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Veins, Bloodflow and Penis Enlargement

Title: Veins, Bloodflow and Penis Enlargement
Author: Baraka
Date: 03/22/2005

"The veins in my penis are bulging during sessions, is that normal?"

"After performing PE for a week, I'm seeing new veins I've never seen before. Is that bad?"

"My veins seem to be getting bigger over time. Should I be concerned?"

These are three questions that are commonly asked by PE newcomers. And I always say the same thing: new veins, bigger veins and bulging veins during sessions are all perfectly normal. In fact, these are all extremely positive signs. They are indicative of growth, particularly with respect to girth and volume.

The key to building a fatter, more voluminous cock is blood flow. In order to see the best results, you need to expand the spongy penile tissue, as well as your circulatory system. You should rejoice when you see new veins you haven't seen before, as well as bigger veins where smaller veins used to be. That's a clear sign of progress. The same goes for the appearance of "ribs", scientifically known as trabeculae, which can be clearly seen in the picture below. This is a particularly good example of a very healthy (not to mention large) cock.

In order for a healthy penis to be fully engorged- and maintain itself in that state- it needs a good and constant supply of rich, oxygenated blood. All that spongy, erectile tissue must be able to remain saturated with fresh blood from a well-tuned circulatory system. Otherwise, what's the point of enlargement? Who cares if you have a nine inch cock if you can't get it hard, right?

Many of you have seen the before and after photos of penis enlargement. But have you ever seen the before and after photos of enhanced car engines? The hoses leading to and from the altered engine are much larger than in the original, or "stock" version of the engine. This is because the enhanced engine needs more air and fuel to make more power- and those hoses are responsible for delivering both. If the hoses in question aren't replaced with larger ones, then the entire potential of the engine is wasted.

Looking at the analogy above, it's easy to see how penis enlargement fits in. Replace hoses with veins, and air or fuel with blood, and you'll get my point. I, personally, have witnessed the appearance of many new veins, along with the growth of existing ones, throughout the course of my own enlargement. My largest two are more than a quarter inch thick each. By the time I reach my goals, I want at least one of them to be finger-thick (about a half inch).

Aside from the obvious benefits that larger veins will bring, such as thicker, harder erections and optimal enlargement, there are certainly others. For one, they are a visual sign of exceptional penile health. Large veins will make a penis appear harder than it really is. They also signal that you can get hard more quickly, more often and stay that way for longer periods of time, compared with the competition. Last, but definitely not least, many women love the extra stimulation that they get from those bulging veins. After all, most of the best selling dildos are covered with 'em.

Building a bigger dick is achieved by performing both length and girth exercises. Increasing bloodflow is best achieved by concentrating on girth, but length generally augments girth, so it should not be ignored. Kegel exercises are also an indispensable tool, with respect to boosting and controlling bloodflow.

Finally, to conclude this first piece of mine, I want to comment briefly on a related subject. The very best measure of penis size, in my view, is volume. The average-sized erect cock, as defined by Kinsey at 6" long (pubic bone-pressed) by just under 5" erect girth, is about 11.5 cubic inches. In comparison, a "big" cock of 7.5" long by 6" around is 21.5 cubic inches- nearly twice as large by volume. A girl who has had both may comically say that the big cock had to be "twice as large" as the average one. In reality, that's actually true. In volume terms.

Put another way, someone with an average-sized penis wanting to grow it to the aforementioned "big" proportions of 7.5" long by 6" around, would have to nearly double their bloodflow. Personally, I have increased my own volume by nearly 60% and have less than 50% to go in order to reach my goal of 30 cubic inches. I understand that bigger veins come with a bigger dick and hopefully readers of this article will come away with the same conclusions. Good luck with your enlargement.


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