and applications, and with this study, the development of these exercises was possible, and proven techniques to faster girth became available to the internet.

Soon after this time I reached my max measured size of 10.5" x 6.5", truly an amazing feat as I started with a 6.5" x 4.75" penis. Sadly, today, Jen, my girlfriend during the entire creation of my version of penis enlargement, is gone. This is a sort of bittersweet victory for me as now, that I have, what I believe to be an almost perfect penis, the woman I love is not with me. This gave me great room for introspection on penis enlargement and what it means to me. The last note my beautiful Jen, left me was one that read
"I hate Penis Enlargement"
"I hate Penis"
I hate the internet"
and I have not seen her since, 9 months. This did effect me for a while in the sense that I believed the relationship failed because of penis enlargement. This soon left me with thoughts that maybe I should give it up. To many this would seem like a simple thing to do but I am very established in this underworld called penis enlargement. I am the single face, recognizable by the public, representing the possibilities of natural penis enlargement. Giving up this persona of DLD and doublelongdaddy, my monikers online to my real name, Mike Salvini. A fame that has led to my current position in penis enlargement, to become very rich in my creations and endorsement in the massively growing underground sexual revolution in personal attainment of a larger penis. A growth too big to describe with words. On many evening I have pondered letting it all go, just pushing delete and see if this would change Jens mind and bring her home but then I realize just how important I am to so many that need me. This, in itself, would be a sin as so many need to know and benefit from this information. Not to mention, a future fortune, for the dues I have paid and expect to be paid back. This number is in the millions as the empire, still in its creation, now includes the worlds first and only DVD on natural penis enlargement:
A online, membership site:

The Power Assist, a infamous wrench for lengthening this penis. Something that is very logical and true as I used it myself to make incredible length gains and developments of exercises all available here:
The Power Assist has become a huge part of the BLOG world too, being translated and talked about for months now. When you get a chance do a search on some of these, quite amusing but the reality of the "stick with a rope" is it works and it does what it promises, increases exercise intensity by up to 200%. And why wouldn't it work, it is a simple machine, a human tool, essentially, used to increase torque through simp[le application. If one believes that natural penis enlargement is possible then he needs to embrace the mechanics of simple tool assistance in his plight.

We have seen a increase in orders for this "tool" too and it has been on auction at ebay, officially making it a cult followed, collectable...we are immortal:)

I also stand to lose proceeds from numerous articles and interviews floating around the net on me, with each interview comes an influx of website activity which increases site revenues. Strangely enough, most of the money I would make from my website, have been frozen since Jen left me, 9 months ago. Frozen in clerical errors that need verification. A huge task when you consider the activity increase over the past 9 months. Over this time I have appeared in countless web magazines, on television, on the news stand and quite recently being added to the PLAYBOY permanent catalog:

These efforts will soon be followed by the newest venture for Matters of Size, a national (worldwide) commercial featuring the MOS DVD and supplemental, in a package that rivals all the competition. Something we can and are willing to do, as we have never put profits before people. We are used to poverty:)

But from the above you can see there would be great financial loss and future cauterization of potential profits. Giving up penis enlargement is much more difficult than stopping exercise. In Jennifer's departure I believe she said some things in spite and anger that she did not mean. I believe she did, however, mean she hated my complete obsession with the penis and this is where ALPHA+BLADE provided a new obsession with personal improvement was born and has grown to the proportions it has over the past 9 months. Quite an accomplishment. I know she realizes how important this information is to the public as long as they are taught mental boundaries and limits to the importance of their penis. This, in my life, demanded the development of ALPHA+BLADE a place men are taught that they can get a bigger penis but that this is not the only impotant improvement men have to make.

With all the self improvements sites online this is a big undertaking....something my public forums tell me today. ALPHA+BLADE thus far has proven that through natural methods one can change his penis size and lose a tremendous amount of weight and make a massive increase in muscle but still there was more work to be done. Weight loss came easy, far easier than penis enlargement. During this quest I had remembered some parts of female sexuality I have made some advancements in too. I found ways of increasing breast size,, as I had been messing with these concoctions for months while Jen was with me. We had also messed around with some real, permanent change in clitoris size. SOmething Jen was able to increase her clitoral size by up to a 1/2". We toyed with a site but penis enlargement kind of blew up for me. ALPHA+BLADE had already had a unisex feel to it with the weight loss so I began thinking about offering a female sexuality portion to it, showing woman, much like matters of size, how to increase breast and clit size through exercise and herbs. I also plan on including forum and I.M./site connection between males and females once ALPHA+BLADE is open. I believe an interaction will only help balance men and woman as they experience these life changing miracles. Maybe even get a some guys and girls together.

I have always believed that my relationship with Jen, when it was good, was based on sexual balance even amiss the miracles of penis, breast and clit change. This may sound funny to some but when one finds out they can change their sexual organs it instills a powerful feeling which can through things out of balance. The improvement of the total self is what we should be striving towards teaching an equal importance in our sexual, physical and emotional state. This sounds complex but it really is only teaching one to seek change in all parts of their life but breaking all down to mind, body, soul and sex. When I view these 4 categories I see simple yet powerful techniques that will improve every persons life. I have always had a knack for showing these things, on film or in person, so just like Matters of Size, ALPHA+BLADE will convey these methods. I also hope it will resolve any unbalance that had happened during the decline of my relationship with Jen. I have always found an admiration for artist that include their personal struggles and successes in their work. Passion has always been the fastest method to the creation something of revolution. I have always used my personal struggles to fuel my drive to create.

Just like every part of my life it has always been a fine line of safety and danger, pushing the limits, seeing how long I could last, learn from it and develop and create. If I am not fueled I can't create. But when I feel juiced I can make so much happen, no matter what I am into. My struggles with my future lay so much in losing Jen and if I could only get her to come back.

Over the last nine months, my advancements in Penis Enlargement have far superseded anything I have created with any one of my phases at MOS. As much of ALPHA+BLADE is, the penis enlargement portion is based on dyslexia and my abilities to make gains possible through a sort of backwards way of thinking. Very cutting edge stuff when you consider how many exercises are now available in the penis enlargement world. It seems like additions to the "new" exercise list would have stopped years ago but I was able to create yet another addition to the Penis ENlargement world in the ALPHA+BLADE Penis Enlargement section of the site (upcoming)

Since my continued penis growth is solely based on the new ALPHA+BLADE program I will be able to make new conclusions in a whole other area of men's sexual health and allow this all to cross over to a female perspective in their own participation in changing their bodies to become sexual dynamos. I will also be pushing the other important portions of ALPHA+BLADE through the inclusion to the weight loss, holistic offerings, exercise libraries, forums, product line, and education time investments. As in anything one does in life he truly wishes it not to be in vane.

I recently found a note from Jen, one left before her departure, and it said a few things that made me believe she some how knew all this would can be so hopeful with delusion. One line read, "Did you really need this apple? Adam?" Something I found to be deeply moving. It went on to ask me to make a choice between AB or something else. Unfortunately much of this note became blurred as water spilled on it. One thing it read clearly was "I Believe In You" with an arrow that pointed to a blank space on the paper. For an artistic mind like my own I can bounce variables all day long on this note. With something, most men would toss away, I have spent hours pondering the unknowns and what-ifs. Something many would call a waste of time and a delusional state but I believe so much is born from the pain we endure, our methods to get through it and the dreams, real or not, that keep us motivated to moving yet another step further.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

What is Natural Penis Enlargement: The myths and realities

What is Natural Penis Enlargement and What Can I Expect?

It seems like, thanks to the internet, there is a cure or remedy for anything. All one needs to do is start a search in one of the search engines and thousands of potentials bits and pieces of your next conquest become available for immediate exploration. When someone first thinks about changing his penis size the internet is one of the only options to find information. Since information sometimes comes at a price there is a massive amount of information that may or may not be free.

Penis Enlargement brings both pornographers and doctors together in a frenzy to collect as much money from the perspective buyers as they can, at least until internet laws change. When I got into penis enlargement I went about it in much the same way. I knew I could not go to my local library so I started a google search. With millions of returns I tried to specialize my search to more pertinent results. In a sea of pills and potions I was determined to find real, concrete, advice on natural means. This particularly interested me because I had read a few small pieces about Arabic Jelq and Stretch where ancient men used to teach exercises to their sons as they entered adult hood. These exercises taught the child how to make his penis longer and thicker, a practice taught to increase the manliness of the child entering manhood. I read that some of these young men would reach lengths of up to 10" by the time they were 13. I was intrigued, to say the least.

I found one page, amidst the millions I went through, that gave directions to exercise and a no-nonsense, approach to explaining penis enlargement. One that led me to believe that maybe there was some validity to this. He said how one could gain inches (up to 4) in the first year and get thickness beyond belief. I passed much of this off to bullshit but he also described how jelqing would increase blood flow and benefit in harder erections. This part did make sense and I decided to try his instructions.

He also said, "if this does not work for you then you are not doing it right or hard enough, so don't ask for a refund if you are a lazy fuck." That made me believe even more, I guess it just sounded very "human".

I did allot of research as I got involved in natural penis enlargement and experienced allot of falsehoods, lost leaders, myths, and the like, but I have also stumbled on some amazing truths and very real information that can be used to create the perfect least something closer.

I found that harder erections were available almost immediately after starting my penis enlargement program. The combination of jelqing and kegels seemed to give me an immediate increase in how much blood I could hold in my penis and for how long. Simply brilliant. I also felt as though there was a very quick increase in my girth thanks to the increased blood flow.

Although I had little confidence in the stretching information I got curious and found myself pulling on my penis. The very first time I did it I remember being a little apprehensive but still curious. I began slowly and started tugging. Quickly I found myself applying force and realizing that maybe I could safely apply enough force to make this work. I remember feeling excited at the possibilities but also still having reservations. One thing that did kick in was my o.c.d. (obsessive compulsive disorder) and I did the program 100%. After the first few sessions I had already began making modifications and having enough belief to keep going. It was somewhere in the 12-16 week point that I measured my penis and I was amazed at the reading. I knew my beginning measurement as weeks earlier my girlfriend and I measured my penis and with the ruler pushed right against my pubic bone, right to the tip of my boner was 6.5". The reading I was seeing now was 8" or close to it. Something was pleasantly fucked up. I remember measuring a few more times, smiling and thinking how I could not wait to see my girlfriend, Jennifer.

I had remembered sex the night before being unusually good and that started to play on my excitement too. An awkward moment happened the night before to where Jen asked me about my penis size. I had not told her what I was doing yet and the secret was getting to me. I knew she was noticing something but now I knew the miracle exercises were really working. How was I going to tell her? I remember picking her up at her job and at a red light just spitting it out. I told her about the exercises, the new measurement, the entire deal, right on the table.

My gains seemed to go into hyper speed after I told Jen too. I think having an involved, sexual partner pulling for you to make your penis bigger while giving you a recognition every time she thinks it gets bigger, is a very big motivational factor. I remember Jennifer participating in many of my penis enlargement sessions where she would help pull, take a picture or even provide the sexual entertainment while I was training. Such a cool thing to have working for you in motivation, a understanding partner. I think it was the pure excitement of Jen and my reaction to the results of penis enlargement, in every part of our lives, is the thing that spawned Matters of Size.

Matters of Size is my company on the web that provides penis enlargement information and products showing the public how to do what I did, make their penis massive. This is quite a business too as I operate a free forum where men and woman come together to discuss their progress and/or experiences with natural penis enlargement. Being the underdogs, for so long, Natural Penis Enlargement has sparked a recent interest by popular media which has increased the public awareness about our art and the further growth of the entire movement. Since I have dedicated so much of my life to the spread of this awareness, I am a popular story on blogs and web sites. I have also done interviews in magazines, radio and TV which also allows the further education of a world confused by the multitude of dishonest businesses and false advertisements.

I think my success is so great in this business because of my dedication to be available to my clients, on a personal basis, and consult them on their progress. I have also remained available, in face, to a world most men would prefer to remain hidden. This gives the press a story as entertainment is visually compelled. I am not concerned how men find out as long as they do.

Politically, natural penis enlargement is in a good position and my hopes are that it will receive an equal acceptance than that of breast enlargement which receives a great deal of respect in the medical and public fields. It has been all about longevity and tenacity, but in this battle the very information you are reading is still available and updated.

Basically, when I found out that penis enlargement worked, that my girlfriend accepted it, and there were thousands of men, uneducated but curious about the possibilities, I made this my life work. Many of the myths of natural penis enlargement are really not myths at all. They are very real stories, verifiable as seen in recent magazine and television documentaries, and in public internet forums, like a place where thousands of men exchange these ideas on penis enlargement.

When I first got involved there were no real super, incredible stories within the penis enlargement underworld. Gains were rather typical for the time. Most men saw 1/2" in a couple of years. This seemed rather mundane and unexciting to me. Luckily I found my own success before I found these forums. This timing allowed me to show allot of men there are faster, more powerful ways to do penis enlargement. This became and is still becoming quite a phenomenon as new men, every day find out about these methods and make otherwise, unavailable gains in penis size.

There is a massive science to penis enlargement too...physically and mentally. A branch in medical science that grows everyday. In these online forums, on the internet, there is a constant exchange of information about what methods are best and what results one can expect. In many cases men are willing to post pictures and video of their penis proving their gains or showing their exercises. I have a Penis Enlargement DVD, the world's only penis enlargement program in digital format. This was quite an undertaking as the DVD costed thousands of dollars to create and make into a format that was compressive, somewhat entertaining but mainly personal, in a very masculine situation, man to man. I have always found ease in relaying information, in sexual form, to other men. I am not gay or bisexual, but I have a gift to separate the uncomfortable portion of this manly exchange and get the information through. There is a real need for trust and understanding in this process and men enjoy a personal exchange. The Matters of Size DVD does this seamlessly.

Penis Enlargement has grown exponentially over the past 5 years. There have been too many advancements to write in one article. I only want to explain what natural Penis Enlargement is and what people have experienced in this physical art-form. I have created 100's of my own exercises and routines which are all available at the main site.

I have met 100's of men who have backed their claims of increased penis size with actual pictures and video. Within some of the online forum on natural penis enlargement you will find a proof section where this is a common practice, exchanging picture proof. I have seen gains, too much like my own to believe anything other than that penis enlargement is very real and possible for anyone. If it were only me, maybe but there are too many that have too seen results to call this a fluke. These numbers climb everyday as new men keep getting involved on some level.

I have gained more size than most and I think this is because of my innovations to the art-form. I feel I have spent more time researching and practicing this art form than any one else and my fortune in people that help me get this message out is incredible. This keeps Matters of Size at the front of the pack in a vicious internet world of competition.

Penis Enlargement Pills have been around a while too and for good reason. They have begun to work for men. This is a strange thing to say but here is the reason. Exercise has increased in awareness and now the pills have crossed paths with their supplemental counterpart and this combination has helped men make faster gains. This has given a new validity to penis enlargement pills as a supplement to exercise. This is commonly evident with many of the pill manufacturers that include a pamphlet on basic penis enlargement exercise and tell the client to do it in addition to the pills. Now there is a market for a pills that was otherwise useless.

There is some more extreme places one may stumble in the pursuit of information on penis enlargement. Pumping the penis seems to cross over into this territory with extreme pumpers. These guys will over pump their penis to cause over retention of fluid to give enormous over-swellings. Pumping the penis only give temporary results so I have never explored this avenue for penis enlargement. I do know many of my clients supplement their penis enlargement program with pumping with very good results.

My site also carries an extender device called the VIMAX Extender. This is what is called an A.D.S., in the forum world, meaning 'all day stretch' as many men where these devices under their clothes for the entire day. I have never exclusively done testing only with a extender but I do know the addition of the VIMAX has allowed me to supplement my natural penis enlargement program, helping me remain in an extended period throughout the day...helping cement gains.

Pills are as stated above, a valuable source of supplementation to blood flow, which directly benefits a penis enlargement program because of the importance of blood flow to penis enlargement. One does not need these supplements as I did not take them until years into my progress but today, they do aid in my progress and benefit my natural penis enlargement program.

You will find more myths in pornography than you will in natural penis enlargement. Some men will brag beyond their measurements but this is generally innocent and the integrity of the sport is never in jeopardy. Natural penis enlargement is real and does work. Making it work is up to you.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Stretching The Penis for Natural Length Enlargement

Upon a search in GOOGLE on gaining penis length one would be met with thousands of searches found on pills, pumps, creams and equipment. If you spend enough time researching your results you may run into natural penis enlargement, the underdog in the search process but the single best way to make your penis longer.

I added about 4" from manual stretching in a 4 years period. My name is Mike Salvini, better known as doublelongdaddy or DLD for short but in my case the only thing about me that is short is the name DLD. I stumbled on natural penis enlargement about 7 years ago and one of the 2 exercises I found for enlarging my penis was stretching (the other being jelq) both had a root origin in Arabic origin and not too many guys knew about them. Today, the audience participating in natural penis enlargement has grown exponentially thanks to the internet and the fast and personal exchange of information, even information with such a delicate personal origin as penis enlargement. The faceless safety of the www allows men to freely exchange these secrets to one another and the trend has grown with a unbelievable speed over my time in the business.

Today one can enjoy the education of online forums, ones like where men and some woman exchange innovations and results in this ancient practice of manual penis enlargement. Since the time I found 2 exercises available online to the present day I have seen thousands of new men and an equal amount of advancements and innovation in penis enlargement. Stretching has played an important role in this growth and has seen literally 1000's of slight modifications and changes spawning faster, more efficient ways of making our dicks longer.

Before I get into what the basic stretch is and how you perform it I feel it important to warn you of potential dangers and the type of results and changes you will experience. One should not get overzealous as this may result in injury and stagnate your progress in getting a longer penis. If you are too severe in your movements a torn suspensory ligament can result. This injury could result in permanent damage with weeks off, sexually, being the smallest result. This injury is, however, very rare. In my time doing penis enlargement I have only met one person who sustained this injury and I think it was the result of sex and not PE. Stretch mark are also a concern cosmetically and pain-wise. Cosmetically they appear as tiny (1/32nd" or smaller) white lines found at the points of stress. Not everyone will experience this and when it does happen there are remedies to it's arrival. I personally have a very unique stretch-mark on the underbelly of my penis, approximately 4" long, the length of my gains in length, that runs from the connection point of my scrotum to the shaft, and up to about the middle of my penis. This has been a fascination to magazine and TV interviewers as it is physical, odd, proof of my gains. I offer it as evidence every chance I get. Broken blood vessels also happen, mainly to beginners, and always clear up within 24 hours.

I feel all of these side effects are worth the risk, especially when I consider the prize. Some of the expectations in the positive column are a longer penis. This usually comes within the first few weeks showing up as a bone-pressed, flaccid-stretched measurement. (see measuring the penis) The reason this happens is erectile gains also depend on the manipulation and expansion of the corpus cavernousum to reflect the new flaccid gains.

Permanent, erect gains will be seen within a month if you are participating in a program that combines jelqing with stretching and attacking it with a dedicated, intensity. This is not easy and it does take time and dedication. If you want a bigger dick you need to work for it. If you are not willing to do this, call it quits now. My penis is as long, thick and hard as a lead pipe and this was the result of hard-work and dedication. Was it worth it? Of course, especially when you consider the millions of men who are now interested in penis enlargement.

Other benefits to stretching will be a greater reach in depth when having sex which will result in a massive increase in excitement to your partner. I also found that when I reached the 8.5" mark I was able to make my girlfriend have a multiple orgasm, complete with ejaculation. You can read more on Female Ejaculation (the cul de sak) on my free forums at But I can tell you that sex on anything but a water-proof surface became the only alternative to a lengthly clean up. My girl would start cuming only seconds after insert and she would reach massive cliamaxes 5-7 times, every time.

The benefit, visually, are obvious. Whether you are in the locker room or the bedroom, all eyes will be on you and your long cock. People, wether they are men or woman, intimate or not, are all visually fascinated with a large penis. It is some kind of inherent, quality but "the big dick" is such an infatuation across cultures and time.

Your pants will fill out more, in the crotch area, which is not only a confidence boost in the mirror, but also in public. The psychological impact of first realizing a bigger penis is possible but also that you have actually done it, long after natural growth stopped, is sobering. You can't help but walk with pride. It is one of the most valuable art-forms for a man to embrace and learn...penis enlargement.

The most basic of routines one can start is my newbie routine. In this routine you will see more than basic stretching. I recommend you research all portions of the routine before starting.


Basic Stretching: 3 Sets of each stretch below
Behind The Cheeks to the Left: 30-seconds
Behind The Cheeks to the Center: 30-seconds
Behind The Cheeks to the Right: 30-seconds

Straight Down to the Left: 30-seconds
Straight Down to the Center: 30-seconds
Straight Down to the Right: 30-seconds
Straight Down Rotary Stretches: 25-Cranks

Straight Out to the Left: 30-seconds
Straight Out to the Center: 30-seconds
Straight Out to the Right: 30-seconds
Straight Out Rotary Stretches: 25-Cranks

Straight Up to the Left: 30-seconds
Straight Up to the Center: 30-seconds
Straight Up to the Right: 30-seconds
Straight Up Rotary Stretches: 25-Cranks

Basic Jelqing

For First 2 weeks - 300 2 Second Jelqs

after 2 weeks - 600 2 Second Jelqs

After Jelq: Warm Down

PC Muscle Fitness

100 quick Kegel squeezes

50 of the following:
Squeeze your PC muscle as hard as you can, hold for 5 seconds then slowly release for 2 seconds. When you have finished the 50 your PC muscle will be screaming. This is a good sign. Now to finish the exercise start squeezing and hold for 1 minute, if you get tired squeeze harder until the minute is complete.

Testicle Health Massage



A very important part of your program will be the Warm-up and Warm-Down. During this process you will be preparing your penis for exercise. It is important to warm up in order to loosen the ligaments and increase good blood flow. There are many different ways to accomplish this here are a few:

Heating Pad: A conventional heating pad works very well for warm-up. You can pick one up for under $14.00 and they create the perfect heating supply for warm-up. Wrap your penis in the heating pad, plug it in, set a comfortable temperature and relax for 10-15 minutes.

Hot Wrap: A hot wrap is a quicker, less expensive way to warm-up. With a standard washcloth fill you sink or tub with hot water. Soak washcloth until hot and wrap penis. Re-soak rag as it cools. This process should be done for about 5 minutes.

Oil rub Warm-up: With some basic baby oil heat in hot water or microwave very quickly (making sure it is not burning hot) when desired heat is reached work this oil into your penis in a deep massage. This massage should last 5 minutes.

Hot Tub, Shower or Bath: A warm-up can also be done in one of the previously mentioned places. If time allows a nice 10 minute soak really loosens things up and prepares you for exercise.

Basic Stretching
After your warm-up in a seated position prepare yourself for your stretching routine. With an ample supply of Baby powder on you hands grip your penis just below the head. Go easy at first and over your first week, as you become comfortable, increase the stretching strength to 100%.

Basic Jelqing
With desired lubricant (I highly recommend Vaseline) cover hands and penis completely. At this point you will want to have about an 80% erection (semi-soft) Now in a seated position with your palm down grip your penis with the standard OK sign grip. Gripping your penis at the extreme base and a tight grip, force the blood from the very base up to right below the head in a sliding motion. When your first hand reaches the bottom of your head the second hand begins the same movement. This is a strange movement at first but over a few sessions it will become second nature. With each passing day increase the intensity ever so slightly. The goal of basic jelqing is too enlarge girth, add length and improve general penile health.

PC Muscle Fitness/Kegels
This is an important part of your workout.
This routine can be done anywhere. The benefits of doing these are a huge part of your growth process. A mature, developed PC muscle will be paramount to future gains and penile health.

What is a kegel?
A kegel is the name of a pelvic floor exercise, named after Dr. Kegel who discovered the exercise. These muscles are attached to the pelvic bone and act like a hammock, holding in your pelvic organs. To feel this muscle movement simply stop and start the flow of urine. This isolation of the PC muscle is a kegel.

Why would I want to do kegel exercises?

• Stronger Erections
• Longer Erections due to blood hold capacity
• Larger head size
• Further ejaculatory Distance
• Sexual enjoyment is enhanced for both partners
• It can prevent prolapsed of pelvic organs
• It can help prevent leaking urine when you sneeze or cough

Testicle Health
Testicle Health Stretch will help your penis to hang lower in flaccid state. It will also increase blood flow to your testicles and aid in sperm count. This routine should take no longer than 5 minutes but the benefits are many.

With favorite lotion grab your scrotum just above your testicles. Now in a rubbing motion massage each testy for 30 seconds rubbing between your fingers in a gentle but firm movement. Now massage all the fluid around your testicles for 60 seconds. At this point your scrotum should be very relaxed. Finally lightly stretch your scrotum downward while the other hand pulls your penis upward. Do 60 of these. This is a very quick routine but the benefits are great. This will also aid you in any kind of early warning signs of testicular problems.

I have always trained 7 days on no days off. I think this type of schedule promotes a more habitual program. For me days off can quickly turn into weeks off so it is better for me to be a daily trainer. I also believe that the penis only needs 24 hours of recovery before it is trained again. Some guys either do not have the time for this or it may be too difficult at first. In this case I recommend deducting one day at a time until the perfect routine is created. i.e. 6 on 1 off, 5 on 2 off.

Lets take a closer look and get a better understanding of each of these movements:

Behind The Cheeks
This is when you, in a standing position, reach back , behind your legs and reach through, grab your flaccid penis just below the head and stretch it through and up your back. Although the name says "between the cheeks" this is only one of the many angles one can stretch the penis from behind. Hold each stretch for 30 to 60 seconds. For those with extra time to invest, while in a seated position, look up LAZY ASS STRETCHING, in the free forums at This stretch is a behind the cheeks movement that allows the user to stretch the penis without hands for extended time periods, while sitting.

So start pulling those cock back, through and up and learn one of the most powerful penis stretches, the "Behind the Cheeks" You can also subscribe to my site at to gain access to all of these exercises, and hundreds more, on clear, downloadable video.

Straight Down
This can be done standing, sitting or even laying down. It is basically performed like this, the standing position being used in this example: Stand up and grasp your flaccid penis just below the head and stretch downward, towards the floor, holding each stretch for 30 to 60 seconds.

I always visualize this movement with a repetitive thought of my penis touch the ground, or my knee or foot but the message is that I am visualizing myself do the impossible which facilitates the possible...being up to 4", world record held by me. When I touch on visualization some get scared as this is a purely meta-pysical action. There is no proof that visualizing your penis touching the ground will give you 4", but there is evidence of me who with visualization and a few other physical components made this happen. Now, one could say it was purely physical but there are thousands of other men doing just what I do with results that pale to my own and the only difference has consistently been my abilities to visualize my future goal.

My advice to everyone is to put the tracing paper on my timeline in PE and repeat and even make it better. With any sport in life, the leaders are watched and imitates by those who are serious about their game. The same thing applies her, in penis enlargement, watch the ones making the best gains and learn from them, not leaving any stone unturned. I guess it is about those willing to invest that much mental time into a bigger dick. This sport is not for everyone, the very reason why the average size will never change, much. The men who do accomplish a bigger penis are the ones who were determined. The guys who stuck it out and remained active are the ones who have the mighty 8, 9 and 10 inches, and these numbers are very small in population. This is why we are the few, the proud, the possessors of the Mighty, Super Human Phallus.

Straight Out
This movement is identical to the one above with the exception of the angle of stretch. In this case, if standing, you will grab your penis, just below the head, and stretch away from your body (outward) This, being another angle of attack, is important to finding uncharted gains in ligament potential. This ligaments, being at the base of you penis, are similar to other ligaments in the body, and can be stretched at various angle. The importance of this range of motion is that parts of this bundle may be closer to the bone or thicker in diameter, since the penile ligaments are 3 in total, this equation quickly grows. I have always found it best to hit all angles with intensity as one of these angles may have more potential than the next. Cover all you bases.

Straight Up
This movement is identical to the one above with the exception of the angle of stretch. In this case, if standing, you will grab your penis, just below the head, and stretch up, towards your chin. I like to reverse my grip on this movement and vary the fingers that are gripping the actual penis. Grip of penis can be done in multiple position. The OK grip is when you make the "OK" sign, encircling your penis and squeeze down, in order to apply some exertion. The OK Grip can be converted to the Fist Grip, where all the fingers grab the penis. This grip is for those with enough penis to grab, fist-width. Both of these grips can be done foward or reverse by simply turning the hand over. Practice them and find position that work best for you. Intensity and a non-slip grip are important so study these hard.

In order to limit slippage, something that happens when we try to add intensity to our stretch, one can use one of these methods.

1) Baby Powder. This had worked miracles for me. Sweat or moisture in eliminated with a healthy douse of baby powder. I have never experimented with other powders than baby powder but there may be finer and courser varieties. Experiment and find your favorite.

I have also found that a tiny amount of water helps in some grip cases, when added to the baby powder.

2.) Surgical Gloves. These are available at any, local, home medical supply store. There are latex and rubber varities. SOme come with a light powder while others seem to have a light lubricant. Again, experiment with this. Finding the perfect grip is imperative to a successful penis enlargement goal.

I personally do not like this method as it does not allow a skin to skin grip, something I have always enjoyed.

3.) Golf and Batters Gloves. These gloves can be found in the gym, sporting goods store or local golf store. Although they are expensive, many swear by the leather grip surface. I have also found that many brands have grip imprints, which may even increase your grip when used in penis enlargement stretching.

I hope this helps you with your stretching ventures. Read and See more here daily or at my free forums at

Friday, February 17, 2006

Jelqing Basics and Advancements

One of the first exercises men are introduced to in Penis Enlargement is the Jelq. Along with basic stretching this exercise is vital to the foundation of any solid penis enlargement program. When I first got into penis enlargement jelqing was one of the few penis enlargement exercises available. I remember one video floating around the web on jelqing and the man in the video was as intimidating as the exercise itself. He had an enormously huge penis and the exercise, jelqing, looked like some over exaggerated jerking off.

Sone after mastering the jelq I saw the incredible benefits, to girth, that the exercise had to offer. After only a few successful sessions I was noticing a big improvement in my penis girth and the strength of my erections. It also offered other benefits in the bedroom with my ability to last much longer than I ever could.

Before I get into the description of this exercise let me warn you of some of the expected results of this exercise. On the positive side you will gain length and girth using the jelq. In addition you will see an increase in the vascular look of your penis meaning an increase in veins.

Glan or head girth will also increase. Many men who have never been able to get a full, blood filled, head note that there is a extreme increase here. With the benefits come some risks one may experience including thromboses, veins that become clogged and sometimes painful. This condition is common to those who attack jelqing with too much or too frequent effort. The best way to get into a solid, intense, gain inducing program is to learn and master the jelq with plenty of discretion.

There are two styles to the basic jelq being wet and dry jelqing.

Wet jelqing involves a lubricant, most prefer vaseline but other choices may fair better for you. Basically, after getting a semi-erection, you will apply about 2 tablespoons of the lubricant to your penis, cover your skin thoroughly and begin the first stroke. The strokes of jelqing are done with both hands in a repetitive succession. Starting with your right hand begin milking your penis with the forefinger and thumb in a sort of compression, slow, control jeking off movement. Strating at your extreme base grip the penis, encircling it between your fingers and slowly force the blood from the base to the tip, being sure to keep all blood moving upward. When you reach the top of the first stroke begin the next with the left hand, imitating the first movement. Keep this stroke going in a continuous motion for 15 to 30 minutes. Intensity should be progressive and expansion will be seen within the first session.

Dry Jelqing is basically the same as wet with the exception of a lubricant. It is a more difficult movement to master and skin irritation may be a deterrent but once you master it's movement girth is a snap.

It is normal for a temporary increase in girth before we see any permanence. It took me approximately 2 months to see a permanent gain but after 6 years practicing this art I have seen about 2" increase in girth.

Jeling is only the first exercise in a long line of variations and specialized isolated versions of the original. Names like Uli, Busters, Bends and others (falling into the hundreds) are all available once you master the basics. These more advanced versions of the jelq are meant to help the advanced Penis Enlargement enthusiast increase a maybe stagnant girth after months of using the basic jelq.

Many of these advanced versions are available on my free forums at but a simple search, in google, on the name "jelq" will give you years of reading material. All the reading in the world will not increase your penis size so start a program today! With all the innovations and perfections that have been made in penis enlargement there is no reason for any man, who wants to increase his penis size for free, should not begin.

Manual penis enlargements is quickly becoming the only acceptable method of penis augmentation. WIth other options, being surgery, which promises only a fraction of an inch to it's clients, who pay thousands of dollars, jelqing and other fors of penis enlargement have become hugely accepted as many will experience up to a 2" gain while some, like myself make 4"+ gains.

It may sound fantastic and it is, but don't allow the miracle of this reality scare you off. Begin jelqing today and see changes of a miraculous proportion tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sneak-peek ALPHA+MIND


Depression is a state of the past, or should I say living in the past. When depression comes on is starts as a event with an outcome unsettling with us. Whether it be a break-up in a relationship, moving to a new house, physical illness, or even a change in body chemistry. The event occurs and our mental reaction, as human beings, can sometimes be more powerful than that of what we would have chosen to happen.

For instance, anyone who has ever experienced a break-up can more than likely relate to the feeling that we would rather not go through pain than go through is. This is only human. We will invariably always chose pleasure over pain. Unfortunately there is a stronger chemistry that seems to take over and make the pleasure seemingly impossible.

So what ensues after depression takes hold is almost text book in most cases. Denial, Depression, Anger, Acceptance are the four phases most human run through before they get their lives back online but the time it takes can be amazing.

Looking at each step of becoming normal again we can break them down and see just what each one means. Denial is a state of mind that is laced with magical thinking, temporary, what some would call, split-personality disorder, due to the extensive conversations we have with ourselves in our own head (sometimes allowed, particularly in my case). Extensive rituals around time, dates, numbers, places, things and memories. A bargaining line of thought where we believe if we only accomplish a few monumental tasks we will change everything bad that has happened. A obsessive, embracing of religious beliefs, obsessive checking of phone logs, emails, mailboxes and any other place that a clue or message may lurk. And this is only a short list of masked denials but still we embrace them with as much belief as we do modern science and in some cases we even produce positive results, strengthening the "magical" belief further. I think, somehow, this is why we take so many new qualities, understandings, methods and techniques from the stages of depression.

I know that one delusional dream I had during a depressive state in my life not only proved to be "real" but in my case life changing and worldly-famous, being Matters of Size, my program for men's sexual health. During a stage of my life where I had just gone through a break-up and I was rebounded into a new relationship I discovered the underworld of penis enlargement on the internet. In my early stages of denial and finding this number laces, magical, under-world art-form I discover something that did work, with a miraculous result. My future completely changed for the better, after I got through the depression, as did the lives of millions of other men. So it is important to be aware that even though denial does have it's many delusional states, I think it does push our creative size to new mental levels, sometimes producing results far beyond our own comprehension.

When we finally get through the state of denial, and don't get this twisted you can bounce around in these states for a unknown amount of time, it all depends on your ability to embrace and follow this therapy, but when this period finally does end, permanently, depression sets. This state is filled with as much emotional instability as denial but it is one step closer to happiness.

Depression feels the same to most people in various intensities so when the though arrives that you are somehow unique in you mental anguish take comfort that someone else is and has gone through exactly what you are currently going through. Also realize that there are people who were feeling like yourself that are now happy than they ever were before.

Depression makes everyday life seem hard. For myself my day of depression is as follows; I waken, feeling like I wish I never woke but that though is soon replaced by I wish all this pain was a dream. I get out of bed and look for something to wear, a task that could take a long time and leave my room in complete disorder with clothes thrown everywhere. After finally looking in the mirror and feeling acceptably ugly I trudge down stairs to maybe shave my face (if I feel like it's worth it). All of this early morning depression is dotted with denial thoughts and wishful thinking. I will be looking in the mirror and my mind bounces into thinking "I wish I could go back in time" or some other irrational, magical thinking pattern. In short, the first 15 minutes of the day are mentally and physically arduous.

My job allows me a very large amount of freedom so I can either start work or not. Usually in a depressive state I opt for the latter. I som how force myself into the car and off for a coffee at the local Starbucks but this is tied in somehow to a magical belief this will change my life...who knows, maybe.

My ride is filled with twice as much smoking as usual, songs with "much more meaning than they ever did before" and thoughts that range from suicide to genocide. Again, the thoughts are occasionally interrupted by denial interjections like, "I remember the day we went to that restaurant, I wish I could go back to that exact day and change everything. Then my life would be perfect." As crazy as that sounds every one of us has thought or is now thinking just like this. God for bid one of you manages to actually go back in time and change everything, than we would have another Matters of Size on our hands. I am, currently studying quantum physics and time travel.

After I get a coffee I go through my rituals of fixing it and I may or may not stick around to smoke a cigarette, or 10 and talk to someone. I often wonder how apparent we are to other people when we are in this stage of depression and denial.[?] Even though I am talking my brain gets a rhythm going with a constant obsessive thought about my loss. Sick, really, but this is mental reality.

Eventually I make it home, to the ALPHA+BLADE studios and start work but I find that since my job mainly involves advice, I weave manipulations into every note I send to get the conversation to focus on whatever loss I experienced. The phone rings and I am convinced it is that magical phone call telling me this entire pain I am going through was a joke and my new life is waiting for me. I can do this for hours or minutes depending at how long I can avoid going to the bathroom or looking at my ex's pictures.
After a long day of work I manage to fall asleep with delusional dreams of changing past regrets.

I hate to say this but depression is usually, naturally busted like a bubble by a new relationship or the realization of whatever eventuality we desired. This, mentally, is the natural course of healing, if we wait it out. This is superseded by the small change we die, get murdered or reach a new dimension somehow. It could last only a second if we meet our "real" sole-mate immediately after break-up by rarity is a key word here. Understand though, the ALPHA+BLADE methods for depression relief are in no way natural so keep this in mind. Depression, if we use the waiting it out method, could last a lifetime and when it does we deprive ourselves of a multitude of pleasures and potentials.

The next phase, being anger, is sickening to those in earlier stages while it is pure bliss to those within it's realm. Again, everyone goes through what you are going through. It comes in small bursts at first. In one of my many cases I burned some pictures of my ex and emptied my hard-drive of every picture I ever had of her. This was many as we had a non-nude picture site going for about a year and I had thousands of sexy pictures. This night I soon regretted weeks later where I managed to get back my digital files thanks to my partners excellent back-up methods. But this is also evidence of how these stages will interchange during the healing process. We may start to see their true faults, ones we have submerged in denial for months but they soon emerge and we start to realize that the person we lost was not perfect. We start to see we were not the only one at fault. We start to get a renewed energy, unfamiliar to our current emotion state of depression. We may start cursing the cat, or the car, or GOD and eventually the actual person. Crazy as it sounds it is chemicals reacting to a very delicate mental and physical process.

We may start noticing that the changes we made in ourselves during the denial stages are actually beneficial in the future mate department. The over working which produced more money, the new obsessive hobby that turned into a side business, the radical weight loss that gave you this incredible body you have been hiding under baggy, unattractive clothes, and the list goes on. You may even start looking at people that are the complete opposite of the one you lost out of spite or anger.

This state is soon followed by acceptance but I want to also interject that this, in most cases, includes a replacement for whatever we have lost. Acceptance does not denote permanence as I have found that I have bounced back through all of these stages even years after the loss was replaced. Memory can sometimes be powerful and cause very real physical disabilities but this only proves my beliefs that the meta-physical is as physical as the science it challenges. Our minds have such potential to initiate development, create new change, survive hardship with tenacity and evolve to a higher state. These times of creativity usually stem from an emotional hardship. The most artistic music, moving literature, comprehensive math, engaging art or world changing invention is invariably born of pain and craving.

In our graduation to the acceptance realm of change we do receive new gifts, earned from a past hardship process, but non the less, a better person. This is in the "waiting it Out" method, when we apply the ALPHA KP-DEPRESSION ROUTINE, this process is execrated and what we take from the grieving is unbelievable.

I wanted to discuss every stage of the grieving process before we strategize my methods by changing this event in time and eventualities. First it is important to recognize that a depression is a sign of a recent grieving and that we indeed have lost something. Identify your loss and make the mental connection to your current pain. The most important 2 words here are opposites and motivation so the NIKE term, JUST DO IT! never had so much meaning. Motivation is a simple word to understand. We have a craving or desire that is greater than our current state and we are more willing than not to exert energy to work towards change. What stops us from initiating change? Balance, really. Our denial, depression, laziness or current emotional state out weighs I true desire to embrace a new, different, perhaps better, life.

Being on the cross-roads of change we sometimes need to push ourselves into the initiate phase. The sooner we do this, the faster time will seem normal again. Facts are, the odds of your magical dreams manifesting themselves and slim to none and if they do some how, CONGRATULATIONS! Send me your magical method and we will start a web-site and make millions. I crave my loss on levels far beyond what I ever could imagine but the future always proves to show that desire as a lost prophet, an empty bag that pales in comparison to your newest acquisition.

How do we force this process into initiation is quite simple. JUST DO IT! Well beyond this slogan lay a deeper root value to this two word phase, a desperation almost. Keeping with the magical thinking we experienced throughout the entire grieving process we need to tap into this magical state again and make a game around living in opposites for a while and seeing if it somehow magically changes your situation. What does this mean? Well, because I am dyslexic is live much of my life in the opposite words, I guess this is why I have become so famous in my area of expertise, but from this disability I have always had a curiosity with the magical qualities of seeing things in a backwards perception. Almost always we find another way to see or do things when we practice this line of thought and action. In this case you need to dedicate a week to doing things just the opposite as you are currently doing them, in every way that may seem beneficial. This will allow a certain human, mind fun with the actual initiation of the change. I have always found that when I make a mental game of my current, negative or positive situation I get a self-competitiveness that accompanies a dedicated drive to accomplish my current goal. Quite amazing really as this is exactly what a 5 year old does.

It is interesting to look at children in this light as their ability to survive and overcome grief in blindingly fast in comparison with our our adult abilities. A child creates games out of even the smallest mental process and in the spirit of fun and self-competetiveness he will accomplish or do his best to accomplish the current goal. WHen there is a total loss or inability to create change the child embodies the skills to move on to acceptance and new life with such speed and grace. How do they do this? It is the rules of the game.

On the ALPHA DEPRESSION ELIMINATION METHOD, we look at our current hardship as a game. In this game there are rules and we must follow these rules. If we do our best and follow the rules we all can win a new, much improved life than we ever imagines. This, just like my Matters of Size Program comes with a 200% money back guaranty. How do I do this? Well, this method works and when it does work for you a refund will be far from your mind. The method is set up in a schedule of exercise, meditation, rules and games but it will work and it will be something you can carry with yourself for life.

First I will describe my own schedule I used and one can replace each time with one that fits better your schedule.

6:30 AM
Wake Up, immediately do ALPHA+KINETIC Abs. It is important to compress our abdominal muscles before we start every day as this will reduce our desire to over eat. This has a cumulative effect too as your body will eventually be graced with 6 pack abs.


When thinking about food and depression this quote gives us a clinical understanding of what we eat and how it may effect us;

"...the change in Western diets, particularly a lack of omega-3 fatty acids found in fish, could be contributing to subthreshold depression - when people experience depressive symptoms without suffering full-blown clinical depression.
"I believe when someone is not receiving adequate nutrition they are more likely to develop subthreshold depressive symptoms and in turn are more likely to go on and develop major depression," - Jacka [depression specialist]

SO when choosing this meal it is important to embrace the opportunity to eat good foods that will start a body/mind chemistry that will benefit us in this game of change.

My "normal" diet consists of 2 Serving Bran Cereral with Fruit, 8 Oz. of Caffien using only Sweet and Low and milk, 1 banana, 8 oz. of orange juice, ALPHA+BLADE SUPPLEMENTS AM.

After breakfast, around 8:00AM I drive into town for my morning coffee. This is important to change as the potentialities of new change happening outside the home.

I will spend about 30 minutes at the café, going over my paper schedule for the day. A very important part of this therapy is creating a daily schedule on paper that includes your daily agenda and any new goals you may have for that day. If you are not able to make social interactions this early in your day, be sure you make a spot in schedule for a daily, public, social interaction. (at least once)

10:00AM Arrive home and I go for a 3 mile run. Whether I want to or not, I force myself. This is, after all, one of the rules of the game and we all want to win. The endorphins that are released during high energy activity, like running, is amazing. Even when have absolutely no desire to go running, 2 minutes after I start the "high" feelings I get, being endorphins flooding my brain, make it all worth while.

It is also important to note that the timing is purposeful here as the metabolic reaction occurring in my body only an hour after I i ate breakfast is an extremely efficient energy very useable in physical exertion making my run effortless and very beneficial to a better body.

My run usually takes 40 minutes so around 11:30 I begin my work. I work very hard and get all of my daily work accomplished within 8 hours and I stop working. It is important that we are very good at our jobs but that we do not bury ourselves in our jobs to avoid change so my 8 hour rule is golden. During this 8 hour period I take 2 breaks and a lunch 1/2 hour.

At 1:00 I have an apple, 16 ounces of water and I spend 10 minutes in ALPHA+MEDITATION. This helps me reorganize and refocus the remainder of my day. The apple serves to raise my G.I. levels and give me much needed energy.

At 4:00 I stop for a meal. In grieving states I will eat a diet high in complex carbohydrates and omega-3 fatty acids found in fish. I become very connected to my local seafood salesman. Good fish ideas include shrimp salads, fish sandwiches, tuna fish, seared scallops, baked scrod, etc. The idea here is to get fish into our bodies at least one meal a day to take advantage of the mental benefits of the omega-3 fatty acids.

Carbohydrates will be key in allowing metabolic function to remain high throughout the day so I also enjoy a portion of rice, pasta or whole grain bread. Again, I take any supplements and take in another 16 ounces of water.

At approximately 6:00 I still enjoy the ALPHA FASTING RSA break of, 1 Yoguart with Two Tbsp. Granola, 16 OZ. Water with 1 Teaspoon Lemon, 8 oz. Coke Zero with 2 ounzes Gator Aide as I love the mini-boost I get from the chemical combination.

At 7:30 I quit for the day but this only begins my evening. After work I go to a local bar for a couple hours or maybe downtown for a walk, or to the local music club, or maybe simply an evening stroll, but I make it a rule in this game that no matter how I feel, I will force myself to have public interaction. I enjoy a light drink of coffee or fruit juice and I try to interact with people as much as possible. This help me brush up on my social skills and maybe even meet a new love. I also use this time to do things for myself, when I can afford to, like getting a hair cut, going clothes shopping, buying a car, whatever. Any social interaction is beneficial to someone who is depressed as it forces us to initiate biological brain function that would other wise lie dormant.

Finally, I get my Paper Schedule out and reference my goals for the day and take note of high and low points. I then right any additional thoughts and journal it all.

I take a 20 minute walk after taking part in the ALPHA+BLADE RSA Fasting Evening Sugar Intake, and I am soon asleep, getting ready to do it all again tomorrow.

This is simply the fastest way to mentally and physically change your current state of grief, depression, denial and physical and mental unhealthiness to A renewed, stronger, happier life complete with a healthier body and a more comprehensive thought process.

Why does this method work? Quite simple actually. It is a human normality to feel more mentally secure in a grid like structure of life, this is why the prison system is set up the way it is, with such structure. If forces a certain organized confusion that allows a daily structure of socially positive behaviors. In our case, we need a solid structure when we are in depression because it becomes easy to fall behind in diet, money, hygiene among countless other normalcy's that become forgotten when we are in pain. Following a paper schedule makes us physically accountable in contract form. This is proven to be the best method of accomplishing goals, by writing them down. A sort of mental/physical agreement in the form of a contract. I also use every opportunity to journal my thoughts. This helps we put additional ideas into words I can look back on and study in a sort of ongoing self-reference library.

A special note about good hygiene and taking extra good care of your self. Looking your best is so important when you are feeling low. We become very cynical when we are in pain and if we neglect a clean, well groomed, appearance we will project a double-whammy to everyone we encounter. Even on your off days you need to look your best so take time, each day to get your hair cut, clean your nails, brush your hair, attend to your laundry, lay your clothes out, shave your face, etc. Cleanliness is Godliness.

Following this method for only 7 days will change your current situation at levels your will no be able to comprehend. Within a month, your entire life will be changed, for the better, for ever.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Does Size Matter and Who Does it Matter to?

Penis size is prevalent everywhere. No matter where you look there is some kind of reference to fallacies or the like. I was watching an episode of the Family Guy and the entire episode was dedicated to Peter Griffen's son's penis size. Everyone watching the show laughed and saw the irony in the shows production. I see these penis analogies everywhere. I just did a television show in the UK that was dedicated to penis size. The show was a multi episode program and spent 3 days on penis. Truly amazing.

I have been the topic of countless articles, magazine interviews and TV shows and I am always baffled at how much the general public is amazed at penis size. I know I am submerged in the topic but this is what I do. My forum has thousands of men with the same interest (obsession as some would call it) but still, with my vast experience with "the public" they are as obsessed with penis size as myself or any of my clients.

Ultimately the answer to the question of, does penis size matter and who does it matter to? is a multi-level response answer. To the man in a sexual situation with a huge penis and a virginal conquest, size certainly matters. On the flip side of that coin, a size queen who has had miles of massive cock and a small penis man, well size certainly is an issue there too. In both cases size matters to both parties.

Now, what is the actual thought process? To the woman involved with a big penis I think the thoughts center around fear and curiosity. I think many men see this as a bigger deal than it really is as the woman may have a brief experience with these thoughts but ultimately she is more concerned with the intimacy and the expression of affection. Again, when a woman experiences a smaller penis after she has been with a bigger man may have a brief comparison or even have the thought, "well thats smaller" but this again is brief and soon replaced by the man's ability to prove other important qualities to her. Food for thought, if a woman is only concerned with size than buy her a 14" dildo and send her on her way, this relationship will never work. But it is important, that if you care for the woman you are with that you do not hold her uncontrollable thoughts against her. When you see a tall building you think, "wow, that is tall" and if there is a building next to it that is smaller you may make a mental comparison that is brief and without lingering emotion. Yes, I know sex is much more involved than a building but the comparison, to the way woman view penis size is comparable.

Having a naturally large penis may even be a handicap for many men and they may ignore so many vital parts of their personality depending solely on their size to compensate. This is not always the case but a naturally huge penis is rarely the case. I myself have a very large penis, most likely one of the biggest in the world but I know for certainty this does not make me a better man than the next guy. I spent many years with a woman who was with me when my penis was 6.5" x 4.75" and she remained with me as I grew to my current size of 10.5" x 6.5" and aside from the forced "look at my big penis and praise me for it" she spent little mental energy on the topic. During sex it was pleasurable and for good reason but sex was also pleasurable for us when I was smaller.

Being very available to the world you would think 1000's of woman would be knocking down my door for sex but again this is not the case. This kind of proves that size is only a small part of what woman look for in a man as a mate. So am I condemning the large penis or somehow saying that pursuing a larger penis is a waste of time? Not at all, I am simply saying that size is not as big of an issue as the world may think.

To the man though, size is a whole other animal. Many men become obsessed with their mates past, lovers she may have enjoyed, penis' she may have seen, what she thinks, if her thoughts are all about our penis. We can really consume ourselves into a depressive corner by convincing ourselves that she is having the same thoughts as us. It is a very real stigma to allot of men and an easy solution is not available.

Fact are you can change your size, I gained 4" in length and 2" in girth. This, if it was the entirety of why my girl was with me, would have secured my relationship for ever but today my girl is my ex-girl. So I think I have established that size is not a rule all. But still, if we are small, we are left with the reality that is our penis. Don't fret, you too can do what I did but be sure to make it only a part of your life. Expect the miracle to happen, as it will, expect a reaction from your girl, it will, but do not become consumed with only your penis.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Measuring the Penis

Measuring Penis: Bone Pressed Erect Length
The linear distance along the dorsal side of the erect penis extending from the mons veneris to the tip of the glans. In non-medical terms, the penis length is measured in a straight line on the top side of the erect penis, from the start of your pubic bone to the tip of your penis. Penis circumference is defined as the linear distance around the widest, thickest, part of the erect penis.

Measuring Penis 1. Stimulate yourself into the erectile state.
Measuring Penis 2. Place your ruler at the pubic bone, at the base of your erect penis and measure to the tip of your glans.
Measuring Penis 3. Read the nearest quarter-inch measurement at the tip of your penis. (In the example shown, the measurement would be 4 and 3/4 (4.75) inches.)

Measuring Penis: Bone Pressed Flaccid Stretch
Measuring Penis 1. Make sure you are in a completely flaccid state.
Measuring Penis 2. Place your ruler at the pubic bone on the side of the penis
Measuring Penis 3. Stretch penis straight out
Measuring Penis 4. Read the nearest quarter-inch measurement at the tip of your penis

Measuring Penis: Flaccid Length
Measuring Penis 1. Make sure you are in a completely flaccid state.
Measuring Penis 2. Place your ruler at the skin on the belly, at the base of your flaccid penis and measure to the tip of your glans without pushing ruler.
Measuring Penis 3. Read the nearest quarter-inch measurement at the tip of your penis.

Measuring Penis: Penis Erect Circumference
Penis length is not the only factor in determining penis size. The width, girth, or fatness, of a penis is also an important aspect when considering how you compare. Most people have a penis that is either longer and thinner, or shorter and fatter. To compare how the girth of your penis compares to the population, use the instructions below to determine your penile circumference (distance around the widest part of your penis).

Measuring Penis 1. Stimulate yourself into the erectile state.
Measuring Penis 2. Place the fabric ruler or string end at the widest part of your penis and wrap it carefully around one time. Mark the spot where the string first touches itself.
Measuring Penis 3. If using string, take the marked string and lay it against the ruler. Read to the nearest quarter-inch measurement.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Make your Penis Enlargement work in your life

I have been known to allow my Penis Enlargement to take over my life, allow it to become omnipresent in everything I do. This is good for gains but very bad for life-skills. We see a bigger penis as a symbol of success and strength and it very much does bring those qualities but when we ignore the rest of our lives in pursuit of our sexuality, just like bills, eventually things need paid. Unfortunately we sometimes ignore these problems in hopes that "the bigger penis" will fix them somehow but let me tell you this is never the case. The penis will get bigger, with exercise, but if we just consume ourselves with this practice there are prices to pay in the long run.

So with all this negativity what is one to do? Well, being the world's most recognized spokesman for the penis I do have advice, even though this advice goes unused at points in my life. First, Penis Enlargement is fun, rewarding and can be just what your sex life needs but sex is only a small part of your life. For the 30 minutes or so you have sex, a bigger penis is incredible but this leaves us with hours of time that we will have left in our day and if you plan on eating, sleeping and drinking PE 24/7, as I once did, you will find yourself in a sad dilemma.

Take an hour a day where you dedicate time to your penis, make it a time that no one else is around and you can have total privacy. Spend this time doing your routine, thinking about your goals and making them happen. Depending on your relationship perhaps you can even include your better half in your exercise. Girth is so much more fun when we do it in a sexy surrounding. Stretching can be done while watching the tube, this actually is perfect as time goes by faster and our minds are not consumed with penis. Always know that even the smallest amount of penis enlargement will make a difference and don't always be looking for a reaction to your new size. IT IS NOT THE ONLY THING ON A WOMANS MIND. Yes, cherish the moments it all seems worth while but never place your happiness in the reaction of other people, especially those we love. This is damaging and will result in a tragic event that will crush any happiness you have gained from a bigger penis.

Keeps things simple, obsessive, yes, but only for the time you allot daily and when you are done move on with your life. Take your girl out to dinner, go out with friends, keep up with your hobbies, work on the other parts of your life and always remember that I did come before you and I am here to help so any problem you are having, chances are I have had it and I can help you with it.

Penis ENlargement is incredible and when we find it things can get weird. It is like finding the fountain of youth and all the wonderment that is penis enlargement can make us become a dick head. Better put, we can start walking around on our hands and forget we have a brain. Turn over men, before it is too late, start walking on your feet and thinking with your minds. Yes, make that dick as big as you can but always remember that there is so much more to life.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Does the penis shrink with depression or other mental pifalls

It is an amazing phenomenon but flaccid size seems to really fluctuate, towards the negative, with mental negativity. Perhaps natural as blood supply is restricted when we become stressed out but defeating non-the-less. I remember attacking penis enlargement with a vengeance when I felt reduced, DLD blasters were born out of a desperation to make the 10" mark. I remember being in a hotel with Jen and Mokey, my late cat (my late girl at that). But at the time I had a injury, sustained from obsessive measuring, another pitfall of the miracle that is PENIS ENLARGEMENT. I was obsessed with the notion that kegels had such a huge importance on the reason why I gained and others struggled. I was already messing around with reverse kegels and the combination started to make sense when I saw how much fluctuation there was in the penis, especially when I was down. It proved there was a mental connection between potential size and the "less them" when the mind was involved.

Did this mean I could mentally intervene and change the way my penis would react to stretching when I forced my pelvic floor muscles into remission? I knew so...I mean, when the muscles are completely un-flexxed the only factor holding on is the tunica, ligaments and other internal tissue, all very stretchable.

I also found that the penis reacted better to stretching after sex and during low points in size. It just seemed more pliable and receptive to penis enlargement. I guess the combination of mental and physical is very evident in PE.


In a standing position, preferably in front of a mirror so you can see your form, begin the ALPHA BODY JELQ. I like to use pornography and ALPHA SEX Supplement to help me stay aroused during this exercise.

After you have aquired a 80-90% erection, place your hands just below the rib cage, palms in, as if you were standing with your hands on your hips, grip the sides of your body as if the jelq your core from the upper abdominal wall to the pelvic floor muscles. SLowly squeeze both hands in just below rib cage and slowly work the blood of you core down towards the penis while kegeling. I like to do 25 kegels by the time I reach my penis (about 10 seconds) once I have worked all the blood to the base of the penis I hold a kegel, to be sure most of the blood from my core is held in my penis.

Once in this position get into a thumbs down, 1-hand grip just above the glans while the other hand traps any blood from escaping at the base. Slowly jelq your penis downward starting at the extreme base down toward the floor. Each jelq should take approximately 5 second. Alternate hands after each stroke being sure to kegel before releasing support hand at base. Do 5 reps then repeat the entire process again. You will want to complete 10 sets.

What is Happening:
The idea here is to introduce better blood flow, in the flaccid state, while stretching. The introduction of this blood into the penile tissue will help facilitate a greater grip ability and a stronger stretch position. The hand that is free will be helping keep this blood at the base and in the penis.

You will see the penis get extremely thick just by this movement but the jelq will make this the most powerful girth exercise yet allowing for faster growth, thickening and lengthening properties second to none and it is quite fun.

Medically, this exercise has great potential to facilitate a kind of detoxification of all anatomy between the penis and the upper abdominal allowing for much better blood flow.

Friday, February 10, 2006

How Long Has Man Been Obsessed with Size

I wonder just how long man has been obsessed with this, I mean did he just notice a bigger penis one day and see an important quality in it? Perhaps he noticed a hot girl with a stronger desire for the more hung caveman. Do you think inventions existed around the penis? I think inventions were present around the penis long before anything else, I mean it was a purely magical thing, a tube on the body that got big and hard like a phallic rock and it was able to produce life...simply amazing!

It was in art, the big penis. I remember countless occasions I have seen artwork that featured a large penis, this obsession had to turn to pulling on the penis, at least! I think cavemen had inventions that featured a strapped on mini-boulder that worked as a sort of primitive hanger. If it could make the life producing snake bigger then it was all good.

Perhaps this art, which I believe was exemplified by the Arabic culture in early text found on line (see jelqing origins) was lost in modern (and post-modern) religion where it was frowned on to see the sexual area as anything but dirty, particularly when it was the penis. Did it take all this evolution to bring us right back to an era that penis size always did matter? Who knows, but the adventure is fun.

When did the penis become dirty? Adam and Eve, a over-enfactuation with the snake itself. Some sort of imbalance with sexuality and normal living. I know I can relate to this but there is a line that can be crossed in sexuality where an over-obsession can become ugly but it is hard for me to imagine why a penis would ever take that role on, it was the critical part in making life happen. Was it a case of ying and yang, an dark side needed to exist for the light side to shine? It always baffles me, but I trudge on.

Again, we sit at a evolutionary change in sexuality, one that has been growing over the past 100 years, deeply hidden by the layers of informational change. Non-the-less this change is upon us and it is a clear division of male and female sexuality. Perhaps an over-exposure to online porn, or maybe a realization that sexuality exists on every an any level, at the click of a button, but a change is clear and it is evident at a glance of humanity at any level.

The penis has become an icon, synonymous with power, money, respect and downright manhood. Quite sad when you consider most men are walking on their hands and thinking with their dicks. When men finally begin walking on their feet, respecting the world and woman, they soon realize the penis never mattered. Shit, making the penis bigger is easy, look at me, I gained 4" in length and 2" in girth but I can tell you this, a bigger dick is only part of the equation. Learning to be the best we can, in every area, learning to be man, again, is vital to the survival of our very manhood.

Yes, all species must evolve but this does not guaranty a successful evolution. With all the help of computers we have relied very little on our own mental/physical strengths, a lack that may have tragic results when evolution is upon us. This may sound drastic but consider how much information has changed over the past 100 years. Evolution has remained virtually frozen in time for millions of years, with only small advances, then 100 years ago information, revolution and change became advanced at rates never realized before. Then we get a new found grasp of sexuality on levels that do not parallel anything I even remember as a child. Science has challenged religion and our belief system has gone done the drain. Today we are seeing the impossible happen right in front of our eyes and "the never thought possible" are becoming touchable. Medicine is being challenged with methods outdated by thousands of years, Science is being rewritten at a rate of giga-bits, theology is looking more like science fiction and mathematics are becoming rudimentary, again. It is all so blinding and many will just ignore it because change is something that does not fit into their world.

But then again, what is change? A bigger dick, I better body, learning how to become more successful, getting closer to a real idea of what GOD is, becoming educated in your entire existence, realizing your full potentials, removing the layers of deceit that modern culture has so successfully laid down open us? It is all so overwhelming, and even trying to attack these issues is something one man could never do, but this simply is not true.

For my entire life I have subscribed to the idea that things are the way they are, I have little or no choice in the matter. I also believed that I needed to deal and manipulate to keep anything I had that was tangible. My life was filled with people and places I kept hostage in fear that I would lose them. I worked a job that featured a life style that was on track with what society believed to be correct and I had my entire life planned out. So ignorant I was. I found that plans don't work out and that sometimes people lie. Two very hard lessons to learn in life as they will have you turning your entire life over until you get comfortable with the notion that this is just the way shit is. I remember when I invented my own brand of penis enlargement, it blew my mind that doctors did not know about this. I mean this was sort of like a cure for cancer, to some men it would seem this good. But, sadly, I was victim of a society that believes in what medicine says. Damn, doesn't that make you question the whole book? That is exactly what it did to me. They say do this and I started doing that. It was easy for me as I am dyslexic, backwards just makes sense and sometimes dollars. I do not claim there is a conspiracy theory but I do believe many remedies are smothered at the lobby level in fear of monetary loss. They never expected the internet:-) What a weapon of truth...the draw back is there is an equal and completely opposite version of the internet, one that makes all the good, honest work look evil.

I have worked in the GOOD portion of the internet for 7 years in the enlargement of the penis. A, for the most part, a thankless position, aside from the fame one would expect from a "working penis enlargement" program. I bet in 2000 BC my business would be a temple but fast forward 4000 years and the penis is on trial for dirtiness. Penis Enlargement is tricky as I have a dual message. My first message is that penis enlargement is easy, but complete mental and physical betterment is vital. A bigger penis will only perpetuate an already messy situation, but a complete betterment of the self can and will change your life.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Bigger Penis on a Fatter Guy

Proportions are something that matter as much as size increase itself. As I gained in penis size I also gained in fat (on my body). With this weight gain came an increased fat pad. Penis enlargement was really working and I had gained 4" in length but most of my gains were covered by my 2.5" fat pad (located right above penis).

Every-time I looked in the mirror my gains in penis enlargement made no sense. The ruler, bone pressed (against the pelvic bone) told me I had gained 4" but with the weight gain, I just couldn't see it. Sounds like a sales pitch for ALPHA+BLADE, my new site based on physical and mental improving but really, the diet portion of ALPHA+BLADE was born out of my desperate attempts to loose weight. In this desperation I learned how to loose weight VERY QUICKLY. So you see it kind of all happens for a reason but today, I have no FAT PAD and my penis size gains are in proper proportion with my body.

For some guys, a weight loss program may be enough to satisfy VISUAL PENIS SIZE, other men may want to approach both WEIGHT LOSS and PENIS ENLARGEMENT but these things are purely individual. My point is you need to evaluate your particular body/penis goals and go after it in the smartest way (weight loss, penis enlargement, combination, etc.) When I embraced ALPHA+BLADE with MATTERS OF SIZE I realized my full penis/body, fuck it, and mind potential.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Penis Enlargement, Penis Enlargement, Penis Enlargement

Just blowing off steam on the whole Penis Enlargement subject. Penis Size is such a major part of a man's life, I mean right down to the way we expect our mate to respond to our size. It is amazing. I don't want to say "size does not matter" but I think size means different things to different people.

We, as men, believe that if we possess the biggest penis in the world, then we control all. We will be looked upon as a God of sorts, at least to the people who know. If this growth took place during one relationship through penis enlargement, as it did for me, then things become weird, fast.

The magical feelings one gets when he sees that penis enlargement works are amazing, and everything, centered around the penis, picks up this magical feeling, complete with obsessiveness and superstition. Sex can become psychologically, off-ballance, especially when we expect our mates to see the growth of our magical phallus.

In my case, my mate, Jennifer, struggled through this obsessiveness and was driven away, ultimately, by the very phallus I part. Traumatic loss for such a miraculous gain (in my case 4" gained in length and 2" added in girth, making me 10+ inches and thick as my wrist) If I could go back what would I change? Well I never leave you guys with a problem that I haven't already overcome so the next portion of this will be relief from this psychological banter.

This needs to be taken to heart and truly embraced, believed and internalized...Making the Penis Bigger is EASY, it always has been. Why can I offer a 200% money back guaranty? Because I know just how easy it is to enlarge the penis, my website never gave a refund for lack of gains. Penis Size does matter, but it should only matter slightly, when it comes to our mate. We may conjure up all kinds of fantasies about the way they view us, but these are just that...FANTASIES! If you are currently small, fuck like your huge, it is that easy. Believe it, realize just how easy Penis Enlargement is, and make it happen, or ask it (to put it a better way)

Approach life privately instilled with a miraculous knowledge of making your penis bigger, it is easy and good.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Penis+Scrotum Stretch

If you are anything like me you like to have a good, loose, flaccid hang. With weather, stress, sex frequency and other factors, the penis likes to turtle up, while the scrotum condenses and becomes small and rigid. This state of being becomes frustrating and in the right situation embarrasing. I like to do a stretch that allows the penis to hang long and heavy while the scrotum is loose and helps facilitate this state. Here is the stretch and doing this 3 times daily (at piss breaks) will ensure an awesome flaccid hang. In addition to all the wonderful benefits this exercise is also a staple in Phase 3 of my penis enlargement program Matters of Size.

Penis+Scrotum Stretch

Massage your testicles to loosen your ball sack as much as possible. In a completely flaccid state take your penis and wrap it around your testicles. Now make this wrap tight enough to feel the horizontal stretch of the tunica. Hold this position wrapped to the right for 50 kegels. Now rewrap in the other direction and do 50 Kegels.