Friday, March 31, 2006

Penis Pumping 12 tips from Kooky

Ok guys. Thought I would throw out some stuff I have learned over the years as an avid pumper. Also, I hope DLD/MOD team doesn't get upset with me but since this is a new sub forum for MOS I would point all rookies to Thunder's for a solid "Pumping 101" routine listed there.

First off, I think that pumping is a GREAT tool for girth. I attribute it to most of my girth gains over the years. But be warned, I think pumping has the most potential for injury than any type of PE. To many guys see those massive girth gains in the tube and start thinking to add more pressure AND time and they will gain quicker. Nope. A good way to get bruising and a massive thrombosed vein on top of several other types of injuries. You need to take it slow and condition your penis to take this type of pressure. Here are some tips...

1. ALWAYS WARM UP! Whether your using a rice sock, hot wash cloth, or heating pad, never forget that heat is your friend.

2. KEEP ACURATE TIME! Don't let that huge gain in the tube decieve you. Keep your times in the tube consistent. I would start with no more than 10 minutes at a time and build up to it.

3. GET A GAUGE! You will need this to keep track of your routine PLUS it will help you control your session. Don't let how good the higher levels can feel sometimes. I recomend the Mighty Vac.

4. ALWAYS START 100% ERECT! This will do two things mainly. 1, it will help you to reach maximum expansion and 2, it will help reduce fluid build up.

5. ALWAYS JELQ/MASSAGE AFTER EACH SET! Jelqing is the cornerstone of any girth routine to begin with. This will help get the blood moving around again and it will help to keep the fluid build up down as well.

6. KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR COCK! If you start to notice bad discoloring or other abnormalities, STOP!

7. FEEL YOUR COCK! If you start to notice alot of pain, STOP!

8. DO LENGTH FIRST! If you are hanging or doing other length routines, do them first. You shouldn't hang after pumping.

9. USE A GOOD LUBE! Can't stress this enough. I start with a hand lotion then move to vaseline. Helps to create a good seal.

10. SHAVE! You will need to remove hairs that will cause leaks in your seal.

11. KEEP YOUR TUBE CLEAN! Hot water and mild dishwashing soap is what I use.

12. START WITH THE RIGHT SIZE TUBE! This is very important. Start with one tow big, then you run into the problem of having your nuts sucked up into the tube. Most of the Major pump sites tell you how to measure what size would be best for you.

Ok, there's "Kooky's Dirty Dozen". There is a tone more to know and I find pumping to have as many small things to tweak as hanging. Hopefully some of these things will help keep guys from hurting themselves!


At 1:23 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been pumping since DEC.06 and still get discoloration when I pain or anything else, just darkens. Some tell me its impurities in thee system and will quit. I started with a cheap firemans pump, now i have a tube and pump from newart. Like it much better.

At 2:58 PM , Blogger DLD said...

Since I am not a Pumper myself I would like to point you in the right direction:

This is my PUMPERS FORUM, there are allot of guys that can help you with this there.


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At 7:15 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

for lubrication i recommend olive oil. its very good for your skin, isnt too greasy and washes up with soap/water

get into vitamin E supplimentation as it helps with blood flow and circulation

focus on and enjoy the increased hardness rather than just size. size will come soon enuf .. be gentle to yourself and you will be rewarded! great site ... i will use more heat in the future!

At 5:40 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I'm new to pumping and have read that it makes some guys become dependent on the pump for erection in the future. Is this true for anyone? This scares me. Also, I find that when I de-pressurize the pump and take it off, my penis is "engorged" but not hard and erect. What am I doing wrong?
I appreciate your input.


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